(This is my first story submission. I hope you like it)


He was only one of few left from a population of ten billion. Like the other scouts, he had been entrusted with ten years of genetic research and development. They had been sent out in various directions from their home planet to find a suitable place to re-populate their race because their planet was dying. The sun that had provided it with life for millions of years was burning up its last bit of nuclear fuel and would soon end up as a burned out shell of its former self. Very soon it would be as cold and lifeless as the rocky moon that orbited the planet. What hopefully would save his race was the fact that the scientists had seen it coming in time to do something about it. Although their advanced knowledge could do nothing about their sun's demise, they had come up with a plan to keep their race from dying out with the sun.

His race had developed space travel but had not really used it for anything more than studying the planets of his own solar system. With his sun's impending demise, all that changed. All of the planet's resources had shifted to improving the range of the small space exploration fleet, and to find a way of carrying the population's genes to a suitable planet to inhabit. To that end, the scientists had enhanced each star ship to be capable of light speed travel, able to reach distant worlds in a search for a new home. Because space on each starship was so limited, there was room for only one of is kind to pilot it. All other space was devoted to carrying the precious cargo of genetic fluid and the devices that would facilitate it's dispersal.

It seemed like an impossible task at first. Find a species similar enough to their own that the genetic fluid being carried, combined with host male DNA, would bind with that of the host species egg cells during impregnation. The host species would treat the developing embryo as its own, raising it to adulthood. The host species would not know that during the maturation process, the alien DNA had already replace the host DNA completely, thus creating a living being from the dying planet light years away. This method had to be accomplished without the host's knowledge, otherwise the host might destroy all the affected young, and the stores of the genetic fluid the traveler carried.

As the traveler reflected upon those thoughts, he realized that he had been in space long enough that by now, his world's sun had died, taking his home planet with it. He turned from his flight console to look back at the cylinders of genetic fluid he carried and vowed that he would not fail in his mission. Also in the cargo hold was the devices that would help implement the plan the genetic material's dispersal.

His eyes returned back to his flight console as he gazed at what he was approaching. Just ahead of him was a promising planet; its soft blue color indicated large bodies of water, necessary for life. His long range scans were promising too. The scans had indicated that the planet had large populations of a species that was compatible with his plan. It had abundant resources and a climate similar to his home planet. With such a positive indication, he made the commitment to execute his plan on this particular planet. Dropping out of stardrive, he engaged the ship's cloaking device and coasted into the planet's darkened atmosphere.

Running detail scans of the terrain below him, he came up with a landing spot that offered the most promise of encountering hosts. It had large populations of the host species of the age of development that would be good for reproduction. He landed on a large land mass that jutted far out into a large body of water. His landing spot was close to the coast that had large stretches of sand leading up to the water's edge.

- - - - - - -

Because it was still dark, not many people close to the Florida beach took notice of the brief noise that sounded like a rushing wind. It was spring break and the thousands of college kids were asleep or passed out from excessive drinking. Having landed, the traveler immediately set to work. No one noticed the large modernistic module being set up close to the beach. On two of its opposing sides, there rows of doors. On one side, all the doors had a symbol for host females. On the other side, the doors had symbols for host males.

As the day dawned and the college kids started to come out to the beach, more and more of them noticed the new portable toilets, and were grateful to the city for finally listening, and paying attention to their bodily function needs. As the sun worked its way across the sky, more and more of the college students made their way to the beach. All of them brought great quantities of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Therefore, it wasn't long before there was a need for some of them to use those new public toilets.

The first to check out the new public toilets was an 18 yr old guy name George. When he opened the door, he was totally amazed. These were the most modernistic toilets he had ever seen. There was a list of instructions on the wall that explained all the features. As George stepped up to the urinal to pee, he felt a light breeze from above. The instructions explained that there was down draft ventilation to keep smells from drifting up into the person's face. Unknown to George, the sensors all around were analyzing his body. Very quickly the computer determined he did not fit the profile that had been programmed into the 'unit'. George finished up and exited the toilet.

