Reborn Ch. 02


Sorry about the wait, I had severe mental blockage. Again this an original story that is inspired by Dmityrs work all credit goes to him. Thanks for all the comments. Remember that this story is outrageous with massive dicks and large amounts of bodily fluids and other shit that I can come up with. If you don't like that then don't read it. Thanks.

*Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep... Beep...*

Lying on a white four poster bed and hooked on to the EKG machine, to monitor her vitals, the woman's eye lids started to flutter open.

"Mmmmm... wh- where am I?"

Then realizing something was horribly wrong with her voice, she quickly sat up in panic.


'Dan's' voice was no longer deep and baritone but melodious and soft, 'he' then quickly got up and quickly stumbled into the adjoining bathroom and looked into the mirror.

"Holy... fucking... shit"

The woman staring back at her in the mirror wasn't tall lanky Dan but a medium height, about 5'9", young woman barely out of her teens. She had smooth shiny chestnut brown hair that ended at the middle of her back and her skin was smooth and tanned. 'Dan' then lifted a hand to 'his' face and felt that it was also smooth. 'He' had high cheekbones with puffy lips. Her eyes were look looking into vat of brown chocolate. Everything about her was perfect. Her body was toned and fit. Her giant 32 F tits had no sag and were firm but soft like a comfy pillow. Her nipples were the perfect size ideal for suckling someone. Her massive flaccid cock was hanging limply. She reached down and gripped it admiring its size and girth, wondering how big it will get when it's fully hard. She then cupped her balls that were the size of tennis balls and felt its warmth. She can feel the massive amount of thick warm cum that was churning in there.

"Oh... my... god... holy shit."

He kept examining "himself" and suddenly thought back what had happened the previous day.

"It wasn't a dream... it was real... huh"

When the realization hit, "Dan" realized he was dead gone, perhaps "Dan" never existed in the first place. Now he, no, she was something different; a creature of supreme quality, a person that can make men and woman finally fulfill their deepest and darkest desires. She was, simply put, perfect. She was now Bella.

Hearing the door of her room open she quickly composed herself and walked out to meet whoever it was but suddenly stopped short at the nude sexy woman in front of her.

"Well, good morning sleepy head*giggle* my name is Miley. I was sent by our Mistress to welcome you into our home and she hopes you are satisfied with the changes of your body."

Bella simple stared at the woman with wide eyed fixation. Miley was about the same height as Bella maybe a few centimeters shorter. She had short flaming red hair that was cut into somewhat a boyish crop and was styled with some gel. Her eyes were ivy green with speckles of grayish silver, her face was smooth almost girly and innocent with cute dimples whenever she smiles. Her body was lithe and agile with 38DD breasts that were pierced at the left nipple with a gold hoop. Her stomach flat and had a piercing at the navel. Bella was then drawn to her pussy which was smooth, absolutely hairless and right above her pussy was a tattoo that said CUMDUMP in stylish cursive handwriting. However, the most stunning aspect of her body was her skin. It was smooth and white as alabaster. Bella suddenly had an urge to lick this delicious girl, and she wondered what her skin would taste like.

"Um... hello...*giggle*"

Bella snapped her head back and looked back into those mesmerizing eyes.

"Oh... yeah... ha... uh... sorry. I just couldn't stop... you're... just beautiful."

"Awww... thanks...*giggle* you're quite stunning yourself." She said with a lick of her ruby red lips.

'My god' Bella thought, 'if that girl giggles one more time I may just melt of adorableness. '

"So what do you think... uh sorry what's your name again?"

"Uh oh right yeah uh well my name is Bella and uh yeah... you can tell Mistress that I love it. Tell her that I can't possibly begin to think where to thank her. I'm completely in her debt."

"Wonderful," she squealed and jumped with a clap making her tits jiggle, "Come... our Mistress wants to see you."

Miley then leaned forward took Bella's hand and led the way out into the hallway. Miley led Bellla out of the room that they were in and into a hallway. Bell took in her surroundings, and was amazed at the quality of the wood of the hallway and the various paintings, which seem to be nude men and women involved in various acts of fucking. They continued to walk in silence and Bella finally realized that this house was massive maybe even bigger then a mansion.

Bella asked "Wow... this house is big, is this some kind of mansion?"

"Hmmm... yeah this place is humongous. When I first came here I was surprised myself. There are, I think, fifteen rooms with bathrooms in them with walk-in closets. There's a biggg swimming pool just outside, but that's closed for now since... well... it's like in the middle of winter*giggle* and another pool but that's indoors; and it's also heated.*sigh* God, I love that pool. Buutttt that's not even the good part."

