tagErotic HorrorRavaged on the Roadside

Ravaged on the Roadside


To the moderators and readers,

This is my revised version of an old story I wrote for Literotica a few years back. The story was nothing but experimental at the time of its inception. It was also rushed as more pressing projects forced my hand releasing unto the unsuspecting readers without a good proofread or proper editing. Polished and heavily rewritten I submit this improved retelling for you all.



Warning: There is violence and blood present in this story and I would not recommend it to the squeamish looking for a sexy pairing.


Victoria curses aloud as her sedan finally gulps back the last fumes of fuel before sputtering to a slow crawl. She pulls the vehicle over with its last moments of momentum before fully stopping. Her head drops to the steering wheel with a groan of morose only to have her forehead trigger the horn; a loud blaring honk makes her jump in surprise. Brushing back her black hair she looks at the empty fuel gauge marker with disdain filling with deep regret at her own failure to check such simple things. A twist of the keys kills the lights and with a sigh she peers out the window her eyes adjusting to the darkness of the night.

Twin lines of trees run parallel to the road the bright full moon provides Victoria with ample light to see quite well. Though under the canopies of the pine trees there is nothing but foreboding black blotting anything that might lurk from her sight. She shudders as her imagination plays with dark imagery of what could lurk in those woods. She reaches for her cell phone, just wanting to go home it lights up but there is no service this far out. There will be no calls for a tow truck, she was on her own tonight. Victoria feels the urge to cry tossing the useless device aside, crossing her arms over her chest for comfort as her bleak situation setting in.

A great camping trip with friends has just been ruined by Victoria's aloof treatment of her own vehicle. She weighs her options carefully, sitting in the car and waiting for help in hopes that maybe someone will pass by that can help was her favored of the two. Though she recalls it was over an hour or even more since she has seen another vehicle on this lonely stretch of road this time of night. The walk to the closest gas station was her second option horrible and filling her with dread. But Victoria could only guess the distance; at least as she walked she could flag down a passing car.

Victoria rubs her legs feeling the thick blue cotton of her sweat pants under her palms gripping her knees in indecision as she debates the options. As Victoria sits in the car struggling with choice it grows more frigid with the passing minutes sending chills down her spine. Finally, with a groan of frustration she throws open the car door forced by the elements to start her trek. The walk might just be her penance for her negligence but at least the exercise would get her blood flowing so she could ignore the nipping cold. Bouncing up and down she rubs her arms against the night air working warmth into her body. Her heavy breasts wrestling for freedom with her black bra under her red and black flannel button up top, ideal camping attire.

Victoria makes her way around to the rear of the car she clicks the button on the key fob to pop the trunk. Grabbing the red fuel container Victoria feels the near weightlessness of it completely void of fuel. She seethes with anger at her own lack of preparation for such an emergency though this is not the first time this has happened. Many hard lessons have been learned on her own when she dropped out of college being forced into independence far removed from the protection and wisdom of her parent's. As she leaves the car behind she locks the car door before shoving the keys into her pants pocket. Generous hips sway haughtily despite her unflattering choice of comfort clothes as she starts her walk. Victoria makes her way for the gas station feeling more than a little worried about her decision the moment the car is well behind her watching wisps of fog curling around in the forest as it reaches out to her with spectral fingers.

Victoria scans the tree line wearily dead silence eerie and unnerving the as she walks along, the woods seeming to be devoid of any life. Her every step grinds the gravel under her hiking boots as she walks the side of the road the sound far too loud for her own liking. A sudden primal growl resonates somewhere within the black making her heart jump in her chest. Stopping dead in her tracks she scans the forest franticly with her eyes searching as breaths come with difficulty as her throat tightens with fear. Slowly Victoria backs towards the car step by cautious step not wanting to make any sudden movements fearing a predator might be watching her just waiting to strike.

Dread grips Victoria's heart like an iron vice as every timid step brings her closer to the shelter of the sedan, panic gnaws at her nerves urging for her to run. Suddenly the snap of a dead stick in the forest is all the motivation her instincts needed to spur her into action. Adrenalin surges in her veins as she bolts, her boots slipping in the gravel as the lose traction makes her stagger into an all fours before finding her footing. Boots hammer onto concrete as she sprints for safety; a roar from the behind spurs her own scream in pure terror.

