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Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 13



"Well, ladies and gentlepersons, our holiday tale of boys, sex and bloodletting, like all good holidays, is finally at an end. We've had so much fun writing this story over the past couple of years and we hope that you've enjoyed it as much as we have.

We try to thank people individually for all the comments and adds but for those of you that we've missed (and I'm sure there must be some) thank you again, for your patience, your suggestions and your boundless enthusiasm. We could do it without you, but it wouldn't be nearly as much fun, I'm sure! We hope that you enjoy the conclusion to Sunrise and will come along for the next instalment of Rayne and Xavier's incredible adventure, in London.

"All the very best to our lovely readers."

xxx Bellora & Sadie


Sitting with these warm, talkative mortals while they ate and laughed and teased or loved one another was both an intense pleasure and a cruel torture. Nicolas could not touch the food they ate, and as much as they tried to include him in the conversation he still felt... removed from them, and not just because he was new, whereas they all seemed to have an easy familiarity. He was acutely aware of their heat, and the source of it, the hot blood just below the surface. He doubted anyone else was having trouble containing himself from grabbing the person next to him and savaging his throat.

When Xavier finished his meal and left the table a bit of the warmth went with him, as if the sun, now way beyond the horizon, had truly set within him. Nicolas was sure he was not the only one to feel it. The others were still lively and talkative and so very warm, but the blond boy seemed to have a certain... aura about him; a light that shone so brightly it was like he had his own natural gravitational pull.

Nicolas was currently talking with the boy called Chavez, who was telling him animatedly about Mexico and California, though he was only half-attentive. The house was very solid; well built and insulated so that sounds did not carry far. Mortal ears may or may not have picked up the distant throaty moans of pleasure, but with Nicolas's keen hearing he might as well have been in the same room with them. Envy and desire poured into him in almost equal measure, the lust flashed through him, stirred by a mental image of Xavier sprawled naked and writhing between his two lovers, and it even brought a hint of warmth to his own, cold, pallid cheeks.

The good looking young Mexican seemed to sense his distraction for he paused in his telling and, after a moment's hesitation, put his hand gently on Nicolas's cool, golden-skinned arm.

"You okay, man?" he asked in a solicitous tone. "You wanna maybe slip out for a little while?"

Chavez was seemingly not unaware of the look that Dominic Warren cast his way. The English nobleman did not seem critical but his glance was wide-eyed and slightly amused. In view of the number of dimpled bite marks on Lord Warren's neck and arms this could have been for any number of reasons. Nicolas smiled at them both and rose, only the way he stood it looked more as if he floated up from the chair. "Lead the way, mon ami."

Chavez was on his feet straight away, ignoring the way that Lord Warren's look of curiosity mutated into a slow, knowing smile as he returned to his conversation with PJ and the guys.

"Ermmm... you wanna go down to the beach, or... umm... back to my room?" he asked warily, stroking his fingers up and down Nicolas's forearm, unwilling to break the physical contact with him now that it was made.

The small smile on the vampire's lips grew and for a moment a flash of sharp fang was visible. "Show me your room," he suggested as they walked down the hall together.

Chavez continued on toward the bedrooms rather than turn toward the terrace. As they drew closer to the room Xav and Rayne shared, Chavez was able to pick up on what Nicolas had already been privy to. Only, as luck would have it, at that moment Aldo and Rayne were attempting to push their double headed monster through a tiny but, fortunately, flexible little hole. The cry Xavier made was definitely more pain than pleasure and Nicolas saw Chavez's head turn and his eyes narrow on the door.

Nicolas moved his hand gently up his arm and leaned closer to his ear to murmur, "They are not really hurting him, mon ami." And as if to affirm this statement another silky little moan drifted out and seemed to caress over them both. "Which room is yours?" Nicolas prompted, his voice a little huskier.

For a moment, Chavez remained frozen by the bedroom door, as if hypnotised by the sounds within. Then the touch of Nicolas's cool hand slowly began to melt him, breaking the spell. The vampire smiled very persuasively and Chavez swallowed the lump in his throat as he nodded towards his own room further along the hall.

As they tumbled through the doorway, Chavez lifted his arms to put them around Nicolas's shoulders and the look in his eyes was almost one of amazement. He leaned in for a kiss, touching his lips hungrily to the cold mouth of the beautiful youth in his loose embrace.

