tagFetishRandy's New Life

Randy's New Life


Noreen is a 29 year old lovely married woman who has been working in my office for the last 7 years. She has been married for the last five years to and seemed to lead a fairly normal, but dull lifestyle. She is also a gorgeous brunette, 5' 1" tall, 100 lbs with a pretty smile, perky A cup breasts, a great ass and super sexy legs. I have been drooling over her, since she was hired 7 years ago. My name is Randy. I am 35 years old, about 5'8" tall and a stocky 195 lbs. and not exactly the most muscular guy you'll see. While I am not dashingly handsome, I am not ugly either. I'm married with two young children (ages 4 and 2), a stable job and a normal but unexciting family life. That all changed recently, however I am not sure if I can handle my new circumstances.

Even though my wife was wonderful, I had certain fetishes that I secretly desired. Most of these fetishes included some kind of submission, usually to a dominant woman. However, Jenna my wife, is fairly conservative and did not even like me performing oral sex on her, never mind forcing me too. As such, my outlet for my fetishes was limited to the Internet. And while I had done some surfing at home, most took place at the office.

Me and Noreen have been fairly friendly since she started with the company. We frequently have lunch together and we have gotten together sporadically with our spouses. Every moment I spend with her I can't help but think of submitting to this beautiful woman. Also, we cover for each other at the office and help each other out with assignments.

One day, Noreen was helping me out getting some information from my computer when she noticed a porn site I had neglected to close. It didn't matter which site it was, because she would later search my computer and find my hidden directories with all my fetish files and pictures (ranging from female domination to forced feminization). She didn't say anything right away. A week later, she said that her an her husband Jim needed some help moving some heavy furniture from the house and if I could help out on Friday after work. She said they would also give me dinner. After my wife gave me the go ahead (she basically gave the OK to stay out a while), I told them sure and planned on helping out on Friday night.

After a pretty easy day, Noreen and I left work together in my car and drove off towards her house. Noreen was in a great mood and had a devious looking smile as we got near her house. When we walked in the door, I was in complete disbelief. In the living room on three regular chairs sat Noreen's husband Jim, her brother Andy, and her brother-in-law Steve. What was shocking was that all three were naked and quiet looking straight down. As I turned around to Noreen to find out what the hell was going on, she stopped me, told me to sit down, and then said she had an announcement for me.

She then told me matter of factly, "I recently found out that you are a submissive. Not only that, but based on some of those transvestite and feminization sites you got, your probably gay or at least bi. So I'm gonna do you a favor and include you in our circle here. Me, my sister and sister-in-law have been dominating these wimps for the last few years. Now, were going to include you and Jenna as well. What do you think?"

I was stunned. "Jenna?" I asked. "You've talked to her about this?".

"No", she answered, "but after you submit to us tonight, we'll clue her in and invite her in and teach her the ropes."

"Forget it Noreen. I look at those sites for laughs and cheap thrills, but I'm not going to actually put myself in that position. You guys are nuts!" I answered.

What she said next however sealed my fate. "Listen Randy, you've got a lot of pictures and stories stored on your machine at the office. When you go into work on Monday, I can easily turn you in. When they see all the time you've been wasting surfing porno sites, you'll not only be fired, but exposed as a perverted fiend," she stated.

All I could respond was "Noreen, I thought we were friends."

She responded confidently, "We are friends, and when you're on your knees before me and eventually your wife, your fantasies will cum true and you can thank me. Don't you think I know how you gawk at me everyday. Well now you can submit to me and fulfill your fantasies." Then she meanly stated, "Now strip, cumboy!"

I couldn't believe it. But I also knew I was stuck. I couldn't afford to be fired and I also had a raging hard on. I was really only concerned about Jenna. But I figured Noreen wouldn't really tell Jenna and felt a little better. So I stripped completely naked and sat down next to Jim. Jim is 31 years old, about 6' 2" tall, and a fit muscular 190lbs, give or take a couple of pounds. Even though he was solidly built, he only had a 5" cock which was pretty hard and looked ready for action.

Her brother Andy is 26 years old, and was also tall at 6' even, but was extremely thin and probably weighed around 150 lbs. He was sporting a 7" cock which was about the same size as mine.

