Rebecca's Choice


On a cold, snowy evening, darkness filled the scene right outside the set of "Sarah's Choice." Looking out the window, Rebecca St. James, the female lead, shook her head. "Looks like another cold night," she said to nobody in particular.

"I'd be happy to walk you home," said her co-star, Julian Bailey. Rebecca turned and smiled.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind working on our scene a little," she said. Now the set emptied except for Rebecca and Julian. She advanced towards him. "Now, where were we?"

Rebecca walked over to the bedroom set. Julian followed. Now she turned toward him. The scene was a scene in which Rebecca's character, Sarah Collins, and Julian's character, Matt, are being romantic in Sarah's room.

Now Julian held Rebecca in his arms. She embraced him. "Yes, this was it," said Rebecca. Her hands were by his collar; his were on her waist. Rebecca smiled.

"Hold me close," she said. "Let your love surround me."

"That's not in the script," Julian replied with a chuckle.

"I know," Rebecca cooed. " you first showed up on the set."But I've been wanting you since we started filming." She kissed Julian aggressively. Her tongue rolled around Julian's mouth.

"Let's try it, it could be good," Rebecca said. Now she grabbed Julian's crotch. His hand slid from her waist to her butt. He pulled her close to him.

"You are what I'm longing for," Rebecca said. As she began to unbutton Julian's shirt, she felt his hand on the strap of her jumper skirt. His jacket came off.

Rebecca's jumper fell to the floor. She sat down on the bed to take off her boots. As he began to pull them off, Julian sat down next to her. He was so close that they touched. His hand moved up Rebecca's back inside her shirt. Now he started to blow in Rebecca's ear.

"Mmmm," Rebecca said. "That's nice." Julian smiled. She turned and kissed him. Quickly she removed her boots.

"I bet you're really good," Rebecca said. Now Julian unlatched her bra. Rebecca's hand was inside Julian's pants. Now she unzipped them.

"I bet you are too," said Julian.

Rebecca was very turned on. They rolled on the bed together. Rebecca kissed him, a long,. hot lover's kiss.

Quickly the lovers finished stripping each other. Rebecca lay in Julian's arms wearing only her skimpy panties. He wore only his shorts.

"I can sure see why Matt likes to make love to you," Julian said. Julian's hand was on Rebecca's breast.

"Thank you," said Rebecca. "I can definitely see why Sarah likes it too." She laughed. Her hand was inside his shorts. His organ was getting very hard. Julian slipped his hand inside her panties and began to finger her.

Rebecca was trembling. "Just a little bit o' love goes a long long way," she said. Now she slid off her sheer, slight panties.

"I could stay with you forever here," said Rebecca. Now she rolled on top of Julian and kissed him passionately. He sucked on her nipples and continued to finger her. His hands ran gently up and down her naked body.

Now she began to kiss his chest. She continued moving down his body. She pulled his shorts off.

Rebecca kissed Julian's cock. Now she took it in her hand. She placed her hand under his balls and rolled them around while she stroked his organ with her other hand. Again Julian fingered her. Julian began to dribble.

Rebecca sat up. Now she slid on top of Julian's face. He began to run his tongue throughout her female area. Rebecca began to moan and shiver with pleasure.

Rebecca shifted her position so her head was at the foot of the bed. Now she began to lick his big, stiff organ. Julian's face was buried in Rebecca. She took his cock in her mouth. Eagerly she licked and sucked Julian until he came. She licked it all up and swallowed it.

"Mmmmmm," Rebecca said, licking her lips seductively. Again she took Julian's organ in her hand. Once more she began rolling his balls and rubbing him. It wasn't very long before Julian started to get hard again.

Now Rebecca rolled over on her back. "Take me," Rebecca said. "Take me now! Take all of me!"

Julian mounted her. As Rebecca spread, Julian's hot rod slipped easily inside her. With a passionate kiss, he entered her. She wrapped her arms tightly around him.

As Julian pumped and pumped, Rebecca pulled him into her. The lovers went at it hard. Both of them were sweating on this cold night. Rebecca kissed Julian. She began to shiver with pleasure. Now she let out a scream.

"Yes! Yes! Ooooooh yeeeessss!!!" With that, Julian began to spew his jism in Rebecca. Now he was spent. He rolled off her and the lovers lay together.

"That was even better than I imagined," Rebecca said breathlessly. "All I can say is wow."

"You were great!," Julian exclaimed. Rebecca smiled and kissed him.

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