tagGay MaleRavaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 04

Ravaged in Broad Daylight! At 18! Ch. 04


What a day! Mark was lying in his bed reliving all that had happened. During dinner with his parents, he could barley suppress laughing at the various wild, erotic images that danced through his head. Thank God my parent's can't read my mind, he'd thought more than once.

He was also fascinated at what the two officer's had told him while driving him home.

"Mark, we've never done that before. Not to anybody, and nor to each other."

"What?" Mark had said. "You two aren't lovers?"
Tom laughed. "No! We've never touched each other before. But I'd long wanted to. My God, the years of lusting after Bill's body in the showers!"

Bill agreed. "So, we have you to thank in a way."

Mark didn't know what to think, but he felt altogether pleased.

"By the way," Officer Tom had asked, "why were you naked in a public park?"

"If I told you, you'd really have to arrest me."

"Please tell me that you didn't get it up the ass in the park!"

Mark just smiled.


Just before falling asleep, Mark suddenly recalled – How could I have forgotten? – that the older man had invited him to see the video the next night.

The video.



Mark arrived at the older man's house. It was impressive; Mark had no idea that the man was rich. Really rich.

He rang the bell, and the blond answered.

"Good evening. We're glad you could make it."

Mark nodded, and followed the blond through the majestic hall and into a huge living room with a vaulted ceiling. He was also stunned.

About a dozen men – all gorgeous – were sitting and standing around, and a large screen was at the end of the room. Surely, Mark thought, the film to be shown wouldn't be, uh, the film? Mark became paralyzed at the thought, and when the older man approached and hugged Mark, he could barely breathe.

"Good. You're just in time." The man then turned toward the other guests and said: "Everybody, I'd like to introduce you to the star of our movie."

Mark's mind just went blank. It wasn't possible that a whole room of people were going to watch him being ravaged? It couldn't be true.

Then the lights dimmed and the screen came to life.

It was true. Mark watched himself – that's me! – being orally and anally assaulted by the blond and tonight's host! He watched as his right hand jerked the blond, and as his mouth was stuffed by the older man's dick. God, his cock is so huge! He also couldn't take his eyes off his own dick boldly hanging out from the way-too-short shorts, and could now appreciate just what the older man, the blond, and the joggers had been so riveted by. He had to admit: he looked pretty good, hot even. Fuck! I'd even do me!

He then watched as the blond tore his shorts apart, and pulled his knee's up and exposed his ass. The camera had then zoomed in to a shocking close-up of Mark's bud, and the audience went wild and started cheering. Mark – mortified – moved behind the older man.

Scene after scene flew by, and Mark was too dazed to notice, but the audience repeatedly clapped and cheered. Mark then watched as his legs were thrown high into the air while the second jogger fucked him. He was amazed watching a dick disappear inside his butt, over and over and over.

Thankfully, the movie ended and a thunderous round of applause reverberated throughout the room. Mark felt like he was in the middle of a dream; no, nightmare. He simply couldn't process that a room full of strangers had just seen his every private part, and witnessed these parts getting fucked and sucked. And all in living color and with close-ups to boot.

Marked continued hiding behind the older man, but noticed that all the men in the room were leering at him. Oh God. Then one man came over and boldly grabbed Mark's crotch and started massaging it. Mark grew alarmed.

"If you start something, are you prepared to finish?" the older man asked this intrepid stranger.

The stranger looked at the older man, and just smiled.

What does that all mean, Mark wondered?

The man continued pawing, and Mark couldn't hide his burgeoning hard-on. Why didn't I wear underwear? Two more partygoers came over, and each started grabbing Mark's ass.

He then looked to the older man, who leaned over and kissed him. Mark's mind just went blank.

He revived upon hearing a zipper. His, as it developed. The intrepid stranger was pulling Mark's hard cock out! And in front of all these people! Mark tried to pull back, but the older man restrained him.

"You look great. Don't move." He then turned and asked: "Doesn't everybody think so?"

The crowd nodded. Mark didn't know what to do. He was standing fully dressed in a room full of men with his hard dick sticking out of his pants while many eyes ogled it. Several more men entered the scene, and all just stared at Mark's exposed hard-on for several moments. Then the older man wrapped his huge hand around Mark's cock and pumped it.

"Go at it man," he said to the intrepid stranger, who then fell to his knees and took the hard flesh inside his mouth. The crowd cheered while several hands – whose? –started pawing Mark's ass.

All the men then moved in closer. Mark was frozen, and watched the mouth below him suck and slurp on his exposed dick and balls, while the surrounding men looked like hungry animals.

The older man moved behind him, and then Mark watched as the intrepid stranger opened Mark's jean button, and then pulled his pants down. The men cheered. Hands pulled off Mark's boots, and then his legs out of his jeans. His shirt was then removed. Mark felt like a puppet.

I'm also stark naked, with a hard-on, and in front of a dozen fully-clothed men!

"Do ya' like what you see men?" the older man asked.

Murmurs of assent and more cheers went all around, and all eyes were wild with desire. Mark was afraid, but his dick remained rock hard. The men stared for a while, and then hands began dragging across the exposed flesh, pulling at the hard cock, grabbing the beefy cheeks, and probing between them. I feel like a piece of meat on display!

"Men, come on back here and enjoy this view."

All the men walked behind Mark. I've never felt so exposed and vulnerable.

Mark heard voice after voice gasp.

"Geez! What an ass!"