Victoria is taken by surprise as she tries to bring her right leg forward only to have it pulled by the ankle by powerful hands. Pain shoots up her leg bringing her to sudden stop snapping her forward with all her momentum. Her hands spread out in front of her as the cement road rushes to meet her face, skinned palms save her head from a brutal impact. The animal tugs on her snared leg pulling her close as she rolls onto her back her left leg curling in ready to defend herself. Her eyes grow wide to see a gnarled hand clutching her ankle as her gaze traces up to the face of her feral assailant. She screams at its hideous appearance of a half man half wolf leering at her. Its thick dog tongue licks along its black lips pulling them up to reveal yellowed, jagged teeth protruding from its gaping maw.

The monster wastes little time releasing its hold on Victoria's leg lunging in for the kill, its mouth gaping wide for her. With both feet she kicks out in defense catching the predator in its chest. Her toned, athletic legs flex as she pushes with all her might letting out a panicked cry primitive head closing in on her face. Only to snap just inches away from her throat as the momentum reverses and the man beast is heaved away, staggering from his meal. Quickly turning over Victoria crawls on hand and knee ignoring the pain in her over extended legs forcing herself into a staggered run as muscles burn.

Victoria manages only to limp a few steps towards the car as hard claws rake into her lower back seeking purchase. Agonizing pain burns from her raked lower back forcing out a sharp cry from Victoria as the monster clutches onto the hem. Her pants are ripped open violently as it hauls brutally on them to pull her back. But only exposes her lascivious backside leaving only the t bar of her purple g string left hugging her hips to entice the beast. Grimacing through the pain she finds her stride and picks up speed desperately trying to reach the only thing that might spare her from this horrible fate though now her mind is filled with doubt.

A fierce growl signals the creature is not far behind Victoria as she does not dare to look back eyes wet with tears of pain from her back burning with fresh red gouges marring her tanned flesh. Reaching down with one hand she probes into the front pocket for her keys, only she no longer has any pants to reach into. She barely noticed the absence of her pants in her desperate flight; still she rushes for the car with more tears blurring her vision smearing her mascara. This was no normal animal chasing her though it wears the face of a wolf, she saw a human intellect gleaming in those cruel eyes as she struggled with it. Reaching the front of the car she attempts to move to the side to still try and open the door hoping it to be unlocked that dumb luck might save her.

A powerful course furred arm hooks around Victoria's waist lifting her from the ground forcing a wail of terror as the wolf man slams her bare backside onto the hood of the car. Legs parted with knees half bent she is forced to face her attacker once more. Victoria's fears are confirmed though no movie could have possibly prepared her for the sight for what was standing in front of her now. Though the hulking werewolf was slightly hunched over in front her it was far larger than most men. Heavy pants spill gouts of fog the air between them as she drinks in its terrible visage. Her apprising gaze makes the monster rise to its full height with savage intimidation making her shrink away. Easily seven feet tall with taught, wiry muscles under course black fur its physique was the least of Victoria's worries.

What was more troubling to Victoria was the look burning in its eyes, far different from before though still full of menace and terrible intent. She begs the monster hovering over top of her to not hurt her but it simply tilts its head. With an amused grin creasing its horrid features, clearly understanding but doesn't relent to her plea of mercy. Grabbing her ankles the half man draws her close with a hard tug making her yell out in fear. Movement draws Victoria's eyes down as her heart beats faster at the sight body stiffing with new trepidation.

Between Victoria's bare legs stands the Wolfman's massive erection, surging with lust right before her eyes making those green orbs wide with shock. Her stomach roils at the sight, its size is overwhelming to her. The vibrant red flesh in stark contrast to his black fur the monsters mast is easily the length of her forearm though far thicker in girth. Fresh tears to roll down her makeup smeared face as she now knows the monsters true intent. Begging fearfully Victoria's legs snap tight wanting to protect her womanhood while thankfully hiding the distended cock from her sight.

