tagIncest/TabooRaising Tommy Ch. 01

Raising Tommy Ch. 01


*Most of my stories include huge asses, huge tits, scat, farts, and incest; so if you're not into that stuff you probably won't like my stories- now if you're still reading this I want you all to know that this is my first pornographic story; therefore comments or feedback is welcome. If you want me to write about certain things in another story, or if you have recommendations on what I can add to the current story, leave it in the comments or message me.*

CHAPTER 1- Raising Tommy

Ashley Baker was the single mother of her one 18 year old son Tommy. Tommy's father had left when he was an infant and left his poor mother to raise him all by herself. Ashley was a very hard worker. She was able to balance two to three jobs at once while still maintaining her house and raising her son.

I should also tell you a little bit about her physical details. Tommy's mother was a pretty tall woman with deep blue eyes, short blonde hair, a trim waist, triple J breasts, and the biggest, fattest ass you will ever see. She had always had big breasts. Every since she was thirteen her breasts had been double D's. But it seemed that the lack of sex in the last ten or so years had made them swell even bigger and more firm! After the birth of Tommy her hips grew wider and her butt grew bigger.

Tommy's father became disgusted with her bottom as he liked the small skinny girls; which led to him to run off with some 20 year old Victoria's secret model and leave Ashley all alone with her infant son. Ashley became depressed and began to think that if her highschool sweetheart didn't want her, nobody would. So she continued on with her life; no husband or boyfriend, no self confidence; just her son and her secret friend that she called Mr. Happy, a big dildo that she used on herself every few months.

Ashley was also lactose intolerant. Anytime she ate anything dairy, she immediately got an upset stomach and had insane amounts of gas. A single glass of milk would ruin her whole day. On top of that she developed IBS due to the high level of stress that she went through trying to raise Tommy alone. IBS is basically a disorder that makes your body unable to process a lot of foods properly so the the food you eat just shoots right through you in a matter of minutes. Her lactose intolerance as well as IBS made her basically always have really bad gas, and she needed to shit multiple times a day.

But these disorders weren't that bad in the eyes of Ashley. She had always liked farting ever since she was a teenager. It was something about the way it felt that just made her really horny. Her ass was so big that when she farted, bubbles of air would form in between her ass cheeks and squirm through her abundance of ass until it reached the outside, providing her with a tickling sensation that drove her mad! Her favorite thing to do when she was alone was to plow herself in the ass with her dildo as she farted. She loved the smell and the sound of her farts; especially the feeling of her farts squeezing past a big cock in her ass. In fact she LOVED to shit too. She loved to eat lots of dairy and hold it all in as long as she could and then let loose for on average, a good twenty minutes. She could barely fit on the toilet because of how big her ass was. Her hips stuck out at least a foot off the edge on both sides and her fat ass spilled over the toilet seat. Her butt was so big that her ass cheeks were pressed tightly together almost hallway down into the toilet. She absolutely loved the feeling of a big turd squeezing through her ass cheeks as it sank into the bowl.

Tommy grew up fast and everything was going normally until Tommy reached age 15. Tommy began to develop sexual fetishes at 14 years old; and due to his lack of friends and social life, his fetishes became very reminiscent of his mother's physical features. He liked big tits; not just D's or even double D's; he liked ENORMOUS tits. He also loved big butts. And I'm not talking about the "round" firm ones. I talking about the HUGE juicy asses. The ones the jiggle back and forth when girls walk. The kind that rip extra large jeans when they bend over. The kind that will suffocate you if she sat on your face. Oh, and this love for big phat asses also lead to his love of farts and scat. His biggest fantasy was to fuck a huge titted, big booty girl in the ass, as she farted on his dick. Just the thought of this scenario would make him cream his pants. He loved watching girls use the toilet and especially loved the smell. I don't know if this was a genetic thing or just the fact that his mother was the only woman in his life, but it is very interesting that his mother was pretty much the perfect woman in the eyes of her son's sexual fantasy, the only problem was that Tommy didn't realize that.

Ashley awoke that morning and started her usual routine: Workout for an hour, brush her teeth, make her bed, etc. After her shower she decided it would be nice to bring her son breakfast in bed, since it was his 18th birthday. She went to the kitchen and starting preparing his meal and cooked up a whole carton of eggs for herself, just as she normally eats in the morning. Eggs had always given her a very upset stomach but she read that they were very high in protein and good for after a workout, so she ate them anyway.

While she was taking Tommy the breakfast she had prepared, she noticed that there were noises coming from Tommy's room.

"That's strange...Tommy doesn't usually get up this early..." she thought.

As she crept down the hall she peeked through the crack in the door and couldn't believe what she saw. Tommy was laying on his bed face up with a picture in one hand and his enormous cock in the other.

"Oh my God! His penis is huge!" she thought to herself. "That's at least four inches bigger than my dildo!"

Dirty thoughts flooded her mind as she stared at her son jerking his huge cock.

"Oh my God...is that a picture of...me?!" she thought.

It was. (For the last few months Tommy had been secretly spying on his mother in the shower and taking pictures of her. I'll get to that in a minute.)

"I can't tell it's too far away-" she thought.

Ashley's pussy was starting to drip as she spied on her son masturbating. The years of sexless life had all hit her at that one moment and her pussy started to twitch with anticipation.

"Wait! What am I doing?!" she thought. "I am his mother! This is so wrong!" she thought in shame.