Her brother-in-law Steve is 35 years old and a little pudgy like me, he was about 5'8" tall and maybe 185 lbs. His dick was roughly the same size as Jim. I quickly wondered if the sisters had slept with these guys before marrying them.

As I sat down, the girls went upstairs and left us alone. Along with Noreen was her sister Lisa and sister-in-law Marissa. I had met Lisa a few times before and found her to be a strange and nasty person. I had told Noreen many times that I thought she was nasty and dumb. She wasn't hot like her sister either, but attractive enough. She was 31 years old, about 5'4", maybe 140 lbs with nice size b-cups, a fat ass and stocky but shapely legs. She wasn't as pretty as Noreen, but was sort of cute.

Marissa on the other hand was a 24 years old knockout. 5'3" tall, 105 solid pounds, Nice B cup breasts, a tight ass and great legs, her body was smokin'. She also had a pretty face and beautiful smile and looked like the sweetest girl you had ever met. I couldn't imagine her being dominant.

I asked Jim what was going on and this night of shocks kept increasing with each one. He told me that their wives were getting ready to entertain their lovers who would be there shortly. About once a month the girls would have their lovers over to service them and humiliate their husbands. They dated others once or twice a week outside of the home, although they normally brought over the same 3 or 4 studs for the monthly house parties.

He then told me that they would watch their wives get fucked and stuffed by these big dicked black men, and then they would orally clean off the studs and eat out the cum from their wives cunts and asses. Also, he said that they would often switch girls meaning that Andy would have to eat out his sisters. If their wives were in a nasty mood however, they also might force their husbands to suck off one of the studs and as Jim told me, they had all been fucked a couple of times. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I then asked Jim how had all this started. Basically, Lisa had been dominating Steve for a long time, mostly having him do domestic chores but about 5 years ago after the birth of their boy she had gotten more aggressive. After increasing her domination into the bedroom, she started dating a guy at work and it spiraled from there. About three years ago, she let her sister and sister-in-law in on what was happening and they started bossing their husbands around and progressed into dating some of the men that were introduced to them by Lisa. They had been having these parties now for just over 1 year.

After digesting all this information, the girls came down looking as hot as can be. Noreen was wearing a tight and I mean tight black mini skirt which stopped just at where her thigh high stockings ended. She also wore a small white top with no bra (her nipples were clearly poking through the material) that also exposed her midriff. This topped off with 4 inch heels almost had me cumming right on the spot. Marissa was dressed nearly the same except she had chosen a bright red leather skirt and a open red leather vest. Lisa was wearing a black leather skirt that ran down to just above the knee, a sheer red top and 5 inch red pumps and looked better than I had ever seen her before.

At this point, Lisa walked over to me and stated, "Noreen has been telling me how you think I'm a rotten person. That may be true, but she also tells me that you think I'm pretty stupid. This coming from a guy sitting stark naked in his coworkers living room, waiting to be told what to do and how to do it. Who do you think is the stupid one now?"

Caught off guard I responded meekly, "I guess me."

"When you speak to me, you address me as Goddess Lisa," she roared. Suddenly, I felt extremely turned on and excited. Here I was, with someone I clearly had felt superior to being put in my place, and forcefully in front of other gorgeous women.

I spoke back firmly, "Goddess Lisa, I'm the stupid one. You are clearly my superior."

Lisa laughed in a eerie tone and than said, "Well you're learning now, but I am not to happy about being called stupid by such an inexperienced submissive. You will learn not to agitate me," as she slowly turned to her husband Steve and continued her sentence, "especially before a real man takes care of my needs. I can be quite bitchy. Come here," she commanded to me "Get on your knees and use your tongue on Goddess Lisa. If you do a good job, I may go easy on you tonight."

With that I eagerly knelt before her and began to slowly lick Lisa's tender lips in a light teasing manner. As I began to increase my intensity, Lisa began to moan gently and her pussy became moist and warm. Lisa than looked at Steve and said, "See tiny dick. Even Randy knows how to eat pussy. He knows his dick is inadequate and tries to make up for it with effort at least. You're so pathetic, I have no use for you anymore." I continued to work her over as best I could, although I was a little disturbed about this "inadequate" comment. I didn't feel like a monster but I certainly felt adequate down there.

Anyway, after about 15 minutes, Lisa motioned for me to stop and announced, "Not a bad job there loser, but I didn't cum. I wonder if you can get anyone off with that mouth of yours. I guess we'll have to try someone else."

