tagGroup SexRebecca Becomes a Party Girl Ch. 02

Rebecca Becomes a Party Girl Ch. 02


This story is a continuation of the characters and plots developed in the story "Rebecca Becomes a Party Girl." This story will make more sense if you have read that story first.


I. Rebecca Calls on a Old Friend

It had been almost 2 weeks since Mike's party, but Rebecca felt herself reliving the events of that party daily. At first, Rebecca thought that her behavior that night had been completely out of character, she was a conservative, good girl; but, the more she thought about that the less she believed it. She was reflective by nature and so she had been thinking about not just the events of the night, but also her motivations. The more she thought about that night the more she came to believe that her actions were not at all out of character – it was that her actions didn't align with her persona. Rebecca had spent the better part of her life cultivating a persona of innocence. Rebecca now knew that there was a significant difference between her inner self, desires, and fantasies, and the way others perceived her.

Rebecca thought of that night–how she got on her knees and sucked Mike's cock, how she let Jim and John double-team her, and how she agreed to let the four men gang bang her–working to come to grips with her thoughts, feelings, and sexuality. She knew, at some level, that what had happened was wrong, but she was having a hard time reconciling those morals with her feelings of lust and arousal. She learned that night that she was fully capable of acting on her sexuality; while she had for years entertained fantasies of being double teamed, controlled, and persuaded to engage in sex acts in public and semi-public places, she had not, until two weeks ago, acted on those fantasies.

While she had pictured the events of that night over and over, and what seemed most to occupy her attention were the words of John: "You're going to beg me to fuck you again, aren't you?" Those words had taken her by surprise that night, for in the back of her mind she was thinking of that night as a one time experience; but, she also remembered her response: "Probably, yes." In addition, John was not someone to which she would normally be attracted. Yet, she found herself quite frequently thinking about John's big cock and the unrelenting pounding he had given her that night. She was sure that that was the best single fuck she'd ever had. She also realized, that it was really just a matter of time before she did indeed ask him to fuck her again.

"Hi John, it's Rebecca."

"Well, hello, I thought you might be calling."

John's voice was sure and steady, with a touch of arrogance, Rebecca thought. Rebecca realized that she was attracted to his assuredness, even if his assuredness arose from his wielding of his big cock.

"I was thinking about what you said at Mike's party the other night and you were right. So what do you think?" asked Rebecca

"Sorry, Rebecca, I'm not sure what you mean," replied John.

While Rebecca did not know John well, she had learned that night that John likes to treat women like sluts. Deep down, she thought, that was one of the things she liked about John; although, she hated to admit that to herself.

"John, I want you to fuck me again."

"Really? Tell me more."

Rebecca felt that she barely had the courage to ask John to fuck her again and now he wanted her to elaborate. Her nervous arousal was wavering, but she felt she was already in the deep end.

"I want you to fuck me with your big cock. I want you to pound me the way you did that night. I can't stop thinking about your big cock in my pussy."

"Is that it? Is that all you want?"

Rebecca couldn't believe she was telling John this. She could not imagine that before Mike's party she ever would have called a man up on the phone and begged him to fuck her. But here she was, she thought, doing just that.

"No, I want you to slap my face with your big cock, I liked that, and I want you to make me gag on your cock. I want you to use me," said Rebecca somewhat reluctantly. "There, I said it. I want you to fuck me. I want you to use me, sexually."

"So," said John, his arrogance in full view. "I guess I was right, you were going to beg me to fuck you again."

Rebecca sat in silence on her end of the phone. On one level, she knew she shouldn't be calling him; but, she just couldn't get the experience of being fucked by John out of her mind or out of her body. Every time she thought about it, she became extremely aroused, often masturbating to a powerful orgasm. She just had to have John's cock again.

"I guess you were," replied Rebecca curtly. "So what do you say? Are you up for another round?"

"Rebecca, I have wanted to fuck you for a long time – your tall body, large tits, fantastic ass, and broad smile. And, fucking you the other night at Mike's was just the beginning. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that deep down you are a slut for my cock. I think you are going to get to know my cock very well." John said with command in his voice. "Be over here tomorrow night at seven o'clock. Wear jeans and a white T-shirt, but don't wear a bra."

