tagNonHumanRaven Walks Ch. 22

Raven Walks Ch. 22


Chapter Twenty-Two: Ginger

When darkness once again fell over New Orleans, Constantine and Raven made their way to Sebastian's club. They hadn't found Ginger, but at least they knew Abi was now safe where the Creature would never find her.

That was the one thing they could all agree on – human, vampire and hunter.

They also agreed that the best way to draw Argos out in the open was to be seen, together, as though nothing at all was wrong. It would stir his wrath, and they were willing to do that if it meant they could have a final showdown with him once and for all.

They would spend every night there at that club from dusk until dawn, taking up residence in one of the rooms there in the back, and staying together – no matter what.

Raven had wanted to scour the city for Ginger, but there was no real way to find her. She knew how to block them from finding her, so it would be a futile waste of time that would inevitably endanger others.

They had to count on her persistence to find and defeat the Creature herself, to draw her back to them.

So the fact that she walked through the door early that evening shocked neither vampire.

It was the way she looked when she walked in that made both of their jaws drop.

Her bright red hair was teased high and tinted copper just like Abi's, her glasses were gone and her makeup was thick. Gone was the rock and roll tee, replaced instead by a corset that pushed her voluptuous curves up for display. She wore a long black skirt that was slit up the side, showing more of her creamy white skin than she'd likely exposed in years.

"Well at least she can't complain that anyone mistake the two of us," Raven remembered Abigail say, and if they squinted, they would have mistaken her easily for her sister. Raven had to wonder if that was on purpose. They watched her approach them purposefully. She leveled her eyes on them in a way that made both of their pulses skip a beat.

Huntress, indeed.

And in one very vivid, heart-pounding moment, Raven discovered something he wasn't sure why he hadn't considered before. Every encounter exploded in his mind as the puzzle rapidly filled in. That the mystery redhead who walked into this club all that time ago, who turned him on this path to find his one true equal, hadn't been Abigail at all.

It had been Ginger from the beginning, he realized with a start. She was the one who had the mysterious indomitable spirit that both made him want to master her and be her slave.

She slid in between where they stood at the bar and motioned to Xavier, the blue haired Goth vampire who now tended bar full time. "Whiskey," she told him, putting him off his game also with the intensity of her gaze. "Straight."

Raven took note of her drink choice but said nothing. His eyes were just as deep and intense when she turned to face him. "I see you're still alive and well."

He just grinned. "In a manner of speaking."

She said nothing as she turned to Constantine, who still regarded her a bit skeptically. "How's my sister?"

He leaned closer to her, his arm spread along the bar so that she had to reach over him to get the drink Xavier brought to her. "Gone," he said, the near smirk on his face almost daring her to take that vague answer any way she chose to.

Given that Hunter was no where to be seen, Ginger correctly assumed that he had taken her to a place of safety. One where the Creature would never find her.

If she'd have been dead nothing short of death itself would have prevented Hunter from seeking his revenge.

And she would have felt it. No matter how they had tried to severe the ties between them, they were still sisters.

She never dropped Constantine's gaze as she threw back her whiskey in one gulp. Disco strobe lights filled the club as a dance remix with a strong sexual beat thundered from the dance floor. She put the glass back on the bar. "Care to dance?" she asked him and only after the briefest hesitation he reached out to take her arm.

Though it tingled and bordered right up to unpleasantness, it didn't hurt or shock him like before. He glanced over at Raven, who watched the scene with interest. With an imperceptible nod, he gave his blessing for Constantine to follow Ginger out onto the dance floor.

She snaked her hands up either side of his neck and pressed her full breasts against his chest as she stood close within the circle of his arms. Like little tiny pin pricks, electricity danced over his skin where ever her body happened to touch, but instead of feeling discomfort, he found his body responding to her unusual chemistry. He grabbed her by the waist with one arm and pulled her close, using his knee to part her legs so that he could grind her against his body to the seductive beat of the music.

She followed his lead without breaking the intense stare between them, and as all the lights danced and changed around them, he could feel the tiny sparks that seemed to jump from her body to his as he led her across the floor in a fast, sexy dance where they each seemed to attempt to take control.

Her hands trailed all up his back, up over his shoulders and into his hair, tugging it back to expose his own neck to her snake like tongue as he danced over his skin. His eyes clouded when she clamped her mouth over his neck and took a nip from his long scarred skin. He grabbed a handful of her hair in return to tug her head back so that she could see his fangs grow over his lips.

She did not seem surprised or scared by it, and in fact she smiled at him and ground her body closer to his.

Raven understood in an instant that she had figured out what made Argos choose his victims, and she was deliberately putting a target on her back by seducing his protege. The only missing piece of the puzzle thus far.

But why had she stopped drinking the holy water that might have ultimately saved her from the beast if she was attacked? Technically she probably could have given the illusion of seducing the both of them, and been a lot safer having done so.

When her eyes traveled over Constantine's shoulder to scope him out in the crowd, Raven heard her unspoken call to him. Her eyes bored into his with a command that would not go unheeded. She glanced down over his frame, from the bare torso only covered by his open black leather jacket, to the tight leather pants that grew even more restrictive as he watched her sexy dance with Constantine.

