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Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 03




Welcome dear readers to Chapter three of our tasty vampire tale. Thanks for the lovely comments already bestowed on chapters one and two. We hope that you enjoy the latest unfurling of our ongoing story.

As ever, I will warn those unfamiliar with our work that this tale is heavy on M/M pairings and vampirism. We like dark psychosis and inexplicable behaviour so if you don't like to think outside the box, go find your stroke fodder elsewhere.

To the rest of you. Imbibe. Enjoy. Steal at your soul's immortal peril!




When they got back to the villa Rayne said he was going to smoke. Xavier headed to the bedroom. The ride home had only given time for the last few shots of vodka he'd drowned to catch up to him. He left his clothes scattered across the floor and fell into the bed.

When someone clambered in behind him and quickly snuggled up he figured Rayne had changed his mind, until he registered that his companion was already quite toasty warm. And clearly ready for some action too. Xav rolled to his back, looking up into dark eyes.

"Wha' you doing?" he asked in a sleepy slightly slurred voice.

Chavez brought a hand up, cupped Xavier's cheek and kissed his soft lips.

"You look lonely in this big bed. I thought I'd keep you company," he whispered suggestively.

"That's…uh, nice…but, I don't think Ray's gonna want to share the bed, you know?"

"He stays in Aldo's bed sometimes. I saw them out by the pool just now. I think Aldo will do him hard tonight."

Xavier didn't say anything, but his eyes closed for a moment. When he opened them again he cleared his throat.

"Maybe you should sleep in your own bed tonight, Chavez," he said, his words a little husky and thick.

Chavez covered his reaction quickly but not fast enough. The hurt glinted for a few moments longer in his dark eyes, then his expression hardened.

"You know... I just didn't want you to be alone," he murmured, leaning across Xavier to steal a kiss. "You don't know how it is with those two."

It took a second or two before Xavier turned his head, breaking off the kiss. He wanted to move away but was finding it difficult to think much less move.

"I know how it is," he said. "Whatever Rayne and I got is temporary, he's never said otherwise. I don't need you to remind me."

His bedmate mellowed again, curling around him a bit more, reluctant to let him stop there.

"Well then," he whispered in a fairly reasonable tone. "If you know how it is then why'd you have a problem with me being here? Unless... you just don't fancy me?"

Chavez pouted a little and gave Xav his best come back to bed smile.

"I didn't say I didn't like you, Valentino." Xavier sighed, wishing he could shake off the liquor for just a few minutes so he could think straight and not fuck things up. But he had a feeling he was going to anyway. "I just… don't think it's a good idea for you to be here right now."

"If it scares you that much, what he's gonna think, then what does that say about how he is around you?" Chavez sat back, giving him some space. He could see that Xavier wasn't going to be persuaded easily, though the admission that Xav did at least like him brought a little smile to his face. "He don't give a fuck about anyone's feelings, chico. Why should you be so worried about his?"

Xavier's eyes glittered darkly in the light filtering through the open window.

"I just do, okay." He rolled over onto his side and curled into a ball, pulling the cover up over his shoulder. "Just leave me alone." He sounded petulant and he didn't fucking care, he just wanted Chavez to quit pestering him about Rayne already.

Chavez shrugged unhappily and heaved himself up with a shake of his head.

"You made your bed," he sighed and wandered back towards the door wondering idly if Dom and that little blond he'd brought home wanted to play. He stopped in the doorway and looked back though. Xavier looked so sad huddled up there all alone. "You sure you don't want me to hang on, just in case...?" he asked optimistically.

Xavier didn't turn or say anything, he just shook his head.


Rayne managed to relax a little once they were back at the villa and he was able to retreat to the moonlit peace of the pool terrace and light up. He was conscious that he smoked less when he was around Xavier and the guys, they were such a health-conscious bunch it drove him crazy sometimes. Even though he knew that he was getting no physical effects from the nicotine rush, either good or bad, the psychological craving was harder to shake off. Somehow he just felt more at ease when he was able to light a cigarette and suck down the rush of heat, holding it for a while in his lungs, letting it swirl in his blood. He didn't care if it was a bad habit, it was his habit and he was going to indulge it for a few moments now.

