tagGay MaleRaquette Lake 1969

Raquette Lake 1969


It had been a summer ritual for us all during high school, with me tagging along with my best friend Dave and his folks when they made their annual pilgrimage to Raquette Lake up in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

With us graduating from high school and heading off to college in the fall, this was to be our last trip, and that made it a bittersweet week, but we were determined to enjoy it to the fullest.

The relationship I had with Dave had evolved over the years to where it was that summer, and it was unlike any other relationship I ever had before or after. Now in looking back over 40 years, I find that I remember everything that happened that week like it was yesterday.



My friend Dave, resting on the sleeping bag next to me in the small tent we were sharing, had held up his hand and hissed out that word while holding his head up to hear what sounded at first like nothing but the sounds of the nocturnal life in the woods that surrounded us.

After a few seconds, I heard what Dave was referring to, and I stifled a giggle when our eyes met in the near darkness of the tent. Dave motioned for me to go outside with him. It was a warm night, which was a good thing because we were clad only in our underwear.

The campfire had burnt out, with the glowing embers providing the illumination between our tent and the pop-up trailer that Dave's parents were in. Like always, we had set up the tent down near the lake, as far away from the little trailer as possible, to insure our privacy.

Back when we first started camping, it used to be a scary thing, being away from his folks in the tent on our own, but those days were gone. Now we relished the isolation for other reasons, and judging by the stifled sounds that were coming from the trailer, so did Dave's parents.

"They're having sex," I whispered to Dave as we stood a few feet away from the gently rocking pop-up and heard the sounds coming from within, and while it was obvious that they were stifling the noises as best they could, we could hear the grunts and whimpers.

There's nothing quite as quiet or dark as the primitive camping area we were in, with no city lights or sounds around us and only a few other hearty souls scattered around the surrounding wilderness, and the animal-like noises coming from Dave's very prim and proper parents sent shivers down my spine.

Dave gestured for me to go back to the tent with him, because I think he felt embarrassed, so I reluctantly followed. I would have been happy to stay and listen, because it was really erotic to hear them having sex. When we climbed back into the tent Dave's face was flushed, maybe because he noticed the bulge in my snug white briefs.

"That was outta sight!" I whispered to Dave. "What a turn-on!"

"So I see," Dave mused, but I could see that while he wasn't as excited as I was, he had not been unmoved my hearing his folks making love.

"Can't help it," I explained. "It's been a while since Kathy. That sounded so groovy."

Kathy had been my girlfriend until we broke up a few weeks ago, and she had been my one and only conquest.

"They're my parents though," Dave explained. "How would you feel if it was your parents we were listening to?"

Frankly, that thought wasn't even imaginable, because my Mom wasn't cute like Dave's was, but I could see his point.

"I guess," I admitted. "But your Mom is a real babe."

Dave shook his head, knowing that I had a crush on his mother since forever. Every chance I got to look down her blouse at her cute little titties, I took advantage of.

Our eyes met, and such was our relationship that we didn't have to say a thing. I rolled over on my back, yanking down my tight white briefs as Dave got onto his knees. My cock was hard and pointing straight up in the air as Dave grabbed the shaft and bowed his head.

We had been jerk-off buddies for as long as I could recall, getting each other off whenever we would sleep at each other's houses, but had discovered that we were making a lot of mess for no reason that way so we had begun going down on each other.

In the beginning, neither of us were very good at it, but the more we practiced on each other the better we got. I had never done anything with any other guy, and really had never wanted to for that matter, Dave was different, and I think that was how he felt about me. Girls were still our main objective, but there were times when - well, we had each other.

I knew I wouldn't last long because I was so revved up from the eavesdropping experience, as as Dave's mouth and hand went up and down my short thick cock I fought back the urge to cum. Dave, who when we first experimented on each other, used to have trouble keeping his teeth from tearing me up, was now very accomplished.

Too accomplished, because after only a minute of Dave inhaling my cock and churning my balls, my orgasm raced through my loins. Dave swallowed my load effortlessly, continuing to suck my cock until I was limp.

