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Rally Party


This story is a fantasy of what I would like to happen sometime. I hope you enjoy it.

It's Saturday afternoon, August 6, 2011. I am in the Mangy Moose Salloon in Hill City, SD enjoying a cold beer after having ridden the 150 miles from my home in WY for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

I was waiting for some guys to show up that I had been messaging on Craigslist about getting together with for a little m4m action while at the Rally. All I knew about them was there was 3 of them, they were all black, well hung dom top guys.

I am an average size white guy with a large (8" UC) cock and a sub bottom guy. This should be a fun week.

I was on my second beer when in walked a tall stocky black guy. He looked around the bar, saw me and came over and said hi. We had agreed before hand what I would be wearing so they would know me. He sat down and ordered a beer and we confirmed who we were, I asked him where the others were and he told me they were getting things ready back at their cabin. We made some small talk, finished our beers and he said lets go. I followed him to the cabin and met the rest of the guys.

We all sat around a small fire outside drinking and telling stories about our past rally experiences when the talk eventually turned to the subject of sex. They, it turned out, were all married and had had some m2m experiences before and every year they got together for the rally and always had one sub bottom guy join them, That would be me this year. One of them said "let's get the party started" and pulled out his cock. The others took their cocks out as well. They all made my 8" look small, these guys truly were hung. Okay boi it is time for you to get to work here they told me.

I was sitting in a chair and they took turns standing in front of me while I sucked them each off. The last one pulling out and blowing his load on my face. We went inside the cabin and they had a sling set up for me. I began to have second thoughts about these guys fucking me, they were all hung like horses, I would guess 10" anyway and thick. I had all I could do to get them in my mouth a few minutes ago so I was sure I couldn't take them in my ass. When I tried to tell them I had changed my mind and would just go on my merry little way they said no I wouldn't, I had agreed to this before hand and I was going to do it. They grabbed me, tied my hands and put a cock shaped gag in my mouth. I was then put into the sling. I tried to scream but could make any sounds with the gag in place and watched with horror as the first one started rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack pushing at my hole each time he got to it. Finally he just kept it against my hole and pushed harder and harder until I felt the head pop in. He held still for a minute so I could get used to the fullness and then began to slowly push more and more cock into me. When he was in all the way he said get ready boi because I am going to breed you with my black baby seed. He started to pull out and about half way he stopped and just slammed his cock back into me. Then he began to fuck me hard, in and out, in and out telling mehow tight I was until he finally pushed in all the way and stopped.

I could feel his cock begin to twitch and his hot cum was breeding my ass. As soon as he pulled out I could feel his cum running out and down my ass. I thought they would let me go then but that didn't happen. Another one took his place and he just slammed into me all the way in one stroke. He didn't last as long as the first guy before he was filling me with his black baby seed as well. Now he pulled out and the third one started fucking me. He was taking his time, slow and easy strokes telling me how he was going to breed me so deep I would be leaking his cum for a week. It seemed like it took him forever to cum but I was actually starting to enjoy it. He told the others that they could take the gag out now because I was fucking back on him and my cock was rock hard and leaking precum like a faucet. The first one took out the gag and I was moaning and begging to be filled up with cum. He stuck his cock into my mouth and told me to start sucking. While I was sucking him and being fucked he started to play with my cock. Then I felt the cock in my ass grow and begin to spurt its baby seed into me. The cock in my mouth started to cum and my own cock began to shoot. They let me down from the sling and asked me if I still wanted to leave. I said I don't think so and we all collapsed from the workout.

More to cum!

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