As George was finishing, a 19 yr old college boy named Jim entered the toilet a couple doors down. Jim too was impressed at the new facilities. They were more like a work of art than a utilitarian necessity. Just like George, he moved up close to take a pee, and just like George, the sensors quickly analyzed his body. They took note of his toned body. His large balls complimented his 9 inch cock. As Jim was finishing, the computer made a decision. Jim fit the profile.

Jim didn't notice a different scent in the down draft of air above him. It was an airborne chemical that rendered him unaware of what was going on. In a flash, Jim felt himself pushed forward. Because his body was tight up against the fixture, he could not see the large tube that came out of it. It quickly attached itself to his cock, sucking the length of it into the tube. Once his cock was fully engulfed into the tube, the sides of the tube started to massage his cock while firmly sucking on it. Jim was oblivious to what was going on and was lost in the pleasure the tube was applying to his cock. Within a short time, Jim's balls tightened up and his cock started shooting shot after shot of cum. The tube around his cock kept sucking, pulling his cum through a small hose into a collection vial. After the lost shot of cum had been collected and Jim's cock started to soften, the large tube released its hold on Jim's cock and retracted out of sight. The chemical mist stop spaying and Jim found himself standing there thinking he had just finished peeing and he wanted to get back to his friends on the beach.

As the day progressed, the beach became packed with college kids and the 'public toilets' were getting a lot of use. There was a constant stream of guys needing to pee and each one was scanned to see if he fit the profile. Those that fit the profile, were 'milked' of their cum without being aware of what was happening. By noon, the 'unit' had collected a large volume of cum and now began to 'process' it.

The 'unit' was all automated, carrying out the program the scientists had put into it. As the 'unit' kept on 'collecting' from its unwilling subjects into a second collection jar, the 'unit' took the first batch and started working with it. It first took a sample, analyzing the contents for its viability and compatibility with the genetic fluid it had stored. When all the tests were done and the results were good, the 'unit' measured out a volume of the genetic fluid and added it to the first batch of cum.

At once, the genetic fluid went to work, coating the outer surface of the head of sperm cell, invigorating each sperm cell to find a waiting egg to combine with. The object was not to kill the cell but use it to help the genetic material find and penetrate the awaiting egg cell. The next step was to find a host. The 'unit' didn't have long to wait. Although the college co-eds had been using the new 'facilities' all morning long, the unit was now ready for its new hosts.

Ginny had been on the beach for a few hours now, soaking up the sun, working on her tan. She was a stunning 5' 7", 125 lbs, with a luscious set of boobs and ass that any guy would crave. Her long brown hair flowed like ocean waves as it trailed halfway down her back, perfectly accenting her firm breasts and perfectly tanned skin. Having had a number of drinks since she had arrived on the beach, she was now needing to pee real bad and the new toilets the city had installed the night before were a welcome sight. She opened one of the doors, stepped in and locked it.

When she turned around, she was pleasantly surprised to find that it had an ultra-modern look of something you'd find in one of the high priced hotels just off the beach. It had a sink to wash-up with and an actual bidet type toilet so you wouldn't have to deal with the mess of toilet paper all over the floor. She also noticed there was a light breeze from above. The instructions on the wall said that the unit employed down draft ventilation to keep odors from reaching the occupant's nose. There was a little shelf to set things on so they wouldn't end up on the floor.

Ginny was very grateful for the sink because she had gotten some sand in her bikini top, irritating her nipples, and it would give her the opportunity to wash it out. She untied the strings holding it on and laid the top on the sink. She untied the strings to her bikini bottoms and laid them over the sink as well. Even though she needed to pee real bad, she couldn't help looking in the mirror to admire her toned ass and firm breasts, with near perfect nipples.