With that, John hung up the phone. Rebecca was nervous, she really wanted to fuck John's big cock; but, John seemed to be able to reach down inside of her and know her in ways she was just beginning to understand. John seemed to know her vulnerabilities, and her passions, and her lusts.

While Rebecca spent the next 24 hours in a mixed state of anxiety and arousal, Wednesday night was now here and she found herself standing in front of a mirror in jeans and a white T-shirt, no bra – as requested. She was thinking that she looked pretty good for 40 years old and that her 38D breasts were quite revealed under her T-shirt. Was she ready for this? What did John have in store for her?

Rebecca parked in John's driveway and walked to his front door. She knocked and in a moment John answered the door. She could seem him look her up and down,; he then moved aside and motioned for Rebecca to enter. They walked into the living room.

"Go ahead and take off your shirt and put it on that chair," John was motioning toward a chair.

Rebecca, self-consciously, took off her shirt and placed it on the chair. Her 36-D tits were now on display. Her pussy immediately began to moisten from the nervous sexual tension. John beckoned her to follow him into the kitchen. She had never been in John's home before and it was quite spacious with a lot of windows and plants. As she stood in the middle of his kitchen, with all of the kitchen lights on, she suddenly realized that she was quite visible, bare-chested, to anyone who may be passing by his house.

Rebecca and John continued to talk for several minutes as if they were simply fast friends. Rebecca thought that it was strange that they were talking about normal events–John's job, Rebecca's kids, the weather, and local politics–given that they both knew that she was there to be fucked by John and that she was standing with her tits out. It was then, as the discussion of politics began to wind down, that the front door opened.

"Hey John, you here?"

"We are in the kitchen, Frank," replied John. "Come on in, we're just having some wine and chatting."

Rebecca was confused, startled, fearful, and aroused. She thought tonight was just she and John. She was anxious because she was about to be seen by another friend without her shirt on, but she was aroused as she had arrived horny and standing with her tits on display in front of two men only seemed to heighten that.

Frank entered the kitchen.

"Hey Frank," said John. "Nice to see you. You remember Rebecca? From Mike's party?"

"Of course!" replied Frank, turning to Rebecca and extending his hand. "Nice to see you again, Rebecca."

Rebecca was taken aback. Frank acted as if he hadn't even noticed that she was half naked. She reached out her hand to shake Frank's. There was no way for her to hide her tits, they were too large and it would have seemed too school girl-ish.

"Hi Frank," said Rebecca. "I don't think we actually met at Mike's. But I do remember someone pointing you out. Nice to meet you."

Rebecca was feeling as if she was in some alternate universe. Here she was half naked standing in front of John and Frank without her shirt on, engaging in small talk and acting as if all were normal. This wasn't normal at all, but no one seemed to be letting on. It had a very Alice in Wonderland feel to it.

"Get a drink, Frank," said John. "Rebecca and I were just about to go back into the living room."

Rebecca watched as Frank began sorting through John's various bottle of alcohols, until John tugged at her arm and led her into his living room. As Rebecca looked around she notice the same windows and plants theme as the kitchen, which made her a bit nervous given her current state of partial undress.

"Go ahead and take off your shoes and pants, and stick them over with your shirt."

Rebecca just looked at John. Really? She thought. She wasn't exactly sure which bothered her more, the fact that she would be mostly naked in front of the windows or that she would be mostly naked in front of Frank. Either way, her nervousness was now amped up and, curiously, so was her arousal.

"You're wearing a thong, yes?" asked John.


"So then what's the issue? Take off your shoes and pants."

Rebecca wasn't exactly sure she understood the logic, but she nonetheless took off her pants and shoes, and placed them with her shirt. Now, she was virtually naked and she felt it. She quickly moved to an overstuffed chair that was strategically located with its back toward the main window. This, she thought, did not entirely solve her problem, as there were many other windows in the living room; however, it did reduce her exposure to the front of the house. As she settled into the chair and crossed her long legs to hid her now wet pussy, she looked around noticing a few family pictures, an unlit fireplace, and two couches. She realized she was evaluating the living room as a way to divert her attention away from the fact that all she was wearing was a thong – only a thong.