With that I became super excited. I could not wait to kneel before Noreen and Marissa was so hot, I would love to taste that lovely box as well. But then she continued, "Let me see if you can make Jim cum for me."

Jim! I stopped dead in my tracks. I looked at Lisa and saw an angered stare that scared the shit out of me. "Listen asshole. You wanted to be a submissive. You've loaded tons of stories about cock sucking losers like you on your work machine. Don't defy me. Crawl over to Jim, take his cock in your mouth and make him cum in five minutes or my 11" dicked friend coming by will be stuffing his monster up your ass. And he won't be gentle."

Quickly I moved over to Jim, and started sucking for all I was worth. I had never had a cock in my mouth before but I felt like an experienced pro as I worked him over. Luckily Jim was excited and he came in 3 minutes. "Nice job faggot," Lisa crowed, "but from now on when I give you an order, you jump. Understand!"

"Yes Goddess Lisa, I'm sorry. It will never happen again," I replied. I felt like a complete ass.

If things weren't bad enough, Noreen came over to me and looked me in the eyes and said, "Damn Randy, you're a fucking wimp, worse than my husband. You know, when I first started screwing around, I told Jim that I was thinking about having an affair with you. I told him, that if you gave me any sign or came onto me in any way, I would have been your slut. But you never made a move, even though I always saw you staring at my legs and ogling over me when I wore a sexy outfit. Now I know why, you like sucking cock more than pussy. What a loser!"

Lisa then chimed in, "Oh by the way, say hello to Jenna."

"What?" I asked.

Marissa then added, "Say hello into the camera jack ass. Didn't you know we have 3 cameras in here?" Holy shit, I hadn't even looked. Mounted to the ceiling in two corners of the room were cameras, and a third one that was hand held was on the coffee table. Apparently Marissa had been filming and I hadn't noticed.

While I stared around in shock Lisa laughed, "Yes moron, you've just sucked cock on TV. Jenna's gonna love that. She'll probably love the way you ate my pussy too. NOW SAY HELLO! she screamed. Stunned I looked into the camera and said, "Hello honey, I love you." The three girls laughed and then there was a knock on the door. What would happen next?

Jim got up to answer the door naked and all. At the door were three rather intimidating black men. Mark was the first one through the door yelling at Jim, "Get the fuck at of way bitch!" on his way in. Mark was very dark skinned, about 6' 2" tall, and probably about 200 lbs.. He was also put together well, very athletic and strong and was probably about 24 or 25 years old.

Close behind him was Curtis and Warren. Curtis was not as imposing at 5'11" tall and maybe 165 lbs. He looked to be the youngest of the three, maybe about 20 years old and was light skinned and quiet.

Warren, was the exact opposite of Curtis. He was very dark and very big and the oldest of the group, probably in his late thirties. He was 6'5" and close to 275 lbs, and had a scowl on his face like he was pissed off about something. Standing there stark naked did not make me feel all that comfortable. I felt less comfortable when Warren asked who the hell I was and what was I doing there.

Lisa jumped in however and said, "We were training our slut. We hope to be able to give you his wife next time Master."

"Did I ask you slut?" he raged. "I asked this little pussyboy over here and it seems he has no respect for his superiors."

"They made me come here sir," I quickly responded. "I can leave if you would like," I reasoned. "No," he said. "I think you should see what your wife has in store for herself. Is she hot, or is she a fat pig like this one?" he uttered as pointed at Lisa.

"No, she's beautiful," I said as all of a sudden I wondered why the hell I said it. I wanted to crawl away.

I was also highly confused. I was under the impression that the wives were dominant to there husbands and were just fooling around with other men to humiliate their husbands. But Lisa who had been the most assertive of the three was obviously submissive to Warren and he was in charge. Mark intervened in my chat with Warren and said, "Fuck this loser Warren, lets get our pussy."

With that, the three got together and huddled like they were calling a play in the big football game. As it turned out, they were just deciding which girl they would get. Warren emerged with a big smile and called out, "Marissa, get your ass over here baby." Marissa bowed her head and walked over to Warren as Warren continued, "you too hubby'" as Andy got up and followed his wife meekly. I looked aver and noticed that Curtis and Noreen and Lisa and Mark paired off as well and Jim and Steve got up and followed their wives as well.

