Part 1

I watch as the dumbass snatches the purse. Then he's running, bolting as fast as he can down the moonlit streets, making a hard right down the alleyway. The idea here is to limit anyone's ability to see him so he can get away with it. What he hasn't accounted for is that it also limits anyone's ability to see me, and I am at my most dangerous when I am unseen.

His legs are a blur now, he's running as fast as he can, but something is different now. He's only just beginning to realize what it is as his limbs move quicker and quicker.

At this moment, he is several feet off the ground, running in place in mid-air.

He screams, but I lift a finger and he finds his lungs quite empty of oxygen.

"Shhhhhh." I command.

"What the fuck?" He rasps as I step from the shapelessness of shadow.

Men are amazing. Even when fighting for their very life's oxygen, their eyes find time to wander over my unnatural curves.

"Who the fuck, is what you meant to say." I purr.

He just cocks his head, I allow a trickle of breath through now, he'll still be weak and light headed, but he isn't going to die if I lose concentration.

Well it's happened before, and I do not like making fatal mistakes.

"The answer to that question," I continue, "Is Rapture."

"Am I going to jail?" He asks, dropping the purse. "Or are you just going to kill me?"

"Probably the former... but no, not the latter. You see, there is a sad shortage of men like you in the world."

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asks.

I extend a hand and make a beckoning gesture, tendrils of spiritual energy collecting, cupping, tugging. Making a surprised noise of pleasure he looks down as an invisible hand has collected his prackage and pulled it up and forward for display, a marvelous little bundle easily the size of a cantelope.

"It means you have a big dick, genius, and while I can shape nearly all reality and command cosmic forces to my whim, that is one thing I cannot create."

He blinks, then grins a little.

"Are...are big dicks like your mystical power source or something?" He asks.

I roll my eyes.

"No, moron. They just feel really fucking good. God you're dumb."


I was not always Rapture. I was born to a far more boring name, and a far more boring life. I was Felicia Thompson, a sickly child who grew into a freckled, bespectackled, knock-kneed girl who refused to smile for fear of people seeing her braces. So she stuck to her books, and studied hard, soaking up what little pity popularity she could by doing the homework for Cheerleading squads and Football teams.

There was a boy I craved, a reciever for the team in my senior year. Will Lennox was surprisingly well-read for a football player, and kind. He treated me exactly the same as he treated all the cheerleaders.

Well, almost the same. He had a weakness for big boobs, and was dating the bustiest girl on the squad. When the three of us were together I would stare almost as much at her as him, wondering what her parents had fed her, or what she had done that was so moral and virtuous that God should reward her with such big sweater missiles.

Yes, there was a time when Sarah's DD cups seemed big to me.

I'll never forget the day I snapped. Will and I went to a weekend camp together. We shared secrets, exchanged books, took long walks in the woods together, and even had a slow dance at the ice cream social together. I was sure that when we returned, Will would dump city-loving Sarah for nature-loving me. Surely he'd seen how much we were meant for each other as I had?

But when we returned, there she was, in her push-up bra and slutty mkakeup. Within two jiggles and a squooshy hug, Will had forgotten I even existed, let alone my name.

In frustration I ran up to my room. Like most teenagers, I had my suicide totally planned out down to how sorry everyone would be at the funeral after I was gone, especially Will.

First I would read from The Book.

I had found The Book some years before, at a garage sale. I couldn't tell the age of it, but it had clearly been written before the Printing Press and bore the tell-tale ink smudges of a document written by a robed wrist, the work of a medival monk. I had taken a long time translating the latin into english, and found that it was the most beautiful sounding dark poetry. I knew the thing must be worth a million times the 25 cents I'd paid for it, but to me its sentimental value was far greater.

I debated whether or not I would turn on my computer's web cam and film my death for Youtube, but decided against it, instead opting to dress myself in all black, pop about 40 sleeping pills, and then read from page after page of The Book out loud until I was gone.

I pledge myself to you, oh darkness, oh oblivion, oh endless night and eternal fire...

Grant unto me that which is denied all mortals and take what price you wish...

For I renounce all that I am to be all that you will make me...

And thus I am fulfilled...

I had just drifted off to my final sleep, when I was awoken by the booming sound of a grating laugh.

"Oh this is simply the WORST dreck, isn't it? And I thought today's kids were bad with their angsty emo poems!"