Rebecca was noticing that John never sat down when Frank entered the room with his drink.

"Frank, what do you think of Rebecca?" asked John.

Frank began to look Rebecca up and down, examining and enjoying her exposure–her long legs, her curvy waist, her full breasts, and her flowing hair. He liked what he was seeing, and smiled broadly.

"Quite sexy. I'm very sorry I didn't get to join you all at Mike's party. I heard it was quite the time," said Frank, smiling at Rebecca.

Rebecca's pussy began to tingle at the thought of Mike's party. She was wondering what, exactly, Frank had heard about Mike's party. It seemed obvious, at least to her and her anxiety, that he knew that she had sucked cocks and allowed herself to be gang banged. She was wondering how the other four men have been retelling the events of that night.

"That's okay, Frank, we'll see what we can do." Mike took a long sip from his drink looking first at Frank and then at Rebecca. "So, Rebecca, tell Frank why you're here."

Rebecca's mind seemed to have seized upon itself. Her thoughts seemed to have suddenly stopped, her anxiety spiking. She was sitting mostly naked in front of John and Frank, and Frank was now asking her to explain why she had come over? As she began to notice that her nipples were getting hard, she didn't see any way out of this; that said, did she really want to get out of this? She must re-group and compose herself, she thought.

Rebecca knew what John was looking for, and decided to give it to him: "I called John to see if he would fuck me. As I am sure you know by now, John fucked me repeatedly at Mike's party. John has a really big cock and I thoroughly enjoyed him fucking me at Mike's. I tried not to call him, but over the past week or so I was spending more and more time thinking of how he pounded my pussy with his big cock. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it again. Finally, I give in yesterday and called him."

As Rebecca was saying this she began to notice bulges in both John and Frank's pants. She liked what she saw and thought she would give them more to get aroused about.

"I am really hoping that not only is John going to fuck me senseless, but that he will also gag me with his cock." Rebecca was now looking directly at Frank. "You see, deep down, I like to be used. I like for men to really fuck me and to jam their cocks down my throat. I don't want to be made love to, I want to get fucked."

At this point, Rebecca noticed that there was no doubt about it; John and Frank were both sporting large erections. Rebecca was finding it hard to keep her eyes off their cocks under their pants. With thoughts of sucking their cocks in her mind, Rebecca slid off the chair and onto her knees. She was now on her knees in front of these two men wearing only a thong, her large tits and firm nipples moving as she moved. She didn't need to say anything.

Rebecca noticed John and Frank looking at each other and smiling. Both men began to unzip their pants and drop them to the ground, followed by their underwear. As Rebecca stared at their cocks, now revealed, she smiled at the familiar large cock of John and the ample cock of Frank.

"Frank, be my guest," said John. "She's a very good cock sucker, you will enjoy yourself."

Frank walked forward taking off his shirt, his hardening cock bobbing in the air as he approached Rebecca. Rebecca could feel her clit throb as she reached forward to grab the base of Frank's cock. She began to lick the head of his cock as she looked up into his eyes, she always enjoyed sucking cock and she was sure she would enjoy this. After licking his cock for a few moments she then began to engulf his cock in her mouth. She started slowly, working his cock into her mouth, bit by bit, increasing her head bobbing. Soon, she was getting all of his cock into her mouth. It was a good-sized cock and filled most of her mouth back to her throat. She was really enjoying herself, bobbing her head up and down on his cock; feeling his cock on her tongue and her throat.

"Jesus, John, you are right," said Frank with joy in his voice. "She really is a good cock sucker. You don't get a lot of women who really enjoy sucking on a cock the way she is. What do you think?" Frank said, pulling Rebecca off of his cock and looking at her.

"I love to suck cock. The first cock I never sucked was a guy named Rick, and he had a big cock. I fell in love with sucking cock immediately and I've enjoyed sucking cocks every since."

As Rebecca was looking up at Frank she could feel his hands grip the back of her head and guide her head back onto his cock. Here it comes, she thought, he's going to fuck my face now. She smiled and cooed, knowing that the harder he fucked her face, the more she would enjoy it.

