tagGay MaleRavaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 03

Ravaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 03


After the four men left, Mark was too stupefied to move, and just laid on the grass while thinking about how incredible the last twenty-four hours had been.

Just the morning before, he'd been a virgin. Now, he'd had two cocks rammed up his ass, had sucked two cocks, given a hand-job to another man, and received several blow jobs. And as if this wasn't surreal enough, much of this had been immortalized on video.

Mark was terrified by this latter detail. Would the older man use it to blackmail him?

While pondering this terror, he was startled to hear a commanding voice.

"Boy, what in the world to you think you're doing?"

Mark's heart stopped at seeing two policemen standing over him.


The officers looked at the naked young man lying on the grass, and then at each other. Their mouths were open.

Mark was frozen with fear. How would he ever explain being caught butt naked in a public park? He wasn't sure if he should grab his jogging pants, or just stay put, or whatever.

"Bill," one officer said, "I think we got us some kind of pervert. What do you think?"

"Tom, I think you're right."

Shit! Fuck!

"I think we should take him in and book 'em for indecency."

Shit! Fuck!

Mark wanted to speak up, but what could he say? Here he was on a bright sunny day lying stark naked in public – and with two cops towering over him.

"Stand up boy."

Mark managed to speak. "What?"

"I said stand up."

"But, uh, won't people see me? Can I pull on my sweatpants first?"

"Bill, we've got us one argumentative pervert here."

"I can see. Boy! Are you going to do as you're told?"

Mark stood.

The officers slowly walked around him; Mark was mortified. This is so bizarre. I'm fuckin' naked and these two cops are staring at me. Shit! Fuck!

"Bill, he doesn't seem to have any weapons on him. But let's take him in and see if this pervert has a record."

Mark found his voice. "Oh please! Please don't arrest me. My parents will be horrified! And really, I've never done anything like this before. Please just let me go."

The officers looked Mark up and down, and Mark grew even more uncomfortable. I feel so exposed.

"Sorry kid, but you don't seem to realize how serious this is. You can't just be laying around naked in public. Shit, you must have no brains."

Thank God these officers weren't here twenty minutes ago! Mark reeled at the thought of being caught getting fucked and sucked in public.

One officer suddenly snapped a pair of handcuffs on Mark, and pushed him toward the waiting police car, while the other cop picked up Mark's things.

Mark wanted to cry. And – damn! – why wouldn't these cops let him get dressed?

As they approached the car, Mark was surprised at being roughly pushed into the front seat, and then sandwiched between the two officers. What? Mark felt even more naked between the two uniformed cops. The car started, and Mark's mind raced with visions of being hauled into jail butt naked! Shit!

Curiously, the car didn't head downtown, but toward the old warehouse district. What's going on? Then the car hit a bump, and one officer's hand fell against Mark's leg and dangerously close to Mark's dick. A moment later, another bump in the road caused the hand to rest against the exposed dick.

Sweat poured from Mark's armpits. What's going on? He glanced at the officer to his right, who seemed unaware that his hand was brushing against Mark's dick with each turn and bump. He must not know. And even though it was the last thing he wanted, Mark's dick started getting hard. Please! Don't! But his dick ignored these pleas, and with each bump got harder and pushed against the cop's hand. Mark again glanced to the officer, who still seemed oblivious. A moment later, Mark's fully erect cock was pushing firmly against the cop's big hand.

Oh God! This isn't happening!

Then the car hit a big bump, and the cop's hand shifted – and wrapped itself around Mark's hard-on.

Jesus! What the fuck?

Still, the cop offered no indication that anything was amiss. He must know his hand is holding my cock! He must know! But the cop never flinched.

Mark looked down at his naked chest, and toward his hard dick nestled inside the officer's big, firm hand. Nor could Mark help but notice the shocking contrast between his naked, hairy body and the blue uniforms bracketing him. This is so weird. Then Mark felt the cop's hand squeeze his dick, and an electric shock ripped through his body.

He does know! He knows just what he's doing!

The hand squeezed again, and Mark was astonished at how erotic it felt. He actually yearned for the officer to start jerking his dick, but just then the car stopped in front of an old, deserted-looking building. Mark was pulled from the car, and was mortified that his boner was sticking straight out. Damn! I wish my hands weren't handcuffed behind me!

"Hey Bill, get a look at this!" Tom said while grabbing Mark's hard-on in his hand. "Our pervert seems excited."

Mark wanted to die. Tom waved Mark's cock at the other officer, who came over, brushed Tom's hand aside, and took the hard shaft into his hand. "Yep, this pervert sure seems excited. This boner is as hard as steel!"

Well no wonder with you guys grabbed it!

Bill pulled Mark by his dick and in through an old door. "Hey!" Inside, Mark found himself in a vacant space brightly lighted by overhead skylights.

"I don't understand, why are we..."

Just then Mark felt his ass being whacked, and hard.

"Ouch! Why did you do..."


"Boy, you just shut the fuck up and do as you're told. Understand?"

Mark didn't. What were these cops up to? Why wasn't he being booked?