"Yeah... what's the good part?"

"Oooooo... now that's a surprise for you. You'll find out soon enough. Ah, here we are. Well, have fun...slut." she said, but not before Miley leaned and pressed her lips to Bella's lips as their bodies pressed close. 'Where-- what-- who--' she tried to think as she felt the gorgeous woman's tongue slip past her lips and slither wetly against her own. Bella couldn't help but moan Miley tasted so sweet, so warm... the sensation was so intoxicating it made her head spin.

"Mmmm, such a slutty young woman," purred Miley. As she pulled back and licked her lips, "Now get in there."

As Bella reluctantly turned around Miley slapped her ass and quickly walked away. Bella just stood there in amazement and felt blood rushing towards here cock making the veins bulge out slightly.

"Holy fuck... wow."

When Bella finally composed herself she knocked in the double oak doors and waited for a reply.

"Come in"

Bella opened the door and when she walked in her cock instantly started to turn rock-hard.


Bella simply stood transfixed as right across from her on the king sized bed were two incredibly sexy women one of whom Bella instantly recognized as the one from almost three weeks ago. However, Bella wasn't concerned about her; she was more concerned with the woman behind her that was bent over her, the one that was thrusting in and out her ass with wild lust. The woman was tall possibly 5'10" or 5'11". Her face was smooth with red ruby lips that were plump and right now they were agape, moans of lust and ecstasy escaped her lips. Her body was amazing not an inch of excess fat on her just like the rest of the girls that Bella had met, her tits were huge easily larger than Bella's they were at least 30 G, but had no sag. Just like MIley and the girl that she was fucking she also had piercings at her nipples, both left and right. Her navel was pierced with a ruby stud, and her hair was a long flowing mane of brunette.

"Yeah...unnn... take it you little whore... FUCK this is... amazing..." she cried out in ecstasy as she pounded into the blonde's ass.

"Yesssss... fuck my slutty ass with your big hard cock! Oooohhhh... FUCK ME... YES... YES... AHHHH FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM TILL IT'S GUSHING OUT OF MEEEEE!" begged the blonde as ropes of drool hung from the blondes lips as her pierced 36EE tits wobbled back and forth like hanging cow udders. Her massive balls hanging loosely slaps against the brunette's own fist sized balls causing pleasurable pain to both of them, further enhancing their debauched fucking, the blonde's cock was rock hard with veins that were pulsing along the length of her great big shaft; one particularly huge vein ran jagged down her tremendous cock. Her cock was throbbing in heated anticipation to release her massive salvo of warm, thick, delicious cum; it was literally spurting pre-cum with each thrust the brunette was giving her hitting her massive tits. This caused the brunette behind to fuck her even harder. Her massive cock was a blur as her speed and power increased

"LEXI IS A VERY SLUTTY WOMAN, AHHHH GIVE IT TO ME!!!" she begged her breaths nearly hyperventilating now as she panted, "AHHH... IT FEELS AMAZING!!! FILL ME UP.

As this was happening Bella, no longer able to control herself, gripped, her now rock-hard 16" cock and pumped furiously, her hand was a blur; and with her left had brought up her left tit and started to suck on the sensitive teat.

"Ohh shit... this is hot." She whispered, heat was burning throughout her body. She never felt anything like this before. She needed something, something wet, something hot. Looking back at the two women in front of her, Bella got an idea. She walked over to the bed, the two women barely noticing her lost in their wild debauched lust. Bella then presented her thick cock to Lexi's open mouth and she engulfed it as much as she can. Bella grabbed her head with both hands as she slid more cock into her mouth. Lexi's wet tongue made it easy for her to push in. She held the apple-sized glans in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the sensitive, overstretched skin of Bella's purple helmet. She showed no sign of gagging as she impaled her throat on Bella's wrist-thick rod. Bella could hardly believe it when over seven inches of thick shaft, to add to the three inches of Bella's giant knob, were swallowed by her gurgling mouth. Bella was becoming delirious with lust and unloaded a wad of pre-cum directly in her esophagus. Her gullet was spasming and contracting Bella's glans, stimulating the ultra-sensitive nerve endings of her bloated head. At the same time, her shaft was being massaged vigourously by her soft hands and the combination of both supremely pleasurable sensations was fast bringing Bella over the edge. Anticipating Bella's orgasm, she felt her hands tightly clutch her overly thick root to delay her climax. Her expert handling of Bella's giant tool allowed her oral assault of her dong to last much longer than she thought possible. Bella closed her eyes and started to fuck her Lexi's throat at the same time; then she felt herself being pulled in, she opened her eyes just in time to see the brunette ram her lips onto Bella's kissing her with intense lust, their tongues withering like fish on land in each other's mouth as they double fucked Lexi.

