tagNovels and NovellasRattling Snakes Cage 3 Ch. 03

Rattling Snakes Cage 3 Ch. 03


Snake is on the rampage, hell bent on revenge, whilst over in Florida the two pairs of lovers live unaware that he is still alive.

I hope you enjoy this romantic crime thriller as it makes its way to the climatic end.

The three part story Rattling Snakes Cage is copyrighted and any reproduction in any form needs the permission and agreement of the Author.


The flames licked the inside of the house, and Maria stood opposite watching, her heart in her mouth as the silhouette of Tony disappeared in the upstairs window, while dark acrid smoke poured out of it.

People had come out of their houses to watch, and she heard the sounds of screams in her head and then realised it was herself screaming out for Tony. The sounds of fire sirens could be heard and a fire engine drew up blocking her view. Arms went around her shoulders as she was guided over to an Ambulance, but she cried out for Tony as soft voices tried to calm her, reassuring her that the firemen would bring him out.

Tense moments passed as the Firemen raised the ladder; water was hosed into the house and brave men wearing breathing apparatus climbed into the window of the bedroom trying to save the missing man.

The crowd quietened as the one of the Fireman disappeared into the house through the window and then appeared with the body of a man slumped over his shoulder. A cheer went up and Maria held her breath as she watched the rescue, her hands grasping the paramedics who were still trying to get her to climb into the back in the ambulance.

They brought Tony's still body over to the ambulance and Maria sobbed as they worked on him, watching as they put an oxygen mask on him, and then as they did CPR. Seconds seemed like hours as they worked on him there in front of the ambulance, and the shouts and sounds of the fire melted into the background as all the people involved in the rescue stared at the scene of life or death playing out in front of them.

Eventually the paramedic gave the thumbs up and a collective sigh went around, smiles and laughter as the release of tension rippled through the emergency workers and then Maria and Tony were whisked away from their ruined home to the hospital.

The police and firemen carried on with their work to get control of the now flame enveloped building, trying to stop the fire spreading to the houses next door, the neighbours in the road praying that their homes would be saved as they stood with the crowds watching.


Snake drove down the motorway his mind focused on his next destination. In the boot of his car was a small suitcase, and in his pocket his airline tickets and passport. He was in a hurry to reach Heathrow Airport and to arrive in time for his flight booked for Malaga Airport in Spain.

His next stop.


The morning sun rose early and hot in Marbella and Davy and Shirley rose and had their customary early morning swim in their swimming pool, striking out through the crystal clean water doing laps. Bougainvillea and the occasional palm tree grew in the large garden, and after the swim they sat at the table that two and half years before Jerry had sat with the other men planning the rescue of Patrick from Wandsworth Prison, and ate a breakfast of fresh fruit and yogurt washed down by the fresh orange juice that Shirley had squeezed in the juicer before they had gone for the swim.

Overhead the sky was a bright azure blue and Shirley turned to Davy and told him she was going to go with a friend to Puerto Banus shopping for the day and asked him what he had planned.

"I've got a bit of work to do, make some phone calls, arrange some meetings. Not a lot. At lunch I'm meeting some guy that has been passed onto me by Danny who needs some new identification down at the bar at La Calla beach front. So I'll see you around late afternoon."

Taking a sip of the thick fresh Orange Juice Shirley nodded and held out her hand grinning, "I'll need a thousand more Euro please."

"What! Spent the last lot already?"

"You make it love....I'll spend it."

"You could wait a few days between shopping expeditions. You've got more clothes in your closet than they've got in the stock rooms at the Corte Ingles Store in Peurto Banus. I should charge them for storage for their stock."

"Very funny....hand it over."

And grunting he got up and walked into the house and to the safe, opening it and took out the money.