The beast's ears flatten as its lips curl from her denial. He moves quickly as powerful course hands grip Victoria's ankles, pulling them out wide forcing her spread eagle to him. Baring her sex to his hungry eyes as they burn with scathing lust she own shame builds. Her trembling hands move to cover her modesty, the purple transparent triangle of her g string hugging her lips tightly only teases the creature framing her tight little mound. She shakes her head while sobbing at her worsening situation wishing he would just kill her. With a throaty growl his hands drop her legs as they hang over the edge of the hood.

Those deft hands grab Victoria's protective arms by the wrists forcing them away from her sex up above her head with a violent jerk making her large breasts bounce lusciously for her rapist. The werewolf moves, his thick barrel chest lowering to hers as his bestial face moves to her cheek. She kicks her legs franticly only to have his boney hips slammed painfully between her thighs. The monster pants out hotly onto her face, the tepid reek of rotten flesh spills out of his mouth forcing Victoria to gag at the stench. His rough tongue presses hard against her neck the heat of it unbearable against her skin as she whines pathetically from its touch. The wolf man drags his oral muscle up along her face with his muzzle as Victoria squeals in disgust as its rough surface rasps audibly along her exposed skin. It rakes along neck and over her soft makeup stained cheek removing a patch of black streaks from her tears.

Victoria's squeal cuts off into a deep gasp of surprise as the creature lowers its hips altering his angle and wedges something sinfully hot between her legs. The werewolf's grinds its monstrous member back and forth over her purple g-string pulling the silky fabric between the lips of her waxed bare pussy. The triangle rides up high exposing more of her soft flesh for his lustful gyrations. She twists her hips from side to side at the rough dry humping his throbbing phallus pulling at her lips revolting her. The massive appendage bobs in and out of her vision surging up into view well past her obscuring breasts. She cringes at its fat mushroom head flaring bigger than a soft ball glistening with pre cum.

Victoria closes herself off to the rutting animal at the sight of that frightening cock as she snaps her legs tight ensnaring the werewolf's massive cock between her toned legs. A low groan of approval resonates from deep within his throat at her delightful action as he gives her face another long lick of appreciation. The sexually charged werewolf clutches Victoria by the knees pressing them together as he places his weight on her trapping them in place under his heavy body. Victoria grimaces against the strain of having her legs supporting this huge monster as the first hard thrust his massive cock between her bronzed thighs jostles her and the car underneath.

His huge piston surges up along Victoria's taught belly smearing his hot pre leaving a trail of thick dick slime up past her navel shoving her shirt up towards her chest in its quest. His huge cock lies heavily on her stomach twitching as it rests filling her mind with horrible imagery if the beast was put himself inside her. Victoria balks at the sight of its pulsing still very human shaped cock head her legs tighten around his length even harder. The veins bulging along its length pulse making his entire length surge with fresh blood as a single hot gout of pre cum splatters over her flannel shirt.

Victoria turns her head away in shock at the lewd burst from his tip soaking her shirt with hot pre. Another, deeper thrust rocks her as the feral rapist bottoms himself out between her legs. Her pussy is impacted by his huge furred balls sending an electric shock of pain and pleasure up her spine. She has to angle her head to see where his length stopped with morbid curiosity. She finds it sitting proudly just under her ribs making her body tremor at the horrible sight, this monster could kill her with his dick.

Victoria's dark thoughts are scattered as the attacker abruptly seizes her shirt in both hands the force knocking the wind from her. As the werewolf starts to pull a few buttons popping free she struggles grasping his wrists trying to save some dignity. With a display of his prodigious strength he tears not just her top but her bra as well like they were nothing more than tissue paper. One violent jerk of his powerful arms leaves her ruined garments to flop on either side of the terrified woman. She attempts to restrain her with her breasts with arms as they bounce free to the brute's hungry eyes as cold night air washes over her freshly exposed flesh.

