Note: This story is based off DC's controversial "Red Hood and the Outlaws" title set within the "New 52" continuity. All characters appearing and mentioned in this are all the property of DC Comics.

Jason woke from his light sleep when he heard the door to his room open. The sound of soft footfalls came next, then the sagging of the bed as someone climbed on to it. "Jason," Kori whispered into his ear. "Make love to me."

Jason sat up on his elbows and looked at Kori. Even in the dim lighting of the bedroom he could see her perfectly. She was clad in a black tank top, jeans, and her feet were bare. Her golden skin glowed in the dark. For his part, Jason was only wearing the red bedsheet that now draped his body. "I don't know," he said. "Figured you'd be busy with your new toy."

In the past week they'd been holed up in this cabin in the mountains, Kori had been spending her nights with Roy. Each night they'd retire to Roy or Kori's room and Jason wouldn't see them until the morning. But he heard them quite well. Roy was a screamer. Jason didn't care, Kori was free to do what she wanted, he was just glad they they didn't use his bed this time.

"Roy is amusing," Kori said, kissing Jason on the cheek. "But the new has worn off of him."

"I guess I know how you wore it off," Jason said as Kori kissed his neck. Jason's hands went down to her ass. He squeezed a supple cheek and heard Kori's breath catch. The two kissed, their
tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths. Kori's hand went southward to Jason's crotch, rubbing his cock through the sheet. Kori broke the kiss and winked at him, crawling off the bed. She stood at the front of the bed and removed her top. Kori's flaming red hair cascaded around her body. Her perfect breast were covered by a violet bra.

Jason jumped out of the bed and put his hands around Kori's waist. They stood there, embracing each other and making out for a few minutes. Jason moved his hands up and down her body while they kissed. Kori rubbed Jason's cock with her hand. Jason broke away from Kori and positioned himself behind her. Wordlessly, he reached forward and unsnapped her jeans. He took Kori's jeans and panties and gently slid them down to her thighs. Kori bit her lip and rubbed her ass against Jason's cock.

He grabbed the shaft and shoved himself inside Kori's pussy. Kori gasped as Jason took her from behind, standing up with his hands on her hips. Kori leaned forward and grabbed hold to the foot board of the bed while Jason pounded her pussy. Jason took his left hand off her hip and took hold of her long, flowing hair. He pulled Kori's hair as he picked up speed, his balls smacking against the back of her thighs. He grunted and started calling her name over and over in a hoarse whisper.

"Jason," she panted. "I'm going to cum..."

"Me too," he replied. Jason pulled himself out of Kori and stroked his cock. With a grunt, Jason thrust his hips forward and let the cum shoot out of his cock. The pearly ropes covered Kori's ass and lower back. She stood up and turned around, tugging Jason's cock with one hand while the two traded quick kisses.

"Lay down," Kori said to Jason, her emerald eyes glittering in the dim light of the room. "I'll be back in a moment."

Jason flopped down on the bed, breathing heavily. Kori undid her bra and tossed it down beside the pile of clothes at the foot of the bed. Jason watched her as she padded across the room naked towards the bathroom. The sounds of running water filled the bathroom and steam rolled out the open bathroom door. A few moments later, Jason began to hear Kori's moans from the shower. He knew what she was trying to do. He looked down at his semi-hard erection and saw it was working. Cursing, Jason picked himself up off the bed and followed her into the shower. The curtain was open and Kori was soaking wet, her legs slightly spread and two fingers stroking her clit.

"Took you long enough," she said. Jason stepped into the shower and they kissed, the hot water soaking Jason's body. He took Kori by the hips and turned her around to face the wall. He entered her from behind and began to thrust. Kori put her hands against the wall while Jason put his right hand on Kori's crotch and stuck a finger inside.

He fucked her from behind while he stroked and tweaked her clit. Kori moaned and began to thrust her ass backwards against Jason's cock. She looked back at him and smirked. "Make me cum this time and I'll let you cum in my mouth." Jason leaned forward and kissed her deeply. Kori broke the kiss and leaned forward against the wall, her ass grinding against his cock. Steam began to rise off Kori's body as the water struck it and Jason noticed smoke rising off the wall where Kori's hands were. Kori moaned and he pulled out just as her body shook with orgasm. She thrust her ass into the air and panted.

Jason grabbed Kori by her hips and began to pull her out of the shower. He wasn't done with her yet. He turned off the shower and headed back to the bedroom. He laid her on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed, her feet hanging off the side of the bed. Jason stood behind her and slid his cock inside of her. Kori's pussy was still tight from cumming. Jason thrust in and out of her in slow and long strokes. Jason ran his hands up and down Kori's curves while he picked up the pace. He put one hand on the small of her back to support himself. Kori was heating up again. She started to grind her ass against him again. Jason reached out and took hold of her wet hair, pulling her head back slightly as he fucked her. The way she wriggled against his cock, Jason was so turned on that he contemplated cumming right there, maybe even shooting his load inside Kori, but he thought better of it. Jason picked up speed, his balls flapped against Kori's thighs. She shifted upright as Jason kept fucking her from behind. With his hands still on her hips, Jason sucked on Kori's warm neck while she held on to the back of his neck.

