tagLesbian SexRealizing the Truth Ch. 01

Realizing the Truth Ch. 01


So this is my first story that I'm submitting on here. I've been thinking about it for awhile and finally I just decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I hope you all enjoy it and feel free to make comments and send me feedback. I'd appreciate it.


All my life I knew I was different. I grew up only having two best friends, Bianca and Valerie. Our parents always called up the Three Musketeers. We went everywhere and did everything together except for our sports. We all had different interests. See me, I stand at 5'9", I have short brunette hair and hazel eyes, I'm the really muscled athletic type. My parents taught me to make sure I could always take care of myself so I got into boxing at the age of 4. Although a proclaimed butch, I is always dressed as if I'm about to head to a GQ photoshoot. With my perfectly fitting slacks, and the assortment of button-ups in my closet, no one can ever stop from taking a pitcure with the star of the McCallister basketball team. I've lead the McCallister Dragons to the state championships every year since freshman year. I'm S.J., by the way.

Bianca, she's the dancer of the group. She spends all her time when she's not in school or hanging with us in the ballet studio that her father build especially for her. She's 5'4", petite, with blonde hair that everyone at our high school compares to Rapunzul because it hangs down to her tight buttocks. The girl lives in mini skirts that make her short legs seem to continue for days. Her B-cup breasts and her baby blues draw in both men and female stop to watch her walk away.

Then there's Valerie. Most people don't really stop to look at her because she's so reserved, but whenever we plan to go out for a night on the town, you can't stop your eyes from traveling over her 5'6" stature. Valerie have long brunette hair and emarald eyes, she the athletic type, which makes her round butt and her C-cup breasts, which are her best feature if you can look past her amazing white smile, even firmer in her 19 year old frame. Valerie is the star of the soccer team and every season she has her pick of a rookie from any of the opposing teams.

Although the three of us are different, we all have one major thing in common. We're all lesbians. Our parents think that it was something that happened when we grew up and started to find ourselves, when it was really just the fact that none of us enjoyed the experiences we'd had with the males at our high school. Anyway, it was exactly three weeks before our senior prom and none of us had decided who we were going to go with so we agreed to hit the mall of school that Friday. I walked into the food court to find Bianca sitting with one of the most notorious lesbians at McCallister.

"So ... Are you gonna take me to the prom?" the notorious skank, Quel, asked Bianca.

"Sure .. If you want me take you, I will. No one has asked me and I'm not interested in anyone right now." Bianca answers.

"Great!" Quel exclaimed. "You can pick me up at 7." She continued and kissed Bianca on the cheek before waving at me and bouncing off.

"I can't believe you just did that." I said as I sat down shaking my head.

"What?! What did you expect me to do? Tell her no? Hell .. You weren't gonna ask me." Bianca said the last part so low I barely heard her.

"Um ... What? You wanted me to ask you?" I asked looking at her slanted.

"Yes. I've been flirting with you the last couple weeks hoping to hint that I did. But I guess you aren't interest." B, as I loved calling her, looked like I'd just punched her in the chest.

I didn't know what to say and I clearly hadn't picked up on her intentions. We always flirted with each other. Yes, it was true that I'd always felt a deeper connection to B since we spent most of the summers in her dance studio. Her practicing, me watching and enjoying the passion she clearly had. I neer stopped to think about it beyond that, but I had to admit if only myself that hearing her agree to take Quel had irked me for reasons I didn't quite see until she was looking at me like that. I was then I began looking at her like a potential girlfriend. Full lips, baby blue eyes that I always loved. As I thought to myself, I realized that my best friend had been the person I was looking for when I dated women and not ever seen it. I must have been making her uncomfortable, because she said,

"Hello? S.J.? Are you even listening to me crazy woman?"

"Huh? What?" I said shaking my head clear of my realization.

She sighed and said, "I was trying to tell you that Valerie just texted me and said that she couldn't make it today and that she was sorry."

