Rear Ended


"God, you are so beautiful Nicole." I whispered.

"Call me Nikki." She moaned.

"Nikki. And you call me Mandy." I replied.

"Mandy." She whispered as her eyes opened and she gazed at me. "My beautiful, beautiful Mandy."

Nicole inched closer to me and began to explore my nudity with her hands and fingers the same way I had been exploring hers. Soon my eyes closed, my head tilted back and was swaying gently from side to side along with my body as moans of illicit pleasure were drifting from my lips as my gorgeous young lover caressed me.

"Never have I touched a more exquisite body. Never have I seen a more beautiful woman than the one before me now." Nicole whispered.

With my eyes still shut and my heart pounding like never before as her words filtered into my mind, I felt Nicole take me in her arms and her mouth again capture mine. As she slowly lowered me to my back on the mattress, the weight of her buxom young body coming to rest gently atop me and the rapture of a lover's kiss completely consuming me, the mysterious quiver that had been invading deep within my belly all evening finally introduced itself. Its name was desire.

As Nicole's body rested on top of me and her tongue explored the deepest recesses of my mouth, I slid my arms around her shoulders and wrapped my legs around her torso. I wanted so much to literally pull her inside of me. Slowly, Nicole broke out of our kiss and gazed directly into my soul as she softly stroked my hair. My body was trembling with unbridled desire and my heart was rattling like a jackhammer as I stared up into Nicole's beautiful face. The weight and power of her gorgeous young body being all around me was intensely erotic; the feel of her hot and damp flesh against my own filled me with an insatiable lust . The sensation of her rock hard and protruding nipples pressing against my own sent chills of illicit pleasure to every corner of my mortal being.


"Yes, honey?"

"Is this your first time to be with a woman?"


"Are you scared?"

"A little bit."

Nicole brushed her lips over mine so softly and with so much love and tenderness that I felt my heart lodge into my throat.

"Please don't be. I'd never hurt you. And I'll be as gentle as a lamb. And I'm gonna love you like you've never been loved before." She told me in her soft, sweet voice with her face lit up by her radiant, saintly smile.

"Oh Nikki.." I managed to utter before the emotion of the moment paralyzed my vocal chords.

And with that, she took my mouth again and I balled myself up around her smaller body in a consuming lover's embrace as we kissed. Nicole then gently rolled me out flat on the mattress, spreading my legs and pushing my arms down to rest beside my head on the pillow. Lifting my right hand and slowly guiding it to her lips, Nicole lovingly kissed each individual digit with such care, patience and affection that I literally felt my heart melt at her overwhelming devotion. Then she tenderly took them one by one deep into her mouth, suckling each of them as if they were the most delectable morsels of a cherished cuisine. Bending my hand about, she lathered the inside of my palm with her tongue. Both of her lissome hands cradled mine, falling into a mystical trance as she molded my entire palm to her face. I had never witnessed such pure eroticism before; and never again would I think that something as plain and ordinary as a hand couldn't be considered a beautiful thing.

I surrendered completely and wrapped my arms around Nicole's neck as her mouth crushed to mine with resounding moans. Bending my neck for a deeper kiss, I gave Nicole full access to my open mouth. She took full advantage of my submission, plunging her tongue into the deepest recesses of my wanting mouth. I buckled beneath the eagerness of my powerful young lover, giving in to whatever impulse she so craved. My head fell back and Nicole sank lower, eagerly nibbling on my chin and then sealing her mouth to my neck. Purring like a kitten and clutching the sheets of my bed in the tight balls of my fist, Nicole was sinking her teeth in deeper, ravenously suckling my flesh. Nicole exhaled long and deep, closing her eyes as she cradled my head in her palms, combing my long brown locks like sacred threads of the purest fabric. I gazed upward as Nicole lowered her chest, ultimately smothering my face with those bountiful, invigorating breasts. Feeling their silky smoothness and soft suppleness all about me, I soon lost myself amidst the buxom young flesh.