His ears picked up the light brush of unshod feet on the tiles and the soft splash of something substantial lancing smoothly into the water behind him. He turned and leaned on the balcony rail, sucking on the filter of his ciggie and watching the lean, dark shadow pass across the shimmering blooms of the pool lights, deep under the surface. It traversed the entire length of the pool without coming up for air, only breaking the surface as it touched the side beneath Rayne's feet. Aldo's dark head erupted from the lightly rippling, clear, blue water and he shook the droplets out of his hair like a shaggy dog, gulping down a breath of air and then another.

"Thanks for that!" Rayne said sarcastically when he judged that the Italian could hear him. He was eyeing the splashes on his boots and trouser legs with mild disgust.

"Come in," Aldo coaxed with a smile. "Play with me."

"Go and play with yourself!" The vampire smiled back though, shaking his head. "Should you swim when you've been drinking all night?"

"It will clear my head." Aldo leaned on the edge of the pool, his bronzed arms looking almost black in the moonlight. The whiteness of his grin was nearly a match for the crescent of lunar brilliance up above. "And it feels good to fuck in the water, no?"

Rayne shrugged, unable to argue with that. He took another pull on the slender wand of tobacco between his fingers and breathed a plume of smoke into the sky.

"I'd love to, but I'm on a promise."

For a moment they were silent, just staring at one another fondly. Aldo forced a short, awkward laugh.

"What did Barclay say to you, down on the beach?" he asked at last.

"If you'd had the balls to come down yourself, you'd know," Rayne answered a touch too sharply.

"I did not think that you wanted to see me." Aldo sighed and rested his head in his folded arms, the water splashing gently around him as he drifted at the edge of the pool, kicking out lazily. The moonlight gilded his sculpted thighs and his naked back and firm, high buttocks. He was a truly beautiful sight.

When the vampire did not bother to qualify that statement either way, he looked up again.

"I did not mean to hurt you," he implored quietly. "I thought that you knew how my feelings lay."

Rayne sucked the last dregs of life out of his smoke and stubbed it out viciously in the flower bed on the ledge behind him. He crouched down now, by the lip of the pool and trailed his long fingers through the water.

"You didn't hurt me," he said without looking at the other man. "It's not like that. You just made me consider stuff that I wasn't ready to think about. And I didn't like any of the ideas that I was having."

"I can see that you would rather be with the boy," Aldo told him bravely.

"No you can't," Rayne said with a shake of his head. "Aldo, I don't know what I want. Or rather... I know what I want but I don't know that I can have it. It's not just about whether I'd rather be with you or Xavier, even though that's a bastard of a choice to have to make."

He sighed and leaned back against the wall, sinking into a sitting position there and running a hand through his hair.

"Clay said 'why couldn't I be with both of you?' if you must know," he added at last, laughing humourlessly.

"That could be... fun," Aldo conceded, a wry smile twisting his lips. "So why can't you?"

"If it was just sex, it wouldn't be a problem," Rayne told him frankly.

"But it's not?" his friend was smiling more broadly now.

"You know it's not," Rayne said, a little warning frown creasing his brow.

"I don't know anything where your head is concerned," Aldo responded, pushing himself away from the side and kicking back towards him again restlessly. "Sometimes I think that maybe you have feelings for me and then you go and smash my heart against the rocks and I think, perhaps not!"

"I was an idiot back in Agde," Rayne confessed, letting his head fall into his hands ruefully. "Just a kid, scared of everything. I didn't even trust how you felt about me."

"But now...?" Aldo prompted with a winning smile.

"Now I just know you're a big lug with an ego to match your dick, so it don't matter, does it?" Rayne baited him.

"You only say this because you cannot wait to feel my big dick inside you." Aldo placed his hands flat on the sides of the pool and pushed up, rising from the water like a sea god, his sleek, naked body glistening as the fluid ran down over every curve and ripple, showing off his powerful muscles. One muscle in particular was straining to show itself off to its best effect.

"Poser!" Rayne said, rolling his eyes and reaching for another cigarette. As he lit it, the golden glow of the flame from his lighter illuminated the sharp, gaunt lines of his beautiful face briefly, then plunged him back into shadows.

Aldo half turned, sitting on the lip of the pool, moonbathing contentedly as his feet swung back and forth in the water. He was impossibly handsome, Rayne had to admit. Rugged, sexy and affectionate. Every gay guy's dream!

"Why are you still single?" he wanted to know.

"Because I wait for the love of my life to say 'yes'!" Aldo teased, blowing him a kiss.