"Damn! That's one hot set of beef!"

"God, I'd do anything to fuck those cheeks!"

Mark then heard the older man: "Calm down men. Fist things first."

Strong hands then pulled Mark's cheeks wide open, and Mark knew that dozens of strangers were looking right at his most secret, private space. And it's not a movie this time! A chorus of hoots reverberated throughout the room.

And then Mark was even more stunned.

A very warm, wet sensation then started probing between his cheeks, and it slowly dawned on Mark that the older man had stuck his tongue into Mark's private space. His tongue! Before yesterday—when Mark had been forced to rim the officer – he'd never thought about such a thing! But – Damn! – it sure felt good being on the receiving end.

With a tongue up his ass, dozens of hands roamed across his skin, pulled at his scrotum, and pinched his nipples. A mouth met his, while another mouth engulfed his cock. Mark was still the only person naked.

The moments passed, the older man's pink flesh dove deeper, and Mark began moaning loudly – the tongue felt so good diving into his crack and inside him. When one man shoved his tongue into Mark's mouth, and another dragged his stubble-covered face across the exposed nipples, Mark about collapsed.

Instead, he felt himself being lifted, carried to a table, and placed on top. His face and shoulders were roughly pushed to the table top, leaving his ass high up in the air. Mark was amazed that this made him feel even more vulnerable! He hadn't thought this possible!

Strong hands held him down, and his open crack was now at eye level to every eye in the room. Mark had never felt so utterly naked – a sensation compounded by the fact that he was the only one still nude.

"Who else wants to tongue-fuck the boy?" the older man asked.

Numerous voices spoke up, and Mark soon felt that delicious, moist warmth again between his cheeks. He moaned. A few minutes later, he felt the tongue pull away, only to be replaced – he presumed – by another. He moaned louder, and tongue after tongue after tongue ravaged his most private space. Mark was delirious from lust and was now literally panting.

"Anyone got a finger they want to warm up?" the older man asked.

A chorus of Yes's rebounded.

"You have a nice big hand. Have a go at it."

Mark felt some cream being lathered on his bud, and then felt himself be violated by a stranger's finger – and in front of all these people! Then Mark saw the older man in front of him, and his crotch at Mark's eye level. The older man slowly pulled down his zipper – to the hoots and hollers of the crowd – and he pulled out that massive dick that Mark got gotten to know so well.

With a finger up his ass, and hands roaming his entire body, the older man asked: "Want to suck daddy's dick?"

The crowd went wild. "Yea! Suck daddy's big dick!" they called out.

Mark couldn't resist the huge snake in front of him. His felt the dickhead bump against his lips, and then force its way inside.

"Yea. Go on boy! Suck daddy's dick. Suck it hard," the men cheered.

"Yea boy, suck my big daddy dick!"

As Mark's mouth opened wide to take in the huge monster, he felt his ass being speared by another cock. More cheers reverberated throughout the room, and with each thrust from the dick in his ass, Mark sucked deeper the cock impaled in his face.

"Yea boy, suck daddy off real good. Come on, suck daddy's big dick!"

"Yea boy! Suck your daddy's cock! Suck it hard," the crowd cheered.

By now, the older man's huge dick was deep in Mark's mouth, and the man fucked the young face ferociously as the crowd chanted: "Suck your daddy! Suck 'em hard!" Simultaneously, another dick was pounding his ass.

The older man started moaning. "Yea boy! Daddy's gunna come! YEA! Daddy's gunna come right on your pretty face! YEA! FUCK!"

The crowd egged him on. "Yea! Spray your load on that pretty face! Yea! Come on daddy! Come on!"

Then the man withdrew and sprayed load after load on Mark's stubble-covered face as the crowd went wild. At the same instant, the dick in his ass withdrew and shot jism across Mark's young, beefy cheeks. The crowd became riotous, but before Mark could recover, another dick was shoved inside his ass as another zipper was pulled open and another dick pushed past his lips.

He was still the only one naked.

Over and over and over, Mark's ass and mouth were raped by dozens of cocks, and his asscheeks and face were dripping with jism, while his skin glistened from sweat.

After every man had ravaged Mark, he felt hands turn him onto his back, and his hard dick was suddenly being stared at by all. The older man took it in his big hand – "Isn't this a beautiful cock men?" – and into his mouth. Mark loved being inside the older man, and was surprised at how excited he was at having an audience – a large audience. His eyes kept darting from his cock inside the man's mouth and to the many eyes watching the scene. A dozen hot guys are watching me get a blow-job! Hands roamed his body, dicks rubbed his jism-covered face, and someone was sucking on his balls.

It didn't take long. Mark exploded inside the older man's mouth, but his screams were drowned out by the mighty cheers that came from all.

After the older man withdrew, he said: "Mark, I do believe that you're a huge star tonight!"

The roar was deafening.


After everybody left, the older man took Mark upstairs, placed him in a huge bathtub filed with warm water and bubbles, and gave him a gentle washing while repeatedly kissing him long and hard. Not surprisingly, when the man pulled Mark from the tub, the boy had a hard-on. The man finally removed his clothes, lay down on his bed, and placed Mark on top of him; Mark's bare asscheeks rested against the man's furry chest.

"Jerk off on my face," the man ordered while rubbing his beard against Mark's balls.


Later, the man handed Mark an envelope and had a car drive him home. While in the car, Mark opened the envelope and pulled out a card marked: Instruction for Tomorrow Night.

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