Nicole rose above me slightly and my lips parted as she slowly bridged the gap of emptiness between my mouth and her throbbing, erect nipple. I shivered as I slowly savored the warm and sacred skin as it entered my mouth. Sipping the areola of her left breast, my tongue twined about the plump, swollen nub before lowering my jaw to inhale as much flesh as I could possibly devour. Nicole sighed in release as my cheeks caved in, taking in even more flesh. My hands had found themselves fixed upon Nicole's fertile hips, then to the glossy spheres of her ass. Burying her nipples deep within my sultry mouth in turns, Nicole's eyes fluttered in sheer ecstasy and her soft, tender moans chimed to me her overwhelming ascent. Straddling my body between her powerful legs, Nicole finally rose up, arching her back and thrusting her chest slightly forward; traces of my saliva glistening on her nipples. Grazing her fingertips softly over the moist flesh of my naked torso, she gently kneaded and fondled my supple breasts with all the erotic skill of a professional masseur.

With the gentle light of the moon filtering through the windows of my bedroom, I gazed up in awe at Nicole's glistening body as my hands slid gently over the powerful muscles and soft skin of her fertile hips and silky thighs. With an indescribable look of desire on her face, Nicole lowered her mouth to my left nipple, seizing it between her succulent lips and sucked it deep into her mouth. My body spasmed and a deep gasp of orgasmic rapture leapt from my shocked mouth as Nicole feasted upon my breast. My body bucked, my head rolled from side to side, my eyes fluttered, my heart raced while my hands and arms flailed erratically about as Nicole's mouth, lips and tongue lathered the nipples and areolas of both my breasts back and forth from right to left, over and over again.

Nicole shifted suddenly, her body sliding down on the mattress between my wide open legs and l felt the tickle of her own erect nipples grazing down the skin of my belly as she slowly descended me. Her eyes remained locked on mine; an intensely erotic stare of insatiable lust, carnal desire and unadulterated passion, the likes of which no human being had ever cast upon me before. I was completely under her elliptical spell and would do anything to please her. Nicole's lips nipped and suckled the flesh of my abdomen as she teasingly traced her way down to my sexual center. Guiding my legs up to bend at the knees and planting my feet firmly on the mattress, Nicole devoured the creamy flesh of my inner thighs; that intense stare never unlocking itself from me. My heart was on the verge of exploding and I was trembling to the very core with breathless anticipation.

Nicole teasingly circled the very outer edges of my sex with the tip of her tongue, and my soul, for the third time that day, nearly leapt from my body. Combing back the damp locks of honey blond hair from her face with my fingers, Nicole snatched my index finger and gingerly guided it to my labia and slit.

"Feel how wet you are, Mandy." Nicole hissed softly.

My eyes closed as low and sensual moans drifted out of my mouth as Nicole lathered my finger in the fervent arousal of my labia.

"Oh yeah. You like that don't you, baby?" Nicole continued as I tenderly moaned my wondrous ascent. "Now feel how swollen you are; how excited, how hot. Yeah, that's it. Just feel all that heat pouring out from inside you, baby."

Nicole moved my finger all about my sexual center and I reveled in the intense heat, arousal and humid moisture emanating out of my body. I heard Nicole inhale deeply as she slowly slipped my finger inside me.

"And oh, the smell of you, Mandy. So ripe, so wild and alive." Nicole purred.

"Oh baby.." I heard myself murmur.

"Now I want you to taste yourself." She hissed.

Nicole slipped my finger out and pushed my hand up to my face by my elbow and like an unleashed sexual fiend, I hungrily sucked my finger into my mouth, suckling it with all the fervor and passion Nicole had used.

"You have such a beautiful pussy, Mandy." Nicole hissed in a whisper. "So, so beautiful."

The intensity of the next few seconds will never be erased from my memory. As I sucked wantonly of my own arousal on my finger, Nicole's mouth fastened itself to my seething womanhood and I was nearly launched into orbit. My body jerked violently, every muscle within me seized and the deep gasp of air I sucked into my lungs nearly caused me to swallow my finger. With a skill I did not believe any man, much less a woman could possess, Nicole's mouth feasted ravenously upon my sexual center, sending waves of unprecedented carnal pleasure raging through every nook and cranny of my body and every fiber of my mortal soul like electrical current. Nicole buried her lips and tongue deep inside me, her fingernails digging deep into the flesh of my hips as she fed upon me. As the orgasmic pressure built up inside me with the intensity of a pressure cooker, my body bucked and spasmed as my lungs strained desperately against the pressure of it for air. With the illicit pleasure literally consuming every part of me, my eyes spun erratically in my head while my head itself rolled wildly from side to side as my hands clutched and tugged urgently at the sheets of my bed. The combined heat of two human bodies entangled and entwined in the throes of unbridled passion had me drenched in sweat from head to toe. My tender moans turned to orgasmic howls of erotic release that were reverberating frantically off the walls and ceiling of my bedroom.

