tagGroup SexReady for Takeoff

Ready for Takeoff


In my mind, I am no longer thirty-five, and no longer twelve, when this fantasy began. I am twenty, boarding an airplane for a flight to god knows where. It doesn't matter; the airplane is all that matters. And the two girls giggling in the waiting area by the gate. You see them across the terminal and stop dead. You find out they're waiting at the same gate as you and you figure they must be getting on the other flight. They walk down the ramp to your plane and you're ready to piss yourself thinking that all that woman is going to be squeezed into a flying aluminum tube with you. And when I get on the plane, at the back of the line because I let the old lady with the purple hat go ahead of me, and I pull my gut in and lift my carry-on high to navigate through the twisting mass of bodies trying to find their places in the plane, and I finally reach the very back row of seats by the restroom, there they are. With one vacant seat beside them. Mine.

They don't pay much attention to me, just a smile and a nod as I say "excuse me" and begin my own ritual of stowing the shoulder bag and trying to get comfortable in economy class seats. They're busy chatting with each other gaily about a dozen people I don't know. I pretend not to be paying attention to them, but I take in every line and curve. The one in the window seat is blond, with straight hair falling past her shoulders. Tall and slim, with just that nice rise to her bosom to make a man promises. But the one next to me... her dark brown hair curls in tight ringlets around her face, falling just to her neck, while ample tits fill a tight t-shirt until you think the seams would burst. She has large, glowing brown eyes and rich full lips, and curvy tanned legs stretching out from the hem of her pink miniskirt. Her friend is gorgeous, in that California beach kind of way, but this one is the goddess of all things sexual to me.

So I reconcile myself to the slow torture of a long flight with two of the sexiest women I have even seen sitting within three feet of me, and both forever beyond my reach. Then the boarding ramp detaches, the captain's voice welcomes us over the cabin speakers, and the stewardess starts explaining to us that the exits are where the exit signs are and that if the plane explodes in a fiery inferno 30,000 feet above the earth we should put our own oxygen masks on before assisting others. As she drones on, there is a slight rumble and the plane starts to roll towards the runway. And then it happens.

It's the curly-haired one with the chest. As the plane moves, she stops chatting with her blond friend, and her hands grip the armrests tightly, knuckles turning white. Her breathing becomes labored and heavy. "Chloe? You 'kay?" the blond asks, but the goddess Chloe does not answer. I look directly now, having an excuse, and her face is changing color, red and white and red again. Her eyes are closed and she throws her head back, stretching a neck like a marble column out for me to feast my eyes on. She is breathing heavily, almost moaning, and her tremendous tits heave against the fabric of the t-shirt, nipples pressing out like bullets caught in mid-shot.

"Your friend... uh, she okay?" I ask the blond.

She looks at me like she's never seen a human being before, like I just materialized out of the seat cushion. Then she shakes it off. "Oh shit oh shit oh shit, I knew this would happen. Dammit!" she mutters.

"Is she okay?" I repeat. "Should we tell the stewardess or something?"

"Attendant," she corrects me, then softens. "No, it's... she does this sometimes when she's flying..."

The plane pauses a moment at the end of the runway, waiting for its clearance. The brunette comes to herself but only slightly. Her face is still white. She looks at her friend.

"Cathy..." she croaks in a husky voice.

"You okay? You going to make it?" Cathy asks her.

White as a ghost, Chloe shakes her head. She suddenly looks at me, then back at the blond without speaking.

The blond, Cathy, chuckles to herself, and then looks at me. "Well, guess what, buddy... what's your name?"

"Gottschalk. My friends call me GC."

She snorts. "Right. OK, GC. Your lucky day."

"What do you mean?"

"The only thing that's going to get Chloe through this flight without going Exorcist on us is endorphin flow. And we couldn't bring her shots with us in the carry-on, so there's only one way for her to get it."

"Which is?"

"Girl needs an orgasm."

Well, damn. "Are you serious?"

"Totally. Let's get started, the plane's moving."

I look at Chloe, and her eyes are wide as saucers in her pale face looking at me. One of her hands is creeping down to her miniskirt, groping under the hem at her panties. I can see that she's wearing a thong -- a red one. And they're right, the plane is moving. G-forces push me back against my seat. "C'mon, GC, like this..." Cathy says, and her hand grabs mine and pulls it under Chloe's skirt. Cathy pulls the thin strip of fabric away and my fingers find soft flesh. I start to rub her pussy gently, then harder.

The plane moves faster, there is a rumble, and we're airborne.