"Because no one could love you as much as you do," Rayne pointed out cruelly.

"When a man lives alone he can chose who he wishes to be with, no?" Aldo said, rather more solemnly.

"Not always," Rayne flashed back.

"True, but there is less... restriction."

His lean, English companion nodded slowly. "Yeah... I guess so."

"This is not why you live alone?" Aldo wanted to know.

"I... I never found anyone I liked enough to share my space with," Rayne lied.

"No one will tolerate your filthy habits?" Aldo teased.

"I guess not." He blew a streamer of smoke into the Italian's face and Aldo waved it away, cursing softly in his own tongue.

For a moment they looked seriously at one another. Then Aldo murmured; "The boy would, if you would let him."

"Leave it!" Rayne shook his head in admonishment.

"I would."

Aldo looked up at him with a sad smile as Rayne pushed himself to his feet and stubbed out his second cigarette emphatically. Long fingers trailed through the Italian's wet black hair as Rayne passed him on his way back to the house.

"I know you would," he whispered sadly.


Rayne came to bed about half an hour after Xavier, having shed his clothes onto the floor and showered briefly. The blond was curled up on the bed, too wrecked to even get under the covers, although he had stumbled out of his clothes, for which his mate was quietly grateful.

Rayne snuggled up to the smooth, golden line of his naked back and touched his lips to the nape of Xavier's neck.

"You are so fuckin' beautiful, you know that?" he whispered softly there, unsure if the boy was asleep or just pretending. "Fifteen different flavours of trouble, but you aren't half gorgeous for all that!"

Xavier had been sleeping, but he woke as soon as Rayne touched him. He stretched lazily as Rayne murmured along his neck. There was nothing like falling asleep drunk and waking up still drunk.

He turned in Rayne's arms and pressed close, nuzzling up under his chin with little kisses.

"I thought you weren't coming to bed," he murmured as he traced his fingers down Rayne's chest and over his hip. His lips curled in a little smile in the darkness. "But I'm glad you did."

Rayne's lips sought out his and as they touched he whispered; "And here I was thinking you fancied a certain Latino chef tonight! You are one naughty little bitch, aren't you? What should I do to punish you, hmm?"

Xavier could already feel from the growing pressure between his legs that Rayne wasn't terribly upset about Chavez. Although how he knew he'd been with Chavez tonight he wasn't exactly sure, and Rayne didn't enlighten him that he could actually smell faint traces of him on Xav's skin as well as sense what his lover had been up too.

His tongue dipped and swirled between Xavier's parted lips, tasting the sharp afterburn of neat alcohol that still lingered in his mouth. Inspired, he kissed Xav's hot cheek and let his lips trail down over the line of the younger man's jaw to his neck, touching and sucking gently just beneath his earlobe as his hands caressed the blond boy's lean, warm, naked body.

Xavier's chuckle sounded suspiciously like a giggle.

"Mmm…punish me, babe!" His hand drifted between Rayne's legs to stroke his rising erection and Xavier let out a heated little moan. "Spank me, whip me, tie me up… whatever you want," he whispered as he rolled the side of his thumb over the head of Rayne's cock.

"Tease!" Rayne panted hungrily, his breath stolen for a moment by the touch of his lover's hand. "God! You're on fire!"

He kissed the seductive heat of his drunken mate's sweat-damp skin, letting his fangs extend, taking a gentle little bite. Not too much, Xav was still so drunk that it could well affect him too and he didn't want that. Not right now with the lad looking so hot and luscious and downright fuckable.

Xavier gasped, his whole body shivering as Rayne nipped him. He slid his leg forward between Rayne's until he was riding his thigh. Everything always seemed magnified when Rayne bit him, everything more intense. The buzzed feeling was no different; his head spun with a rush of pleasure and for a moment he was sure he was going to pass out. Then he felt Rayne pull back, his wet tongue licking over the nip he'd made. Xavier moaned, his cock throbbing with need.

"I wasn't teasing," he murmured.

A strange look flickered across Rayne's face and was gone just as quickly.

"You want me to spank you?" he queried huskily.

"I like it sometimes." Xavier murmured back.

"But if I get rough with you there's a chance it might hurt you. Really hurt you, I mean." Rayne's lips were touching the shell of his ear, breathing the words there hungrily.

This close to him, his body pressed so tightly to his own, it was not hard to tell how much the idea excited Rayne. He was holding back on it though, keeping himself on a tight leash.