When the climactic orgasm violently tore through my body with the ferocity of a mighty avalanche, Nicole held tight to my hips, keeping her mouth firmly fastened to my center. As I felt the orgasm erupt deep inside me, the look of carnal desire and insatiable lust on Nicole's face became even more intense than before. As my orgasm ravaged body lay spent and exhausted on the sweat laden sheets, I could sense Nicole drinking of my sexual nectar, and as she rose to her knees and crawled seductively up my body, I could see the remains of my orgasm glistening on her lips and chin. With my hand resting on my chest above my jack-hammering heart, I gasped deep and desperately for air as moans of both intense pleasure and intense relief poured out of my mouth. Nicole slid down on the mattress beside me and cradled my twitching body tenderly into her arms. Holding me possessively against her, she gently stroked my sweaty hair and pelted soft, sweet kisses all about my head and face. Nicole held me as if I were her most precious possession while the intensity of the experience slowly passed. The lustful heat emanating from our seething bodies was immense and the musky scent of two very aroused women hung heavily in the air and flooded my nostrils as we lay entwined in each other's gentle embrace.

Steadily, Nicole's soft and sweet kisses found their way to my mouth and their intensity slowly increased. At last we were locked once more in a wanton kiss of a lover's passion with our sweat slick bodies meshed firmly against one another. I could taste my own intimate flavor in Nicole's mouth and having it immersed in her boiling saliva created the most erotic and forbidden elixir. Coming up at last for air, Nicole stroked my cheek and cupped my chin.

"Merry Christmas, Mandy."

"Merry Christmas, Nikki."

"Now I want you to rollover and lay on your stomach."


I complied immediately with Nicole's request, stretching my long body out on my stomach, folding my arms beneath my chin and resting my head on them. Letting my eyes shut, I waited breathlessly for whatever Nicole might have in store for me next.

It began as a very slow, sensual and intensely erotic massage. Nicole explored every inch of the back side of my body with her hands. Seeming to savor every second of the experience as if it might be the last time she would ever touch another human being, Nicole meticulously rubbed, kneaded and fondled virtually every nook, cranny, curve and muscle of my body from the base of my neck to the arches of my feet with the utmost tenderness and affection. Once she reached the bottom, she took my foot in her hand and suckled each of my toes as she had my fingers. I nearly melted away. When she finished, I felt her crawling slowly and seductively back up my body like a predator stalking her prey, only this time using her lips, tongue and mouth instead of her hands to explore me. Nicole suckled, nibbled, kissed and licked virtually every inch of my flesh as she worked her way up my back side, ultimately straddling my body and slowly lowering hers down on to it.

The feel of her warm, supple and bountiful breasts meshing down into the skin of my back set me ablaze; her erect and protruding nipples scraping against my flushed and flaming hot skin. Rising up to rest on my elbows, Nicole slid her arms through mine and cupped my breasts in her hands while she erotically grated her body down on mine. Turning my head over my shoulder, Nicole took my mouth in another passionate kiss as our sweat soaked bodies rubbed together. Shifting around, I soon found myself once again on my back, Nicole atop me and the sweetness of her mouth deep in mine. Nicole rose up on her knees, adjusted my legs and then straddled my left leg, pressing her seething sex firmly against the sweaty skin of my thigh. She then pressed her own thigh firmly against my pulsing center. The feel of her swollen, soaking wet folds and her rock hard clit on my skin set me afire. I clamped my right leg around her body and Nicole began to gently grate her sweet honey pot down on my thigh and her thigh up against my aching pussy .

As I lay beneath her, gently caressing her beautiful body, I became totally and utterly mesmerized by this raw and primal sexual dance. With her eyes closed, Nicole's body swayed gently back and forth above me, her head rolling in sensual unison with that motion while the air filled with soft, tender moans of her illicit pleasure. Nicole took her time, slowly increasing her motion to allow both our orgasms to come gradually. The energy of her youth captured me; the depth of her passion overwhelmed me. I loved breathing in her scent, watching the pleasure build inside her and feeling her muscles seize and spasm when the orgasm finally erupted and ravaged her to the very core. Collapsing into my arms, I engulfed her trembling body in my embrace and we kissed a soft, sensual and continuous kiss as we breathed each other's air. Finally she rose above me again and smiled.