After Dave raised back up, his head hitting the fabric of the roof of the tent, we changed positions, with Dave moving onto his back and me kneeling beside him. I did the honors for him, taking the elastic of his briefs in my hands and lifting them over the massive bulge in the pouch that had bowed the fabric out obscenely.

Dave's cock was bigger than mine, and while I had been ashamed about that in the beginning, these days it didn't bother me at all. Besides, as Dave often reminded me, his was longer but mine was thicker, and he claimed that was what girls cared about. Since Dave had only recently lost his virginity like me, I knew he had no way of knowing that but was just trying to make me feel better.

Our cocks were built like our bodies, with my tool like my fullback's build, short and thick, while Dave's was much like his wide receiver's physique, long and thin. As the cotton underwear released Dave's manhood, I smiled when the erect prong slapped down onto his stomach, arching back with the skin straining between his cock and balls, which dangled loosely between his thighs..

Letting my finger slowly slide along the underside of his cock, I smiled when I saw his dick twitch in response. Back up and down the entire 7 inches my index finger traveled as I delighted in what my teasing was doing to Dave. The usual result appeared, and I let the nail of my finger rub the bead of pre-cum after it bubbled to the tip of his manhood.

"I've seen them," Dave gasped breathlessly as he waited for me to take his cock off of his stomach and into my mouth.

"Seen what?" I asked, using my other hand to cup his scrotum, letting his nuts roll in my palm while he squirmed.

"Seen my folks - seen them doing it," Dave grunted.

"You have? How?"

"One time I came home when they weren't expecting me - they had the door open and the old man was pounding into Mom like a wild man."

"Really?" I asked as I pulled Dave's cock upright and bowed my head. "I would have loved to have seen that."

"Scary though."

"Scary? Why?" I asked as I licked the next bead of cum that drooled out of Dave's dick.

"My old man's cock is huge," Dave explained.

"Bigger than you?" I asked, looking at the long slim weapon in my hand.

"Hell yeah!" Dave groaned. "At least from the glimpse I got. Thought he was going to split her in two they way he was pounding into her."

I had to admit that I had never thought for a second about the cock of my friend's father. I mean, he was a cool guy and all but when we were listening outside, my thoughts had been centered on Mrs. Butler, not Mr. Butler.

"Please Jimmy," Dave pleaded, and I realized that my friend was in distress because I had been in a daze trying to absorb all of that information, and all that time Dave's cock was drooling sap and twitching in my grasp.

"You like to be teased," I chuckled, as I ran my hand down his leg, feeling the coarseness of the hair that grew thickly along them, in stark contrast to my own.

Dave came almost immediately after my mouth slid down his cock, and after his bittersweet nectar spurted down my throat I kept sucking on him, caressing the slender tube with my tongue and letting it roll in the combined juices of his seed and my saliva.

I had done this one before - continuing to go down on Dave after he came - and had been able to get him up again in a matter of minutes. Since he had only lasted a few seconds, I felt I owed him a little more and besides, I liked doing it.

As my mouth worked over his flaccid dick, stretching out the rubbery tube, my mind kept going back to the image that Dave had planted in my head. What I would have given to have seen Dave's parents go at it like he had.

Little Mrs. Butler, all 5 foot nothing of her, and probably not even 100 pounds soaking wet, getting hammered by Mr. Butler. How big was Dave's father's cock, I wondered as I felt my friend's penis slowly come back to life. Did I have the smallest cock in the world? I mean, Dave's was at least an inch longer than mine, maybe two. I wanted to ask him just how big his old man's cock was, but didn't want to freak him out so instead I just kept sucking.

Dave wasn't as hard as he had been before, but was getting there. At this point I was still able to take all of his member into my mouth, and as I did I could feel Dave's hand reaching between my legs, kneading my balls and searching for my cock.

"You're hard again too," Dave said softly. "Do you want to..."

I raised my head up and nodded, pulling on his wet spear and knowing what he wanted to do. I enjoyed it too. Maybe not as much as Dave did, but it was still really good, so we rolled over until we were on our sides, facing each other.

Our hands went down to our cocks, and as we pulled them together we both squeezed tightly, pressing our stiff dicks together and letting them rub against each other. We held them in our collective grasp as we rolled our hips together, our warm throbbing flesh pulsating like hearts beating.