Chloe's back arches and her teeth clench. Breasts thrust forward. The blond slips an arm around her neck and starts to kiss her neck and nibble at her ear, while her right hand cups one tit and traces lazy circles through the fabric around the nipple. Chloe starts to moan out loud and I wonder if the other passengers have noticed us yet, but dammit this is my fantasy story and if they do, they're not interfering. Meanwhile I'm working the clit and wondering if I'm supposed to be detached and medical and help a neighbor or drop trou and fuck her while I can. I'm getting hard as a rock in my jeans, not too comfortable cramped in an economy class seat but this girl is way too hot for that to stop my cock from swelling up.

"Oh, oh oh oh..." Chloe is groaning, louder and louder, and then her hands let go of the armrests and claw at her t-shirt. She has long red nails and after a second she's torn narrow gashes through the cotton. Luscious curves press out through the rents.

"More, GC, come on," Cathy urges me. "Here, you kiss her..." Her hands rush down to her friend's pussy and mine slide through the tears in the t-shirt to grab handfuls of juicy tits. I kiss her hard on the lips and her grimace relaxes a little -- then she's opening her mouth and our tongues meet, slick wetness passing back and forth between us. Then I feel someone tapping on my shoulder. I turn around and the stewardess -- sorry, attendant -- is standing there. She's an elegant thirtyish redhead, and not so badly put together, but the expression on her face is all stern librarian.

"And what the hell is going on here?" she demands.

Cathy looks her in the eye and utters some latin-sounding medical term I have never heard of before.

"Are you serious?" the stewardess asks, her mouth dropping. "I... I thought that was an urban legend."

"Oh no, she's got it. Since she was fifteen."

"This is no good, then," the stewardess says. "I always heard the only cure was... well, was a good fucking. All the way. Foreplay won't do it."

I suddenly feel three pairs of gorgeous women's eyes on me. My cock is harder than ever in its confinement and feeling its way up to peek over the waistband. "Well..." I say, "okay, then."

The stewardess takes control -- she is the only one in a uniform, after all. "OK, stand up here for a minute. You, lie her down and... get her ready."

The blond nods, throws the armrests upright so the three seats become a bench, takes her buxom friend in her arms and, kissing her tenderly, eases her down so that Chloe's head is on the window seat and her legs stretch out into the aisle. Chloe yields gently, whimpering, and then Cathy is climbing over her, pulling up the pink miniskirt and drawing her thong aside. I catch a glimpse of quivering pink flesh, and then blond hair covers it as Cathy bends her head to lick her friend's pussy. Chloe's whimpers give way to moans again and her legs spread wider to let Cathy's moist tongue into her cunt.

But I only have time to glance at this sapphic display because the redheaded stewardess is busy getting ME ready. She stands me up with my back to the wall by the bathroom door, drops promptly to her knees and reaches for my straining zipper. Her hands ease the fly down, pull the pants around my knees, and I sigh with relief as my cock flips free. I never pretended to be gargantuan, but a good eight or nine inches of meat are straining upwards from my thighs as the stewardess smiles and gives my shaft an appraising look. Then her hands close around it and start to pull it even longer and straighter, followed quickly by red lips and a sliding wet tongue. She bathes my cock in saliva, sucks it hard, lets it go for a hand stroke and swallows it again. I'm swelling up to bursting as she finds her rhythm, sucking and stroking by turns until I begin to moan and shudder.

My left hand reaches down and finds the stewardess's head, bobbing back and forth on my cock, while my right hand does the same and lands on Cathy's blond locks, shaking back and forth as she labors over Chloe's pussy. I twine my fingers through their hair and feel their movement and everything it means, all the oral fucking they are doing for poor Chloe.

But Chloe, as delirious as she is, is not lying there passively. She's found Cathy's crotch in her face on the window seat, and now Cathy's skirt is up around her waist and her panties are bunched to the side over her right buttock-- Chloe's pulled it clear so that she can return the favor to her slim friend and make the sixty-nine complete. Cathy starts feeling it, her rhythm breaks up as waves of pleasure ride up her body from Chloe's tongue in her cunt, and she moans along with her friend as they tongue-fuck each other.

"Oh god..." she says, her face grimacing in intense pleasure, "oh god... is he ready yet?"

The stewardess has been tearing open her jacket and blouse to reveal two delicious curves of cleavage spilling out of a red lace bra. She pulls her mouth off my cock with a sound like a suction cup releasing and says, "Mmmm... I hate to give him up, this is nice!"