Walking down the corridor from the plane towards passport control, Snake drew glances from a couple of interested tourists who were walking down the marble floored walkway near him. He stood out against the other people, his black suit and black shirt, black hair and intense looks, along with the vivid snakes head tattoo on his neck, parcelled up with the forceful personality he emanated drew stares and raised eyebrows as he walked along. More than one woman gave him an interested look, but he was not interested. He had a mission and nothing was going to divert him from it.

After collecting his bag from the baggage carousel he strode over to the car hire section and arranged for a car which he picked up on the top floor of the airport car park. Checking the address he pulled out into the bright Spanish sunshine and started the hour and a half long drive from Malaga to Marbella on the motorway that wound its way West.


Davy sat in the beach front café eating Calamari and drinking ice cold beer with the man who wanted a completely new identity. A price was arranged and a timescale for them to meet up and for the man to pick up the new papers from Davy. At no time did Davy ask the man why he wanted a new identity; it was of no concern to him, just that the money would be paid. Shaking hands Davy got up and left the man and strolled along the beachfront, stopping off to buy an ice cream from a small outlet on the way back to his car.

Whilst Davy sat making his deal Shirley walked through the fashionable Port of Peurto Banus, visiting her favourite shops along the waterfront and down the narrow street that ran parallel with the harbour where multi million pound yachts were moored and people ogled the ostentatious show of wealth on show. Rummaging through the clothes rails in shops she tried on the occasional thing but couldn't find what she really wanted.

Eventually she decided to grab some lunch and she walked down to the popular Italian pizza and pasta restaurant Picasso's on the waterfront and sat down to enjoy her lunch and people watch.


Juan saw Patrick and Jerry walking across the road to the bar, and he ran across to meet them. "Hi guys.....got a moment."

Patrick looked at the young man, "Is it about the extra supply?....come on in."

Walking through the now open bar door into the gloom he said, "Nope...it's better than that."


"Yeah....such a sweet deal that by this time next year we could all be stinking rich."

Jerry looked at Patrick who then leaned back on his elbows casually against the bar. "If it's what I think it is forget it.....I like to stay alive and all in one piece."

"But you haven't heard what the deal is."

"I don't have to Juan....its drugs....am I right?"

"Yeah...I can get a line on a supply chain...coke....we can get it over on my boat...sell it on, make a big bundle....regular supply...lots of profit for all of us."

Moving away from the bar and starting to get the place ready Patrick told him, "Forget it Juan....keep well away from it."

Running around in front of Jerry, "Man you don't agree with him do you? Lots of ready's! You could sell the bar...live the life...not have to work."

Pushing passed the excited young man Jerry told him, "Patrick's right.....leave it...don't touch the deal....walk away."

"You guys are crazy....you're turning down the chance of a lifetime."

Stopping what he was doing Patrick looked at Juan, "You think you'll come out in front?...everyone does with drugs...but it rarely happens....think rationally Juan, we're small fry here...you start dealing and you'll be treading on the toes of the big fish in the area...the main men in Miami...they're not going to be happy to let some amateurs muscle in on some of their business....Jerry and I have women to think of, and the baby...we're happy doing what we're doing...just drop it."

"Just think it over..." stepping out the door Juan looked back, "we could do it for six months, make the money and get out."

Shaking his head Patrick replied, "You always think you're going to get out....but it follows you....trouble never lets you go."


Snake broke into the house and walked around checking out the place. After a while he went over to the small bar in the corner of the lounge and poured himself a glass of whisky. His eyes were gritty and he was tired, having only managed a short nap on the plane, but he wanted to strike as quickly as he could; besides he had another plane ticket booked for later and he was on a tight schedule.

Taking the drink with him he wandered into the kitchen opening drawers until he found what he was looking for.

A sharp carving knife.

He continued looking for rope but unable to find any he grabbed a sheet and using the knife ripped it into long thin strips. Taking the strips he went downstairs and moved two dining room chairs into the middle of the room. Then made himself comfortable drinking the Scotch, and waited.

Late afternoon he heard the front door open and then close.


