(Author's notes: If you are looking for a quick "whip/fuck/thank you Sir" D/s story then this one may not be for you as, like most things in life, it takes times to develop. This is a BDSM love story of a mature dominant and a submissive almost half his age. The Dominant in this story, Noel Wilson, had a cameo appearance in my last story, "Born To Serve". "Rebirth" is a totally separate tale and reading "Born To Serve" first should not be necessary.)


Noel Wilson scratched his head as he sat and frowned at the email on his computer screen. What else could he do to convince SubRed that he was genuine and honest and that she would be safe to meet him in a public place? He sighed in frustration as he wondered about his experiences since he had purchased the computer nearly three months ago. Not for the first time he contemplated giving up trying to find another submissive lady with whom he hoped to share his life.

Ron and his friends had been so enthusiastic about his chances of finding a submissive on alt.com. Indeed there had been many advertisements with attractive photos of ladies in his hometown of Melbourne. The sixty-one year old experienced Dom had answered many advertisements but only two ladies had replied and it did not take him long to realize that both were time wasters.

Noel had also placed an advertisement of his own with a facial photo but, until two weeks ago, there had been no replies. Then a lady who called herself SubRed had replied with a short email that excited Noel with its unspoken possibilities.

'Dear Sir, I am trying to find the impossible Dominant, one who cares for the health and wellbeing of his submissive and does not abuse her physically or emotionally. I have been badly hurt in two previous D/s relationships and I am just about ready to give up and stop looking altogether. But your advert attracted me so once again I live with a little hope. I am 32, size 16, single and live and work as a nurse in your city. I look forward to your reply, sincerely, SubRed.'

Noel Wilson replied with a long email that gave details of his experiences as a Dominant with various submissives from his early twenties until he met his wife to be at the age of twenty-nine. They were both thirty when they married and enjoyed a wonderfully happy D/s relationship until his wife died of cancer three years ago, aged fifty-eight. The mature Dom related honestly how tough the past three years had been for him both emotionally and physically since the death of his wife. Many years of back problems had resulted in two major surgeries and now he was forced to use a walking stick to aid his mobility and balance. But three months ago his life of frustration and sadness had been given renewed hope by his friend Ron and his new submissive Jayne, and so he began his search for a submissive.

Mr. Wilson and SubRed had swapped emails almost daily for the past two weeks and now the fearful submissive was almost ready for a public meeting. But, as SubRed honestly admitted, nervousness and fear from her past experiences were making it almost impossible for her to take that step. Noel understood and empathized with her situation as he sat deep in thought in front of his computer until the phone rang and fate stepped in to lend a hand.

"Wilson speaking."

"Hello Noel, its Ron Bond, I'm having a quiet day at work so I thought I'd check to see how you're going."

"Thank you Ron, that's very kind of you. How's your wonderful Jayne going?" Noel replied.

"Jayne is going very well thanks, still as cheeky as ever but settling in very nicely and she is enjoying learning at a computer course. And what about you, are you ok?"

"I'm going well thanks but I'm in a delicate situation in trying to meet a new subbie."

"Want to run it by me?" Ron asked. "Perhaps I can help, two heads etc, etc."

Noel was only too pleased for some sensible help and he quickly told his friend the details of the situation with SubRed.

"I can understand her reaction, it must be very difficult for her." Ron paused as he thought quickly. "Perhaps I can help, I wonder if she would meet and talk with Jayne? That could be a step towards meeting you?"

There was silence while the older man thought over Ron's idea. "Bloody hell mate, that might just do the trick, do you think Jayne would mind?"

"I think she would love to help, I'll talk with her tonight at dinner and call you after, ok?"

"That would be great, thanks so much." The enthusiasm had returned to Noel's voice.

"I'd better get back to work, talk to you tonight Noel."

"Sure Ron, bye."


Two days later Jayne found herself waiting for SubRed in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Hotel at 11.00am. The nervousness of her arrival in Melbourne almost three months ago was a distant memory as the happy subbie sat calmly in a large leather armchair. Mr. Wilson and Ron had briefed Jayne with all the necessary details but now SubRed was fifteen minutes late and Jayne worried that it was all a waste of time.

"Oh!" Jayne jumped as a hand tapped her shoulder from behind.

"Sorry to make you jump, would your name be Jayne?" The female voice was quiet and anxious.