"Harder," she groaned. Jason obliged, slipping his cock all the way out of Kori before he rammed it back inside of her. She shuddered against it. Jason began to thrust harder and harder inside of her. He felt the heat on Kori's ass and thighs and knew it was time. Jason pulled out as Kori came again, afraid that the feeling of her orgasm would push him over the edge. Kori gripped the bed and thrust her ass into the air, her legs and thighs spasming. Jason stroked his cock to keep it hard while Kori rolled over and crawled to the edge of the bed. She took his hard cock in her hands and placed the head of it in her mouth. She sucked on it while her left hand worked up and down Jason's shaft. He put his head back and groaned. He put his hand on the top of Kori's head, running his fingers through her damp hair. Kori deep-throated Jason's cock and took her mouth all the way down, her tongue licked Jason's balls. She pulled Jason's cock out of her mouth and ran her had up and down the shaft while she sucked his balls.

Jason let out groan as Kori looked up at him, one of his balls still in her mouth. "Are you ready to cum?" She asked, stoking his cock faster and faster. Jason nodded and Kori pursed her lips of on the head of his cock, sucking it while she worked her hand up and down his shaft. Jason put both hands on her head and bucked his hips. He moaned and let go, cum shooting out of his cock and in Kori's mouth. Kori kept sucking and jerking him until he was dry. She ran her tongue up and down Jason's shaft one final time and he felt his knees almost buckle. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and swallowed his load with ease. Jason collapsed on the bed, panting and sweaty.

"Come over here," he said, patting the bed. "It's been a while. Spend the night. I always like having you next to me in the night."

"Maybe," Kori said as she stood up and reached into her pile of clothes. She pulled out a black rubber hair band and pulled her flaming wet hair up, tying it up into a ponytail with the band. "We can sleep once I've had my fill of you...and I mean that literally."

Kori walked towards the bed and climbed up on it. She straddled Jason and leaned down to kiss him, her hands rubbing his chest. The two made out for several minutes, Jason's hands on Kori's hips while she teased his cock with her hands.
Kori nibbled on his earlobe and kissed his chest. Jason turned his head and watched as she navigated south, kissing his stomach before she handled his slowly stiffening penis. She gently blew on it before she ran her tongue across the head. Without warning, she placed his cock in her mouth and went to work. Jason looked down and watched her head bobbing up and down while inside her mouth, she rolled her tongue around his member and slowly licked the shaft. Jason placed his hand on the top of Kori's head and guided her pace with his hand. She brought one of her hands up to Jason's balls and tickled them. Kori pulled Jason's cock from her mouth and wrapped her voluptuous breast around his firm member. He slid up and down her breasts with ease. Jason let out a soft moan as he titty-fucked Kori.

"This time," she calmly said as she slid her tits up and down Jason's shaft, "I want you to cum inside of me."

Kori laid back down on the bed and crawled up to Jason. The two kissed deeply, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. Jason positioned himself on top of Kori and spread her legs apart. He eased himself into her, slowly filling her all the way up with his hard cock. Kori put her legs on Jason's shoulders as he began to thrust against her. He placed his hands on her tits and began to massage them, stroking her purple nipples as he slid in and out of her. Kori groaned and her left foot hit Jason in the back of the head as she slid her legs down and tightly wrapped them around his waist. Jason grabbed the bed sheet on both sides of Kori's head for leverage, thrusting against the increased resistance she was creating.

Kori grabbed Jason's left wrist and took his hand, sticking his index finger in her mouth and sucking on it. Jason looked down and nearly came at what he saw. He was balls deep inside Kori's wet slit while her breasts rocked to Jason's pace. Her beautiful red hair framed her face perfectly and she had a mischievous look on her face while she sucked Jason's finger.

Jason picked up the pace and felt Kori's temperature heating up. She arched her back and her breast heaved as she gasped. "I'm close, I'm almost there. Don't stop, here I cum!"

Kori squeezed her legs harder and Jason gave it one final thrust inside her of. She contracted around Jason's cock and her hot hands grabbed his shoulders as she came. Jason closed his eyes and let go, feeling the cum erupting out of his cock and filling Kori. When he was done, Jason rolled over and flopped on the bed beside Kori.

He reached over and kissed her deeply. Once they broke the kiss, Kori slid over to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"How was that?" He asked as Kori snuggled up to him and put her hand on his chest.

"Well done," she said.

Jason chuckled and pulled the sheet over them. They were both asleep within a minute. Both of them exhausted, both of them content.

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