Shirley walked into the house sensing there was someone there. Calling out for her husband, thinking it was him she walked into the lounge and screamed as she felt the arm go around her neck from behind and saw the carving knife out the corner of her eye where it was held up to her face.

"Shut up Shirley....."

"Nick is that you?"

"I said shut the fuck up you bitch....."


"SHUT UP...."

Snake pushed her towards one of the dining room chairs positioned in the centre of the room, "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP."

Shaking all over she carefully sat down and faced him. "I don't understand......" He stood in front of her with the knife pointed towards her face in a threatening manner, and then taking a strip of the sheet he went behind her and grabbing her hands tied them tightly behind her back. "Too bad Shirley, I used to really like you....we had a lot of fun way back in the old days....but you're married to a fucking bastard and I intend to get my own back on your old man for burning down my business and watching while I was stabbed in the back by my best friend. Figuratively and literally."

"I don't understand...."

Taking another strip of the sheet and making a large knot in the middle he tied it so she was gagged. "And I don't give a shit if you understand or not.....now we wait."


Davy pulled the car up in the driveway and got out; it had been a good day's work all in all. Once he got in he would start the ball rolling on getting the papers for his new client. In his pocket was the one thousand Euro deposit, the rest of the money payable on completion which should take a week at the most.

Opening the front door he called out, "Shirley......I'm home Sweetcakes...." And he walked into the lounge and stopped dead at the sight of Shirley tied to the chair, mouth gagged. "Oh my God......" and he went forward towards her, all his focus on his wife.

Big mistake.

"Davy.....nice to see you mate."

Turning around sharply on a gasp he stuttered out, "Nick.....I thought you were dead...."

Snake lifted the wicked looking knife up towards Davy, "Seems not.....welcome home....please take a seat...the one over there opposite your wife."

Sitting down and not taking his eyes from Snake Davy asked, "What are you going to do? Shirley had nothing to do with what went down two years ago.....let her go."

Tying Davy's hands behind his back, his feet to the legs of the chair, and then gagging him Snake told him, "I know she had nothing to do with it, but she's a witness.....you remember the rules Davy don't you....or have you gone soft living over here. Witnesses cause problems."

Davy looked into his wife's terrified eyes, the tears running down her cheeks and realised for the first time in years he really loved her.

Sitting tied to the chairs the couple watched as Snake started to rip the curtains down from the window and pile them on the floor between the couple, and then over to the bookcase, grabbing a handful of paperback books, ripping pages out and throwing them onto the pile.

Davy and Shirley watched in growing horror, realising what he was going to do and Davy tried vainly to free his hands, grunting trying to tell Snake to stop.

Going into the kitchen Snake opened the cabinet's and grabbed some cooking oil and some barbeque briquettes and then tossed them on the growing pile.

Looking at Davy and Shirley he smiled a parody of a smile before saying, "Enjoy your last moments together.....bye." and he tossed a lit piece of paper onto the mess at his feet and turned and walked away.


Danny lay on the sun lounger beside the pool watching the girl swimming in the sparkling water. Her lithe body was streaking through the water, the bright yellow bikini and long blond hair bright in the shimmering blue of the pool. The hot afternoon sun was warming his skin, the cold glass of wine in his hand cooling him down, and a feeling of real satisfaction at the way his life was going washed over him.

The club in Fuengirola was a real success, packed every night. Money coming in from his investments including the bar in Florida. His love life was good.

Looking at the blond frolicking in the pool, he amended it to very good. And he lay there thinking that he was a very lucky man.


Snake drove down a narrow street in the town of Fuengirola and parked in a residential street away from the main area of the town. Here in the back street was the small white adobe houses of the local Spanish population. Wooden chairs with old sun wizened women wearing black sitting on them in front of the open doorways that led into dark interiors dotted the street.

Getting out he walked around the corner to the small shop he had passed as he drove around sussing out the area, and entered, buying a bottle of BBQ lighter fluid and a dish cloth. Paying the short fat man he took the bag proffered and walked out turning down the road and walked along in the heat, sweat trickling down his back.

