tagSci-Fi & FantasyReady for Departure

Ready for Departure


Trevor ran through one last pre-flight checklist. Engines, fuel, life support, shields, everything was green. His dark brown eyes went out of focus as he thought of the month ahead of him.

Trevor's step-sister, Vera, had just turned 18 and completed her final high school exams. To celebrate Trevor was going to take give her and some of her friends a tour of the galaxy.

A starship pilot, Trevor had earned his wings in the military, piloting patrol craft. After his tour of duty he had worked in the freighting industry, saving up enough money until he had bought his own ship.

His pre-flight check finished, Trevor made his way out of his ship and onto the docking bay. Turning once outside the ship, Trevor looked over it with pride. Its fresh coat of black paint gleaming in the sunlight, The "Intorqueo" couldn't have looked more hawk-like and sleek in the somewhat worn docking bay.

Trevor's inspecting gaze was interrupted when a familiar voice called out his name.

"Trevor!" called a sweet, innocent looking blonde.

As Trevor turned, his heart couldn't help but speed up. "Vera! It's been forever," Trevor exclaimed.

Vera set down her heavy suitcases she was carrying and embraced her step-brother. After a moment, they broke apart and considered each other.

"Wow, you've grown up a lot," Trevor couldn't help but observe.

"Yeah," Vera smiled, her green eyes blinking a few times in the glare of the sunlight. "You...really haven't changed at all."

Vera's eyes moved from Trevor to the Intorqueo. "Wow, is this your ship?"

"Yup, got it freshly painted and everything," Trevor said.

"Nice," she responded, looking the craft over. "This will be my first off-planet by-the-way."

"Really?" Trevor wondered. In his line of work, traveling between Earth and the other colonized systems, the prospect of someone never having been in space before seemed odd.

"Not that I'm scared or anything," Vera said. "Regina said she has been to Mars before though."

"Speaking of, where is her and your other friend?" Trevor asked.

"Flirting with some pilots we met back on the shuttle bus," Regina answered.

Trevor grabbed one of Vera's suitcases and together they boarded the Intorqueo. After showing Vera the cabin where she and one of her friends (the two passenger cabins on the Intorqueo had room for two, so one person would have a room to herself) would be sleeping Trevor took her on a tour of the ship. Finally when they had moved all through the ship they sat together in the common room/dining area, filling each other in on their lives since they had last spoken.

As the time for departure neared and Vera's friends still had not arrived, Trevor became anxious. Vera got out her cell phone and dialed Regina's number.


Regina ran her fingers through her long, shoulder length, blazing red hair. She stretched her neck by moving her head side to side and opened her mouth wide, stretching her jaw muscles as well. She looked up into the eyes of the curly haired pilot.

He pilot was tall; his longs were jammed against the bathroom stall, Regina on her knees between them. The pilot bent forward, his hands brushing across her forehead and moving back a stray bang.

"C'mon, sweetie. Don't keep me waiting," he whispered softly. Regina's eyes moved down to the space the pilot's crouch. His cock was fully erect and straining against the tight jeans he was wearing.

Regina ran her hands against his jeans, starting from his knees. She was sure to use her thumb to massage the spot his erect cock was glued to his thigh.

Carefully unbuttoning his fly, Regina used her teeth to undo the zipper. She felt his body relax and heard a turned on moan.

Extracting his cock, she ran her fingers across the tip. Regina began by kissing the base of the pilots cock, using her lips to lightly grab at him. Using her tongue, Regina moved in on his taint, running her tongue upwards to underneath his balls.

It was after she had worked on this area with kissing and licking that she noticed heavy breathing and moaning coming from a few stalls down. It was Arla, her best friend, working on the other pilot.

Not to be outdone, Regina glanced up at pilot. Although he had obviously just been in bliss, he was coming out of his arousal the longer Regina paused.

She made up for it with one last quick nip on his taint and then moved back to his cock. Pausing to flick her tongue over the very tip of his cock, Regina took a deep breath, suppressed her gag reflex, and took him all in at once. The pilot shuddered a bit and let out an ecstasy filled moan. Being careful to keep tongue between his cock and her teeth, Regina went to work on him. In and out, back and forth, Regina kept her speed varied. Every once in awhile she would pause and probe the tip of his cock with her tongue, pressing it against the hole.

A couple stalls down some female moaning rising. Arla was crying out in pleasure, the sounds of her body pounding against the tight confines of the stall two doors down. Regina felt a sudden deep desire to receive the pounding Arla was. She refocused her efforts.

Finally Regina sensed that the pilot was about to cum. As she was getting ready to shift her strategy, she felt the phone resting in her pocket vibrate slightly against her thigh and an instant later a piercing ring tone screamed out. Regina jerked her head backwards off the pilot's cock, as if it had suddenly become scorching hot. She fell backwards, awkwardly hitting the stall door behind her.

"Hey, don't leave without finishing!" the shocked pilot exclaimed as Regina got to her feet and straightened her clothes.

"Sorry," Regina apologized. She backed out of the stall and immediately ran to the sink, sticking her head underneath the tap and washing out her mouth.

The sounds of her friend getting fucked had ceased. Regina knocked on the door of the stall. "C'mon, we have to go!"

"I... just a second," Arla responded. Regina heard the man Arla had been with muttering disappointedly as she adjusted her hair in the mirror.

Regina noticed the pilot she had been giving head was leaning against the door of his stall in the mirror.

"Sorry, have to go," Regina said to him.

He merely sighed."Why couldn't you have turned off your phone?"

Arla, Regina's bushy brown haired friend, finally came out of her stall, slipping her tube top straps over her shoulder and putting on her jacket.

Together the pair nearly ran out of the bathroom. Regina cried out as she collided with a security guard standing just outside the door. Eyes wide with fear and shock, she noticed where his hands were (down his pants).

"You pervert," Regina said, shocked. "You were listening!"

The guard stumbled for words. "Don't mention it and I won't turn you in?" the guard offered. Regina stared at the chubby man for a moment.

"Let's go," Arla interrupted.

Together they ran for the docking bay.

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