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Real Friend, Real Love


It really wasn't all than long after Sara had left for college that I found myself thumbing through the brochures of colleges that I had let build up on my coffee table. Sara had bugged me and bugged me for weeks on end to go to college and get into a profession. I guess she didn't like that I was a hair dresser even though I thought I was good at it. I never heard any complaints from others either.

But now that Sara was off at her collage in Minnesota of all places I started thinking more and more about getting into business. It had run in my family and it had worked out just fine for my mom in the past. It took me over two weeks talking to Sara on the phone for an hour or two at a time to decide I would go to San Diego State University about a four hour drive from home. I had more than enough money to get a small apartment but decided that living on the campus would be better. I bet I would need help studying anyway.

With my mind made up and a cell phone picture of Sara's lips kissing the air for good luck I was on my way. I had a print map of the campus and quickly found my way to the dorm I was to be staying at. Right across from the pool, that would have been good if I could swim. But as luck would have it me and a brick swim alike so I never go into water above my waist. I walked through the door of the dorm headed for the elevator with my oversized backpack slung over my shoulders. The dorm hallway reminded me of a hospital with the doors on each side and emergency exits clearly marked.

I found my dorm room and rapped several times on the door and after there was no answer I used the key I had been given at admissions and opened it. I was a little peeved when I saw a short blond girl standing at the window looking out towards the pool. I said hello to her and still got no reply.

"Just great." I thought to myself. "I am going to be rooming with a bitch for the next few months. At least she has a nice ass."

I set my bag on the open bed and walked up to her to try and play nice and introduce myself. She was completely ignoring me. I tapped her on the shoulder in the typical "What's your problem." fashion. The girl spun around with an odd sounding yelp and backed right into the window frame. She had the bluest eyes I had ever seen.

"Don do that." She said putting her hand on her chest.

I turned back to my bag telling her that I had knocked several times and even said hello when I walked into the room. I was in the process of explaining that she was being rude by ignoring me and I was just tying to be nice when she tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to look at her and she started moving her hands in several gestures as she spoke. It was hard to understand her but she told me that she was deaf so if I have something to say to her I needed to be facing her so she could read my lips.

"Well at least she wont complain about me snoring at night." I thought.

She held out her hand and told me her name was Stacie. I told her mine and when she said it back it was butchered. Am-bur is how she said it. This was going to be a fun few months. But at least I would not have to stifle my moans when I masturbated. Stacie turned around and looked back out the window and I took that as the conversation was over. I took a peek out the window myself and had a clear view of the pool. There were lots of guys walking around in just shorts and a few good looking girls in bikinis. If I were a single woman I would have gone running down there right off. Instead I set about the task of putting my things away.

Stacie offered to show me around the collage if I needed it but I turned her down. It would be too hard for me to ask her questions. I'm sure she knew why I turned her down but she just smiled and told me she was heading out and would not be back for several hours. She seemed to be a very sweet woman.

I got into the swing of college life much faster than I thought and as the months went by I had made several friends. Stacie was among the best of them. She was working with me all the time teaching me sign language (As it turned out those random gestures she was using were a language. Go figure.). Sara and I kept in constant touch sending texts all day long and talking every night for awhile but as the time went on we started talking less and less. It would have bothered me if I did not know how busy she was with all the classes she was taking.

After all my classes were done for the day I headed back to my dorm to grab a nap before getting to studying. I was not in a good mood seeing as I had not heard from Sara in over three days. And whenever I tried to call her it went right to voice mail. I walked through the door of the dorm building heading for the stairs when a guy behind the front desk called me over. He handed me a letter from Sara with no return address.

To say that I was afraid to open the letter would be a nice way of putting it. I was fucking scared to death. I didn't even know why. I headed up the stairs and into my dorm room and sat on my bed. My hands were trembling as I opened the letter and unfolded it. I felt the blood drain from my face as I read it.

I am so sorry to have to tell you this in a letter but my phone broke and long distance calls from a pay phone are just too expensive. I need to tell you something but I can't find the words so say this easy. I have fallen in love with someone. His name is Kevin and he is real nice. I think you would like him. I care for you so so so much Amber but I want to have babies some day and no matter how much we love each other, you can not do that.

You are my best friend and my first love. I will never forget you for as long as I live.

Forever love Sara

It wasn't so much that she was breaking up with me that hurt. It was the fact that she typed it up even her name was typed. I crumbled the paper up and threw it across the room with all the strength I had before bursting into tears and falling back on my bed. I wrapped my arms around my pillow and curled into a little ball as I cried harder than I think I had ever cried before.

By the time Stacie got back to the dorm I had no more tears to cry but continued to sob. I heard her come into the room and say her mumbled hello. I heard her set her things down and a few seconds later I heard paper rustling. She was un wadding the letter from Sara. A moment later I felt my bed shift as she sat down and placed a hand on my shoulder. I let her roll me over and she had a sad and concerned look in her eyes.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"As ok as I can be given the situation."

Stacie stood up and held out her hand.


"Come with me, lets go cause some trouble."

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