I'm walking down the street; it's a quiet night. Not too many people around. I didn't hear the footsteps behind me until it was too late. Two arms wrapped around me, one around my head with a hand clamping down on my mouth, the other arm around my neck. I felt something cold against my neck. I saw something there with the streetlight shining on it, and I assumed it was a knife.

I heard a voice saying to me, "Be real quiet, and I won't have to use it." I didn't quite understand the statement, but I nodded just to be on the safe side.

I was being pulled into a van parked right beside us, and I realized something was going to happen. Inside the van, I was pinned down on my stomach, and my hands and feet were hog-tied together. After that my abductor put some old smelly what I thought was a rag in my mouth, and taped it shut. Next, my eyes were blindfolded, so tight, that the knot in the blindfold pulled hard on my hair.

He got up, started the van, and drove off. The van had a loud engine, so I couldn't hear much else. My hands and feet started to go numb. The tape around my mouth made it hard for me to breathe. I had my head turned off to the side, to help me breathe, but that made my neck hurt bad. So, I had to alternate between not being able to breathe, and straightening out. I started feeling a little dizzy. My mind was going too, trying to think how I was going to get out of this. I wasn't going to go without a fight.

Every time the van would come to a stop, or slow down, I would think, "Ok, here's my chance, I'm going to escape or die trying." But, it always seems like it must be a stop light or stop sign. I'm losing my reality. It all seems so surreal. Is this really happening, or is this a dream?

It seemed like forever, but we finally arrived. My only sense that I haven't been deprived of, is smell, and that is clouded with this dinky cloth that is in my mouth. But, through that, I think I smell pine. So, I must be near or in the woods.

The van stopped, and he got out of the driver's door. I hear him walking off, and I hear a door open and shut not too far away. Then it was quiet. I can't hear anything except for my heart. I think it's beating so hard, that it's going to break through my chest.

I'm trying to concentrate on what to do next, but concentration is getting hard. I can't breathe too well, I'm in the most uncomfortable position I've ever been in, and I'm in my living hell. I was deep in thought when the van door slid open.

"Enjoy your ride?" Which actually sounded like gibberish to me. I feel the tie that has my hands and feet yanked on, and I realize that is how he plans on carrying me. Like bringing in a grocery bag.

I'm being brought inside somewhere. It doesn't smell bad in here, actually quite nice. It's a big open space, I can tell that. UMMMMMMMMmmmmppphhhh!!! He let go of me, and I dropped on the ground. It sent a searing pain up my back.

He seemed to make the cutting of my binds a ritual that I could understand, because I could hear the knife twang as he cut me loose. My arms and legs fell down with relief. Lying there on my stomach, he grabs me by the hair and starts dragging me to another room. He throws me in, slams and locks the door. I curl up into a ball and kind of scoot to the wall behind me. I hold my legs in my arms as I shiver, and think of what I can do.

Now that I have my arms and legs I can fight. So, the next time he comes into the room, I'll be ready. But, these binds around my head, I'll need to take them off first. I start working on the gag, because that one is making me sick. I look for the ending of the tape, pull it loose, take of the tape and spit out the rag. It was dirty old oil rag. I start to cough, needing to breathe, but needing to be quiet. Next, I lifted the blindfold over my head, and tried to work the knot loose. It was tight, so, I opted to just pull it, and my hair out.

Just in time, I can hear footsteps down the hall, which is surprising; my heart is still beating hard. I race quietly next to the door. I stand there, waiting for the door to open, and he kept walking. Damn, he didn't come in.

About an hour or so later, he did come in. I was right next to the door waiting for him. He walks in, and I hit him in the nose, hard. It starts to bleed. I ran out as fast as I could. I found a door, but it was locked. I would have to have a key to get out. He's closing in, but I see a window. I run over to the window, hit it with the side of my fist as hard as I could. Shards of glass went into my arm, but I didn't care, as I was trying to jump through the window, he grabbed me. I slammed down on the ground, and hit my head on the corner of the side table.

I woke up groggy, my mind is very foggy. My arms, one of them throbbing, are tied up behind me, my legs are tied up below me. I'm fully dressed, but there is a chill in the air. All I know right now is that I'm scared. Nothing else is coming to my mind. I can't remember how I got here, why I am in this position, but I do know that this isn't right.

The door opens, he walks in, I see my abductor. It looks like his nose is broken, but I don't remember breaking it. He tells me that I'm going to pay for breaking his nose.

