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Real Time


I picked up the key from the front desk and headed up the elevator to the fifth floor, feeling a bit nervous about finally getting to meet Sidney face to face. Since meeting on the internet nearly two years ago our relationship had intensified, moving from occasionally meeting in chat rooms, to private chat in instant message on to some pretty imaginative cyber play. We had experimented some with phone sex and even tried a bit of play in video meeting, but now we were taking a big step and meeting offline.

Most of our play had been explorations into some of my BDSM fantasies, basically play acting in instant message. We slowly worked in some real time techniques while cybering using some simple household items. Clothes and hair pins added some spice to it all as I clipped them to my nipples and balls as she described what she wanted to do to me. I played along, experimenting some with the pain while masturbating, trying to keep myself on the edge of orgasm, alternating between painful and pleasurable sensations.

One of Sydney's favorite things to do was to email me some specific instructions, involving one or several different activities. I would follow her instructions and then follow up with an email reply describing what I did and how it felt. Some of the things I did would leave marks on me, marks I would wear proudly the next day, often sending digital photos of them to her.

Fortunately the elevator was empty and I could remain lost in thought and anticipation. I also didn't have to worry too much about concealing my erection as I did in the hotel lobby. After a quick ride, the elevator opened and I stepped into the empty hallway, checking on the wall for the direction to her room. I followed a meandering path to the very last room on the floor and quietly slipped the key in the slot and opened the door.

I stepped into complete darkness, letting the door close behind me. "Sidney," I whispered.

"You're right on time, I like that," she replied. "Now, you'll find a chair next to you. You are to remove your clothes and place them in the chair."

Her voice came from across the room, but even as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I couldn't see her. Following her instructions, I removed my clothes, carefully placing them in the chair right next to me. When I finished I said, "Okay, my clothes are in the chair."

"Kneel down and hold your hands behind your back," I heard her say from a different location in the room. Now instead of across the room, her voice sounded closer and just off to the side of me. "Feel around on the floor, you'll find a leather harness. It will fit around your hands, I want you to put your right hand in the harness and fasten it, then hold your hands behind your back."

I could see her now, she was wearing a long night shirt, nothing provocative or sexy, just a night shirt. She moved beside me and ran her fingers through my hair. She then reached behind my back and put my left hand into the harness, pulling it tight. It was uncomfortable, but after the first jab of pain as she tightened the harness it didn't hurt.

Once my hands were bound behind me she leaned down and asked, "Do you have a call scheduled?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"What time?"

"Between eight-thirty and nine."

"Okay we have some time then," she replied walking over to the head of the bed. She reached out and turned on the light. "It's nice to finally see you."

"Yes, it is," I replied shyly, looking at her. I'd seen pictures of her, but I was shocked at how small she was. She could hardly be much over five feet tall and her arms looked so thin and delicate. I could see her nipples pushing out on the night shirt, but her breasts were proportionately small. Though her face was not beautiful, it wasn't unattractive either. Her nose was a bit large for the rest of her face, but her cheekbones were prominent, something that I find attractive.

I watched as she unbuttoned her night shirt and pulled it off exposing an intricate leather outfit that crossed over and around her breasts, leaving them completely exposed. It then ran down between her legs, wrapping around her thighs, but leaving her pussy uncovered. Tossing her night shirt onto the bed, she walked back over to me, standing so close I could rub my face on her thigh.

She stood for a moment, letting me feel her soft skin on my face then she squatted down beside me and I felt her hand grab my cock as she whispered, "The first harness was for your hands, the next one goes here," she said, holding up a leather contraption. I gritted my teeth as she slid it down my erection and then wrapped it tightly around my balls. When she was finished she moved over behind me and tugged on the leather strap in her hand. As she tugged, the harness tightened around my balls squeezing them.

The pain wasn't unbearable, but with just a bit more of a tug I could tell it could get excruciating. She was doing something to the harness behind me that I couldn't see, but after a few moments, she gave it a couple of tugs to make sure it was secure and then she moved in front of me.

She stood a few inches away resting her hands on her hips and opening her legs wide. I found myself looking directly at her light curly pubic hair and could see a bit of her slit. Moving her hips forward toward my face, she enticed me to push my face toward her pussy, but as I got to about three inches away I felt a dull pain in my balls and realized what she had done.

She had attached the strap to the chair behind me and now was standing just inches beyond my reach. Reaching down, she took my head in her hand and kneeled, moving closer. Holding my head, she rubbed her breasts on my face, letting me run my tongue over her nipples. I sucked one into my mouth and could hear her moan, "Oh Dan, I want you. Do you want me?"

"Yes," I whispered, lifting my face from her breast.

"Do you want to taste me, to eat my pussy," she asked wantonly.

"Oh yes Sidney, please let me taste you."

Standing up, she moved closer, letting me push my face against her. Her hair tickled my cheeks but as I moved my tongue through the hair, moving downward in search of her slit, I could feel the tug of the harness on my balls. Enduring the dull pain, I leaned further, finding the top of her slit, but just as I was about to reach her clit, she moved back and sat down on the bed, opening her legs wide.