My vision was blurry, but so was the... thing I was looking at. An immense face, six feet tall perhaps and wreathed in eerie purple flames that flowed more like water than fire around it.


"And you didn't even bother to make a summoning circle. Don't you understand I could just rip your throat open and harvest your soul right now if I wanted? You really suck at magic, kiddo. Not as much as you apparently suck at life, but it's still a close call."

"Oh God, the pills are making me hallucinate!"

"What, these pills?" The figure asked, a hand springing from the strangeness that it was and running down my body, from my nose to my tummy. It then made a fist, rotated its wrist so that the palm was upright, and splayed the fingers out.

All the pills now rested in its grasp.

"You made a pact with me, Kiddo. I'm Belial, an arch-prince of the Umbreal world. You pledge yourself a toll to me now, in exchange for things you want. So what do you want to do with your life?"

"Umm... what can I ask for?"

"Whatever you want. Money. Fame. Clear skin."

"What, do I get like three wishes?"

"No, you stupid, broad, do I look like a fucking Genie? Just rattle off some shit you'd like."

"Uh...okay..umm.... I want to be beautiful."

"That's subjective. Tell me exactly what you want."

"Uh, perfect skin. And um... make me a little taller... let's say 5'8". I want Green eyes...and nice full pouty lips...and uh, straight teeth. Oh, and how about hair that uh...can I just change my hair color at will?"


My hair turned Fuchsia with a thought.

"Anything else?" Belial, asked.

"Yes. Boobs. Big ones. Um..." I ticked through the alphabet in my head. I was going to have Will, and I'd need the biggest he'd seen to really get his attention. Bigger than DD...efghIjklmno....

"P Cups! Give me big fat perfect P-cup breasts!" I demanded.

He arched an eyebrow and my chest swelled, fast, my shirt ripping open from the sudden burst of titmeat.

"Oh shit!" I said, cupping my hands beneath them in the mirror. These would take management.

"Lastly I want power." I said. "Give me the power to do things like you. As much as you can. Like Magic."

He waved a hand.

"There you go." He said.

Channeling the force that suddenly flowed through me I hovered off the ground a little, then, gingerly lifted the humongous breasts up and out a little, like a telekinetic push-up bra.

I grinned.

"I'll be back to exact my price, later." He said.


"Let's see what we've got to work with here." I said.

I gestured and the floating purse-snatcher's clothes exploded into a sphere of shreads, drifting from his body a moment before fluttering to the ground.

Oh he was a site to behold! Lean, but graced with little rippling muscles everywhere. He was young and his body almost hairless. His cock dangled down between his thighs, soft and ropey and notably thick over a mighty pair of balls, twin lemons in his smooth sack.

"Mmmm, yes...that will do nicely."

He whimpered a little as I walked beneath him, magically lowering his body down, opening my mouth wide to accommodate his cock as it drifted between my lips, using my mind to bob it up and down as my tongue batted at it with a mind of its own. A few moments of slurping, popping noises echoing in the deserted alleyway and his rod back to harden, impressively flexing straight out and then beginning to elevate and point skyward.

Almost lazilly I leaned my head back just a little further and began to move his whole body up and down a few inches. Normally, the act of teabagging is one in which the owner of the balls is asserting a sort of willfull dominance. Here I had all the power, and it was with command and oppression that I forced him to perform this act on me, feeling rewarded with each lusty taste of his dunking balls. They were marvelous, succulent balls, and soon I was moaning lustilly as I practically gargled them, cheeks puffing out, full lips spread thing around the root of his sack.

Finally I relinquish his balls and let his body drift down enough for me to have access to his cock. The thing was jutting out arrogantly, asserting its thick 9 inches on me. I smeared my lips over the crown of it, slurping a little as I sunk it into my mouth, hand reaching up to finally touch him with something besides my mouth and mind, jacking the throbbing pole off as I sucked and smacked my lips all over his tip.

"Mmm. Delicious cock!" I informed him.

"Oh gawwwwd!" Was all he could muster to the sight of this mammoth-breasted terror working his cock like a bimbo. My skin-tight outfit was a brilliant purple to match the shade of my hair which sprayed in all directions each time I bobbed my head on him. The outfit made a simple 'V' shape around my legs and ass to conceal my pussy then ran up with various keyhole cuts to show off my lithe form until a pair of huge cups held my enormous mammories in place. Well I can't focus my energies on holding them up all the time, now can I?

