"Hey, David! Will you be able to suck my cock tonight?"

"Not unless I have a cancellation, sorry."

Ralph laughed and turned to his friend Clarice.

She asked, "Why do you insult him like that? He is a good guy."

"Yeah, I know. It's just a game we play."

"But your game is to call him a fag. Why do you think that's not insulting?"

"But, but, everyone knows he is gay."

"Look around the student union, how many people you see that know both of you? And even if everyone around you knew why would you keep calling him a fag?"

"Hey, it's just a guy thing. Oh, just forget it."

She stood to leave and said, "Do you think he will ever be able to just forget it?"

Ralph refused to accept he was doing any harm for three days but eventually he saw himself as the last thing he wanted to be, an inconsiderate bully.

He had been bullied until he got to the ninth grade then noticed he was bigger that all the others and had remained bigger than most others since. The one guy that still thought he could bully Ralph found himself thrown two yards into a lake at a local park. When he tried to get out Ralph had thrown him right back into the lake. It was not until after the fourth time that the guy at last apologized.

By then there were about a hundred people around. As soon as the guy apologized Ralph helped in out of the water and took him to a hot dog stand and got him something to eat and drink. He told the vendor that since his friend couldn't catch a fish he thought he better buy him something to eat before he drowned.

The guy thanked Ralph and walked around with him for a while.

"Why did you bully me all that time? Ralph asked him

"Because you never paid attention to me. In the fourth grade I wanted you to be my friend but you never saw me. I chose the wrong way to make you notice me. I apologize.

The guy became his best friend for the rest of his high school years.

The lesson learned then helped him now, He understood what he needed to do. The next time he saw David in the student union he walked up to him and asked David to sit with him for a minute.

"David, I apologize for being such an asshole with you. Sometimes I just don't know any better. In truth I like you. You are a good guy. Please allow me to be a friend if you can forgive me. Thanks for listening."

Ralph stood and left a perplexed David sitting at the table.

"What did he tell you?" Clarice asked when she sat with him.

"He apologized for being a jerk."

"Hmmm, I'll race you to him."

David laughed and said, "Nah. He's homophobic."

"No he is not, he just though he was being a buddy to you. Next time you see him ask him to buy you a hot dog."

"Yeah, right. Why don't you ask him to buy you a hot dog? You have been crazy about him since the fourth grade."

"Sixth grade. I am just a buddy to him, his best friend that is a girl. Even on prom night when I was ready the put out for him he never made a pass at me, barely kissed me that night. I have had to do all the kissing and seducing since. Still I'm the only girl he has so that's something."

"Is he gay?"

Clarice began to laugh but stopped short and frowned. "I don't know. If he is he probably doesn't know either. Now that would be a major fucking disappointment."

"No fucking cussing. You need to find out, we are starting our senior year in this here university and our real lives begin shortly afterward. You may need a plan B."

"No, no plan B. It is Ralph or pussy for me."

"You eat pussy?"

"Only whenever offered. I have probably had more pussy than you have had dick."

'Unlikely, I spend my free evenings at glory holes."

"There are no such things in this town."

"There is the gay fraternity."

"True but those guys are not your type. Do you want Ralph?"


"So we are racing after him."

"We are ambling after him at leisure. Would you accept a tie?"

"Hmm, with you, sure. After all I am the only girl you have ever fucked."

"True and would be grateful for other opportunities."

"Really? You just talked to the right person."

"I live alone off campus and have finished my classes for the day."

"I can give up gym for a good fuck. Lets go."

They fucked then they made love. They were good together in bed. As they cuddled David said, "We can't do this often, I have a reputation to uphold."

Clarice punched his shoulder and laughed. "I love you," she said.

"You do? A wide-eyed David asked her.

Clarice seemed to be confused for a second then said, "Yes I do,"

"I am so happy to hear that, I love you too. You are and will likely remain my favorite female ever."

"Not you Mom?"

"Never my Mom."

"Oops, sorry I asked. Listen, my pussy is full of cum, why don't you see how much of it you can lick out."

David slapped her ass but was soon doing a fine job of licking pussy, which brought Clarice to another fine cum.

As they resumed cuddling Clarice asked David if he wanted her to try and fix Ralph up with him.

"No, I want him to come to me because he wants to."

"You will end up waiting forever just as I have."

"True. Let me think about that for a while."

"I could tell him that every time he asked you if you were available for a blowjob you wanted to say yes."

"Which was true and I considered it but he would have died of embarrassment."