And with that thought she backed slowly away from the door. As she turned around a piece of toast fell off the plate she was holding and landed on the floor with a thud. She froze and listened closely to see if he noticed. She looked back in his room and her son was still going to town on his massive pole.

"Wow.. that was close!" she thought.

She turned back around and bent over to pick up the toast. The eggs she had eaten earlier had caused her to bloat, but in all the excitement she hadn't noticed. As she bent over she let out a huge fart that echoed through the whole house. Ashley quickly bolted out of the hallway and into her room. She locked the door and sighed in relief. Tommy had heard the strange noise and quickly buttoned his pants. He got up from his bed and pushed open his door. He walked into the hallway scratching his head and saw there was a piece of toast lying in the middle of the hallway.

"That's weird... Wait... Did mom... no... she is still probably in her room. But how did this toast get here?" he thought.

He figured it was from the night before and went back into his room. Ashley had managed to spill orange juice all over her robe in the panic.

"Gosh dang it! This was my favorite robe!"she said as she sadly took it off and put it in the hamper.

"Hopefully I can get that stain out." she considered. The ruined robe had taken her mind off of the horny thoughts she just had earlier.

Tommy finished masterbating to the picture he had taken of his mother. "Man, mom is so hot!" He thought to himself as he put the picture under his bed.

Tommy walked to the bathroom and took a shower as he continued to daydream about his beautiful mother. Later that day after Tommy had gotten dressed and fixed himself some cereal, Ashley came out of her room and greeted Tommy in the kitchen.

"Good morning birthday boy! How old are you now? 11? 12?" she asked

Tommy smiled and replied "Wow, You're quite the jokester aren't you?"

She laughed and made herself some coffee. Ashley couldn't keep her mind off what she saw earlier that morning as thoughts spun around her head.

"Should I talk to him about it? Should I just let it go? Did he have a picture of ME?" she contemplated to herself.

"Mom, hello? Are we doing anything today?" Tommy asked again.

"Oh yes, sorry honey. I was thinking that we could go see a movie or something and then get something to eat for dinner?" Ashley asked.

"Ya that sounds great mom!" Ashley smiled at her son and walked back into her room with her coffee.

"I think that I need to say something. I can't just let something like this go." she concluded. "Yes. I'll try to bring it up when we are at dinner."

Ashley was glad that she thought of a plan and walked into the bathroom. She let out a few more farts as she walked through the door. Her stomach was really rumbling now and she sat down on the toilet.

"Ahhhh... nothing like a good shit in the morning..."

She giggled and let out a few farts in the process. She let out another huge fart into the toilet and moaned loudly.

"Ohhh... this is going to be a big one again... teehee." (Her last toilet encounter from two days before had filled up almost half of the toilet bowl. She had eaten a full carton of eggs that morning just as she did today.)

She continued to have some fun farting loudly into the toilet. She felt a huge turd coming and let it slide through her massive globes of ass flesh. The long turd squished and slid through her cheeks and she moaned at the immense wave of pleasure that was coming from her ass. When it the last of it finally plopped down she leaped up to inspect her work.

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "That is one huge turd!" she giggled.

That one load had filled up almost the entire toilet to the rim. "But I'm not done yet teehee!" As she reached to flush a crazy idea struck her.

"I am going to see how full I can get this toilet..."

She plopped back down without flushing and continued letting out farts.

"Ohhh... I can feel another big one coming... teehee!"

She started pushing out load after load of shit. He pussy started getting really wet due to the pleasure of the shit sliding through her ass cheeks.

"I am sooo horny! hahaha!"

She reached down and started playing with herself as she just continued to shit. She suddenly felt the shit press up against her ass from inside the toilet.

"The toilet's full! teehee!"

But rather than stop she just kept on going. Her shit was kept from overflowing due to her huge ass acting as a cork on the top of the toilet seat.


Since the shit had nowhere to go it began to creep up. It began to fill her enormous ass crack full of hot, gooey poo. The immense level of pleasure caused her to orgasm all over the floor as she continued letting out shit and farts into her hot gooey mess of an ass crack. She passed out and fell on the floor, leaving behind an overflowing toilet full of shit.

Ashley awoke from her deep sleep and raised herself up.

"Oh geez.. my head hurts..."

She opened her eyes and she was in her... bedroom?! She was in her bed!

"Was it all a dream?!" she thought. She quickly got up and ran into her bathroom. It was spotless.

"Oh... now that is a relief! Geez it was a dream all along!" She laughed to herself and walked back to her bed.

"Wow! 11:30 already? My alarm must not have gone off." She went into her bathroom and took a quick shower and dried herself off. She reached for her robe but it was gone.

"Where did I leave my robe? It's always right here."

She checked all over her room and couldn't find it.

"Humph. That's weird."

She turned around to see her robe in the hamper with a big orange stain on it.

"Wait...if that...then...how...?"

Ashley was very confused. She walked over to the robe and picked it up. It was still damp. She quickly ran back into the bathroom. She looked all over the toilet but it was spotless. She quickly took off her nightgown and bent over in front of the mirror. Her ass was totally clean.

"Well I guess the whole toilet incident was the dream... But I guess I did actually see Tommy masturbating..."

Ashley contemplated for a few minutes and tried remembering everything she could.

"I guess I will still bring it up at dinner, but just be very vague to see if he knows what I'm talking about." she thought.

"Yes, that will work perfect." Ashley walked into her bedroom and got ready to go.

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