"Here I am Dan, all you have to do is crawl over here and you can have me," she said, reaching her hand down and sliding her fingers between her lips.

As she moved her fingers up to her clit, I leaned forward, feeling the strap tighten around my balls. Moving one knee forward I felt the pain sear through me, but I kept leaning pulling against the chair with my scrotum. Suddenly the pain eased some as the chair slid a few centimeters. I leaned more, inching the chair a bit further as the cramping pain intensified coursing through my balls up to my stomach.

Sweat ran down my forehead and I blinked my eyes feeling them burn. Moving my other knee I felt the pain intensify as I jerked forward sliding the chair a few inches closer to Sydney. Leaning my head to one side I could rest it on her thigh, so I paused, feeling the pain subside. I took a deep breath and looked at my goal.

She continued her fingers circling her clit, exciting herself more and more. Her lips had swollen, opening the expose the gentle pink curves. I could see she was very wet, and as she occasionally dipped her finger into her cunt I watched as she slid her finger along a trail, wet with her juices.

Lurching forward the pain stabbed me, jolting through my body and as I closed my eyes I could see a sparkling array of lights, like stars. I pushed my tongue out and ran it on her soft skin and up over some of the leather straps from her outfit. Pausing again I could hear the slurping sounds as her fingers, covered in her juices continued moving up and down her slit.

Gritting my teeth I lurched again but as the pain exploded in my balls I felt my face splash against her pussy and I immediately pushed out my tongue, tasting her earthy tartness. Breathing hard I pushed my tongue deep inside her, circling, drawing out her juices, wetting my lips and chin in her. I then slid my tongue upward, curled it under her clit and licked the tiny nub.

As she began to respond to my lips and tongue I noticed that the pain had not entirely subsided and I realized she was slowly backing away so I had to keep my balls under constant pressure as I brought her closer and closer to coming. The excitement of tasting her, seeing her writhe with pleasure and the painful pressure and throbbing in my balls had me trembling. My breathing became ragged and jerky as if I had been hysterically crying.

I felt tears run down my face, but I kept my face pressed against her pussy, sucking her clit into my lips. Finally she pushed against me so I could lean back slightly. In her urgency, she was now moving as I backed away, suddenly she grabbed my head, arched her back and ground her pussy against my face. Now I had to fight to breathe, finally freeing my nose from her skin and taking in some air.

Her body then relaxed and she fell back onto the bed as I crouched back on my haunches, feeling the pressure release on my balls as the strap slackened. In a few moments she sat up and said, "Dan, that was wonderful, what you did for me, what you endured for me. I think you deserve a reward."

She moved around behind me and unfastened the strap from the chair and then gently removing it from around my balls and cock. Putting my forehead on the floor I looked back as she removed the harness and lightly caressed my cock and balls. The pain had not entirely subsided, but her fingers provided another sensation that helped me ignore the light pain. As she ran her fingers up my cock I realized during entire time I pull on the chair I had a raging erection and looking at it now my cock had never looked so big.

After unfastening my hands, Sydney stood back up and walked over to the bed, climbing on it. "Can you walk?"

"I don't know I replied," trying to stand, but feeling my legs tremble. "I can crawl," I replied moving closer to the bed.

"Come on up here and kneel over top of me," she said.

Following her instructions I crawled to the bed and climbed up on it moving over her. In just a few moments I kneeled over her, straddling her. She opened her legs and lifted her knees moving so my cock was right above her pussy.

"Now I want you to stroke yourself, make yourself come on me," she instructed.

Wanting to do so much more than just masturbate for her, I reached my hand to my cock and began stroking it. I tried to be enthusiastic but what I really wanted was to plunge my cock deep into her pussy, but she was in control. Soon I could feel my the pleasure in my cock building, my balls no longer ached and I knew it wouldn't be long until I came.

I arched my back, ready to watch my cock spurt my cum on her when she quickly said, "Now, I want you to fuck me now. Put it in Dan, fuck me now."

Removing my hand from myself I leaned my cock toward her and then felt her fingers take me and guide me inside. She was so wet from coming that my cock slid into the hilt. I pulled back once and thrust again as I came, spurting my cum into her wet pussy. I could feel myself twitching and throbbing inside her as again and again I filled her with my warm cum. I closed my eyes, keeping my back arched, my hips thrust forward holding my cock as deep into her as I could. Amazed at the intensity of sensation at the precise moment my cock entered her I just didn't want it to end. Even though the pleasure subsided some I had to stay inside her.

It was a few minutes before my cock softened and slipped out of her splashing limply against her thigh. Rolling over beside her I looked at the chair trying to figure out how far I had moved it. I asked, "How far?" Not really knowing where the chair was when we started.

"The chair was under the lamp there, so it looks like it moved about three or four feet," she said, reaching her hand down and cupping my balls. "I bet you didn't know you could move furniture with them."

"No, I never imagined."

"You know, with a few more lovers like you and I could start a moving company. Just imagine moving a piano up two flights of stairs," she said, squeezing my balls a bit. "I guess I'd really have to do something special to reward someone for that." She reached out, took my hand and guided it between her legs.

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