"Yeah, he would have."

After a pause Clarice said, "What if he asked if you want him to give you a blowjob. He will think it's a joke and laugh but when you answer yes he will have to think about it."

"And how would you get him to ask me that oh devious one?"

"He would think he was returning the joke. Just make sure he thinks your answer is not serious."

"Then what?"

"Invite him here for some red wine, he loves red wine but is afraid it is not a manly drink."

"Then get him drunk and seduce him?"

"No I seduce him and when he is fucking me you get in bed naked with us. When he is done you fuck me. Make sure I cum but you don't. Within five minutes we will know one way or another."

"I could then suck his cock so he will be able to fuck you again."

"Perfect. Your cock is up again. Another love-making then fuck please."

"Yes, your weirdness."

The next day they put the plan in play and a relaxed Ralph followed Clarice and David to his apartment. He did not worry about being seen since Clarice was with him. He was very happy that David had forgiven him.

Seducing Ralph had become second nature to Clarice and they were fucking in David's bed before they had finished the second bottle of wine. The critical minute approached and as Ralph was filling Clarice's pussy with cum a naked David got in bed with them. Clarice faked a nice orgasm and un-mounted Ralph and mounted David.

Ralph looked more confused than anything but stayed in bed and watched Clarice fuck David. He did not react when David's hand landed on his thigh.

Clarice faked another orgasm then looked at Ralph and asked, "Why aren't you ready for round three" Your cock's not hard."

"I, I, just..."

"Here let me help," David said and gripped Ralph's cock.

Clarice said, "Good, thanks. Get his cock up while I go get us more wine.

Ralph looked like he was in a trance as Clarice got up; the sight of David's cock sliding out of Clarice's pussy had gotten his complete attention. Then as Clarice left the room she noticed that David's hard cock had all of Ralph's attention.

"Damn, he is gay," Clarice thought.

She stayed out of the bedroom long enough to drink the remaining wine then suddenly decided not to give up without a fight. When she returned she found David sucking Ralph's cock as Ralph caressed David's cock.

"My turn," she said and moved David away and straddled Ralph again. Ralph kissed her tits, something he had seldom done but did not release David's cock. Clarice did not have to fake her next orgasm; it was so intense both guys were impressed. She lay down over Ralph to catch her breath then kissed him long and hard.

"Sharing is OK and much better than losing," Clarice thought.

"David bring your cock up here," she said.

He scooted up and placed his cock up to her mouth and Ralph got a close up view of a cock sliding in. After sucking Dave for a few moments she kissed Ralph deeply then resumed sucking Dave. By then Dave's cock was right over Ralph's mouth. Clarice kissed him again and began to kiss David's cock pressing it down to Ralph's mouth until it was touching his lips. Clarice kissed him again then resumed pressing the cock to his lips.

She kissed Ralph again and rose away from him a bit. David laid his cock across Ralph's lips and he kissed the cock. Clarice kiss him again then turned her head and slurped David's cock into her mouth briefly then offered Ralph the cock. Ralph turned his head and welcomed David's cock into his mouth.

Somehow that made Clarice super horny and she began to fuck Ralph passionately. She fought her way through the strongest orgasm of her life and collapsed on Ralph and kissed him. Ralph had David's had cum in his mouth.

Clarice moaned and intensified the kiss. She felt David lay in bed with them and kissed him too. David then kissed Ralph. "I love you," he said to Ralph then he kissed Clarice and said, "I love you" to her. Clarice kissed both and told them she loved them.

She rolled to Ralph's side and he accommodated her on his shoulder. David began to stand but Ralph coaxed him to his other shoulder. Clarice and David's hands met at Ralph's spent cock.

"Clarice, I love you, always have. After we graduate will you please marry me?"

She couldn't help it, she began to cry. The guys caressed her and waited for her decision.

Finally she said, "Yes, I will marry you but there are conditions. One is that I will be the only woman you fuck. Two that David is the only guy you suck. And three, that what we just did happens often."

"Agreed," Ralph said.

"I have a demand," David said. "This is a three bedroom apartment, I want both of you to move in immediately."

Clarice and Ralph kissed David and she said, "Now would be a good time to start."

David was the best man at the wedding, which produced some rumors but in their town it was just a minor attraction. When they bought a house together everyone understood the nature of their relationship and made accommodations for them.

Ralph and Clarice became teachers and David went to work at the bank as an investment advisor.

Clarice had one child from each, both daughters, and they simply became another loving family.

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