Nicolas's soft lips returned the kiss eagerly, his hands gliding around Chavez's waist and under the edge of his shirt. His hands were normally cool now, but it had been too long since last he fed and he knew they were almost chilly. The warm skin he touched pebbled with gooseflesh as he ran his hands up Chavez's back, pulling the shirt up as he did so. He quickly divested him of the garment and caressed slowly up and down his lean torso as they kissed, bringing his hands to his chest to rub his thumbs over the little nubs of his nipples.

His fingers slid slowly down his front to the button of his jeans and he deftly pulled the button free and unzipped him while his tongue probed and explored the delicious heat of Chavez's mouth.

Chavez moaned a little as their lips meshed and parted then came together again. Nicolas's hands ran up across his scalp and tugged at the band holding his long dark hair back from his face. Then Chavez was stroking his fingers searchingly into the neckline of Nicolas's shirt and pulling it open eagerly.

"Ohhh, you're so cold, baby. Let me warm you up," he panted into the beautiful Frenchman's yielding mouth.

His arms moved around Nicolas's lean, toned body, encircling his slender torso as he buried his face in the crook of his neck, kissing his cool, silken skin and running his hands down over those slim hips into his loose fitting pants. In no time they had shed their clothes and were tumbling across the bed. Nicolas could have very easily overpowered the other man, but he let Chavez push him back on the mattress, moving his hands incessantly over his warm skin. A soft moan caught in his throat as the scent of his skin and silky hair filled his head and he nuzzled up under his ear, hands sliding into the long dark hair and lifting it gently as he inhaled deeply.

"You smell so good, mon ami," he murmured. His dark lashes were stark on his pale cheeks as his eyes focused on the thudding pulse in his partner's throat, and another little moan escaped him. "Let me taste you..." he whispered, lips moving over his soft skin, but not biting, not yet, although it was so very hard to hold back.

Chavez was surging against him, hard and eager. His lips covered Nicolas's mouth again but this time he was just whispering huskily between those smooth lips.

"Not yet, baby. Hold on for me, just a little more."

And then he was kissing his way down the silken body beneath his own, letting his tongue flicker playfully around the vampire's painfully erect nipples and pressing his face into the hollow beneath his ribcage. He kissed Nicolas's bare belly and tongued his navel, licking down slowly, following the fine, dark treasure trail that led into his groin. Eagerly, Chavez stroked his tongue up and down the pulsing vein that ran from his lover's sensitive perineum, right up to the head of his throbbing cock.

Nicolas sucked air he did not need through gritted teeth, his fingers sinking deeper into the mass of thick dark hair that suited Chavez so perfectly. He was a study of delicious browns, his hair black coffee, his skin caramel cream, and his eyes velvet chocolate, and yet Nicolas knew the best would be the rich red taste of his hot blood. He quelled that desire as hard as he could for the moment, concentrating on the warm wetness of his tongue as it traced over his hard flesh, rolling his hips with need as his lover's lush lips moved over the head of his cock. "Oh, yes, mon cher... that feels so good."

Chavez wrapped his lips around the plump, moist head of his lover's fabulous cock and glanced up at Nicolas with those melting brown eyes. Slowly he took the horny French vampire all the way to the root in his mouth and the tightness of his throat, holding him there as his breath came quick and hard in the hollow of Nicolas's urgently thrusting crotch. Now Chavez stroked a gentle fingertip over the pucker of his mate's tight anus, teasing him steadily with one careful fingernail as he slowly nodded and sucked on Nicolas's beautiful erection.

Nicolas moved within the slick wet confines of Chavez's tight warm throat and mouth. He guided his head gently as he slowly pumped his hips, fucking the other man's willing mouth with a series of soft delighted cries and murmured encouragement. He was thick and so very hard and close to coming when he pulled Chavez off his dick before he shot. He was grinning, a little sheen of sweat glistening on his pale skin. "Uhh, you are very good at that, cher."

"I had the best teachers," Chavez grinned back at him, licking his salty lips and flexing his jaw. "PJ gives amazing head and he makes sure all his boys know how to treat a guy's dick." He sucked the tip of his finger and stroked it gently around Nicolas's twitching pucker again. "I really wanna get inside you," the Mexican youth purred huskily, eyes on the prize.