"Aaagghhh mmpphhh ggaahhpp" Lexi gagged as Bella continued to hump furiously into her throat. With the combined fucking of her mistress behind her and the massive cock that was fucking her throat Lexi couldn't hold it in anymore the pressure in her mind was building and the heat in her body was over-whelming she couldn't hold it in anymore. The dam was breaking.


Bella felt Lexi cum as her entire body arched forward into the bed causing her massive tits to smash against the soft bed. Lexi's own massive cock was now releasing massive salvos of thick foot long streams of cum that exploded onto the sheets and some onto Bella's thighs. The brunette felt this too and, despite her lips were still locked with Bella's, came too with massive force. All three women could almost hear the cum flooding Lexi's raw asshole. She too arched her body till all of her huge cock was buried up to the hilt in Lexi's asshole. Bella could no longer hold it in any longer too, with the combined pleasure of smashing her lips against the brunettes and the warm pleasurable tunnel of Lexi's throat, Bella's balls contracted and, no longer able to contain the volume of churning cream they contained, spurted their virile content up her long distended shaft.

"Grummmpphhh! I'm gonna come! Yeah, YEAAAHH FUUUCKK YEEEAHHH!" She bellowed as the first viscous streamer coated her gullet and ran directly down her stomach. She pulled back a little to let Bella's erupting head coat her tonsils with her thick cream. She unloaded six spurts in her mouth, watching the excess cum dribble out onto her chin. The seventh wad was so powerful that Bella heard her gag and, unable to breath around the massive piece of meat held between her teeth, sperm leaked out of her nose. She attempted to withdraw Bella's giant knob from her overfilled mouth, but the wider rim was locked in place by her jaw. She was still spurting and sperm was now freely leaking from her mouth, as the copious fluid had entirely filled her oral cavity and coated her gum and teeth with its thick substance. Eventually, she managed to open her mouth wider and to release her ejaculating knob, as the last two wads erupted on her nose and lips. She wiggled her tongue around her luscious lips, licking up the salty nectar as she watched Bella's post-orgasmic gunk leak out of the flaring cockhead.

"Ahhh... ahhhh... ahhh... ahhh...ahhh" all three women panted. The brunette pulled out and her massive flaccid cock now hung limply between her thighs; she simply fell onto the bed her chest heaving, her entire body was glistening with sweat. Bella too fell onto the bed her cock now flaccid; she laid there panting basking in the over glow that only an intense orgasm can give you. She felt Lexi stirring beneath her and climbed to lie between the two sexual creatures. The three of them laid there trying to catch their breath and to calm down. After a few minutes the brunette got up and walked over to the desk that was in the corner of the room. She sat down on the leather chair and splayed her long beautiful legs on the desk giving the two women on the bed a good view of how big her cock was and the massive size of her testicles.

"Welcome, my dear. You may call me Mistress." She said with a grin, "I see you have already met Lexi as she was the one that helped your rebirth. Under this house there is one rule and that is my word is law. My dear you owe me a great deal and the only thing I ask in return is your obedience. If you do follow me I can guarantee your life here will be greater than anything possible. Your rebirth will be filled with pleasures you've never felt before, just like Lexi. She came to me a couple months ago seeking rebirth like you. Now look at her, she is the epiphany of lust and sex."

Lexi then got up and walked over to Mistress and sat on her lap purring in delight. She then leaned down and kissed the offered lips of Mistress. Pulling back, she looked back at Bella with a wicked light in her eyes.

"Mistress is extremely fair, love. Ever since that night I've never looked back. Now I do what I want who ever I want. Of course, Mistress has to give me permission first." She said giggling right after.

"So... right I'm sorry love what is your name?" asked Mistress.

"I... I... I'm Bella, Mistress." She stuttered.

"Bella... what a wonderful name, suits someone as delicious as you." She replied, "Now Bella do I have your cooperation?"

Bella simply stared at Mistress and gave her decision.

"Yes Mistress I will follow you, till death do us part."

Hearing this Mistress and Lexi smiled and thought all the debauchery that will come after this.

Now this is the end of ch.2 let me know what you think. Thanks and have a great life.

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