"Just don't get carried away." Xavier said, as if it were as simple as that., and it was really. Rayne was always careful, when he drank from him, not to take too much. He trusted the vampire's self control.

"And don't use a belt," he added. He rolled to his front, the line of his body still pressed to Rayne and his backside presenting a tempting target.

"You are serious aren't you?" Rayne's cool hand caressed the proffered left cheek in quiet wonderment.

Many years ago when he was first sleeping with Matty, that one had enjoyed the rough stuff. They improvised all kinds of bondage games, using towels, belts and luggage straps among other unexpected forms of restraint, graduating to handcuffs once they could afford it. Matt had loved being cuffed, and he didn't even mind the bite of Rayne's studded belt across his arse, but Rayne personally had never been into it all that much. He did it because it made Matt happy.

Xavier lay with his arms stretched above him and his head resting on them. He turned to look up at his lover from where he lay.

"You don't have to, if you don't want," he said softly, although the way Rayne's soft hand caressed over his upturned cheek had him tingling with anticipation.

Rayne drew his palm slowly down the curve of Xavier's gorgeous little bum, letting his fingers trail lightly there, then lifted it abruptly, pulling back.

"No... I don't have to," he repeated, a slight smile tugging at his lips as he watched Xavier's expression. His hand was still raised; hovering; ready.

Xavier stopped breathing, his breath caught as he waited for the fall of Rayne's hand. Now who's being a tease? he thought, but didn't say aloud.

Rayne knelt back, waiting. His hands came down to his lean, naked thighs and he waited silently for the moment when Xavier exhaled, letting his body relax. He was poised for the slight sneer of disappointment when the blond realised that he would not be baited.

Then, faster than the snaking fall of a bullwhip, his hand flashed out and down, cracking soundly across Xavier's upraised buttocks. He felt the tingle in his fingertips and palm from the brief, violent moment of contact and sat back on his heels again, laughing breathlessly at the indignant look on his lover's beautiful face.

Xavier pushed himself up and snagged Rayne around the waist, pulling him under his body. He was acutely aware that Rayne let him do it, but it was still fun to pin him and attack his mouth with hungry kisses.

"Now, now..." the little Vampire breathed, when he had brief command of his lips again. "That's not very submissive, is it?"

His fingers curled around Xavier's wrists and he tangled his left leg with Xav's right and rolled hard, coming up on top of him again, holding his lover's hands flat to the mattress above his head. Rayne's mouth fastened on his throat but he was kissing Xav steadily there, not biting. It was tempting. He knew from just the briefest tastes of his mate's blood, earlier, that Xavier had ingested cocaine at the club tonight. The dwindling buzz in his veins recalled his own mortal habits and he longed to get high, though he knew it was impossible.

Xav's lithe body undulated slowly under Rayne, his hips pushing up to rub his erection against Rayne's cock. Rayne's hands wrapped around his wrists and his body pinning him down pushed his buttons like crazy. He moaned softly as Rayne's lips caressed his throat.

"So… huh… does that mean I can be as bad as I want, an' all I'll get is one little smack on the ass?" he asked with a grin.

Rayne's lips stroked possessively over the swell of his adam's apple, kissing hungrily along the line of his jaw, back to the sensitive curl of his earlobe and he whispered; "Does that mean you're angling for more than a little smack on the ass?"

He mimicked Xav's tone with cutting accuracy. A wriggle of his hips moved them within the boundary of his lover's slim thighs and he began to undulate steadily there, coming up on his knees and using them to spread Xavier's legs.

His hands kept the younger man's arms pinned and he bent his head now to touch his mouth to Xavier's breastbone, gently sucking on the moist heat of his skin and running the silver tongue stud slowly up and down the narrow plane between his ribs.

Xav moved his foot to the back of Rayne's calf and drew his toes slowly up the back of his leg.

"Yeah…" he breathed. "I like it rough, sometimes." He hummed urgently as Rayne flicked the little stud over his sensitive nipple.

Rayne caught the nipple between his teeth, tugging and worrying on it until he drew a droplet of blood. His ebony forelock draped like a skein of silk over the younger man's bare skin. Xavier tried to stay still. He made it for a few moments and then started to squirm. Rayne's grip tightened slightly, keeping him pinned while he continued to suck and nip at him until Xav was gritting his teeth and thrashing his head from side to side.

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