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Raise Your Glowstix


Helen let the smoke fill her lungs once more. Holding it, she savored the feelings flowing through her body. As she exhaled, she felt the weed take control over her entire being. She stripped, and let the music, a thundering hard trance track she'd downloaded just today... fuel her body. Glowsticks in hand, she began moving. The dildo in her cunt drove her to new heights of lust, and its pink glow within the blacklight was mesmerizing. She looked up to her roommate. The thick cloud of smoke made her smile. Debbie was a lightweight. One good hit of shitty weed was enough to send her into dreamland. This was KB drenched in hash oil... her roommate's best. She'd lost her anal cherry for this shit.

Debbie felt the hit destroy all logic, and dimly wondered why she'd smoked ten times as much as normal. Keeping focus was nothing short of tiresome. She was, for the first time in her life, truly obliterated. Even when she'd passed out before, she was only high. Not only was she high, but she was also desperately horny. She watched as her roommate stripped, never once letting go of the glowsticks. Once nude, she reached over and put the double-headed dildo into her cunt. It almost looked as if she wasn't really aware she was doing it... or that she was soaking wet. With that thought, Debbie realized how wet SHE was at that moment. She smiled, and ran a finger over her clit.

Power. She'd heard the word before, but never really gave any thought to its meaning. The instant her finger hit her clit, all she could think about was power. The power of the feeling was greater than ANY AND ALL orgasms she'd ever known in her twenty-three years of living. And she was nowhere near cumming. THAT... is power. She had to have something in her cunt when she came. Something like the other end of that glowing dildo. Her mouth was dry. Maybe Helen's tit would have some moisture on them. She rose from the sofa, stripped, then lay on Helen's bed.

"Fuck me, Helen," Debbie bellowed calmly. She spread her legs wide and waited for her slightly overweight, outrageously fucking cute roommate to fuck her senseless.

Helen heard the words and was moving towards her roommate even before she knew what was going to happen. The bass from the trance. It's thundering rhythm. The killer weed. She was obliterated. And she was about to fuck her roommate. Helen drooled at the reality before her. She was going to fuck her Japanese roommate!!! She felt her cunt twitch as if it were cumming. Which she was... and this bothered her. She was CONSTANTLY CUMMING. Or maybe it was like a drooling dog. Whatever the case, she also knew that she hadn't CUM. This was little more than the warning cry before the final, decisive battle of a very intense war. She was almost afraid to cum. Almost.

The song entered a wind-up. Both women tried to calm themselves, knowing the music instinctively. Debbie grabbed the exposed end of Helen's dildo and rubber the tip over her clit, timing her movements with the thumping bass. Helen began working her glowsticks. Music and sex were one. And she was rising higher and higher, passing several layers of realities. When the wind up exploded, Debbie rammed her cunt fill of latex dildo. Helen jammed down onto her end as well, her focus totally blurred by her whirling glowsticks. Their timing was perfect. Their thrusts were straight and true. The instant the windup exploded, both cunts TOTALLY engulfed the dildo, smacking their lips together in a wet, sloppy, and highly erotic kiss. With clits playing the parts of tongues... rolling around each other in a lewd dance of lust. Consequently, like any good afterthought, they came.

Both women screamed. Both knew true orgasmic bliss at that moment. Yet even as they experienced the moment they were both detached from it as well. And they knew that the other was feeling the exact same thing. A universal togetherness. Unity on a plane they knew was well beyond their years in the future. A place they would visit often. And visit together. Debbie noticed that Helen could squirt her thick cum from her cunt; the liquid bathed her bald mound and matted the soft down on Helen's cunt. Helen wondered how intense this would have been had she had something up her ass. And with that thought, she knew that this was by no means the pinnacle of pleasure that awaited her and Debbie.

Another song came on, this time pounding away at 160 beats per minute. Debbie saw Helen inside her mind; her own eyes were too clouded with information overflow to be trusted now. "Wanna take another hit?"

"Sure." Helen remembered the other lyrics to her favorite trance tune.

'Cause tonight, we're all getting high.'

And laid.

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