Nicolas's legs were parted just enough for Chavez to lay between, now he lifted his foot to the back of Chavez's thigh, slowly caressing upwards as he let his legs fall apart a bit more. "All right, but it's been a while since I was, how do you say... the bottom?" he said with a little grin.

Chavez kissed him gratefully, undulating rhythmically between those sleek thighs. "Are you sure? Because we can just carry on with lips and tongues, if you'd rather. Hell, I could do that to you all night!"

The way he was pressing up against Nicolas though suggested he could probably do other things all night as well.

"Non, cher," Nicolas said, kissing him hungrily in return. "I want you to take me."

His mate needed no more encouragement than that. Kissing Nicolas long and hard on the mouth so that those sharp little fangs nicked his lips, though he hardly cared, Chavez reached out to the bedside unit, groping blindly in the drawer there for the little bottle of oil that he knew would be just within reach. He knelt back between his lover's slim, pale thighs and uncapped the bottle, pouring the silken liquid slowly over Nicolas's chest and belly, pausing to stroke his slippery hand searchingly up and down that beautiful body.

He drizzled oil over his erect cock and guided Nicolas's hand to it, whilst his own lubricated fingers cupped and caressed the vampire's heavy balls. Two fingers found the nub of his sexy ass and Chavez firmly but gently pushed them inside him, feeling the tight ring of muscle grip him right away.

"Wow, you are tight, man!" he exhaled with a grin.

Nicolas moaned, his eyes closing as he pulled his lips between his teeth for a moment before he was able to give a breathless little laugh.

"I told you," he said, as he stroked his slippery hand slowly up and down on Chavez's straining cock.

The young mortal kept his long fingers straight as he worked them slowly in and out of the soft, velvet tunnel of Nicolas's sexy ass. He dribbled a little more oil down over his lover's clenching balls and worked it into him with his fingers, the action getting steadily easier the more vigorously Chavez frigged him.

"Jesus, you're cold inside as well," he commented with a little shake of his head. "That feels so weird. Good! But weird too!"

"I'll be warmer soon." Nicolas assured him with a little grin. His hand snaked around Chavez's neck and pulled him down for a slowly simmering kiss. The tiny hint of blood he'd tasted when Chavez nicked himself on his sharp little fangs was already gone. He lifted his hips and undulated encouragingly. Although he was enjoying the mortal's attentions he wanted him, now. Fortunately Chavez was willing enough to comply, his fingers were quickly replaced by the head of his turgid shaft. Nicolas moaned deeply, his tongue thrusting into Chavez's mouth as the young man's plump, pink cock head slid past his tight opening with a little pop.

"Ohhhh... fuck! Yes!" Chavez exhaled fervently as he felt Nicolas open up for him, letting him slot neatly inside. His muscles did not resist the steady thrust of Chavez's eager cock and as the mortal pulled him into a passionate embrace his neck was perfectly poised within snatching distance of Nicolas's sharp fangs. Chavez wrapped lean, brown arms around his torso, gripping Nicolas's shoulders from beneath and driving his hips, bucking deeper with a slow, low whine of desperate arousal.

The long exposed column of his throat, the scent of his skin under his nose, the throb of his pulse, was just too much for the hungry vampire to resist. One arm locked around Chavez's waist and the other hand slid up into his hair, holding him tightly as his lips parted and glistening fangs sunk into the side of Chavez's exposed throat. The warm, coppery, salt-tang of rich blood rushed into his mouth and hit Nicolas with tsunami force, flushing him with hot pleasure, a rush like no drug or sex or alcohol on earth.

Chavez uttered a small, fragile "ohh..." as he felt Nicolas bite into him. His body shuddered fiercely and for a moment he froze, buried to the hilt inside his mate. As he felt the vampire draw on the heat within his veins he was moments away from exploding inside Nicolas.

The stillness helped. After a little while of being used for sustenance this way, his body relaxed into it and he began to pulse again, more slowly this time, remembering how good it had felt to feed Wylde's Sire, Jabez Everman in San Francisco.

Nicolas still had a fierce grip on him, the blood pounded through him, so sweet, so intoxicating as he swallowed again, drawing on Chavez. With a shudder of his own he suddenly pulled his head back panting hard, his eyes huge and black, his lips stained scarlet. It was not a very clean and neat feed but he was newly Turned and nearly out of his head with the temptation Chavez put before him. He reined himself back only with a supreme effort.