"Yes, that's me." Jayne said as she jumped to her feet and turned to see the lady.

"Hello, I'm Kari, umm I mean SubRed." The nervous redhead held out her right hand.

"I'm so glad you came Kari." Jayne said with a welcoming smile as they shook hands. "Shall we get a quiet table in the coffee shop where we can talk?"

"Mind if I use the ladies first?" Kari asked with a wry smile. "My nerves go straight to my bladder."

"I know the feeling." Jayne giggled. "I'll come with you, after all, we girls always go in pairs don't we?"

Kari giggled and seemed to relax a little as the two submissives walked to the ladies washrooms. After peeing, Jayne stood at the washbasins with Kari between her and the entrance door.

"There's nobody else here, look." Jayne said as she lifted the back of her skirt to display her bare buttocks split by a thin black thong.

"Oh my God!" Kari exclaimed as she gazed at the pink criss-crossed welts that contrasted with the white skin.

"Ron took me to subspace last night." Jayne whispered. "Hey, do you like the tattoo?"

"Subspace! Ohhhhh yes I see it, born to serve, it looks great." Kari sighed as she involuntary ran her fingertips over the tattoo and the welts.

"Mmmmm that feels nice." Jayne said before she quickly dropped her skirt at the sound of the door opening. "Let's go talk."

They smiled at the two elderly ladies who had unwittingly interrupted one of Ron's ideas to get Kari to interact with her new acquaintance. Jayne smiled to herself as she followed Kari's large shapely figure through the tables of the coffee shop. She knew that Mr. Wilson's wife had been a big, bold and beautiful woman and that he would be taken with Kari's body shape. Jayne's display of last night's caning had really broken the ice and soon the two girls were chatting like old friends.

Jayne gave Kari a quick but detailed description of her life before she finally met Ron and how the wonderful experiences since meeting her Dom had changed her life. Kari was extremely interested in the times that Jayne had spent with Mr. Wilson and asked questions about the man she considered was probably her final chance of achieving the happiness she desired.

"Well, what you have told me confirms my thoughts that Mr. Wilson can be trusted." Kari said after she and Jayne had been talking for nearly an hour. "But I still have some reservations."

"Spit them out," Jayne said encouragingly, "Maybe I can help."

"Ok, well I'm concerned that he may be looking for another Mrs. Wilson." Kari confided. "I'm me Jayne and I can't be anyone else."

"To be honest I thought about that too." Jayne replied. "And I asked Mr. Wilson if he had thought about it when he came to ask me to meet you."

"You asked him?" Kari was astonished. "Was he or Ron upset?"

"Exactly the opposite actually," Jayne giggled at the memory. "I apologised for being cheeky but he told me it was a very good question." Jayne beamed at the memory. "Both of them don't mind if I have questions or opinions, they like a subbie with brains."

Kari giggled. "So what did Mr. Wilson say?"

"He recognised that it could be a problem and said that he would be doing his best to treat you as a totally separate person to his late wife. He also said that you could tell him if you thought it had become a problem, with no recriminations for you." Jayne smiled at her companion. "I don't think you can ask for more really, Mr. Wilson is a lovely man."

"Yes, that sounds good." Kari smiled then sighed in frustration. "Ok, the next problem is my weight, I am on the run every day at work and go to a gym but I just can't get down to where I'd like to be, something like you."

"I'm lucky honey, this is the way I am but, firstly, I honestly don't think you'll lose weight until you are happy within yourself."

"My medical training says that is crap, but I've heard that theory before, maybe it's right." Kari sighed wistfully, "And secondly?"

"Mrs. Wilson was about the same size as you, I can guarantee that your weight will not be a problem."

"Really?" The relief was evident in Kari's voice as she smiled happily. "Whew, that's a comfort."

"Gee I'm going well so far." Jayne grinned and patted herself on the back. "Any other probs running through that pretty head of yours?"

"Only the age difference, he's nearly twice as old as me." Kari looked hopefully at Jayne to come up with a solution.

"I thought you were just going to meet Mr. Wilson for the first time. Are you considering marriage already?"

"No, of course not." Kari giggled at Jayne's reply.

"Then don't worry about something that may never be a problem." Jayne grinned. "If it does sometime in the future you can discuss it with Mr. Wilson then."

Kari slumped back and relaxed in her seat for the first time. "God Jayne, I'm so glad I met you today, I feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders already."