As I focused in on Marissa and Warren I saw Andy get down on his knees in front of Warren and unzip and take off his pants. Out flopped a huge cock that looked more like a kickstand. It must have been nine inches long and much thicker than mine and he was not really hard. As Warren took off his shirt he told Andy, "Ok bitch, get me ready for your wife and hurry up. She looks desperate for a real man." With that Andy started sucking that enormous cock, and like a pro too.

I looked around and noticed Jim sucking Curtis and Steve humming Mark as well. These guys were big also. But I looked back to Warren as he dismissed Andy and watched him grab Marissa as Andy took a seat less than two feet away. Marissa started sucking on his dick, making loud slurps as his cock grew to 11, maybe even twelve inches. I now felt inadequate, as my raging hard on was at its full seven inches. Warren maneuvered his way down to her pussy as they started a 69 position and I scanned over to Noreen.

There was my coworker who I had drooled over for seven years, riding her bull lover for all she was worth. She was rocking so hard and screaming out, "Oh yes Fuck me. Give it to me. Oh God, why did I wait so long with that loser husband of mine. Oh my God, keep ramming me please don't stop." She was bucking wildly and Curtis was smiling from ear to ear.

As I scanned over to Mark, I could see that Lisa was getting the least satisfaction. As a matter of fact, Mark was laying it on pretty nasty to Lisa and Steve saying, "You two are fucking disgusting pigs. You two need to work out and get rid of that fucking fat. She's not even worth fucking this damn slob. If she's not careful I'm gonna give her fat ass to some homeless guy and let him abuse her." He kept ranting when he started spanking Lisa's ass, and hard. She screamed out in pain, but he seemed relentless.

As I turned back to Warren, he now had Marissa on her back with her legs up over his shoulders. She was begging him to fuck her harder as she wailed, "Warren my master, I'm yours. Please fuck me harder, please. I'm your whore!" as she took his pounding.

To my right, Curtis now had Noreen doggy style and was banging away wildly. Within seconds he shot his load into Noreen as she smiled with a look of pure fulfillment. Meanwhile Mark started shoving all types of items up Lisa's pussy. First a banana, then a cucumber, then he moved up to a long and thick squash. I stood there in amazement as Lisa somehow started to take this thing in. Mark looked at me and said, "See pussywimp, this thing ain't worth fucking. That pussy fucking snapped a long time ago."

As Warren continued to hold out with Marissa and Mark was abusing Lisa, Jim knelt before Curtis who motioned Jim away. He then looked at me and said, "Hey boy, get your ass over hear and clean this mess off of me." I started to walk towards the bathroom to get something to use when Curtis yelled out, "Where do you think your going?"

"To get a washcloth sir," I replied.

"What the fuck, he sputtered. "Get your ass over hear and clean me with your tongue before your in real trouble asswipe." I walked over and knelt before my new master and started to suck his cock clean. I then licked the inside of his thighs and behind his balls and felt pretty satisfied with my job. Curtis then said, "Hey man, you forgot to clean out my ass. Get over here."

I moved behind him and started to rim this man I had never met til less than an hour ago. But my dick which had stayed mostly hard was now at total attention as this black man (or boy, Christ he was only 20), told me to keep licking. For the next ten minutes I sucked on his ass till he finally stopped me. "Whoa bitch," he laughed. "You are one fine ass eater. I think we can find a spot for you."

As I looked around, I could see Jim eating the cum out of his wife's pussy. Warren had cum inside Marissa and Andy was cleaning Mark like I had just done for Curtis.

Meanwhile, Mark had Lisa bent over and was fucking her ruthlessly in the ass. As he fucked her he continued to degrade her, "Shit Lisa, you've got one fat ass. Your fucking pussy is so loose from you fucking everything that moves that I've got to fuck your ass to feel anything and man that sucker is loose as well. If you didn't bring us Noreen and Marissa, we'd of dumped your ass a long time ago. You're a total fucking skank." He finally blew his load and Steve was right there to perform a clean-up on Mark.

Whew, I thought. It's finally over. I can't wait to clean up and go home was all I could think of, but that wasn't going to happen. Mark looked up as Steve worked thoroughly licking his ass and announced, "It's showtime boys. What are we going to see today?"

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