He walks up to me, displaying a knife with a big blade. He asks if I remember this knife. It will become my friend, or my enemy; it depends on how I behave. He reaches forward with the knife, and starts cutting away my top. Total fear runs through me. I try kicking at him, but forget that my legs are bound. He sees this and just smiles. He methodically cuts away my top, along the seams, so he doesn't need to free my arms to take it completely off. My pants are a little bit harder, so he walks over to a dresser, opens the top drawer, and pulls out a pair of scissors. He carefully cuts through them, leaving my panties on.

I'm lying there, cold, naked except for bra and underwear, all exposed. He runs the knife along my face, smiling as he does this. Runs it down my neck, and circling my breasts with the tip. His knife gets caught in the material, and he uses that as his cutting point. His knife is sharp, because it cuts through the material like butter. He stops, leaving the rest of the bra untouched, and runs the knife down my belly towards my underwear.

He places the knife flat against my body, under my panties, and cuts. He does that with the other side. He makes a play at ripping them off of me.

He comes back up to my face with the knife, runs it down my neck, takes a strap of the bra, and slices it off. He does the same with the other side. It is so cold that my nipples are at attention. He runs the knife over my nipples and it makes them harder, shrivel more. He seems to like that.

He starts to undress, and when his pants are off, I can see his hard on through his underwear. I am starting to feel the gravity of my situation, and start to retreat in my mind. He pulls out his hard on and wants to enter me. My legs are as together as my binds will let them be. He asks me to open my legs further, but I don't understand him. He takes the point of the knife and pokes me with it. The sharp pain makes my legs open instantly.

He's smiling as he enters me. I start coming back, and ask him to stop. He just laughs and thrusts deeper inside of me. I spit in his face, but I think he liked it. As he is thrusting in me, he keeps the knife at my neck. Each time he thrusts, I can feel the blade cutting into me. I must have total fear in my eyes, because he keeps looking at me and smiling.

Before he releases in me, he pulls out, stands back up, and puts his cock in my mouth. I start to gag instantly, but he likes that, and pulls my head harder onto his cock. He starts fucking my mouth like a wild man. It's gagging me so bad, that I can't breathe and right after he shoots his load in me, I pass out.

I awake with the knife poking at me again. He's poking it in my breasts, down my stomach and all around my pubic area. It hurts, but at least he's not cutting me with it.

My arm still hurts, but it is feeling better. I try looking at it, and realize that I am tied in a bed. I am in a much better position, and I can see that he sewed up my arm, took care of it quite nicely, in fact, and it isn't infected.

He comes into the room with a tray of food. He tells me that I haven't eaten in three days, and that it's time that I do. He tells me not to worry about poison in the food, because he isn't done with me, and he wants to keep me around.

I tell him I'm not hungry and he sits down on the side of the bed, with the tray, and starts to force the food in my mouth. He's telling me that he likes the fact that I have moxie, but eating is a priority in life. If I don't eat, then I won't have the strength to leave here. With my fucked up mind, that made sense, and I started to eat. I was starving; I ate all my food and asked for more. He told me no, that I would eat again tomorrow.

What seemed like an eternity must've been about an hour, he comes back in the room. He tells me that his wife called from Detroit and would be coming home sooner than he expected. He wanted one last game with me.

He reached in the dresser drawer and pulled out another knife. He told me that this one will never be my friend. He undressed and came over to me, using the knife to once again intimidate me. My mind was too far gone for much intimidation, and that made him mad. He wanted me to do as he said, or he will cut me. I didn't know what that meant. So he ran the knife along my neck and told me that he was going to slit my neck from ear to ear if I didn't cooperate. Was I smart enough to understand that? I just nodded.

He untied me, turned me on my stomach, and tied me back up. He played with his cock all around my ass and legs, trying to entice me. At this point, with my mind as fucked up as it was, my body started to take over and betray me. As he's rubbing his cock all over me, I start to buck my hips up, feeling the need for him to fuck me. He finally puts his cock inside my pussy. He says he likes this position the best it gives him full penetration. He lifts my ass further in the air, holds onto my hips and starts pounding his cock into my pussy.

My body still betraying me, I start meeting his thrusts. The harder he pounded me, the more I would thrust into him. We were going at it like wild animals. I could feel him harden more than he had before, and I knew he was close to orgasm. My orgasm was building, and I wanted to finger my clit to make it more intense, but I was tied up. With my orgasm building, and his imminent, I let out a deceiving moan. He liked that, and he started to cum in me. I loved the feeling of him cumming in me that I, too came, harder than I ever had.

I lay back down, with him still on top of me and in me, and said, "Thanks honey, next time it's your turn..;-)..."

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