Having made another inspection of her perfect body, one of many in any given day, she sat down on the toilet to take a much needed pee. As she sat there relieving herself, she started to read the instructions posted on the opposite wall. It told her that this was an automated, state of the art bidet. The instructions indicated that once she had finished, she was to place her hands on the bars to the side of her and a little forward of where she was sitting. The instructions said that once she placed her hands on the bars, the unit would automatically direct a spray at her pussy and ass to clean her off. Once that was done, another nozzle would direct a jet of warm air to dry her off. She was to keep her hands on the bars until the unit was finished. Ginny thought to herself that she could really get used to this kind of pampering.

When she finished peeing, she placed her hands on the bars, feeling a slight tingle. She passed it off to just the electronics of the unit sensing she was done and activating the cleaning process. As she sat there she felt the warm spray gently cleaning her ass, then move to wash her pussy. As she sat there, she started to realize that the jet of warm water was spending a lot of time on her pussy, specifically her clit. She passed it off to finally being able to use a bidet that was designed to accommodate a woman. The attention to her clit was having the effect of making her wet and horny. The spray nozzle retracted and the air nozzle came out to dry he ass and pussy. As with the water nozzle, the air nozzle spent a lot of time drying her pussy, specifically her clit. The jet of warm air on her clit was like someone's finger tip playing with it. She found herself deeply aroused.

Unknown to Ginny, the 'unit' had been scanning her body since she had set foot in it. It had been scanning body dimensions, temperature, and smells. Based on body temperature and the smells from her sex, it had determined that she was at her most fertile time. It had made the decision that this was a perfect host.

The jet of warm air stopped, just as Ginny was getting used to the ministrations on her clit. Her heart was starting to beat faster and she knew her pussy was damp. Thinking that the 'unit' was done, she tried to pull her hands off the bars but found they were stuck like they had been glued to them. It was not glue that held her hands to the bars, it was her own hands that gripped the bars tightly. The bars had been designed to trigger a grip reflex, much like receiving an electrical shock. Try as had as she could, she could not pull her hands free.

It was also at this time that she noticed restraining cuffs had reached out and latched around her ankles. Once her ankles were secure, the hand holds started to move upward, stretching her arms up, lifting her whole body off the toilet. It was then that a padded bar swung up from the floor into her stomach. The hand holds then moved down and forward, pulling her upper body down and forward so that it was parallel to the floor. What a sight this was, her feet spread apart, folded over a bar, with her boobs hanging down. She started yelling for help, for someone to come get her out of this contraption.

While she struggled and yelled, the wall behind her opened up. To each side of her, small arms swung underneath her hanging tits, and another swung out toward her face. A sausage sized appendage, similar to a large cock suddenly appeared in front of her face. What before, what she thought was an automated device malfunction, took on the new realization of terror. As she started to open her mouth to scream, the cock like appendage in front of her face shoved forward into her mouth. Even if she had been able to scream, nobody would have heard her through the sound proof walls. She tried to dislodge the cock like thing from her mouth but it was useless. At the time the cock had entered her mouth, two restraints wrapped around her head making it impossible for her to get it completely out of her mouth.

At first it was lifeless piece of a relatively rigid shaft resembling a cock. It had no smell or taste, yet it was warm like cock. Very soon she began to taste something. It was the chemical substance that would begin to calm her down and cloud her judgment. As the chemical began to take effect, she found herself sucking on this artificial cock to get more of the fluid coming from it. She closed her lips over it tightly, sucking on it like her life depended on it. At the same time her tongue was working the underside of the artificial cock because she found the more she sucked and licked, the more tasty fluid she would get from it.

She was so involved in the artificial cock in her mouth, she didn't notice at first the small probes that attached themselves to her tits and clit. It was only after they started rhythmically sucking that she noticed the new sensation. It only took a short while before both her tits and clit became rock hard nubs. The stimulation was intense. Her nipples were harder and more sensitive that they have ever been. The stimulation on her clit was causing her pussy to become so wet it was like a swamp.