I could feel Dave's tool hitting my balls as the tip of my dick grazed his pubic hair, and I knew from the way Dave was breathing that he was about to cum. He usually came quickly and especially so when we would rub our cocks together, so when he grunted I wasn't surprised when I felt him ejaculating into my crotch.

"I'll clean it up for you," Dave said quickly, and he slid down and buried his head between my legs.

Dave's mouth thoroughly cleaned me, lapping my semen-covered balls before wrapping his lips around my cock. In less than a minute I was erupting into his mouth, and as I was enjoying my orgasm I thought for a second that someone was outside the tent, but was too involved to care. I didn't mention it because after I came there wasn't a sound coming from outside.

We fell asleep soon after that, and I slept like a baby until the sun rose.


The next day I was going to be left alone, because Dave and his parents always spent one day of the week visiting his grandmother. I was invited, but always declined because I felt that I was intruding enough on their family as it was.

To my surprise, that morning when they left, Mr. Butler stayed behind.

"Figured I would keep you company," Mr. Butler explained. "Besides, the older that Elaine's mother gets, the more she drives me crazy. You don't mind hanging around with a old fart all day, do you?"

Of course I didn't. In fact, I got along better with Dave's father than I did with my own. He was a great guy and really loved the outdoors, so when he suggested we take a hike, I happily accepted.

"Don't think I've been back there since Elaine and I were engaged," Mr. Butler said as he led the way up the backside of West Mountain toward our destination. "Hope I can find the way."

It was a hot day as it was, and in the deep woods that the barely visible trail cut through it was like a sauna. We took off our shirts after about a mile or so because they were wringing wet, and tied them around our waists.

As I followed Mr. Butler up the trail, my eyes went to his back, which was covered with black hair, just like his legs were. I figured that must be where Dave got his furry parts from, which I envied, although Dave's back was smooth.

My legs looked like they were shaved, which always bothered me. In fact, all I had in the way of body hair was a little patch over my dick, a few hairs in the inside parts of my calves, and little wisps of blonde fir under my arms. How I envied Dave, and his father, who looked so much more manly than me, despite my decent body.

"Almost there," Mr. Butler declared, breaking me out of my trance, and in a few minutes we arrived at our destination.

"Cool!" I said when I saw the cute little pond and the modest sized waterfall that fed it.

"Not many people know about this place, as you could tell by the way the trail is so overgrown," Mr. Butler said as we made our way around the pond, which was only about 50 feet across.

"Used to swim back here with Dave's mom back in our younger days," he confided. "Skinny dipping. Don't tell her I told you that, okay Jimmy?"

I assured him that my lips were sealed, and after Mr. Butler bent down and dipped his hand into the water, he looked up at me and smiled.

"You up for it?" he asked. "A little dip will feel really refreshing after that hike."

My heart started to race when I heard Mr. Butler say that, and I started to panic. It was damn hot and the water did look good, but getting naked in front of Dave's father? I tried to think of an excuse, but there was no way to claim that somebody might see us because the place of desolate.

There was also no way to go in wearing my underwear either, because that would look weird and be more embarrassing than having Mr. Butler see my cock. Dave had said he was well endowed, and I would be lying if I claimed that I hadn't fantasized about what he would look like naked since Dave's confession last night.

"Well, I'm going in," Mr. Butler said as he took off his sneakers and socks. "Seem to remember it only being about four or five feet deep, if you're worried about drowning."

"No," I said and took off my own footwear while watching Mr. Butler setting his stuff on the rocks and undo his belt.

I tried not to look but I was unable to help myself. Mr. Butler had his back to me as his shorts came down. He was wearing boxers underneath, and as he slid them down I saw that even his ass was hairy. As he bent down and stepped out of them I could see that the crack of his ass was furry as well.

My daydreaming about how neat it would be to be that hairy was interrupted when Mr. Butler turned around and prepared to dip his foot in the pond.

"Woo-Hoo! Chilly!" Mr. Butler declared, and when he looked over at me he must have caught me staring at him, and I turned my eyes away so awkwardly that I must have looked like a fool.

I had seen my share of cocks in the locker room over the course of my football career. Some bigger than mine, some smaller, and most around the same as my own. Tyler Franco, our defensive lineman, had the biggest one I had even since until that moment when Mr. Butler turned around.