"Only too pleased to help a sis." Jayne was rapt that she had been able to help. "So you will meet Mr. Wilson and have a talk with him?"

Kari nodded definitely, "Yes I will, I'll email him when I get home and come back here. I like it, it's public but private too."

"Are you in a hurry to get away?" Jayne asked as she opened her handbag.

"Not really, I'm not working today, why?"

"Why not meet Mr. Wilson now?" Jayne queried as she held up her mobile phone. "He and Ron are not far away, keep going now Kari, don't waste another day thinking and worrying."

Kari shook her head slowly from side to side as she considered Jayne's idea. "I bet you thought of this, you're as devious as Ron aren't you?"

Jayne giggled as she mimed straightening an invisible halo. "Me devious? No sweetie, my wonderful Ron is the king of deviosity."

"You do make me laugh, I hope we can remain friends even if it doesn't work out with Mr. Wilson." Kari inhaled deeply and continued, "You're right, I should meet Mr. Wilson now, but can we go to the ladies again first?"

"Good girl." Jayne enthused as she grabbed her bag and jumped to her feet, "I'm sure you won't regret it, let's go."

The girls paid for their coffees before making a beeline to the toilets where Jayne used her mobile phone to send a silent message to Ron. After leaving the cubicles they stood side by side again at the basins checking their makeup in the large mirrors. Jayne suddenly shivered as she felt Kari's right hand caress her buttocks. She looked at her bold new friend's silent question and nodded permission for Kari to proceed. Jayne gripped the basin with both hands as Kari quickly slipped her hand under the skirt. Both moaned quietly as Kari's fingers traced the cane marks on Jayne's shapely bum.

"No, don't!" Jayne warned as Kari pushed two fingers between the slim thighs.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Kari apologised as she withdrew her hand and let down Jayne's skirt. "I easily get carried away, I'm so sorry Jayne."

"Only Ron touches me sexually, I am his property." Jayne said firmly before seeing the look of her distressed new friend. "It's really ok Kari, we're still friends, just a small mistake." Jayne placed her arms around Kari and hugged her close as a sign of their friendship.

Kari blinked back a few tears as she returned the hug and apologised, "I'm bi, and I wrongly assumed you were too, it won't happen again."

"All is forgiven, now let's go and meet your new Dom." Jayne grinned as she kissed Kari on a cheek and released the hug. "We don't want to keep them waiting."

"Waiting? You haven't phoned yet. Have you been devious again?" Kari smiled wryly.

"Questions, questions, come on." Jayne walked towards the door as Kari checked her makeup again.

"Ok, let's go and thanks again, you're a real sweetie." Kari said as she took a deep breath and followed Jayne to her first meeting with Mr. Wilson.

"Follow me!" Jayne ignored the coffee shop and led the surprised Kari to one of the restaurants in the hotel.

The confident subbie paused in the entrance and scanned the diners until she waved to two well-dressed men at a quiet table near a window. Jayne smiled encouragingly at her nervous companion as she guided Kari to the table where both men stood awaiting the two ladies. Mr. Wilson smiled appreciatively at the chubby but very pretty redhead following closely behind the familiar figure of Jayne. Kari took in the handsome features of the mature Dom as he stood slightly unsteadily without the aid of his walking stick. When they reached the table Jayne made the appropriate introductions before kissing Ron and giving him a wink of triumph.

"I'm so glad you decided to meet me today." Mr. Wilson said to Kari said as they sat around the table.

"How could I refuse after all that Jayne told me?" Kari replied. "Thank you for letting me talk with her Mr. Wilson."

"Please call me Noel, it's much easier in a place like this."

"Thank you Noel, that's nice." Kari answered.

"How about some drinks?" Ron interrupted. "Nothing like a little alcohol to help one relax. Let me guess, a VB for Noel and I, white wine for Jayne and ummm a vodka cruiser for you Kari?"

"That's amazing, how did you know?" Kari asked in surprise.

"He reads minds." Jayne explained with a giggle as she looked at her Dom. "Well, you always seem to know what I want."

The four laughed at Jayne's joke as Ron signaled for the drink waiter. The younger dominant kept the conversation on day to day subjects as he sought to ease the nervousness of Noel and Kari. The drinks soon alleviated most of the tension and as the glasses emptied Ron rose to his feet.

"Come on Jayne, its time we left these two to talk alone." He said confidently.