Whack! "Understand?"

Mark nodded.

"Good boy, now we're gonna check that you aren't carrying any concealed weapons."
What? How could I be? I'm fuckin' naked!
Then one cop pulled Mark over to a table and pushed his chest on its top. His butt faced the officers, and he was still handcuffed. Then he was stunned – stunned – upon feeling hands paw his ass.

"No Tom, I don't feel any weapons here. How about you?"

Mark then felt more hands grabbing his cheeks, and running up and down his thighs, between his legs, and fondling his balls.

"No Bill, all this seems OK. But I think we should take a deeper look."

Deeper? Deeper where? For what?

Mark had an answer when he felt his cheeks being pulled apart and a finger against his bud.

"Tom, will ya' look at this? It seems that our pervert has gotten himself fucked in the ass recently. Very recently. Look at all this cream and – what's this? – jism on his butt hole."

"Well I'll be damned. We got us a queer pervert!"

Mark felt warm breath against his ass and knew the officers were taking a very close look. He was even more mortified. God, how will I ever explain this to my parents?

As he pondered his fate, Mark felt something stiff and cold being pushed against his bud. He couldn't believe it! These cops are going to fuck me! Mark turned around to protest, but saw that each officer was still totally dressed. Huh? Then Mark saw that one cop had a nightstick between Mark's legs.

As Mark started to bolt upright, he felt a firm, powerful hand shove him back on top of the dusty table.

"Boy, you better not fuckin' move. Hear me? Maybe, just maybe, we won't report you if you do as you're told. Understand?"

Mark's mind raced. He felt enormous relief at his parents not finding out, or of having a record. Oh God, what a record! I'll just die! But...he surely couldn't let these cops just do whatever they wanted with him? What's worse? Getting raped by two cops? Or getting reported to my parents?

While pondering this, Mark suddenly realized how handsome the cops were. In fact, they were the most gorgeous men he'd ever seen. And it was that moment that Mark's dick started getting hard again. Shit! Then when the nightstick pushed past his bud, he got harder still. Shit!

"Tom, notice how easily this stick just slides right into this pervert. Yep, he's lubed up real good."

Tom walked around the table and stood in front of Mark. "Boy, you seem a little young to be getting' it up the ass. Were you raped in the park?"

Mark was wondering how to respond when the officer started pulling his zipper down. "So, it's obvious that you like dicks up your sexy, beefy ass, but how do ya' like dicks in your pretty mouth?"

Before Mark could respond, the officer pulled out his dick. It was rock hard. And magnificent. Mark was surprised when he fairly drooled; all the while the nightstick was being rammed deeper into his ass. His dick was also rock hard.

Tom then took off his shirt, shoes, and pants, and stood before Mark utterly nude.

Mark had never seen a more amazing, hunky body. Tom then approached Mark, and dragged his hard dick across the boy's face and stubble.

"Ya' like this pervert?"

Mark could only moan.

"Bill, I think he likes my dick against his pretty face."

"And he likes this stick up his ass too."

"Yea, a real queer pervert we got us. Now, let's just see how much of a pervert you are." Tom turned around and Mark had a close-up of the officer's naked butt. And what a butt it was. The twin cheeks were round and beefy, and covered with a fine layer of hair, while the crack was a dark chasm of thick hair.

"Boy, drag your tongue against my butt. Yep, clean my cheeks real well boy."

Mark didn't respond, until Bill whacked his ass hard and pushed the nightstick in deeper. Mark's tongue shot from his mouth as Tom pushed the twin cheeks against the boy's face. Mark had never seen hairy cheeks, but was fascinated, and started dragging his pink meat across the firm muscles – leaving a wet path through the hair.

"Oh yea boy, clean me up real good. Keep doing that."

Mark knew the officer didn't need cleaning – the cheeks being mashed against his face tasted and smelled clean.

"Tom, I think this pervert wants to show his thanks even more."

"I think I know just how," Bill replied as he bent over. "Boy, now clean my crack."

Right in front of Mark was the dark, furry chasm of Tom's asscrack. I can't possibly stick my tongue in there. Then Tom shoved his crack against Mark's face at the same time that Bill rammed the nightstick against Mark's prostate. The latter seemingly had the effect of forcing Mark's tongue into the dark crack, and to Mark's surprise, Tom tasted and smelled clean there too.

To his utter astonishment, Mark was intrigued. Just twenty minutes before, he'd been startled by the imposing officers. They seemed so intimidating and powerful, but now Officer Tom was naked before him, and Mark's tongue was deep inside his ass crack. He liked the feeling of the mighty officer being so vulnerable and exposed. And Mark was really turned on by the intimacy. I'm inside this cop!

He drove his tongue in deeper.

"Oh yea boy! That's it! Clean my butt well! Yea! YEA!"

Mark did as ordered, and soon the furry crack was wet from Mark's saliva. Tom was moaning. "Ooohhhh boy! Yeaaa boy! That feels sooooo good boy!"

Mark grew hungrier in his exploration, and Tom was quite vocal in his appreciation – which egged Mark on ever deeper.