"Oh fuck, give him here!" Chloe cries from somewhere in her friend's pussy.

The stewardess looks up at my with a wry smile. "Duty calls, stud," she says, "but I want more of you when she's better..." She turns me around to face the seats, pulling my pants off from around my ankles as she does. And there are Chloe's fine shapely legs, knees spread wide, and Cathy's face in between with blond hair falling chaotically everywhere.

Cathy reaches out and grabs my cock in one hand, pulls it to her and sucks it, head and hand working it vigorously to make sure it's as hard as can be. It is. Then she rears up, keeping her pussy over Chloe's mouth -- why give up a good thing? -- and draws my throbbing dick down to Chloe's cunt. Her pussy is damp and the lips are swelling, the clitoris standing out like a great wet tab of flesh.

Chloe literally yells out loud as my cock thrusts home, ever so slippery and smooth, into her pussy. "OH GOD! SHIT! Oh FUCK that's good...oohhh...mmmmhhh...." I shove into her hard, pushing down to see how deep she can take it, till I'm buried in cunt to my balls. "Oh Fuck, fuck me, fuck it fuck it fuck it... oh YEAH!" She's shouting. I don't talk, just grunt and moan as I shove my stiff prick into her.

I can feel the stewardess behind me, her tits tickling my back, and realize that her hands are holding Chloe's thighs apart so that I can fuck her deep without any resistance. Meanwhile Cathy, in one sweep of her arms, takes her own shirt off and tosses it aside, revealing round tits with bright pale tan lines in two triangles over pert pink nipples. She leans to me, pressing her pussy down on Chloe's mouth while thrusting her boobs out for me to lick. Cathy is a true multi-tasker; all this time she has a hand on Chloe's pussy as well, rubbing her clitoris in rhythmic circles even as my cock thrusts in and out of her.

The busty brunette is feeling all the sex pouring onto her. I fuck her hard, my face shifting from her immense, jiggling breasts under me and her friend's more modest but delightful tits hovering in front of me, and I can feel her pussy grip the shaft of my prick as it slides back and forth. Then I can feel a shift -- her moans get louder and more strained and her hips buck back and forth against me. "Ohhhh... oh god oh god oh... shit... fuck fuck fuck...FUCK! FUCK!" she's screaming, and suddenly her pussy releases and I can feel her juicy cum slathering all over my stiff dick as it pumps her. She starts laughing hysterically, "Ha ha ha... oh fuck...oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah... whew!"

"You better, baby?" Cathy asks her.

"Woo hoo!" Chloe answers. "Yeah. Fuck, that was good!"

"But..." I start to say. Cathy cuts me off with a wicked smile.

"Oh, don't worry, my fuckmuffin. We know you're not done yet..."

"I think he deserves a reward for his... medical assistance," the stewardess says behind me.

"Oh god, me next," Cathy groans. "Chloe's got my pussy so wet down there."

"Get in the aisle on all fours," the stewardess tells her, still the boss even though her uniform is half off and freckled tits are popping over the top of her bra. She pulls me out of Chloe's streaming cunt and turns me with my back to the wall again. My dick is still swollen but getting a little loose after the brunette's pussy relaxed on it. The stewardess drops to her knees and gets a good taste of pussy juice as she starts to suck my cock again, giving it just the right pressure of teeth and tongue until it stretches up to full glory again. Meanwhile the blond has climbed off of Chloe and out of the row of seats to the aisle. She wriggles and slips her skirt and panties, tosses them onto her prostrate friend, and shimmies down in the aisle, facing the front of the plane with her ass in the air towards me. Her pussy gapes wide and eager to be filled.

The stewardess looks up at me with a mouth full of cock. "You ready for more, stud?"

"Let me at her," I tell her. The redhead steps back and sits in the empty aisle seat on the left side of the plane, across from where the two girls and I had been sitting. I drop to my knees and massage Cathy's smooth rump as she looks back over her shoulder at me, smiling.

"You want something?" I ask her.

"What are you waiting for?" she barks back. "Fucking tease. Gimme some cock already, before I get bored!"

"Oh... are you sure?" I tease her.

"Fuck me already!"

"Well... if you insist..."

"She has her seat locked in the upright position," the stewardess giggles, "Ready for takeoff!"

"OK, then..." I stop rubbing her fine ass and grip her firmly by the hips. My cock is standing straight up, full length and hard, so first I just press it against her and slide up and down, letting the shaft rub her nether lips along the whole of their length. She quivers as it slowly presses each inch of her vulva. Then I pull back a little, angle myself forward, and finally thrust forward, my cockhead probing the gap in her pussy and then sliding into the warm wet space between. Cathy groans, and starts to push her rump back against me, asscheeks making a satisfying slapping sound against my thighs with each shove.