Dave had told me that he thought his old man was well hung, from the glimpse he had gotten when he caught his folks making love, but what was hanging between Mr. Butler's hirsute thighs looked like nothing I had ever seen before.

Emerging from the dense bush, the trunk of his enormous organ looked as thick as a salami. There were a couple of veins that meandered halfway down the shaft, and they were enormous as well. Mr. Butler's cock tapered down dramatically, giving it the appearance of a spear in a way, since the uncircumcised tip of his weapon didn't look much bigger than my own.

Small consolation as I tried to cover myself up as casually as I could while hypnotized by the sight of Mr. Butler's cock swinging lazily like an elephant's trunk as he made his way into the pond.

Pulling my eyes away from the extraordinary sight, I was startled when I saw Mr. Butler looking at my crotch, and that made me ease myself down into the water quicker than I had wanted to. It wasn't shame that got me to kneel down into the boggy bottom, but more the fact that my dick was starting to get hard.

"You're brave Jimmy!" Mr. Butler said as he stood only a little more than knee deep in the pond.

Even so, the tip of his cock was nearly in the water, and as I laughed and told him that it wasn't as cold as it really was, I almost wanted him to stay right where he was so I could keep staring at his cock. Quite obviously, my mind was blown at seeing what had to be the biggest and most erotic looking cock in the world.

"Wow! That's a wake-up call!" Mr. Butler exclaimed as he eased down into the water about six feet away from me.

"I'll say," I agreed, but I was already wide awake, and despite the numbing temperature of the water my dick was a hard as a rock.

As we sat in the water, which wasn't as deep as Mr. Butler had remembered it as being, we conversed about the hike and the area, but my mind was elsewhere.

How could Mr. Butler put that massive organ of his into little Elaine Butler? How big did it get when it was hard? I knew that Dave's was just about 7" long, having measured each other one rainy day. Good old Dave pushed the ruler into my flesh when he measured mine that day to help the tip of mine reach the 6" mark, a tribute to how good a friend he was in trying to make me feel less ashamed of myself.

Mr. Butler's penis was bigger soft than Dave's was hard, and as I tried to figure out exactly how long that cock of his was, Mr. Butler dipped his bald head into the water and stood up abruptly, shaking his body and gingerly stepping out of the pond.

As Mr. Butler reached the rocks that lined the pond, he shook as much of the water off of himself as he could, making that huge cock of his flop around wildly. My hand went into the water, and with only three quick pulls my cock was depositing my seed into the water.

Well, I reasoned to myself as I tried to keep a placid face while my orgasm roared through my loins, I certainly couldn't have gotten out of the water like I was, with my fat stub pointing straight out.

Mr. Butler was pulling his boxer shorts on as I emerged from the water, and I got dressed quickly, putting the sweaty clothes on my dripping body.

"That was worth the hike," I told Mr. Butler. "Has Dave been up here?"

"Not unless his Mom took him," Mr. Butler said. "I'd guess not. Maybe you could bring him up before we head back home."

"He might like it," I said, even though Dave wasn't all that big on hiking.

Following Mr. Butler back down the mountain, I tried to imagine what it would be like to come up here with his son.

"Let's see," I imagined myself telling Dave. "Here's the little pond with the waterfall. That there is where I watched your old man pull down his boxers, and that's where I stood like a moron staring at a cock that looked like a Louisville Slugger. See there in the middle of the pond? That's where I sat and jerked off while watching your Dad's cock swing around like an elephant's trunk."

No, I wouldn't be going into that. Dave was as close to me as a brother, probably even closer, but I didn't think that would go over well. Him telling me about watching his folks have sex was one thing, but confessing to what might have been construed as an infatuation with his Dad's dick was out of bounds.


We got back to the campsite right around dinner time, and after changing out of our sweaty clothes and into something fresher we got the campfire roaring. Even though it was still hot, it really wasn't camping without a fire going.

Mr. Butler asked me how I felt about hot dogs for dinner, and that was fine with me despite the phallic suggestions that went along with it. We cooked them by poking long sticks through them and ducking them near the flames.

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