Jerry had been looking forward to a bedroom session with his wife all week. He had even refrained from loping the mule, although he didn't admit to Raven that he regularly took care of his needs when the frustration got too intense. A combination of problems at work led to postponing their bedroom romp.

Friday arrived, and Raven announced that she was going out to dinner with Jessica, a new friend she met. "You can wait one more day, can't you?" she seductively asked. Jerry was disappointed, of course, but he agreed. On her way out, Raven mentioned that Jessica wanted her to see her apartment, and told him to expect her to be late.

Jerry wondered why his gorgeous wife of six months would agree to go out with a friend on a Friday evening. He thought of her firm, petite body, her long, shiny, black hair, arranged in bangs which he loved. He could be inside her now, looking into her goddess-like eyes, trying to hold back his ejaculation as long as possible.

And then there was her pussy. That marvelous, dark-haired mat of sweet and pungent musk. He liked to munch on her pussy until she bucked her hips and filled the room with her gasps of orgasm.

He pretended to be groggy when Raven got in bed. "Oh, I'm really tired," she whispered, and promptly went to sleep. About an hour later, Jerry was still awake, with a boner that he knew Raven would enjoy. His hand crept down to her sensual grotto, and he slid one finger over her labia.

Hmmm, she's slippery; Did she go to bed aroused, he wondered. He slipped his finger inside her pussy, and back out again. Uh-oh, he thought. That's not just her juices. This has the consistency of semen. He brought his dampened finger up to his nose and detected the faint bleach-like scent of sperm.

He thought of all those cuck stories that he had read, where the wife suddenly declines sex after going out and screwing. This can't be happening to me, he thought in panic. I'm not going to let it progress like those small-dicked wimpy husbands who secretly desire to be denied release while their wives get filled up with other men's cum.

He turned on the bedside lamp and shook Raven awake. She groaned, and started to ask what was going on, when Jerry inserted his finger deep into her pussy and withdrew it.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed, realizing what Jerry was doing.

"Raven," he said in a serious tone, "this looks, feels, and smells like sperm."

She looked worried. "Jerry, hear me out. I'll explain."

"Okay, Cleopatra," he said, using the nickname for her that he had used since their dating days. "What the hell happened? You said you were going to dinner with a new friend Jessica. Did -"

"Jerry! Listen to me!"

He calmed down so that she could continue.

"I did go to dinner with Jessica. She wanted to show me her place afterward, so I said okay. At dinner she explained that she was pretty lonely and had not had sex for quite some time. I thought that was a little strange, since she's gorgeous. Taller than me, blonde, a firm body, and really attractive. We had a couple of glasses of wine - really good stuff, and after we talked a while she sat next to me.

"She asked me if I thought there was anything wrong with her. I was surprised, so I said, of course not! She told me I was pretty and had nice legs, and I said thanks.

"You know how some girls can sense things that are unsaid? Well, all of a sudden I wanted to kiss her. Her lips are gorgeous, Jerry! I got closer to her and lightly brushed my lips on hers. That wasn't the first time I was attracted to a girl, and it probably won't be the last. Anyway, we kissed. Hard, soft, wet, intimate. God, she was good. I pulled her on top of me on the couch. We were both still dressed, and we kept kissing and kissing. I couldn't get enough of her mouth.

"I wanted to see more, so I pulled her dress down to look at her tits. Wow, they were firm, I wanted to handle them forever. Of course we were both breathing hard, and she suggested that we go to her bedroom.

"On the way down the hall to her bedroom I wondered how her pussy would taste, and I couldn't wait to feel her mouth on mine. I took all my clothes off as soon as we got into her room, and she had me lie down on the bed. My gosh, she could eat pussy! She gave me several orgasms, and then I told her I wanted to reciprocate.

"So she took off her dress, and then she said that she was different from what I might expect. She pulled her panties down and I was in for the shock of my life. She had a cock! It was hard, and throbbing, like yours gets when you're going to fuck me good! I was mesmerized; I couldn't take my eyes from her cock. It was so beautiful, all hard and wanting. I touched it. I ran my hands up and down her erection, and then I looked at her tits, and her legs, and her face. I couldn't get over it - a beautiful girl with a beautiful, hard cock!

