tagNovels and NovellasRattling Snakes Cage 2 Ch. 04

Rattling Snakes Cage 2 Ch. 04


Snake has Rachel, whilst Patrick dreams of the escape from jail his friends are planning and being reunited with his love. Tony dreams of rescuing Maria from the basement of Snakes coke lab, and Nash dreams of getting his hands on Patrick in revenge for being put in solitary.

The plot thickens in this romantic crime thriller.

In this chapter is some non consensual sex, but I have tried to keep it as tasteful as I can for those that prefer not to read stuff too hard core.


The panoramic window showed a wide expanse of the river Thames with a block of high class apartments opposite, the windows lit up in the dark night. Rachel stood staring out through the glass as she heard Snake behind her uncorking a bottle of Champagne and pouring out two glasses of the golden bubbling liquid. Walking over to stand beside her, she saw the reflection of herself and Patrick's nemesis next to her holding out a glass for her to take.

"Please take it Rachel, its not drugged, poisoned, nor am I aiming to get you so drunk you don't know what will happen to you....."

Rachel took the glass of Champagne and took a sip of the crisp bubbly.

"What do you want with me?"

"Sit down and we'll have a talk about your future."

Walking on shaky legs she went over to the large black leather sofa and sat down, the glass of Champagne held in her nerveless fingers, Snake sitting on the sofa opposite.

"It appears you went to visit a certain mutual friend of ours yesterday, Patrick Curtis." Leaning back against the thick padded back of the sofa, his legs crossed, Snake continued, "Now don't get me wrong...I understand Patrick is an attractive man....you spent five days and nights with him...you're not the only woman to fall for his charms....he's broken more than one heart along the way." Leaning forward he told her, "The bastard ripped me off for more than a million in coke, I'm out of pocket, and I want pay back...."

"But what's that got to do with me?"

"You Miss McCormack are going to be the payback."

"I don't understand....."

"It's very simple. Patrick is inside.....captive so to speak....you and I are on the outside. From all reports he is more than a little fond of you....and in the past we have shared quite a lot of things, money, adventure, a prison cell, and women. You Rachel are going to be my source of revenge, and we are going to become very intimate. You are moving in with me.....photo's of the two of us together are going to be sent and shown at regular intervals to Patrick...he is going to be very aware that I am screwing his woman....and that she's enjoying it. In the photo's you are going to be smiling and looking like you are in love with me. It will be a slow torturous turn of the screw on him."

"You're mad."

"No Rachel, not mad.....angry as hell."

"I won't do it...you can't make me."

"Do you want to know what the alternative is?"

Shaking her head, she started to stand up.

"The alternative is that I pay someone inside the prison to regularly cut up Patrick, starting with that good looking face of his. A stripe from a blade down his cheek, next across his eye.....a few weeks later maybe a shiv in the back....not enough to kill him but enough to really hurt him....maybe a few months down the line another more intimate part of his body....well you get the picture."

Sitting down in a shocked heap, Rachel stared at the monster in front of her.

"Rachel, the choice is yours. Your virtue or Patrick gets cut up. Oh and by the way, if you do refuse, I have locked up in a basement somewhere a girl who grassed me up to the cops, and she's servicing my men. They can fuck her at their leisure. I haven't forgotten that you gave a statement about me to the cops. Refuse me and you join her."

Putting his glass down on the coffee table between the two sofa's he stood up and walked around to stand next to her as she sat stunned. Taking the glass from her hand and placing it next to his on the table, Snake bent down and with his hand under her armpit pulled her to stand up.

"No time like the present to start our relationship." And without letting go of her arm he pulled the stumbling Rachel towards the bedroom. "Tomorrow we'll go get your things from your home and bring them here, and start to take some pictures to send to Patrick. I think the best way will be on a mobile phone, that way we can even show him a video of us. Maybe a nice one of you giving me a blow job to start with."


Rachel stood inside the bedroom, her back to the bed, her arms wrapped around her stomach. Her eyes were wide with fear as she watched Snake slip off his jacket and casually lay it down over a brown easy chair in a corner of the room. Turning towards her he told her, "you look a little over dressed, strip off Rachel, and I mean all of it."

Crossing his arms across his chest he stood waiting.

