tagSci-Fi & FantasyRaven Chronicles Ch. 05

Raven Chronicles Ch. 05


Oracle Five: A Dynasty is Forged

The following morning at dawn, Osiris, Raven and all of the warriors rode to engage the enemy known as the Diablo Warriors in battle at the appointed place. The enemy was awaiting Osiris and his troops in what was known as the Valley of the Shadows, which was a place just outside the kingdom of Osiris and considered to be a place of strange and unnatural happenings.

The journey would take about what we would call a week and the enemy already assembled in a line on the ridge overlooking the valley and Osiris and his troops were on the opposite ridge

As was custom the leader of each side would send their strongest warrior to deliver the message. The Diablo Warriors dispatched their mightiest warrior known as Mars with his messenger and Osiris dispatched Raven along with Usha. As the two warriors rode to meet with each other both sides watched with bated breath.

Mars laughed when he saw Raven and mocked her and Osiris's kingdom by saying "Is this the only thing the mighty Osiris can send, an army of women? This battle she be brief in deed."

Who art though, that ye mock my father," Raven said with rage as she drew her sword and Mars drew his in response.

Mars replied by saying. "Little girl you tell your father we await him and if this is the best that he can send we shall be victorious even before we begin."

"How sure art thou of that statement," Raven replied

"Do you wish to challenge the Mighty Mars," Mars said drawing his sword?

"I dare say it will be a challenge but I accept your offer," Raven replied and before Mars could even dismount his horse he lay disarmed and dazed on the ground by his horse.

Raven had drawn her fighting pike and had knocked Mars from his horse faster than he could have drawn his sword.

"Now you go tell your king that if this is the best he can send, I fear this shall be no challenge," Raven said as she had her foot on Mars's chest and her sword point at his throat.

Raven allowed Mars to get back up on his horse and he and his messenger rode back two their group and both sides prepared for battle.

Osiris sounded the charge as did the other side and both sides rode hard fast into battle which would be a bloody, vicious and long drawn out hand to hand battle

The Diablo Warriors would prove to be a formidable opponent but Raven and her warriors rose to the challenge Within a time equivalent of 4 hours nearly three quarters of the Diablo Warriors lay dead or dying, 50 percent of them dying by the hand of Raven and Osiris

In the last phase of the battle things would turn for the worse for the Vikonians, Osiris's group. Mars who was still standing dealt a fatal blow to Osiris when his back was turned. Raven seeing what had happened screamed in terror and as she did, Mars came for her

Without hesitation she fought him hand to hand and in a matter of seconds she slew him cutting off his head. She then tended to her father who lay mortally wounded and as she tried to keep him from dying she did not have that power Only the maker of all things who was far mightier than the gods could do that.

"Fear not my pet," Osiris said as he lay dying. "I am at peace and I am going to my reward I shall be fine as you shall be. Isis will be with you and I will always be apart of you," and with that Osiris passed beyond the veil.

The battle continued to rage as Raven wept over her father and then in a fit of rage she shouted an incantation she had never known before but yet she instinctively knew it .

As she shouted in the strange enchanted language, it was like a storm shadow had formed and swept through the valley. Before her eyes, the Vikonian warriors who once lay dead were now fighting and were victorious sweeping through the battle like a cloud and laying to waste everything and everyone involved with the Diablo Warrior clan.

In a matter of what we would know of as seconds, The Diablo Warriors would lie dead, every one of them and the only one ones remaining were the King, and his two evil Enchantresses known as Ursula and Medusa.

Raven would kill the king and Chandra and Usha would kill the two enchantresses who were fleeing and when Raven would ride back into the kingdom she would have their three heads on a pike for all to see.

The victory was a bittersweet one. Yes Raven and the Vikonians had put down the growing force that had been building strength and threatened their way of life, yet Osiris and his heir apparent Ramious had been slain.

There was a grand funeral for Osiris and Ramious as people from all over the kingdom and surrounding kingdoms came to pay their respects. The morning would last for two lunar cycles and it would be time to choose the new leader.

Ramses was in line for it but he did not want it and told Raven she would do better and so Raven ascended the throne and became the first Queen of the Vikonians. However, Ramses would not be without his place in the kingdom. He would take his place as Raven's Consort and together they would build the bloodline for the new dynasty that had been forged through fire blood and sacrifice.

To celebrate the new dynasty, there would be a feast of celebration and after the feast Raven Ramses Chandra and Usha would retire to the royal bed chamber where the four of them engaged in carnal pleasures lasting from the height of the lunar cycle to its waning.

Raven would bare Isis and Eden and Chandra would bare a daughter named Morgana and Usha would bare a daughter named Hanita. For 75 cycles Raven would reign and under her the Vikonian kingdom would spread and for 1000 cycles there would be peace and prosperity.

Halfway through Raven's rule Chandra would pass beyond the veil and Morgana would take her place as the royal enchantress. Usha would soon pass on and Hanita would take her place.

Isis and Osiris would grow and at ascension would lie with there mother Raven and each other and produce offspring for the royal dynasty

Raven would finally grow old and at 100 cycles she would be surrounded on her death bed by those she loved

"Fear not little ones," she said as her family wept. "I leave you in good hands. Osiris and Eden will rule in prosperity and Morgana and Hanita would serve as loyal and trust worthy advisors."

Osiris and Eden have showed to be mighty warriors as was I and little Tira and Upala have been blessed by Isis and she shall live through them. I leave you in peace and with my love and blessings," and with that Raven passed beyond the veil.

As prophesized the kingdom of Vikonia would prosper and rule for 1000 cycles only to be replaced when the people reclaimed the old knowledge and became as advanced as they had been before the Genesis of the Phoenix.

The kingdom of Vikonia would live on in legends passed down from generations to generations but the golden age of Vikonia would soon pass into history and be forgotten except in stories.

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