My pair was jiggling with joy as I worked the big cock, swaying in their cups and knocking together with the audible noise of skin-on-skin, punctuated by the wet nasty noises my mouth made with this self-inflicted face-fucking. Drool pooled from my lower lip, and I gave it a little telekinetic tweak, making the droplets hang in the air before snapping away to splash my tits, making some of it rise a little to streak my face as I worked, my pouty lips and cheeks becoming an absolute mess of precum and slobber.

Finally he gave in, starting to buck his hips and pound my mouth and fist. I denied him the pleasure of my throat, I didn't want him to go off just yet...


The first time I went mad, I went mad with power. I used that power to craft myself a cocktail dress that could accommodate my new and tremendous endowments, and then leapt from my window to fly over to Lennox' place.

I knocked on the door and wad dissapointed to be greeted by his mother. Her eyes roamed my new, lush form, but could still recognize my face.

"Uh, Will's not here right now. He and Sarah went for a drive."

"Thanks Mrs. Lennox." I muttered, turning to walk away, trying to get around a corner so I could take to the air again without her seeing.

As she turned back into the house before the door closed I could hear her say to her husband, "Puberty has finally come to little Felicia!"

I ground my teeth and jetted off to the makeout point on the outskirts of town.

For a few moments I played the voyeur, just leaning against a nearby tree and looking in on Will and Sarah, their eager hungry kisses, his large hands clumsy mashing of her breasts through her shirt and bra, her hands not seeming to know what to do, flailing everywhere.

Finally when I'd had enough, I popped into the back seat, simply ceasing to exist in one place and choosing to exist another.

"Heya kids." I said, startling them both terribly to jump in their seats and pull apart, facing me.

"Felicia!" Said Will, "I didn't hear you come in!" He looked to the doors. "And uh...the doors are still locked.. How did you....."

"That's not important." I said. "What's important is that you're playing tonsil hocky with a flat chested little thing when you could be having fun with a real woman."

I leaned back in the seat, arching my back a little to let my new super-sized milkbladders jiggle up a little to mee thim.

"Oh my God!" Will said.

Sarah started to giggle. "Oh honey, what have you got in there!?" She laughed, clearly assuming I had stuffed something into my bra.

I pulled the top of the dress down, leeting the whoppers burst out. Both their jaws dropped at the sight of the seismic event that was the unveiling of my tits.

"we just saw you...": Gasped Sarah, "You couldn't have gotten implants that quickly and be here now.... what in the fuck is going on?"

I shrugged, the effect the gesture had on my breasts making Will forget to breathe for a few moments.

"Maybe I've been binding them down tight my whole life and you never noticed. Maybe I got hit with an extremely sudden growth spurt. Who knows. The point is, Sarah, I came here to do this..." I leaned forward and grabbed her face in my hands, tugging her head forward and grinding my breasts all over her, barely allowing her breath between smothering passes of my massive bladders of lucious titmeat.

"Yeah you little cheer-squad bitch...how's it feel to have someone rubbing your face in her huge tits the way you've been rubbing yours in mine for years? You like that? Huh? Does it feel good to be the inferior one in the room?

"Felica, stop this, I don't think she likes it?" Will said.

I waved a hand, making Sarah cease to exist here, and choosing to make her exist back in her home, her room.

"Don't think who likes what?" I asked innocently, gesturing to the empty car.

"You're scaring the crap out of me." Will said.

"And turning you on." I shot back, pointing at his pants where a tell-tale bulge was poking up.

"Why are you doing this?" He asked.

"Because I want you. Because I wanted you a long, long time Will and you never seemed to notice me. And here's the thing, my little secret I never told anyone...." I climbed over the back seat to sit in the front in a most unlady-like fashion. "Because I didn't get to be with boys, I started watching pornography. A lot of it Will. My mind is just filled with images of all the nasty horrible things I know you boys like. And tonight, you can do all of them.... to me."

He was still afraid, but something selfish took over in him. "Anything?"

"Yes, no matter how nasty."

"Come here you huge titted dirty little slut." He growled.

And then I was wet.

Carefully I worked my way onto my knees, eagerly attacking his fly and working his member out. It was the biggest I'd seen in person at the time, easily 8 inches long, and thick.

He Growled, placing both hands on the back of my head, fingers brushing through my hair.