The shaking woman stood there staring back at him stunned.

"Come on, let's see those legs first.... remove those slacks."

Nerveless fingers moved to undo the zip and slowly, tears running down her cheeks, she slid the black material down her legs, and then stepped out of them so that she stood there in her white blouse. "Please don't make me do this...."

Giving a dramatic sigh he told her, "You know you might get to like it with me....you might even get to eventually like me...of course I don't really care Rachel if you do or don't....but I do expect a little more enthusiasm from you....put a little more oomph into it...I'm a man and I like to see my women strip off a lot more sexily than what you're doing. Come on take off the blouse and make it good. Think strip tease."

Her shaking fingers started to unbutton her blouse until it hung open, a glimpse of skin and her white bra and pants showing between the two sides of material.

"Let down your hair Rachel. I want to see it loose."

Reaching up to undo the clip that held her hair in a high ponytail, she let her hair fall down loose around her shoulders.

"Now slip the blouse off your shoulders and down your arms."

Slowly, her heart beating hard in her chest she shrugged the white blouse off her shoulders and let it drift down her arms to fall on the floor at her feet. She stood there wearing only the white bra and pants and the black strappy high heeled shoes.

"Nice....very nice...."

Reaching up and unbuttoning his own white shirt, Snake then pulled it out of the waistband of his trousers and shrugged it off his body, letting it drop onto the floor. Rachel stared at the long tattoo of the Snake as it curled from the snakes head on his neck, down over and around his left shoulder, down over his pectoral muscle on his chest and curling around the side of his body and belly, disappearing into the waistband and beyond.

Slowly undoing the belt of his trousers, he pushed them down, along with his boxers and shoes and socks to reveal the rest of the tattoo that gave him his nickname. The multicoloured body of the snake made its way around his hip bone, skimming past his manhood, over his groin and down and around his left leg, the tail of the snake finishing at his ankle.

Rachel stood there transfixed, and then her eyes met his.

What she saw in his eyes made her take a step backwards, until the bed bumped into the back of her legs.

"I'm begging you please don't...."

Stepping towards her he told her, "I'll have you begging soon sweet Rachel.....but for something completely different....the sweet release of cumming......"


"Now there's a challenge if ever I heard one."

Standing in front of her he turned her around so she faced the bed and slipped his hands inside the cups of her bra, his fingers finding her nipples that were hard with fear. Nuzzling the side of her neck he whispered, "Get used to it Rachel....you're mine now."

"I hate you....."

"Good, it will make the revenge all more sweeter....." and he applied more pressure on the hard points making her gasp out.


Jerry sat on the plane in a window seat staring into the reflection of himself in the small double glazed window. He hated leaving Megan and worried about if he got caught what would happen to her. When he had left he had told her that he would call her whenever he could, and that Davy's wife would look after her, but he was still worried as she was a real innocent and hadn't clocked on what he was really like and what he did.

Closing his eyes he tried to settle into sleep but couldn't get comfortable in the small space, so he flicked through the films and entertainment on the screen in the back of the chair in front, popping the headphones into his ears. Finding an episode of The Office, he stared at the screen, his mind wandering as Ricky Gervais did his crazy dance and the other members of the cast of the comedy sitcom looked on at the ridiculous man with perplexed uncomfortable puzzlement.


Rachel lay below Snake, his long body pinning her down to the bed, his mouth roughly sucking on her breast, the bra and pants now no longer on her, but on the floor beside the bed. She stared up at the ceiling trying to distance herself from what was happening, but the insistent tongue and teeth, and the cruel squeezing fingers on her flesh made it impossible and her hands grabbed at the sheets as the man on top of her rubbed his rock hard prick into the cradle of her thighs.

Biting her lip to stop herself from crying out and giving him the pleasure of seeing her distressed reaction she lay there every muscle tight, and then felt the tip of his cock pushing at her entrance.

"No....I'm not ready..."

"Too bad....I am." He growled and gave a hard thrust, entering her semi dry vagina, bruising her so that she yelped out at the invasion. Laughing Snake moved his hips, starting a steady rhythm, staring down into her eyes. "See Rachel, I'm fucking you.....and I'm going to keep on fucking you for how ever long I want....now move those fucking hips of yours or I'll bite your tit so hard it will bleed."