Victoria whimpers and wriggles under his demeaning gaze not budging her arms reaching her limit of humiliation. The savage beast snarls raising a hand to strike her with those menacing claws forcing her to recoil at the promise of pain. Sobbing in defeat she is forced to comply as she drops her arms at her sides. Fresh tears run down her face as averts her eyes to look towards the tree line. The wolf's hard hands rake up her narrow frame as his palms slide over her ribs bringing his greedy hands up to force her succulent fake breasts together. Her perfect round orbs distort in shape as they press together tightly as her dark nipples point inwards directed by course hands. He strokes his palms over her soft flesh admiring there size her chin quivering while he explores her chest.

Each hand rests its palms at the side of her bosom as thick fingers curl over top Victoria's impressive mounds black claws hooking in towards her valley of cleavage. His blunt nails vanish in between the deep crevice of her knockers as his thumbs curl under gripping her rack. Victoria is filled with regret at her surgery as she watches the source of her confidence in college filling the wolf man's huge hands perfectly a feat for no normal man. She gasps as he gives her breasts a firm squeeze making her short, thick nipples stand hard for him flesh bulging between his hands he growls low at the sight. Slowly her rapist rotates her melons pulling them apart before mashing them together, squeezing harder with every lap as his claws dig into her sensitive skin.

Blunt thumb claws scrape up and over Victoria's sensitive nipples pressing down into her buds making her suck in air through her teeth as her eyes clench tight at the painful stimulation. The beast notices her reaction and seizes hold of each teat between a thumb and finger rolling the tender nubs between his digits spiraling her sensitive areolas. Victoria cries out at the mix of pain and pleasure radiating from her chest as her hands grip his wrists once more invested again in trying to stop him desperately. Only to have him pull hard on her abused buds as she furiously shakes her head at the feeling. Her sore nipples slip free from his cruel grasp they fall back into place aching as he snares her wrists once more with a savage snarl.Victoria cry's out in agony as her wrists are painfully slammed into the hood of the car hands throbbing as she writhes in pain. Unknowing that she is only providing the monster the most delightful show as her chest rocks from side to side. Despite the rough treatment she is most troubled by the radiant pleasure she felt in her chest. Her sex is left tingling after the beast's hands left her peaks a small part of her yearned for more. A dollop of saliva splattering between her breasts ceases all struggles as she looks to him in terror as more spittle builds from his slavering maw thick lines of the slime hanging from its jowls his own eyes locked on those delicious mounds of meat. His feral head slowly descends towards her wonderful pair of volley balls as tremors of fear quake over her body.

Victoria watches in apprehension, unsure of the werewolf's intentions the unstable beast could bite down here and now ending her or molest her with that grotesque mouth, it was the monsters choice. His huge tongue slips forth from his maw its broad tip presses against the bottom of her right breast flattening over her soft flesh. Intense heat from the powerful muscle radiates into her breast its surface incredibly rough gripping her skin as drags his tongue upwards. Like course sand paper he scours her flesh wickedly leaving behind thick viscous drool in its wake. Victoria's heavy melon is dragged upwards by the pink muscle with the intense friction, she watches with rapt attention as its course surface drags over her tender nipple.

Victoria bites her bottom lip as her toes curl at the incredible sensation over stimulating the girl as a ripple of raw pleasure courses through her feeling her sex burn with lust. She struggles at the thought of her body taking pleasure in the perversion of this beast's mouth. His tongue flicks away losing its hold on her raw nub her fun bag rocking back into place he laps at her chest erratically. With every lavish pass of his tongue Victoria tosses her head from one side to the other, her dark hair flicking back and forth over her face. Though the pleasure she felt only moments is quick to fade as she loses sensation from such a rough tongue.

Victoria's relief is short lived the werewolf clamps down with hard nip of her tit making her cry out in alarm. The bud, pinched between his hard teeth as he pulls away once more stretching her flesh taught before it slips free from his mouth and snaps back making her flesh ripple along her abused melon. She is left panting cursing herself growing moist for this monsters offensive mouth. She watches as his tongue dips for her breast again wanting a better taste of her as rakes it over her rack, normal men do not possess such cruel devices of pleasure as it pulls at her sore nipple. The wicked creature dips his head down reeling in his oral muscle and snares the bulk of her jug the bronzed flesh squeezing between those evil yellow teeth

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