"Sit up, baby."

I happily complied, leaning back slightly, supporting my weight on my arms and hands. Nicole shifted her body, untangled our legs and then straddled my lap again. Sliding her hands around my neck, she took my mouth once more. Nicole's kiss was intoxicating; I could literally taste her life force, and I could feel it spilling into me. She showered me with her living essence, her unbridled passion, her very soul. I had never dreamed that a kiss could be so divine.

With our eyes locked in an intense and lustful gaze, Nicole slipped two of her fingers into my mouth and I suckled them deeply. Sliding them out again, she immediately replaced them with her tongue and let her hand slide down the front of my body until she found my sex; then she slipped her fingers inside me. Pulling back slightly, Nicole gazed deep into my eyes as she slowly pumped her fingers deep within me. Both our bodies began to gently roll with the motion. As with her erotic dance, she took her time, allowing my orgasm to build gradually. Our gazes remained fixed on each other, Nicole steadily increasing her pumping action deep inside me. My body began to tremble as the orgasm built and my tender moans increased once more to orgasmic howls and wails. When Nicole sensed I was close to climax, she pushed be down on my back and dramatically increased the thrusting of her hand and fingers. My hips bucked, my back arched toward the ceiling and my fists clutched desperately at the sheets as the orgasm ripped through me.

Ravaged to the core once more by an incredible orgasm, my body relaxed in a spent pile of bliss on the damp sheets as Nicole slid her fingers out of my sex and back into my mouth, where I gladly sucked them clean. I then followed Nicole's earlier example and proceeded to suckle each and every one of her fingers as she had mine. Finally our mouths seared together once more, followed by an immaculately peaceful moment of silence as we stared tenderly at each other.

"This has been the most beautiful night of my life." Nicole whispered.

"Me too." I replied.

And we kissed again. I held Nicole snuggly against me, reveling in the softness of her skin and the sweetness of her mouth.



"I want to taste you now."

"Thought you'd never ask."

"You know I've never done it before."

"Being the incredible lover that you are, I'm sure you'll be a natural. Just follow your heart. And listen to my body."

Nicole rose up on her knees and straddled my head. Bracing herself against the headboard, she slowly lowered her sex to my mouth. Her mound was completely shaven and her fleshy folds were beet red, puffy and dripping with her sweet nectar. As the musky scent of her arousal poured like a thick, humid fog into my nostrils, I wrapped my arms around her hips and blew softly on her folds. Nicole chirped with delight and her body jerked with the sudden sensation. I pulled her to me and once the tang of Nicole's true flavor registered in my mouth, I was completely unhinged. Digging my fingernails deep into her flesh, I rapaciously devoured the core of her divine sexuality. Nicole's body began to thrash about uncontrollably above me as the pleasure shot all through her; her deep, sensual moans and groans only fueled my raw passion and frenzy. I was like a wild beast. With a skill I didn't even know I had, I proceeded to feast upon Nicole's womanhood like a rogue vampire feeding and sucking greedily on the sacred flesh and living essence of a beautiful young woman.

Every muscle in Nicole's body seized as they were all straining desperately against the building orgasmic pressure; her breathing was heavily labored by the intensity of it and Nicole was gasping frantically for air. With her tender moans quickly becoming shrieking wails and the sweat of her body dripping like a waterfall all over me, I could hear the headboard rattling against the wall and straining to the point of snapping as Nicole held on with all her strength. In an instant, the orgasmic eruption savaged her to the bone and my mouth was flooded with her boiling hot sexual nectar. Releasing my grip on her hips, Nicole's body crumpled as she collapsed on the mattress beside me, gasping for air and her body shaking violently in post-orgasm rapture. I gathered her up gently in my arms, just as she had done me earlier and held her close, pelting her with soft kisses while her intense orgasm passed.

"Oh God. . . Oh God . . . Oh Mandy. . . Oh my God!" Nicole gasped.

"Shush, honey. Don't try and talk. Just relax. Let it pass." I whispered as I snuggled her against me.

"Oh baby. . . Oh baby. . . Nobody has ever given me an orgasm like that . . . Ever! I told you you'd be a natural at it." Nicole wailed. "My God, my heart is beating so fast."

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