"You're leaving?" Kari was very surprised as Jayne stood obediently.

"Just to another table Kari, don't worry, we'll keep an eye on Noel to make sure he behaves." Ron chuckled as he led away his ever-smiling subbie.

"Are you hungry Kari?" Noel asked as he waved to a food waiter. "I need to eat to keep my strength up, if I miss lunch I pay for it later in the day."

"If you had asked me that thirty minutes ago I would have said no," Kari replied. "But I feel more relaxed now, so perhaps a salad?"

Noel decided to order the fish of the day while Kari selected a Caesar salad less the anchovies.

"White wine ok with you, perhaps a Chardonnay?" Noel asked. "Are you driving?"

"I came in by train so I'm not driving and whatever wine you order will be fine with me, thank you." Kari replied demurely.

Noel smiled, "Thank you Kari, that's very nice."

The dominant ordered the wine and glanced across at Ron and Jayne who were sitting with their backs towards Noel and Kari. He pointed silently for Kari to look and they both smiled at the privacy their friends were giving them in the large dining room.

"So Kari, Jayne managed to allay any fears you had of meeting me?"

"She was wonderful, I feel much calmer now than I have since I first replied to your advert." Kari confided. "Any little worries I still have can be answered by you in the future."

"I will do my best to treat you with the respect and care you deserve, if we get to that stage of course."

"If we get there, yes." Kari nodded in appreciation of Noel's words. "Jayne confirmed that everything you had told me in the emails was one hundred percent correct, thank you for your honesty."

"Honest communication, it's the only way for any relationship to survive happily."

"Would you like to know the questions I needed to ask Jayne?" Kari asked as she looked directly at her companion.

"I think I can guess at least two of them." Noel smiled and continued as Kari nodded her agreement. "The big one would be was I looking for another subbie to be the same as my wife? Jayne asked me the same question, the cheeky wench."

"Yes, she told me."

"I thought that problem could easily raise its head, it's only natural I think." Noel continued. "All I can say is that I will do my very best to treat you as a totally separate person. Please tell me immediately if you think it is a problem, I promise there will be absolutely no recriminations for you."

Jayne smiled at her companion's words. "I think we are both old enough to talk about these things honestly."

"That was to be my second point, the age difference." Noel rolled his eyes and grinned. "Father and daughter dining together."

The conversation was temporarily interrupted by the arrival of the food and wine, then the talk continued between mouthfuls of the delicious food.

"I hadn't thought of father and daughter." Kari giggled. "But I did mention the age difference to Jayne."

"What did she say?" Noel asked expectantly.

"She asked me if I was planning marriage at this stage of our friendship." Kari broke into a fit of giggles. "And to talk about it with you if necessary in the future."

"She's a bright one that Jayne." Noel smiled, "We will discuss it further if it becomes an issue. Ok I got two out of two, was there anything else that worried you?"

"Yes, my weight." Kari replied instantly.

"Oh my dear Kari, you're just like," Noel pulled himself up. "Oh shit, here I go already."

"Just like your wife?" Kari smiled at Noel's obvious distress.

"Yes, you're right, I apologise. I must watch my words."

"It's fine Noel really, so you like well proportioned ladies?" Kari was enjoying her moment of power. She smiled as she loosened two buttons of her blouse to reveal the start of a generous cleavage. Then she reached forward, placed a hand on top of Noel's and whispered. "I love breast bondage, would you like to tie these double d's up tight?"

"Mmmmmm naughty girl, just give me the chance." Noel chuckled at his new friend's impudence. "You never told me that in your emails."

"I have fantasies that I want to tell you in person Noel when......." Kari's voice faded.

"When you have absolute trust in me?" The experienced Dom asked.

"Exactly right. I stupidly told my last Dom all my fantasies and it backfired completely. I ended up in hospital with a broken jaw and he's serving four years, that's why I'm so careful Noel."

The disgust was obvious on Noel's face as he squeezed Kari's hand. "It went that bad? I'm so sorry, no wonder you were so careful with meeting me. You know the meaning of SSC?"

"Of course, safe, sane, consensual." Kari replied, as Noel's touch seemed so supportive.

"The SSC creed is my motto lovely Kari, I will never abuse your trust in me."

"I think I knew that from your first email." Kari confided as she held up her wineglass in salute. "And meeting you and Jayne today has just confirmed my gut feeling was correct. To our friendship Mr. Wilson."

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