"Oh. Um ... That's okay. Do you wanna stay or do you wanna come over to my place? We could order a pizza and watch movies. My parents went to that banquet thing for the hospital tonight. They decided to go straight to their conference after. So ... Um, the place is all mine until Monday night. You could sleep over if you wanted. Or I could take you out or home ..." I was clearly babbling and she began to laugh. I looked down at the table contemplating why I was acting like a complete idiot around the person I'd known all my life.

She put her hand over mine and said, "We can do whatever you want. I just want hang with you. I didn't really mean to tell you about ..."

She trailed off as she thought about what she was going to say. Then looked at our hands and pulled her away and smiled at me. Then clearing her throat she stood and looked down at me, holding out her hand, she said, "I think we're overdue for a sleepover. I'll text V car and she if she wants to join." I was a little disappointed that it wouldn't be just the two of us, and then felt guilty because when I initially made the offer, our last Musketeer had been nowhere in the thoughts. Standing up, I took her hand and began to walk towards the exit. Looking down at her I said, "Sure. That sounds like a plan."

During the 15 minutes it took to get to my house, B told me that Valerie had declined and I wondered what was going on, but didn't vocalize my concern. Instead I thought about what that meant for B and I. My parents place empty aside from the two of us for the entire weekend. I smiled at the thought, B clearly noticed and said that I looked like I was happy. I told her I was as I pulled into my parking space in front of the mini mansion. I never understood why we had so much space in the house, but I was always thankful. I got out first and opened the door for Bianca. She looked a little confused since I'd never done that before. I told myself to be normal. I'd made up my mind to tell Bianca how I felt while I was staring at her and now I had the whole weekend to do it perfectly. Only thing I regretted was that B was going to take the skank, Quel, to the prom when now more than ever I wanted to take her. We'd have to fix that too, I suppose.

After changing into a pair of grey Dickies and a white wifebeater. I ordered a couple large pizzas from PizzaHut. That's another thing I love about Bianca and never seen. As much dedication as she had for dancing, she had just as much when it came to her stomach. I laughed out loud. It was then I realized how close B was standing to me when I felt her fingertips trace lightly over the tatto on my right bicep.

"What are you doing?" I asked shocked at the contact she'd made over a hundred times before.

"Nothing. I'm sorry. You looked really hot and then standing there thinking about something deeply enough I don't think you even heard the doorbell ring. I came to get the money for the pizzas. Are you okay?" She added after a second. I handed her the money for the pizza and tip for the delivery boy. I turned and followed her to the door. Telling her I was fine as I took the boxes from her. Saying hello to the delivery boy who I recognized from the guy I went to. Saying bye she closed the door and followed me to the kitchen. She looked at me for a while and the said, "Are you gonna tell me what's up with you, S.J., or am we really just gonna eat those delicious pizzas and act like there is nothing going on with us?"

I was speechless at how direct she was being with me when she wasn't known to be with women she liked. I finally swallowed audibly, sighed and then said," I think I'm in love with you. I don't know when it happened, but I know I realized it this afternoon as I sat there staring at you."

She just looked at me with her mouth hanging open and I immediately wished I'd kept my mouth shut. I opened it to apologize or tell her it was a joke or something. I just couldn;t take how she was looking at me. I turned around and walked to the fridge figuring that a glass of anything would do us both some good. I grabbed the two bottles of soda and turned back in time to bump into her. She took the bottles from me and placed them on the counter. Turning back to me, she placed her hands on my shoulder, as she closed her eyes, she leaned into me. I was shocked but only for a second and my mouth captured hers. It was like electricity shot through the both of us as we fused together. My hands diving into her hair and her arms linking around my neck pulling me even closer when I didn't think it was possible. After what seemed like forever, but was probably just a few minutes, we seperated, both breathless.

"Are you okay with what just happend?" We seemed to ask at the same time and both laughed.

"Yes" I said, then she repeated.

