So, a few years ago, when I was in college, I knew this girl. We'll call her Rain for the sake of protecting the not so innocent. Rain was a great girl, but did she ever throw me for a loop one night.

See, Rain and I had been lovers for a couple of months. She wasn't what I would consider a girlfriend. More like a fuck buddy. She was good looking, about five foot three or four, dark hair, dark eyes, small pert breasts. Like I said: attractive without being hot.

For some unknown reason, I hadn't been able to make her orgasm. Not that I actually cared that much. I mean, yeah, I understand a woman needs to get off every now and then, but hey...this was about me.

Our third time in bed, she told me she liked pain, so I did everything I could think of to cause her that delightful bit of pain that would take her over the edge. I spanked her. I bit her. I gave her massive, nasty looking hickies. Nothing worked. It was enough to give a guy a complex.

Then, one night, the night of the really bad storm, she called, telling me she had figured it out and that she would be over soon to have me take care of it. I couldn't wait.

She showed up at my door, looking like a drowned cat. Her makeup was a mess, her hair hung down in strings and she was shivering. I brought her inside and took her in to take a shower to warm up. I stayed with her while she warmed up, sitting under the spray of my shower.

"Fallen," she said, since for whatever reason, that was what she called me. "I need you to do something for me."

"What's that, kitten," I asked from my spot on the bathroom floor. She didn't like me calling her 'kitten' but I didn't like her calling me 'Fallen' either, so it evened out.

"I told you I figured out why I couldn't...you know..."

"Orgasm," I finished for her.


"Okay. What is it?" I tossed my old role-playing magazine on the floor, the article on spell choices for clerics boring me.

"I need you to go outside and I'll show you when I'm out."

I shook my head and mumbled okay. I stood up and walked out, putting some music on. I lay down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. I heard the water turn off and heard Rain using my favorite towel. I knew it was my favorite because it was the only one in the bathroom.

The next thing I heard was a small plastic bag being used in the bathroom. I couldn't tell what she was doing. I wasn't even sure I cared. I closed my eyes and laced my fingers behind my head.

Maybe I dozed off or maybe I just zoned out. Either way, I was interrupted from it, whatever it was, by her voice.

"Fallen? I'm ready."

I opened my eyes, turned my head and looked at her. She had my towel wrapped around her and she had rubber bands around her wrists and ankles and a large one around her neck. Now, I've done some kinky stuff, but this was weird even form me.

"What the hell is this," I asked, levering myself into a sitting position. I looked her up and down; she had two or three rubber bands on her wrists and ankles. I just shook my head. She lowered hers.

"I discovered the other day that what gets me off is rubber bands snapping on my body."

"What?" That was all I could say. This whole thing sounded so ludicrous. I wasn't sure I wanted to have any part of it.

"Please, Fallen," she whined. At that point, she knew I'd do anything just to shut her up.

"Fine," I snarled, getting undressed. "Get your ass on the bed." She dropped her towel and I saw that both of her nipple rings had rubber bands through then but that her clit ring didn't. She climbed onto the bed and laid on her back, opening her legs to me.

"Oh, Fallen! Please fuck me! I need you so bad!" I climbed on top of her and with no preamble, shoved my cock into her to the hilt, making her yelp.

"Okay, now what," I asked as I slammed into her over and over, not honestly caring whether she got off this time.

She held her right arm up to me and said, "Now, snap the rubber bands." I did so and she shrieked and I could feel the difference in her slit. When I snapped her, she clenched down on me in a way she never had before.

She raised her left arm and I did it again, with the same result. I pulled on the rubber bands attached to her nipple rings and let them go at the same time, turning her breasts bright red while making her nipples hard and making her pussy shudder like I never had before.

I leaned back and put her legs up on my shoulders, snapping the bands at her ankles, her eyes closing and her mouth opening in a squeal. I fucked her harder and harder, snapping at her ankles the entire time and I felt her pussy start to tremble. She was getting close.

I shoved her legs off of my shoulders and pushed her knees back by her head, power fucking her now, bouncing her ass off the bed. I snarled down at her, a strand of saliva dripping from my lips. I reached down and grabbed the band around her neck, holding my hand off to the side. I didn't want to pop her in the throat and then have to nurse her back to health.

I let go of it and it made a loud smacking sound as it hit her neck, making her jump and groan as her pussy exploded on my cock, her whole body shaking. She screamed out my name and then went limp, her chest heaving, her face flushed. If her chest hadn't been moving, I would've thought she was dead. Like I didn't have enough problems.

I tried getting her attention, trying to tell her that I still had to get off too. She just lay there like this was the greatest thing ever. I just said 'fuck it' mentally and started jerking off, finally cumming all over stomach a few minutes later. At least I didn't get my sheets dirty.

I shoved her over to the side, her eyes almost completely rolled back in her head. I pushed her over against the wall and laid down next to her, keeping all the covers so she wouldn't get cum on them.

In the morning, as she got up to leave silently, I said, "Kitten." She turned and looked at me. "Leave the rubber bands. I might want to use them again." She smiled, nodded and walked out.

I bet I could use them when Whisper came over.

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