With so much stimulation on her tits and clit, and with her mind focused on sucking the artificial cock, she hardly noticed the second artificial cock approaching her pussy. This one was bigger than the one in her mouth. It was a good 10 inches long and fatter then the most well endowed porn star. It had a small hole in the head of it with bumps and ridges along its entire length. As the head of it touched her pussy, she let out a small gasp, muffled by the artificial cock still in her mouth. By now her tits and clit had received so much stimulation, her pussy was just begging to be fucked. The artificial cock at her pussy was more than eager to oblige. It effortlessly pushed in until the head of it disappeared. Ginny's juices had lubricated her channel, making it easy to penetrate her. Onward, the artificial cock pushed into her until the entire length of it was inside her, bumping up against the opening of her cervix. When it hit her cervix, she did a long deep gasp. She had never had anything fill her so completely before.

The artificial cock started to slide out and instinctively her cunt muscles tried to squeeze it to keep it in. Just as the head of it was about to pop out of her, it started to shove in again until it was again as far into her as it would go. The process repeated itself, pulling out and plunging back in again. Over and over. Speeding up a little with each stroke. Ginny was going crazy. There was a cock in her mouth that she couldn't get enough of, a cock in her cunt that was giving her the best fucking she had ever had, and her tits and clit were being sucked like their was not tomorrow. It was during this time that an automated voice repeated commands that she would bear a child, not be concerned, and raise it to adulthood.

It was inevitable that she was quickly approaching an orgasm. The sensors in the 'unit' were monitoring everything. There even sensors in the cock in her cunt, monitoring the approach of her orgasm. Right before the instant of her orgasm, the 'unit' was programmed to fire a blast of the modified cum into her cunt, using the orgasmic contractions of her cunt to suck the cum deeper into her waiting uterus, where the egg would be waiting to be fertilized. Her orgasm was like a volcano rumbling before a catastrophic eruption. As it built, her whole body started to tremble. When it hit, it hit hard. Had a cock not been in her mouth, her screams would probably penetrated the sound proofing. She shook so violently, that the 'unit' shook slightly with her.

At the moment of her orgasm, the cock in her pussy fired a large jet of the artificial cum into her uterus where it was helped along by the vice like contractions of her cunt. Her orgasm was so strong, she was still shaking 10 minutes later. After the cock in her pussy and injected the measured dose of modified cum, it injected a substance that would block her cervix for a couple days. This would give the artificial cum time to do its work. With that, it withdrew back into the wall. The probes on her clit and tits also detached and returned to their hiding places. The cock retracted from her mouth, with Ginny's tongue trying to lap up the last drops of nectar it had been providing her all along. It too retracted out of sight. The bars her hands had been gripping, lifted her body back up again until it was straight while the bar she had been bent over retracted back into the floor. The hand holds gently lowered her body back down onto the toilet then returned to the position when Ginny had first sat down to pee.

The 'unit' was programmed to remove all outward appearances that the subject had been fucked. It again, rinsed her down and air dried her. The hand holds deactivated, letting Ginny hold them on her own. The substance the cock in her mouth had been feeding her a substance that helped pacify her during her fucking but if would also block her short term memory of what had happen. Only the audio programming she had received while being fucked would remain. She would not question how she got pregnant and she would dutifully raise the child she bore.

Coming back to her senses, Ginny seemed momentarily confused but quickly chalked it up to having intensely enjoying the pampering this futuristic, automated toilet had provided. She got up, rinsed the sand out of her bikini top and bottom, and put them on. With one last look in the mirror, it seemed like she radiated an extra 'glow' about herself. With a quick self approval, she unlocked the door and walked back to her towel on the beach. As Ginny walked back to her spot on the beach, she passed other co-eds headed for the new public toilets. Without much of a thought she laid down on her beach towel to resume working on her tan, and to be the object of admiration of the college guys on the beach.

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