Then Bill yelled out: "Ok Tom, enough! This boy needs another lesson." Bill uncuffed the boy and dragged him from the table. Mark stood, relieved to be free from the handcuffs, but still naked and vulnerable and with a raging hard-on.

"Boy," Bill went on, "you've got Officer Tom all excited. What are you going to do about it?"

Mark had no idea of how to respond.

"Boy, I want you to fuck Officer Tom."

He wants me to fuck a police officer? Is he insane?

"Did you hear me boy?" Bill said while shoving Mark over to Tom, who was now lying on top of the table. Bill walked over, grabbed Tom's legs and pulled them straight up into the air. At the sight of the powerful police officer in such a submissive posture, Mark's dick got harder than it ever had been. He now wanted to fuck the cop.

With his free hand, Bill grabbed hold of Mark's raging erection, rubbed some lotion on it – Mark about fell over – and guided it between the thick, furry legs and into the dark, wet chasm. Mark slid right in.

"Oooohhhh!" It felt warm and good.

Tom moaned.

Jesus! Now I'm really inside this officer. I'm inside another man! A cop!

Bill took Mark's hands, and had them hold up Tom's legs. He then moved behind Mark, grabbed the boy's hips, and began pushing him in and out of his partner.


Tom's moans increased as well. Bill started pushing Mark faster, and then the boy started thrusting on his own.

Wow! I'm fucking a man! And a cop no less! Jesus!

He continued thrusting, and grew ever more lustful.

"Yea! Fuck 'em hard!" Bill called out. "Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em deep!"

Then Mark did something he would never have dared a few moments before. As his dick thrust into the hunky officer, he got up on the table, pushed Tom's legs over his shoulders, bent down...and kissed the cop. And the cop returned the kiss.

Of all that had happened to Mark in a mere twenty-four hours, this was the most erotic and intimate. His body radiated a wondrous sensation and overarching excitement. He'd never felt so alive. And so wild. He tongue-fucked the officer for several moments, withdrew, and looked down toward Tom's firm pecs, the washboard stomach – all covered with a fine layer of fur – and toward his dick thrusting deep inside the cop below him. He loved the feeling of the officer's beefy legs tight against his head and shoulder's; he loved wholly dominating this Officer-of-the-Law; and he loved being watched while doing so – by another cop no less! He bent down and again chewed on the officer's lips and tongue.

Meanwhile, Bill had a perfect view of his partner being ravaged, and of Mark's hot, sexy ass, and of the boy's nice young cock sliding in and out of his fellow officer's butt crack. Bill pulled his dick out and started to jerk off at this beautiful sight.

"Yea! Fuck 'em boy! Ride Officer Tom like a bull! Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em hard!"

Mark pulled up, looked again at his dick spearing this massive man – A man! A cop! – and grew more forceful.

"Fuck 'em boy! Fuck 'em deep!"

Mark was wild with lust at the very idea of what was happening, and at the visuals. He couldn't take his eyes off his dick slipping in and out of a man, and the feeling of utter power this generated. And he loved that Officer Bill was getting off on the scene.

Fuck! Where's a camera when I want one!

Mark again rammed his tongue into the officer, and with their mouths and tongues merged, Mark felt himself climax. As jism shot from his dick buried within Officer Tom, Mark's tongue was frozen inside the cop's mouth – rock-hard. He panted deeply while Tom moaned, their breath as one, and Mark continued thrusting deeply inside Tom's ass – shooting load after load – while his tongue passionately danced with Tom's tongue.

His organism finished, Mark fell atop the officer, and then realized that Officer Bill was standing beside him – now stark naked and with a raging hard-on. Bill roughly pulled Mark off the officer, and then grabbed Tom's head and shoved his dick inside his partner's mouth – and exploded. Mark was startled by this sudden turn, but utterly excited at watching one cop blow another cop. Hot.

Bill screamed as he shot into Tom's mouth, while Tom offered every indication of eagerly sucking his partner's cock. Mark thought he might get hard just watching the scene.

Bill pulled away and sprayed several loads on his partner's face, and again screamed while doing so. "Fuuuuuuuuuck!" Spent, he then used his dick to smear the warm jism across the handsome, stubble-covered face below him, while Tom's tongue kept trying to lap at the big dick being dragged across his skin. Then, Officer Bill bent down and passionately kissed Officer Tom – while his hand started jerking his partner's dick. Mark withdrew, and watched the intensely erotic scene: two naked police officers kissing while one jerked the other off. Mark's dick got hard again, but all too quickly Tom's dick exploded across his furry belly – stream after stream of white jism splashing against the muscled stomach. Then without ever removing his mouth from his partner, Bill got on the table and lay atop Tom, and with the sticky jism gluing their bellies together.

Mark deeply wished he had a camera to record the scene of Bill's hot body and ass laying atop another hot, hot hunk.

I'd like to fuck Bill's ass as well, Mark thought as he began pawing at the hard cheeks before him.

Ten minutes later, he had the opportunity.

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