His body writhed under Chavez, his every nerve singing with the glut of warm pleasure thrumming inside and the throbbing heat impaling him. The bittersweet taste of him was still in his mouth. He gasped out a startled little cry, the urgency building and then bursting from him in a quaking orgasm.

Chavez wanted very much to make this last, to make his first time with Nicolas so tender, so gentle, but the feel of that supple, silken body tangled around his own, writhing beneath him was driving him close to the edge. He felt a wave of dizziness when Nicolas broke from his neck and those drowning dark eyes stared back helplessly into his own. Gripping his lover's slim, white hips he fucked deep and fast into the sexy French vampire and felt Nicolas clench hard around his thrusting cock as he collapsed back into the rumpled nest of bedclothes. Jets of milky cum zapped Chavez's naked belly and trickled down into the neatly trimmed, black treasure trail leading to his own pulsating dick.

"Joder!" he moaned as the wetness of his lover's semen spilled like cool cream around the base of his shaft and dripped onto his swollen balls. "Gonna.... gonna..."

He bucked his straining erection vigorously into Nicolas, once, twice more before erupting inside his tight, clenching chute; his lover's sexy arsehole sucking the explosion from his balls.

"Jesus!" he exhaled forcefully, as his limbs gave way and he collapsed, shaking with lust and pleasure on top of his naked mate.

Nicolas held him to his body, his chest still heaving as he licked the last traces of salty tang from his lips. Nicolas had not invaded his mind or shared any thoughts or memories with him, there was no circuit completing connection like there was between Rayne and Xavier, but he had felt something in the young Mexican lad. A hurt...an ache for someone that was bitter sweet. He crooned gently to Chavez, stroking his hands tenderly over his soft tanned skin. Even though they had been quick, it was intense and very satisfying.

"Madre de Dios!" Chavez exhaled at last, snuggling happily into the vampire's arms. "That was amazing, chico. I'm sorry it was so... wham-bam! I'll try to last longer next time. If you'll give me another chance?"

He lifted his head, looking up anxiously through sweat damp fronds of dark hair at Nicolas. The young French vampire was so gorgeous that it made his chest hurt just to look at him.

Nicolas chuckled softly, his fingers tracing lightly over Chavez's jaw. "That was indeed amazing, and even so I think you can have another chance. Maybe next time we switch though, yes?" He grinned charmingly.

"For you," Chavez responded in a low, hungry tone, reaching over to press his mouth to those soft, cold, lush lips, "...anything."

Nicolas kissed him slowly and deeply, his hands still gliding over his soft skin in gentle caresses. The desire for the rich hot blood in him was still strong, but more manageable now, a background buzz that added to his desire for his body rather than overwhelming it. He lingered over the kiss, the initial rush fading enough to allow him to take his time and savour Chavez now. When he had thoroughly tasted every bit of his tongue and mouth he finally broke off for long enough to move Chavez, laying the young man on his front. Nicolas moved over him, running his hands up and down his sleek back and the curve of his gorgeous ass. He dipped down so his lips and tongue could follow the trail of his hands, kissing and nibbling and nipping lightly at his shoulders and down his tanned back.

Encouraged by the little coos of pleasure from his partner he cupped the globes of his cheeks in his hands and kneaded them, separating them as he nuzzled between, and let the tip of his tongue wriggle teasingly around his rim.

Chavez exhaled a rush of Hispanic imprecations under his breath as he felt that rough little tongue begin to do amazing things to his ass. He wriggled eagerly against the bedcovers and buried his face in his arms, moaning breathlessly with pleasure and anticipation. Neither he nor Nico were natural bottoms but it felt good to submit to him now, having already taken his pleasure on top. The vampire sure knew how to touch a guy to get him just ready for it.

"Ahhh... where have you been all my freakin' life?" he growled feeling his prick lurch and swell for the caress of his lover's tongue.

Nicolas was a little too preoccupied to answer but he did moan softly against his skin, the vibrations travelling nicely along Chavez's most sensitive areas. The tip of his tongue finally wriggled past his fluttering ring, plunging inside as he reached under Chavez's squirming hips to pull his cock back between his legs and pump him slowly with his fist. Despite Chavez's increasingly desperate moans Nicolas did not relent, he took his time tonguing and kissing his sweetly offered little hole and stroking his lovely hard cock.

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