tagNonHumanRaped By Monsters Ch. 4

Raped By Monsters Ch. 4


She was left in her small dark room for 24 hours. The first creature she had saw. Brought her food once in the first 2 hours. So when the door opened she was blinded. The light was unbearable. Using both arms to cover her eyes. Only to curse her self, when she felt 2 needles entering her waist. Each about 3 inches from her hipbones. With in minutes she was numb from the waist down. The numbness spread to just below her breasts.

He grabbed her hair & she began to float again. He pulled her down another long hall. She feared what she would be put in with this time. Only to find her self strapped back on the examining table. She watched as he raised the table. Putting her feet into the air. With the metal pillow she could see almost everything he was doing.

He inserted a strange metal tube into her numb pussy. She was shocked that even through the numbness she could feel pleasure. The tube split into 4 separate pieces. & Began to open her pussy wide. She felt no pain, only a building orgasm. But, she could see how far it was opening her up. By how far apart her legs were being pushed apart. Knowing that if not for the numbness she would be in great pain. Just then she heard a load pop. & It looked like her hips had been pushed out of joint. That was when the spreading stopped.

The creature, she hopped was a doctor, pulled a tray of strange tools over to the table. He pushed a long hollow tube deep inside her. She began to feel a strange sensation. It reminded her of her 1st time. It felt to her as if it had broke through a new hymen. He stopped pushing it inside when it felt like it was buried up to & past her cervix. She noticed then that the tube was attached to what looked like a tiny vacuum. It started then to sucking causing her to climax hard & fast. He seemed to be sucking all of her cum out & to save it. Her climax lasted a full 10 minutes. & Only stopped when the sucking stopping

He slowly removed the little tube. & As he inched it out, she felt a new climax building. But, it stopped once he had the tube out leaving her hanging. He set the whole the side. &Grabbed thing that looked like a needle, but flexible. He that inserted it just as deep as the tube had been. With his other hand he pushed another needle, that was 7 inches long, into her just below her belly button. It was then that she his whole hand pushing into her opened pussy. Till he hit her g-spot. He seemed to be injecting fluid inside her with the top needle & poking around with the other one. She climaxed again surprising herself. As she came he pulled the top needle out. & Began injecting fluid with the other. She climaxed so hard that she passed out for a few moments.

When she awoke she noticed that the alien doctor was using the tiny vacuum to place something in 3 different clear tubes. After he was done he unstrapped her & led her down a new hall. That was light blue. He stopped at a silver door. The door opened & he pulled her inside. Then guided her over to a huge bed. He tucked her into it. Then gave her a shot. That put her to sleep almost instantly.

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