While Cathy is making herself my bitch with this doggy-style fuck, the tit goddess Chloe pulls herself together to sit up on the bench to our right. She has a huge smile on her face after the fucking she's had, and then she realizes that I am kneeling right between her and the redheaded stewardess as I plow her best friend's cunt. Her smile gets even bigger as her eyes lock with the attendant's, and then the two of them reach over me to each other, grab each others' shoulders, and pull together for a long, slow, moist kiss. As they do two sets of tits come together with me right in between. I'm suddenly smothered in a paradise of feminine delight, tits everywhere. I let go of Cathy's bucking hips and put an arm around each of these ladies so I can pull their breasts even closer to me, licking and nibbling at each nipple in turn while my own hips keep thrusting in time with the blond's pussy movement. The redhead's freckled bosom is perky and tasty, but Chloe's is the kind of creamy paradise where a man could graze for hours in bliss. I can hear the two of them giggling and laughing above me, and they slap my ass playfully and muss my hair as I toy with them.

I hear Cathy groaning, "Stop distracting him, you sluts... ohh... fuck me harder, come on! Come on, man!" Tits part like the Red Sea for Moses and I see Cathy's perfectly tapered ass ramming back against me hard, the cheeks parting to expose a puckered sphincter. Chloe, who knows her, giggles again.

"Fuck you, bitch," she says, "I know what you really need!" She reaches back behind her to where her carry-on bag is stowed under a seat, fiddles with a zipper and fishes inside. When she straightens up again (and her magnificent tits come back to my waiting face) she has a massive pink dildo in one hand and a small bottle of oil in the other.

The stewardess gasps. "My god," she says, "does security know you brought that monster on board?"

"Oh they know," Chloe shrugs, pouring oil over her friend's ass, "they made me demonstrate it to prove it wasn't a weapon."

Chloe smiles at me mischievously, rubbing her blond friend's ass, and as she slides a slick finger in Cathy's anus, she leans in and kisses me hard. The stewardess leans in too, and our three tongues dart back and forth into each other. I look down, and Chloe has worked up to two fingers penetrating Cathy's asshole, and then three. She's shoving her hand back and forth now, working the orifice open and applying oil liberally.

"Oh you bitch...unh!" Cathy grunts out, "You DO know what I need... come on!"

Chloe locks those huge brown eyes on me quizzically. "OK, GC," she says, "time to switch!"

"Switch? I thought you were going to..."

"What, with this?" she asks, holding up the dildo. "No, this is for her pussy. Cathy likes meat in her ass, when she can get it."

"OK, but, uh, I don't have a condom... aren't there, like... health risks?"

Chloe pauses, and looks at the stewardess. Then the two of the burst out laughing hysterically.

"You stupid prick," she giggles, "this is your fucking FANTASY STORY! You could fuck her goddam NOSTRIL and she'd moan and cum and ask you to fuck the other one, if that's your thing. Now get to it!"

"Let's see you fill that ass, stud," the stewardess agrees.

With a little reluctance, I slide my cock out of Cathy's hungry pussy. She moans as it leaves, then moans again as the brunette smoothly slips the massive dildo in my place and starts to work it back and forth. I get to my feet and go into a deep knee bend over the blond's round ass, probe its oiled approaches with my own finger, and then press my cockhead against her anus. It's relaxed from Chloe's stroking, and after a second I watch with glee as inch after inch of my manhood disappearing inside. Before I know it I'm balls deep in her ass, and she grips me tight, holding me there, hissing fiercely through her teeth.

"Ahhhhhh... thaaaat's it," she sighs, and then relaxes her glutes so I can move. "Now fuck my ass... nice and slow..."

I start pushing up and down on her, my cock slipping almost all the way out before shoving it back deep in again. Cathy groans loudly with every thrust, while Chloe merrily pumps away at her pussy with the dildo and gives my nearer side and thigh little slaps, pinches and nibbles just for the hell of it. I feel the redhead moving and see that she's moved to lie down in the aisle under us; her head strains upwards and a long pink tongue finds Cathy's clitoris, so that she's getting every possible stimulation. Her ass feels like pussy, only tighter, gripping my cock hard as it pumps in and out of her, squeezing it for cum... but I don't cum yet. It's way too much fun to be over yet...

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