tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRaped! Again...

Raped! Again...


My eighteen year old sister Ashley came to stay with me before the baby was born to help out and to get me to the hospital when the baby came. Sure enough, the day that I had dreaded and looked forward to came and my water broke. I was in the shower just enjoying the warm water on my aching back when I felt a gush flow out of me. I looked down at the shower floor and saw the mixture of blood and other colorful fluids running down the drain and I was just dumbfounded by the sight. I had loved being pregnant and full of life and now it was about to be over and I found myself a little wistful, forgetting how I'd come to be this way.

Well, I figured, I'm in the shower and this is the best place for this. I went ahead and finished my hair and then shaved my armpits and my bikini line as best I could. Shaving my legs with a watermelon in my belly was out of the question!

Ashley was blown away at how calm I was when I told her that it was time to go to the hospital and she took a moment to realize that I was serious.

Ashley was frantic all the way to the hospital and I really don't remember anything she'd said to me along the way. I was lost in the past thinking about how this moment, just before the birth of my daughter, had come about due to my being raped. The contractions I was suffering through, each one of them, reminded me of his raping cock, thrusting in me...spurting in me. And I had no idea who he was. I'd told my family about my ordeal and they wanted me to go to the police and I'd refused. I have to say that I love them all the more for standing by me and then sending my little sister to help with the baby and to really just be someone I could cry with.

Sometimes, though, Ashley made me cry as I saw her walk around the apartment in her tank top and shorts and I saw her fawn-like body that had once been the twin of my own. I looked like a beached whale in comparison. My huge belly at least prevented me from having to see my swollen ankles all the time.

We made it to the hospital and I shook myself from the cobwebs of the past and braced myself for my impending future as a single parent. A few hours went by where my contractions went on and on, and then...


I cannot even begin to describe the pain as my daughter made her way through the most delicate parts of my body. I blissfully passed out as the doctor caught her and then went to work with the remainder of the birth. When I came around I asked for my little girl and Ashley handed her to me.

"What are you going to name her?" Ashley asked me with a proud and radiant smile.

"I should name her 'Ashley' after all you've done. What do you think we should name your niece?"

Ashley looked at me and smiled with the honour, "Melissa".

And so came into the world my daughter Melissa, niece of Ashley.

* * *

In the following four months Melissa quickly became a darling and happy child. I was blessed to have a healthy little girl who managed not to suffer from the usual infant maladies so that meant I was soon sleeping a full night's sleep. Once in a while, though, Melissa would cry and Ashley would go to her to let me sleep. Ashley knew her niece was hungry and would set her at my breast while I slept and then put her back to bed. It was one of those intimacies that you can only truly share with a sister.

I started working out to get my body back and since I had been in good shape to start with it wasn't a long time before Ashley and I were the twins everyone liked to say we were. My old clothes fit again and the maternity clothes went in the storage box to wait for a charity drive. With Ashley at home to take care of Melissa for me I also went back to work and caught up with my career.

I had survived and my life was actually better than it had been before. The love of my family had stood a test and proved itself, and I now had the lifelong promise of love from Melissa. Life was good.

Then one night I came home from work and unlocked the door to see Ashley on the couch with a look of fear in her eyes that made me almost want to run. As I stared at her I heard a terrifying and familiar whine of a capacitor charging up and I turned to see what it was and I saw a face mask just as I felt the stun gun blast into me again.

When I came to I fully expected to be blinded like the last time and was surprised to have some faint light come into my eyes. I looked down and saw that I was tied, naked, to my bedroom dressing chair. My bedroom was lit by a few candles and the sight that they revealed made me try to scream.

"None of that, bitch, or I'll shock you again, got it?" He stared into my eyes and I saw in his eyes the same colour of blue that was the glory of my precious Melissa. I knew at that instant that this man was my rapist from over a year ago. I fell into silence and regretted not calling the police back then. I remembered back then thinking that I was letting him go just so he could do it again and here he was with Ashley tied up on my bed naked, with her wrists tied to her outstretched ankles.

"I just had to come back when you brought your sister for me to play with." He chuckled with a just a hint of evil.

I frantically tried to break myself free when he walked to Melissa's crib.

"Shush, now! You don't think I'd hurt my daughter, do ya? No way! I'm sick, but I'm not a monster."

I had no choice but to believe it was true. As he reached down and picked up Melissa I saw Ashley look over at me with an awful terror in her eyes. Like me, she was gagged and couldn't say anything so we just stared at each other and started to cry.

"She's beautiful." He said at last. Then, laying Melissa back into the safety of her blankets he simply stated, "But she is lonely. Don't you two think it's just awful that she has to grow up all alone?"

He looked at me and said, "Don't you want her to have a sister like you do?"

Turning, he looked at Ashley, "Or maybe she needs a niece..Hmmm?"

Ashley tried to scream and tried to break free, but it was useless. Both of us were powerless to do anything as he began to undress. He kicked off his shoes and then undid his shirt, shrugging it off to reveal a decent physique. He was actually beautiful. I wondered why such a man needed to force women to have sex?

I could tell that Ashley was scared, but I was actually more curious to see what the father of my baby looked like. He undid his belt and his jeans fell to the floor. Ashley fell silent, as did I, at the sight of his ample cock faintly bouncing with his heartbeat. He kicked the jeans free and, except for the pull-over ski mask, he was now completely naked.

"I wish I had all night," he said as he walked to my nightstand, "but I have places to be. So I hope you two ladies don't mind if I skip the foreplay."

