Rani Wants An American Girl


The massive stain all over the front of my underwear from my initial orgasm was still quite obvious, and I shrugged my shoulders. No sense denying what was painfully clear to one and all.

"I got a little excited when you guys got into it, and I gave it a squeeze and it exploded," I admitted, not ready to admit the second eruption, which was far more under my control than the unexpected first blast. "I'd never witnessed anything like that before. It was beautiful."

"Mmmmm. You got yourself quite a gal here Adam," Monica said as she kissed her neck and shoulder, causing Rani to shiver and giggle in response. "I can't believe you haven't done anything with this incredible girl yet Adam."

"We do things," I said as I sat down and struggled with the cork.

"Oh yeah, well I bet you never did this," Monica said.

Monica lifted Rani's arm and leaned into her armpit, kissing and licking the thick fur which was now wet and matted.

"Oh yes he does, all of the time," Rani giggled as she arched her neck and contorted her body as Monica nibbled away.

"Well at least that's something," Monica said when she came up for air.

"Do you know what else we do?" Rani asked, and then whispered into Monica's ear as the cork finally popped out.

"What's with the secret crap?" I asked as I poured the drinks into the motel's little plastic cups and handed them to the ladies. "I was the one that was doing it with you after all!"

"Ooooooh Adam! You animal!" Monica said, licking her lips and grinning. "Rani gets you off in her armpit? I'd love to see that!"

"You girls are the show tonight."

"Well, Rani's gonna be around these parts for a while longer," Monica said. "We could get together again, if you guys want that is."

"YES!" Rani screamed, and then buried her headand giggled in embarrassment when she realized how loud she had answered.

"How about it Adam?" Monica asked. "I think you might be able to coax Rani into another party.

"It's up to Rani," I said.

8. Driving home.

All the way home Rani breathlessly talked about Monica. She was acting like a kid who just met Santa Claus, and her enthusiasm was endearing.

"Did you see how big Monica's breasts were Adam?"

"Well geez, how could I miss them?"

"They felt so nice that I could not believe it," Rani continued. "Did you know that Monica has to get her brassieres custom made especially for her because they do not sell her size in stores around here?"

"No, but I'm not surprised," I told Rani.

"She was so wonderful, and I must tell you that when you went to the bathroom we talked about you."

"Oh really? Nothing bad I hope."

"Of course not Adam, " Rani said. Just about general things. I can tell you that she likes you very much."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Monica said that she could not believe how nice and respectful you were to her as well as toward myself."

"That's me, Mr. Nice Guy!"

"You know Adam, very soon I will be gone and you will need someone to be with."

"I did alright before we met," I assured Rani, and that was true enough as long as you consider the life of a hermit 'alright'.

"It's just that she is a nice woman, as well as being very lovely, and it would make me happy if you were to choose to get together with Monica."

"Now you're the matchmaker?" I said with a laugh.

"She is nice, isn't she?"

"Yes, she was a real funny gal."

"Also she does not shave under her arms," Rani added.

"So I saw. Very nice."

"I just wanted you to consider it, and I would not stand in your way if you wanted to be with her before I left."

"Geez, are you trying to dump me Rani?"

"No, I care very much for you. That is why I say that."

The rest of the way home was spent in deep thought as I pondered the thought of being with Monica. I could do worse, I guessed. A lot worse. Still and all, this was a girl that I had contacted through a dating service and who not only claimed she was up for anything, but had proven it that night. This had never been my type of girl, as I was the kind of guy that usually preferred a more reserved type of woman.

Still and all, she was a funny woman with a nice personality. Not to mention Monica's breasts. Those breasts were magnificent to be sure, and now Rani had me wondering about the possibilities.


This is the end of "Rani Wants an American Girl". As always I appreciate you reading this, and I welcome your comments, suggestions and constructive criticism.

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