"I thought of giving her a quick hand job and going home. I told her to kiss me, and she got on top of me. Full body contact, and we kissed, in each others' arms. Her kisses drove me wild. Finally I couldn't help it - I said, Jessica, put it inside me.

"I had to feel it, Jerry - I had to know what it felt like. I was thinking, this may be the only chance I'll have in my life to know what it feels like to have a T-girl put her cock in me. It was kind of strange, feeling a cock inside me when the rest of her body was so feminine. She fucked me sensuously and slowly, kissing me and rubbing her tits on mine the whole time. When she asked if it was okay to cum inside me, I told her, Yes, yes, fill my pussy with your cum!

"Wow, did she ever cum. She just kept spurting and spurting, and pumping her cock in and out. She still had her cock in me when she finished, and kept telling me how good it felt. She never got soft, so I asked her to fuck me again, and she did. She fucked me so hard it made my head spin! She spurted like the fountain at the park.

"Afterward, I thought, Oh my gosh, what have I done, how am I going to explain this to Jerry! I've been unfaithful, even if it was with a girl. I was feeling really guilty, so I told her that I had to leave, and that I had a lot to think about. She had me promise to call her, even if it was to say no more. I wiped the cum off me and got home as fast as I could. Jerry - please - fuck me. I need to feel you inside me. If you're going to fuck another girl to get even, I can't blame you. But I need you to fuck me now."

Jerry had been so engrossed in Raven's narration that he hadn't realized that his cock was hard. After hearing Raven's sensual description of her adventure, he brusquely entered her and plowed where Jessica's cock had been earlier that night. He pumped hard, as if to compensate for Jessica taking her pleasure inside Raven's pussy. He fucked furiously - a combination of arousal, angry lust, and a determination to show that he could fuck harder and better than some girl with a cock.

"Uhh! Uhhh! Oh! Ahh! Yes... Fuck.. me... Jerry! Fuck... me... hard... Uhh... Uh!" The sounds from Raven spurred him on, and when he could stand it no longer, ejaculated convulsively inside her. Nearly a week's worth of tension, frustration and arousal spurted through his cock into his wife's dark-haired pussy.

He stayed semi-hard inside her after his profuse cum, and Raven held him tightly. "I shouldn't have made you wait. I should have let you fuck me silly before I left to meet Jessica. I might have been twenty minutes late, but that wouldn't have been so bad."

With his erection still inside her, she pulled him close and tenderly kissed him. He couldn't help realizing that he was kissing the same woman that the girl with a dick had kissed so intensely just hours before. Jerry's kisses were aggressive and rough.

"Jerry," Raven whispered, looking directly into his eyes, "come clean me now. Gently."

He had, on rare occasions, licked Raven's pussy after cumming inside her, usually as a special treat. He knew that this time some of Jessica's sperm was mixed with his own, and mingled with Raven's sweet musky nectar. But he couldn't resist her plaintive request.

He pulled out, and saw Raven's pussy close up. The look of a used and well-fucked pussy. She pumped her hips as he licked, and when he began to extract what was inside her, she added the nasty talk that Jerry liked so much.

"Yes! Suck that cum out of my nasty pussy! I've been fucked silly and I want you to get it all! Suck that cum out of Cleopatra's pussy! You made a sticky mess in there, I want you to swallow it all. Oh! Oh yes! Yes!!"

Jerry could scarcely hold on to her bucking, twisting hips as she crested. He had regained his hardness, and entered her again. Face to face, looking into her goddess eyes, he plowed slowly, this time more tenderly than before. "Raven," he whispered, "Tell me the truth. What are your feelings about Jessica?"

"I can't deny that it was exciting. Do you want to fuck another woman to make it even?"

"I want to actually see this girl with a cock," he said. "I want her to watch me fuck you silly, and then for her to lick my sperm from your pussy. Then I want to watch her cum inside you. I know you're going to want that anyway, so I don't want you doing it except when I'm there. Then I want to watch her clean your pussy again - of her sperm."

Raven giggled. "Jerry, there's something I'd like to see. It would be sexy to watch you take her in the tail. Then she'd have to carry your seed inside her when she goes home."

Jerry spurted uncontrollably inside Raven's pussy.

A few moments later, Raven said, "Aren't you going to clean your sticky mess from Cleopatra's pussy?"

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