Frank did begin to fuck her face and she was glad that he was forceful. If someone is going to fuck my face, she thought, she wants to feel used. She wants to feel that she has no longer any control, that she is being forced to suck his cock. Frank was really holding her head now and jamming his cock down her throat. She was having trouble breathing - this, is what she really liked.

"Oh my god, I can't believe I'm face fucking you, Rebecca. We all wanted to be with you, we all wanted to fuck you, but I never thought it would really happen. But, here I am fucking your face and in a few minutes I am sure I'm going to be fucking your pussy. Isn't that right?"

Rebecca smiled. She liked to think that men lusted after her, that men thought about fucking her. And, here was Frank, someone who a month ago she never would have thought about fucking and she was sure they would be fucking soon.

"All right Frank, out-of-the-way, time for the professionals," said John. John moved around in front of Rebecca and she could see that his cock was already hard, and very big. Over the past week she had tried to remember how it felt having her mouth stuffed with his cock, but her thoughts did not do his cock justice. It was, she thought, one of the Seven Wonders of the World–at least her world.

John began by slapping Rebecca's face with his big cock.

"You like my big cock, don't you?" asked John.

"Definitely. I've been thinking about it ever since Mike's party."

"You should tell your friends about my cock, maybe they would like a piece of the action as well?" John was smiling from ear to ear as Rebecca looked up at him.

"I can think of a couple of women that I know who would love to suck your cock and be fucked by you," said Rebecca. "I haven't mentioned it to them, yet, the fucking you gave me at Mike's party. But, maybe I will."

As Rebecca finished speaking, John began to insert his cock into her mouth. Rebecca reached out to take control of his cock and slowly work it into her mouth. It was a huge cock, she thought. I don't think I'll ever be able to get the whole thing in my mouth; although, I am willing to try. Minute after minute Rebecca continued to work his cock into her mouth and slowly she began to bob her head on his cock. She was having a great time sucking John's cock and concentrating on getting more and more of it into her mouth to the point that she was startled when John spoke again.

"Ready to gag on my cock, Rebecca?"

"Definitely, you know I am," said Rebecca, grinning, after she pulled his cock from her mouth.

"The next time we do this, Rebecca, I'm going to start filming it. I think it's time to start a video library of Rebecca in action–sucking cock, getting fucked, getting gang banged, getting used."

Rebecca wasn't typically interested in being filmed, but the way John talked about it while he slapped her face with his big cock somehow made it seem okay. Actually, she had to admit, it excited her. The more she thought about men watching her get fucked, and playing with their cocks while they watched, the more excited she got.

Before Rebecca had an opportunity to respond to John's filming comment he had grabbed the back of her head and was forcing his cock down her throat. She remembered this from Mike's that his cock wouldn't fit all the way down her throat. She thought she's going to have to work on her ability to take a bigger cock and not gag. John was forcing more and more of his cock into her mouth and down her throat and she began to gag in earnest. Momentarily, John pulled his cock from her throat and mouth and began to slap Rebecca's forehead with it.

"Stand up, Rebecca," said John.

Rebecca began to get up from her kneeling position after having just sucked Frank and John's cocks. She was now standing in front of Frank and John in nothing more than her black thong. Her pussy, she could tell, was extremely wet. She loved sucking their cocks, but she also loved being virtually naked in front of them.

"You know what's next?" asked John.


"What's next?"

"You're going to fuck me."

"Do you want to be fucked?"


"By both of us?"

Rebecca turned slightly, looked at Frank, and said, "definitely." Frank smiled and his cock bobbed approval.

"Take off your thong," said John

Rebecca reached under her thong and peeled it off her body. She then looked up at both Frank and John and noticed they were both checking out her well-trimmed pussy. She could tell that her pussy was a wet mess right now and she was full of lust for their cocks, which were both standing at full attention now.

"Frank, you look like you're ready to go," said John, "why don't you take the honors and fuck Rebecca first."

Rebecca turned and looked at Frank, lust in her eyes, waiting for him to command her. She wanted him to tell her what to do next, to tell her how he was going to fucker. She wanted him to take her, to control her, to use her.

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