"Open your mouth."

Without waiting for me to obey, he thrust forward and laid his cock across my face, balls on my chin . I slapped at them with a slobbery tongue before letting him grind my cheeks along his length, opening wide as he plunged forward, gagging slightly as he fucked my throat direct and deep, undulating tongue slashing back and forth across the underside of his rod the whole time.

He groaned, a feral sound of animal content, pulling my lips against his crotch, lodging his cock as deep as it' would go in my throat, savoring the heat, the wetness, my frantic, eager tongue, and he held me there. Even as his breathing became deeper, making his chest rise and fall, his gorgeous abs started to flex.

My eyes went wide. I thought I'd be able to handle eight inches with ease, But I found him a challenge, gagging and choking a little as nasty bursts of slobber got coughed out onto his dangling ballsack, lips blurbling around in the mess as my boobs mashed into his thighs.

He pulled my head all the way off of his cock, ripping it past my lips and dragging slick spit out with every inch, before bending over me, one hand on the back of my head, the other tilting my chin up

"Come on Felicia, I know you're better than that." He sneered arrogantly down at me now. I'd never seen him like this, and it was weird to discover this bestial part of him.

I looked up at him, lips swollen and still connected to his cock in dozens of trails of precum, only coughing in response at first, but finally finding my now-raspy voice to say, "Easy for you to say, gagging me with that big cock...you like knowing you're big enough to challenge a Goddess like me?"

I leaned in and sucked on his balls as I fought for breath, really servicing his orbs until they dripped and gleamed, then pulled back

"Okay...try again....." I urged him.

He bent down to give my huge breasts a hard squeeze, then rose again, hands at his side, curling into fists for a moment before relaxing. "Round two. You can do it Fellatio---erm, I mean Felicia. . Feels like you slurped my balls bigger!"

I moaned as he groped, arching my head up a little tilting my body to give him a fresh, fierce angle to penetrate my face.

I Gagged hard as he crammed deep, only once this time, finally catching myself, using my hands I guided one of his heels up to rest on the steering wheel behind my head, giving him a real deep-penetration angle, swallowing rapidly to encourage him to pound me, his behemoth-balls adorning my chin like nasty Christmas ornaments

He grinned wickedly, pulling back about halfway, cock massive and throbbing in the cold air. He pulled back enough to cram his cockhead into my cheek before re-aligning and shoving, deep, back into my squeezing throat

The corners of my lips briefly formed a smile at his lack of restraint, then I plunged forward, swallowing on his dick over and over, rolling my muscles to gargle him in the depths of me, precum and slobber continueously drooling down my face to drip from his balls onto my tits. The nasty web of fucksauce was only getting wetter and thicker with each gurgling, gutteral noise of my throat, my tongue sticking out so far it could caress the backs of his ball.,I tugged them towards my waitting lips as I rocked my head around, rocking my throat around his cock like a dog shakes a chew toy

He threw his head back and moaned, the flared glans raking through my throat, spit and precum sloshing around his girthy gash-stuffer, spilling out past my lips, soaking his balls. He gasped at the feel of my heavy, heavy tits, each growing wetter and wetter, as they slapped against his thighs every time I threw myself forward to impale my slutty throat on his cock.

"Feel that?" He grunted, placing both hands on the back of my head, not stopping me, just posessively pawing at my hair "Feel how it's filling your tight little throat?"

I nodded on his throbbing rod, lifting up my boobs in my hands to smear them all over his sack, trapping his balls in my cleavage and rubbing the wet mounds against them as I sucked and slurped, horny noises filling the car, wet smacks and nasty glucks from my throat getting louder and faster. I gagged and gargled on him as I titty-tortured his big nuts.

It was like his cock trapped in a velvet cocksleeve even as my huge, hot, spit- and- precum covered breasts smothered his swollen sack, My throat was a vice now, suction clamping him tight as I threatened to tug his cock right off, making his balls swinging and swaying in dripping nastiness, slapping my chin and throat, then backwards against my tits, over and over

He roared, thrusting forward and pulling my head now, holding me there as he moved his hips, jostling his thick shaft this way and that in the silky, soaked confines of my throat, really using me as a fucktoy now, reveling in the wet gags, and the slobber rolling down my chin; luxuriating, in a feral, degenerate manner, at the way my heavy breasts bounced on his balls and thighs.

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