He walked across town until he came to the back of Danny's club where he had partied in the past when over here in Spain and he forced the wooden gate that was the back entrance to the yard behind the club open. Crouching down behind a large black smelly garbage bin he checked out to see if anyone was about and likely to see him. All was quiet so he moved towards the barred small window that he knew was part of the men's toilets and using the heel of his shoe he broke the glass between two of the bars, then poured the liquid through the broken glass before setting light to the towel and pushing it through to fall onto now wet floor inside covered in the volatile fluid.

Slipping away he made his way back to the car and drove towards Malaga and the airport.

The whole thing had taken just one afternoon and his flight to Miami would be leaving at ten o'clock European time. Plenty of time to get clean and grab something to eat at the airport.


The call came in the early hours of the morning at about four to Danny's hotel bedroom. It was his club manager. The girl lay next to him asleep as he sat up listening to the news that his club was partially burnt, that they were able to save the majority but there was extensive damage.

No one was hurt. The staff were doing set up and had all got out without any real injury.

Danny breathed a sigh of relief and asked what had happened. Just as his manager was about to tell him that the fire had seemed to start in the men's toilet there was a knock on the bedroom door.

The girl turned over and asked what all the noise was about.

Getting out of bed and grabbing his trousers and slipping them on Danny went to answer the door to find two Policemen standing there.

"Are you Señor Price?"


"Please can you get dressed and come with us."

Behind him the girl sat up clutching the sheet to her naked body, "What the hell is going on?"

Stepping slightly out of the Hotel door into the corridor Danny asked, "Is this about the fire at the club, my manager had just called to tell me about it."

"Please get dressed and come with us Señor." and the two Policemen stood impassively as Danny went back into the room and grabbing a tee shirt slipped it on and then his feet into a pair of shoes, taking his wallet and keys from the bedside table he bent over the blond still sitting in the bed, her hair a tangled mess around her shoulders, "I'll be back soon, see you down by the pool later." And then followed the two policemen down the stairs and out to the car waiting in the Hotel driveway.


Snake sat on the plane as it made its long journey to Miami, planning and dreaming of his final act of revenge. Slowly his eyes started to close and he drifted into a deep sleep, his long body relaxed, his dreams of Patrick, Rachel and Jerry and how he was going get his own back on all the things that had happened starting three years ago.


Patrick lay back on the bed his hands behind his head, his naked body spread out on top of the white sheet watching as Rachel came out of the bathroom, the water from the shower still glistening on her skin, the white towel wrapped around her hiding her body from his sight. Beckoning her by wiggling his fingers at her he growled, "Come over here woman."

Dropping the towel on the floor she climbed up onto the bed and crawled over him, settling onto his hips, "Mmmm, hello there big boy....." the feel of his hard on nudged the apex of her thighs, "....not too tired then."

"Never too tired. Want to play first?"

Laying down over him her breasts pressed against his chest, she asked, "Play? What do you mean play?"

"Just a little something to spice it up..." smiling up into her eyes he suddenly flipped over so that he was laying over her body, her hands grabbed around the wrists by his hands held each side of her head, his legs pinning hers apart, "How about kidnapper and kidnap victim?"

Pretending to yawn Rachel told him, "Done that, been there, bought the tee shirt, seen the video, yaddah yaddah yaddah."

Laughing Patrick kissed her, "So it's been all down hill from the beginning has it?"

Giving a big grin she replied, "How about I'm the kidnapper and you're my victim this time."

Eyes sparkling with interest he looked down at her, "Do I get to be tied down?"

"Do you want to be?"

"Damn right.....then you can have your wicked way with me."

"As I keep telling you, typical man....expecting the woman to do all the work." And she smiled up at him remembering that time three years ago when he had really kidnapped her and had taken advantage, and she had fallen in love with her sexy kidnapper in the space of five crazy days.


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