Raven responded by striding onto the dance floor. When they spun past, he took his place behind Ginger, which pushed her closer toward Constantine. He and his master shared a look that needed no words to define. They had been here before; a supple human between them, whose only purpose was to fuck them both.

Constantine grabbed Raven's strong forearms as they pinned Ginger between their rock hard bodies. She felt the evidence of both of their passions, which made her lean her head back, eyes closed, and unwittingly offer her clean virgin neck for them to see.

Raven's fangs sprung from his mouth as his eyes grew dark with the intensity of his lust, and he – like Constantine – grew harder and more aroused by the vibrating sensation of her skin against theirs. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head to the side to reveal the soft, sweet skin of her neck to Constantine.

He groaned as he bent forward and ran his mouth along the curve of her neck. His lips tingled as he tasted her on his tongue, like touching the tip of a battery. His fangs scraped against her but did not penetrate. For some strange reason he felt himself reluctant to take her right here on this dance floor even though that seemed to be her original intent.

Instead he lifted up, his hand replaced Raven's in her hair and he offered up the other side of her neck to his master.

Raven mirrored his actions on the other side of her neck, and she felt herself reach the threshold of what temptation she could bear. Not only did her pussy ache to be filled with them, her neck burned to be possessed by their fangs as they sucked her blood at last.

She had been there before, at the door of death, because of her deep abiding love for a vampire lord she couldn't bare to lose.

But now it was pure animal lust in between these two powerful vampires who were playing her body like an fine instrument.

Raven's hands went to her waist while Constantine's cupped a breast in either hand. Ginger laid her head back against Raven's shoulder and whispered into his ear, "Touch me."

Raven shuddered against her at the power of her command, and uncharacteristically he complied. His hand slipped around her waist and into the slit of her dress, where he realized that she wore nothing underneath. He whispered her name in her ear as his fingers dove in between the sweet part of her legs where she was wet and ready for him to explore. Constantine parted her thighs with his knee and Raven's fingers disappeared up inside of her, making her cry out in pleasure.

They did not care they were in the middle of the dance floor, and other vampires circled around them in their own erotic dances, turned on by what they saw and wanting to see more.

All Raven could think about was her tight, hot pussy grasping his fingers and the very real volt it sent through his whole body. He could almost imagine what it would feel like to shove his cock up inside of her, and the thought made him impossibly hard in his tight leather pants.

Impatiently he grabbed the belt on Constantine's pants. He slid it from its loops, fumbled only momentarily with the button of his pants and then pushed down the zipper. The hard shaft fell right into his master's hand, and Constantine gasped out loud as Raven grasped it purposely and guided him right to her waiting hole.

Her leg wrapped around his hip so that he could enter her right there in the middle of the crowd. Constantine followed her lead and began to pump slowly inside her while Raven's fingers danced over the sensitive head of her clitoris. The loud music drowned out her cries of pleasure as she came right then and there. She reached behind her to pull Raven's head into her neck, but instead of biting her he sucked her skin into his mouth while she shuddered all around Constantine's hard, throbbing cock.

Raven lifted her ass into both of his hands and spread her wide for Constantine's demanding thrusts. The small audience that surrounded them on the dance floor watched transfixed as he openly fucked her right there for all to see. She glanced down to watch that thick meat slide in and out of her and it nearly sent her over the edge all over again.

Then she finally realized they stood in a very public circle, and the males around them had released their own hard cocks and were stroking themselves off in the same rhythm she was being fucked. She cried out and came hard all over Constantine, who bucked even harder – riding her to his own explosive orgasm.

She seemed to vibrate around him in a thousand different little shudders that sent a million little electrical sensations over the sensitive head of his cock all the way down his shaft to his balls. His fangs bared he dove in to satisfy his blood lust as he spent his load inside this willing, strange but incredible cunt.

Only it wasn't her virgin neck he penetrated, but Raven's. The taste of his blood on Constantine's lips made him cum at once into Ginger as each drop exploded on his tongue in a psychedelic kaleidoscope more intense than the effects of any drug.

Seeing Constantine at Raven's neck made her whimper for more. Just hearing him suck from the vampire behind her made her pussy clamp down tighter onto his cock. Why were they making her wait?

After a moment, Constantine stumbled backward away from both of them, his cock softening and Raven's blood dripping from his fangs. Raven eased her feet back onto the floor as he turned her around into the circle of his arms.

She spied the dark red blood as it dribbled from the two puncture holes in his neck. She reached forward, mouth open, but Raven instead pulled back her head with a firm hair tug, and planted a hard, demanding kiss on her lips.

It didn't spark like before, but it certainly felt like no kiss they'd ever before experienced. His long tongue reached deep in her mouth and she crushed herself against him, offering him her body while he took possession of her mouth.

His hands slid down her body to cup her ass in both hands, and then back up again to wind themselves in her hair. He want to touch her, to kiss her... to taste her.