He reached for my baby oil. That night a year ago came rushing back and I expected a repeat performance and I tensed up. He picked up the bottle ,popped the top, and squeezed a little into his hand. He took his cock in his hand and seemed to shudder as he stroked it and oiled it all along it's generous length. Fascinated, I watched his hand travel it's length and marveled how that same cock had managed to go all the way inside of me. I realized as I watched that this same cock had also impregnated me.

I was shocked and actually a little disappointed when he turned the bottle on Ashley and sprayed her lithe body with the glistening oil. The little drops on her skin reflected the candlelight making the scene almost romantic. She struggled a bit as his hands rubbed over her and he slapped her. His oiled palm made a kind of wet sound as it met her cheek.

"Shhhh," he whispered to her, "you don't want to wake the baby."

He took a little more of the oil into his hands and then locked eyes with Ashley as he rubbed it into her virgin pussy. I'd really expected him to take his time, but he eased himself up to her until his knees were on either side of her ass and his cock was dangerously close to her pussy. He reached over for one of my pillows and doubled it over and placed it under Ashley's lower back. Her pussy was now lewdly displayed and her back was arched as if she was eagerly awaiting her first lover. I was watching what had happend to me a year before and found myself erotically fascinated...I was even getting wet as I watched my own mystery unfold in front of me.

He moved up to my sister and I could clearly see him rubbing his thick cock in her oiled pussy. He took his time and seemed to have his eyes on Ashley as she felt the first touches of a man to her pussy.

I saw his cock head disappear into her just a little. He took her by her tight hips and whispered hoarsely, "Look at me!"

The second she did he plunged himself into her. I heard her scream from the pain of his entry and I wanted to cry for her. I couldn't stop watching to cry, even for a minute. The drama of his cock fucking into my sister right in front of me was so erotic that I think had I gotten loose right then I would've raped him.

Ashley whimpered as her lover slowly thrust his cock into her in an endless and mindless fucking. This went on for a good ten minutes when I noticed that Ashleys' toes would curl up with every thrust of the cock into her depths. His hands were all over her body, massaging her with the care of a most attentive lover.

Her back tensed and she seemed to struggle for a moment when he said what I was imagining:

"Yessss....yes....come on my cock...yesss!"

I heard Ashley squeal as my virgin sister was fucked to her first orgasm. He kept up a steady rhythm and pushed her orgasm even further. He thrust at her deeply every now and again and I could see her arch her back to allow him deeper into her body. Ashley was lost to her lust and all that was on her mind was the pleasure the cock was givig to her. She was coming down off the peak of her pleasure when he took her firmly by the hips and held himself in her body, as deep as he could. I knew my sister was right then getting her pussy bathed in his rich, potent come.

Silently, the two of them just looked at each other as his cock still filled her pussy. I knew she was sitting there and thinking about the year of my life that had just passed by wondering if that would be the story of her own upcoming life.

There were no tears or struggles as I saw his cock firm up again and began it's probing of Ashley's body all anew. He skillfully brought her to orgasm again and I could see his own intensity building again. Part of me was relieved that he would leave me alone, but part of me was also frustrated with having watched so much and hd so little. I closed my eyes to imagine what she was feeling when I felt a sudden warmth.

His eyes were inches from my own.

"Can't forget about you, can we?"

Slick with my sisters' juices and his own come he slid himself fully into my pussy in one stroke.

I gasped at the sudden fullness and found myself wanting for more. I moved my bare butt to the edge of the chair to get more of his cock into me.

"You want this, don't you?" He was so proud, I could hear it in his voice. I knew then what it was that made him tick: he wanted his victims to want him. Fine, then. I wanted him.

With the same skill and finesse he had just used with my sister I felt that wonderful cock grind into my clit and I let myself go. He reached behind me and I felt him pull on something and then I realized that he'd untied me. I was free! I pulled him close and kissed him full on the lips and wrapped my legs around him. The fullness in me became even greater as he lifted me up and carried me to the bed.

When he laid me back I felt the wet warmth of Ashley's pussy at my neck and realized I was between her legs. I didn't care. My whole self had been surrendered to the cock that was now hammering between my legs, threatening to fill me with another baby and I didn't care! I needed the release that his cock was promising me and then...


I heard my own voice as the warmth of my release flowed over me. The most powerful feeling I'd ever had swept through me only to be followed by feeling the cock in my pussy begin to swell. I was going to have his baby again, I knew it and I didn't care! I felt his cock start to twitch inside me and the sensation drove me over the edge again! The emptiness I'd felt after Melissa's birth was gone, if only for now, replaced by this wonderful, thrusting cock and the promise of life it was delivering into me again.

He left me there almost senseless as he slipped from me. Not bothering to tie me up again, he silently gathered his things and was making his way to the door.

"Don't go."

He slowly turned around.

"I need you. I don't care what you've done...please."

Ashley had gotten the gag out and I couldn't believe what she was saying.

I couldn't believe it since I was going to say the exact same thing!

"I'll go to jail if you talk."

Ashley looked at me and I nodded.

"We won't. The baby needs her father, right? And I..I just can't let you go now. Please stay."

* * *

So here we are, Ashley and I and Matt. How do I explain what we feel? Matt swears we were the only ones he ever took like he did and I guess we just have to take that at face value. I guess it turned out that Ashley and I were 'twins' in more than just our looks; our lusts are just the same. And our bellies are starting to swell identically, too. Our nights are unreal and our days are equally unreal. Maybe we'll have to move to Utah to see this thing through, who knows?

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