Lifting her hips slightly she met his thrust and counted the minutes until he would cum and it would be over for a while.


Nash lay on the hard prison bed in his solitary cell, his fertile mind picturing up all the supposed slights in his life from people that had had the misfortune to cross paths with the mad man. People like the kids at school that didn't include him in their gang, and that he had beaten up on the way home from school, getting him expelled. The girl that he had asked out when he was a teenager and who laughed in his face before she walked away, and who ended up with a shattered cheek after he beat her up, causing him to get put in Juvenile Prison. The young offender who in the Juvenile place that he had beaten up because he had refused to give up his seat in the film room, and the lad who when he got out stared at him in the café and now bore the knife scar in his back..

At twenty eight he had spent his life on the edge of anger, seeing the world in a different way from everyone else, and now he wanted to get his hands on Curtis.


Laying next to Snake on the bed, Rachel cried softly, feeling dirty and used. He lay sprawled on his back, his chest rising and falling from the exhaustion of sex, his face turned sideways watching her, "You'll get better with practice."

"I hate you."

"Yeah well hate is a good emotion, it shows passion, and its one I understand."

"You can't watch me all the time, be with me all the time, this is rape....."

Turning on his side and skimming his hand down her body in a gentle caress he told her, "Remember what will happen to Patrick if you so much as try to run, plus my men have orders to find you and put you down with the bitch in the basement if you so much as try to hurt or incapacitate me in any way. You'll have free run of my home and as my woman no one will dare to touch you or give you anything but respect so there are some advantages to having sex with me. Just lay back and think of England."

"How long do I have to put up with you?"

"As long as I want...."

"You bastard...."

Putting his hand around her throat he smiled a parody of a smile as he lent up over her, his face close to hers, "Yes I am. Literally and figuratively. Just you remember that and behave yourself and you'll find you get a lot more than you think out of this, and Patrick keeps his looks. Of course it will drive him mad as he has a strong Sir Galahad complex has our Patrick.....and that's what I'm counting on to drive him crazy."

Rising up and placing his body over hers he bent his head down and kissed her, his tongue pushing through her lips, invading her mouth, just as previously he had invaded her body.


Tony sat in his bedroom stroking the gun he had bought from the man in the pub car park. The ammunition lay on the bed in front of him. Pointing the unloaded gun at the mirror he practiced pulling the trigger, bolstering up his courage, and picturing shooting Snake.

John sat in his own bedroom in his mothers house swigging from a bottle of beer, feelings of revenge swirling around his head against the man who had his father killed on his orders and his body missing so that his mother was spiralling down in her grief, and the terrible indignities being perpetrated to his cousin Maria in the basement of the lab.

Hartwell lay in his cell, the testosterone in his body needing an outlet to explode, either fighting or fucking. So he lay there wanking off, frustrated at having the new young fresh meat pulled away from him by Curtis and the three brothers.

And Patrick lay on his bunk in his cell dreaming of Rachel and his escape on Friday, unaware of what was happening to her, and not caring about anything else but his soon to be freedom.


Kneeling doggy style, the sweat glistening on her skin, her hair falling damply around her flushed face as it hung down, Rachel tried to ignore the thrusting hard cock pounding into her, and the hands holding and squeezing her hanging breasts, but it was impossible. The man riding her from behind wouldn't let her ignore him or blank out what was happening to her and she felt his hands move to her hips where he pulled her back towards him, making sure she felt his invading prick deep inside her as it hit against the entrance to her cervix, causing a loud gasp of pain to escape her.

"That's it baby, feel it deep inside you....you're one real fuckable bitch...."


Jerry walked through Gatwick airport his case in his hand and out into the dark late night air. Thanks to Davy the false passport he had supplied he followed the man that Davy had arranged to collect him, getting into the back of the car as the man placed his suitcase in the boot, and he closed his eyes as the car made its way up the M23 towards London and the Travel Lodge on the outskirts of the South East of London where he was going to stay for the next four night under the assumed name of Thomas Meyers, and an anonymous base where people came and went unnoticed.