From behind she felt long, strong fingers open her long skirt as they rubbed up her thighs. Raven kissed his way down her body until he knelt down in front of her, and tossed his jacket free. His long hair hung over his bare shoulders as he stared up at her with those bottomless brown eyes. He ran fingers up each leg from ankle to thigh, and her legs trembled as she spread herself for him.

He never broke their gaze as his fingers traveled back and forth over the highly charged nerves of her throbbing pussy. He finger fucked her slowly and deliberately until she was screaming and bucking against his hands.

She was a puppet to their mastery as lovers and authors of seduction.

When his mouth clamped over her engorged clit she thought she might just black out. His serpentine tongue circled around her, over her, across back and forth relentlessly orgasm after orgasm until she was begging him to fuck her. She needed to feel him inside of her.

He stood slowly, rising up against her body like a shadow, until his mouth landed on hers and she could taste herself on his lips. She felt those same strong hands reach around to unfasten Raven's pants and release his thick, hard meat. She opened her legs as she felt Constantine guide his master's cock toward her quivering pussy.

The minute Raven sunk into her he thought he might die from sheer pleasure at the very edge of pain. His cock came alive inside her pussy walls as electricity danced over each and every nerve's end. As he began stroking in and out of her, the friction just heightened the sensation.

He lost himself in her deep green eyes as he rode her, a slave to her passion. In her eyes he saw a longing he clearly recognized, but he knew he could not drink of her blood.

The moment her blood mixed with his would be the beginning of his death.

She was at the very edge of danger for them now, but she was still dangerous.

Like a gun with only a couple of bullets left.

So as he fucked her he concentrated on every other sensation.

The way she felt tight around his dick.

The way her eyes looked, half open and cloudy with a passion for him that was more than she probably expected.

The way her milky white breasts bounced with each powerful stroke, as he endeavored to get deeper inside her with every thrust.

The sparks between them felt like a bunch of tiny fingers all over every inch of him, from his mouth and lips right down to the head of his cock.

He thrust into her harder, pushing her back against Constantine's naked, growing cock. With every stroke he felt like his entire body had been asleep and was just now waking up to her touch.

Constantine reached around her and grabbed Raven's ass in both hands, urging his master to fuck her harder while he rubbed himself against the curve of her ass. He watched other couples fucking on the dance floor, having turned the entire thing into a full fledged orgy, and he desperately wanted to shove himself up into her tight ass... but he wanted his master to get his first.

He had renewed him with the gift of his blood, and it was the least that Constantine could do, to offer up this unusual human to him and him alone just once this lustful evening.

He had the feeling his time would come.

Raven began to fuck her faster, due to Constantine's urging and her loud pleas. The harder he plowed into her, the more he felt the lightning between them grow. But he couldn't let that stop him now. He had to have her, and nothing aside from his skin peeling from his body was going to stop him.

So he pressed her more onto Constantine's body as he drove himself into her with powerful, masterful strokes. When Constantine pulled Raven's head forward by winding his long strong fingers in his master's hair, to kiss her deep and hard, it was Constantine's fangs he felt pierce into his skin.

As he felt his blood splash into Constantine's mouth he couldn't hold back anymore. He shoved himself deep inside of Ginger and came so hard Constantine had to keep holding him up.

When he finally could step away and pull himself from her body, he realized everyone in the club was fucking around them, and no longer paying any attention to them at all. He, Ginger and Constantine stumbled across to the bar, where Xavier sat jacking off as he watched the incredibly lustful scene.

He smiled at Ginger when she took her seat at the bar. "Want some of this now?"

"She's ours," Raven told him decisively as he positioned himself between Xavier and Ginger. What he had wanted to say was, "She's mine", but he somehow expected that was not her purpose for her very skillful, and very public, seduction of the both of them.

But as he looked into her eyes, there was something more. He said nothing as he stroked the hair from her face with a gentle fingertip, then pulled her into the crook of her arm while they watched the people participating in carnal activities all over the dance floor.

He ran his fingers along her scalp as they looked on. Women and women, women and men, even a couple of guys were all fucking their brains out under the bright strobe lights to a soundtrack that had not yet stopped.

Cocks disappeared into tight little pussies, mouths bobbed on thick, stiff shafts. Fingers and tongues probed inside of wet little holes and enormous dicks stuffed themselves in tight little asses. Tongues, fingers, hands all explored over naked flesh while moans and cries of pleasure rose in a chorus from all over the club.

Constantine began to stroke off as he watched, and when Raven looked down at Ginger he realized she wasn't watching the sexy scene before her.

She was looking into his eyes.

He reached down for another kiss, so tender as his full lips parted and his mouth covered hers. And as his tongue slipped between her lips he felt his cock stir once more.

He took her hand and led her silently back to their quarters.

Constantine followed obediently.

It was there where morning found the tired, sated huntress as she sat on the edge of the bed where her vampire lovers slept.

She knew that the Creature would now not be able to resist to return where Raven walks.

And she was ready.

She sipped from a bottle of water and she waited.

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