tagErotic Poetryraunchy not romantic

raunchy not romantic


i like it raunchy
you can keep the romance
if you are not raunchy
with me you do not stand a chance
i like being called a bitch
and being thrown to the bed
force my mouth open
so that i can give you head
use the handcuffs
and bring out the whip
stuff your cock up my ass
the whole thing, not just the tip
tell me i'm a slut
and make me model for you
i like it raunchy
romantic i don't do
give me a golden shower
blindfold my eyes
i'm the type of whore
to give anything a try
gangbang me
with you and your friends
i'm a horny motha fucker
and the cumming never ends
tie me to a chair
shove your dick down my throat
then call up your pals
so you can brag and gloat
spank me on the bottom
take me from the back
slap my pretty face
if i should start to slack
shower me with cum
grab a handful of my hair
snatch my titties from my bra
rip off my underewear
make me masturbate
while you record the whole scene
then you and one of your homies
with me in between
we can do it outside
we can do it anywhere
invite your buddies over
go ahead, i don't care
there's no need for romance
just hardcore sex
i'm about to heat it up a notch
and start collectin' checks
so if you want to do me
raunchy is how i want to be done
i'm in a class all my own
that's why i'm ranked number one

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