Taking her by the hand, I lead her to my room. Sitting down on my bed. I looked at her. She was smiling and I leaned forward and kissed her again. As the kiss grew more passionate, my mouth trailed down to her neck, I must have found one of her sensite spots because she moaned into my ear. The sound of it drove me crazy. I quickly took off her shirt. Tossing it aside, I removed her bra only halting when I heard her gasp and then shiver under my hands. I pulled back and looked at her. She had her eyes half closed and her mouth open. I continued to look at her until she opened her eyes completely.

She looked back at me and asked, "What's wrong? Do you not want to do this anymore?"

I shook my head and replied, "Yes, sweetie, I do. I just want to make sure that you do."

Instead of answering my question, she stood, removed her skirt and her g string came off along with it. I sat there staring at the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. Her pussy was completely bald. I could see the moisture on the folds of her pussy. She started moving towards me and taking off my clothes. Once we were both completely naked, I layed her in the middle of my bed and straddled her. We kissed while I rubbed her magnificant breasts. Applying pressure to her nipples caused her to groan in my mouth. Wanting to hear her cry out, I began to kiss my way down her body. My mouth capturing her left boob, liking around the aerola until my tongue hits her nipple. B begins writhing underneath me causing my teeth to scrape against her. Arching her back, more of the breast slides into my mouth just in time for me to release it. She begins to whine and I move to her right breast. I give it the same treatment, only this time biting gentlely on her nipple on purpose. Continuing my journey down her body, I lick the inside of her thighs to tease her until she finally says, "S.J.! Damnit! My pussy is pulsing so fast I can barely breath. Please!" I smiled to myself before licking her slit with my flat tongue. She moaned out. That sent me over an edge. I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and slid my tongue into her hot hole. She moaned out, "YES! OH YES!" I began massaging her clit with my fingers. I knew she was close to exploding and I wanted her juices flowing into my mouth. I moved my tongue to her clit and teased it with the tip of my tongue. She began to moan louder. "Put your fingers into me! Fill mme with your fingers, S.J.! YES! FUCK! YES" I slid one finger in and out of her leaking pussy and then added another and another until I had four fingers in her pussy grasping trying to take purchase. I thrust my fingers deeper until they hit her g spot. One after the other. She screamed when each hit her spot, "YES!!! Right there! Right fucking there! S.J.! S.J.! YESSSS!!!! OH GOD!" Wrapping my lips around her clit, I moved my tongue back and forth until she started screaming even louder, " YESSSSSS! Oh fuck! S.J.!!! I'm going to cum! I'M CUMMMMMMIIINNNGGG!!!" It was then I found out Bianca was a squirter as her juices shot to the back of my throat. I never removed my lips from her clit until the pleasure became pain and she pushed my head away.

As I removed my fingers, she groaned. Moving up to her body, I wrapped my arm around her stomach and awaited her return from the high she was on. Once she was back, she turned and smiled at me. Then said, "That was so incredible."

I kissed her letting her taste herself on my tongue, pulling away, I said, "Yes. I was."

"I had no idea it could be like that. It hasn't been like that with anyone. EVER!" She said still half dazed.

I laughed and said, "I'm glad. You should get cleaned, you know?"

She looked at me kind of confused, "I don't get to do you?" she asked.

"No, sweetheart, I'm fine. You know where the showers are. I'm going to go get the pizza and drinks." With that I got dressed and walked out of the bedroom and back to the kitchen. I wasn't sure why I didn't let her make love to me when my whole body was craving it, but I didn't think about it. I needed time to figure out where I wanted us to go from here and so did she. Even if she didn't realize it.

Making my way back to my room, Bianca was wearing one of my t-shirts and gym shorts. She looked angry for some reason so I asked, "Is something wrong?"

She turned and looked at me, "Yes. More than I can explain right now, but we need to get to the hospital."

I instantly walked to her trying to figure out where she was hurt. I wasn't that rough with her. She caught on to my worry and shook her head then continued, "No, no. It's not me. It's Valerie. She's been attacked."

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