Most of the morning Patrick had tried to get some space to be alone in his cell, but the young lad he and the brothers had saved from being taken in the shower room seemed to be stuck to him like glue, and his frustration at being unable to get the mobile from where he had hid it and make the call to Jerry was making him short tempered.

"Hey kid, why don't you do me a favour," he growled, "I need a little privacy and space right now, can you stand outside the cell and be a look out for me. If you see a screw or anyone coming my way give the door a knock."

The fearful look on the young mans face told him all he needed to know.

"Nothing should happen to you standing outside on the landing in full view of everyone, just don't look like you're on lookout or you'll have every screw zoning in on me."

Nodding he went out the door and stood leaning against the wall trying to look carefree but feeling scared. Patrick pulled out the illegal mobile and dialled the number two on the contract list. Jerry answered the ring straight away.

"Patrick, that you?"

"Yeah....how you doing Jerry?"

"Great...Megan too....now lets get down to business.....can you get the diversion set up for Friday?"

"Yeah....going to organise a fight with everyone betting on who's going to win. Get it started a few minutes before the power is set to go off.....all eyes in the yard will be on the fighters and not on the wall. Screws will run to stop it, the men trying to stop the screws from doing that and spoiling their fun, and as soon as the ladder comes over I'll shimmy up it."

"Great...you got two fighters in mind?"

"Yeah. Manning and Hartwell....they're gagging to get at each other anyway.....they'll grab the chance to do it and think they'll make some money out of it."

Laughing Jerry told him, "I'm stealing the van today and getting it signed up, licence plate changed and hidden until we need it. Tomorrow the bikes."

"How are we getting out the country? I can't just walk through passport control anywhere."

"No problem, we've got access to a boat down at Brighton Marina, we just go onto the Marina, get on the boat looking like four fishermen out for a long weekend's fishing trip and make our way around the coast and over to France and Honfleur Marina. Dock up, refuel and make our way down the coast of France, hitting small open Marina's to refuel until we get around to Porto Banus in Spain. Davy will get you a new false passport and identity in Marbella and then it's up to you where you want to settle."

"Just like that?"

"Yeah, just like that.....the boat has a small compartment that has been used to smuggle stuff into the UK in the past, you can hide out there each time we hit land while we refuel and stock up with food. To everyone we will look like four men having a fishing holiday and relaxing, we make our way down to Spain having fun. What more can you ask for from an escape......"

"How about a woman......Rachel.....do we have room and time to pick her up on the way and take her with?"


"Jerry, I don't want to go without her."

"Are you crazy!"

"Run it past Davy and see if we can get her....."

"She testified against you..."

"She came to see me on Sunday....we love each other....you wouldn't leave without Megan if it was you...."

Taking a deep breath Jerry cursed, "You were always a real risk taker you fucker...ok I'll run it past Davy, Danny and Alan and let you know. Give me a call tomorrow." And the line went dead.

Patrick smiled as he hid the phone in its hiding place and went out his cell whistling, wrapping his arm around the young mans shoulders that had been keeping guard as lookout, "Come on lets go and have some fun, how good are you at playing chess?" and they wandered down to the communal day room where men were socialising before the call for lunch.


In the connecting bathroom to his bedroom Rachel looked at Snake as he leaned naked against the door frame, "Can't I even have some privacy in here?"

Straightening up he walked over to her as she stood in front of the shower and flicked her hair behind her ear, "Nope....no privacy."

Her eyes were red and gritted from crying, and last night after Snake had fallen asleep she had lain next to him, exhausted but unable to sleep herself until the early hours of the morning, trying to work out how she could escape the situation.

Praying her house mate would phone the police when she didn't turn up last night, after all the last time she had not come home from work and been out overnight it had turned out she had been kidnapped by Patrick. And now she was kidnapped again but was in a worse situation.

Looking him in the eye Rachel lifted up her chin, "I'll stay with you, I'll let you fuck me without putting up a fight, I'll even pretend I'm enjoying it if that's what you want, but I hate you, I'm only doing this because I love Patrick and it will keep him safe, but I do demand that I'm allowed some privacy to myself when I'm in the bathroom. Or first time you put your cock in my mouth I'll bite the thing off, and I won't care what you or your men do to punish me, I'll rejoice that I've left you emasculated.....take it or leave it."

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