Mary awoke with a start lying on her back in bed with a heavy weight pinning her down. She opened her eyes to see the familiar face of Jason, her friend Jessica's husband.

"Jason - what are you doing?" she gasped.

"Shush Mary - just let me dump my load in you and I'll let you go back to sleep". As he spoke his knees pushed between the sleepy girls legs.

"Jason no - let me up."

"They'll be something going up in a moment, but it won't be you. Be a good girl Mary and just take it," Jason replied.

He pulled the girls nightdress up and pushed with his knees to spread her legs further apart. She could feel his cock pressing at the entrance of her pussy. He smiled at her and then in one sharp movement forced his erect member into the girl's dry vagina. Mary gasped in anguish and tried fruitlessly to pull her legs together.

"Tight little cunt you've got there - have to see what I can do about that!"

"Stop it - I'll scream!"

"And you'll be heard by who? We're alone in the house - Jessica and the baby are at her parents. Now shut up and take it you little bitch."

Jason thrust deeper into the girl who gasped in pain. He held her shoulders down while thrusting deeper and deeper. Mary began to pant under Jason's exertion as he built his rhythm. He thrust deeper and deeper bringing Mary to increasing levels of excitement.

"Getting a bit more interested aren't you, you little slut?" he sneered.

Then in a flash, he halted, gripped her shoulders even harder and started pumping his seed into her. He pumped for what seemed to the girl an eternity.

"There - that's better. I'm all empty now."

He leaned forward and kissed Mary's forehead. Then he pulled out his now flaccid member in one quick gesture and jumped out of the bed.

"You're not much of a fuck but it's better than carrying all that cum around in me," he said unkindly. "Jessica is back tomorrow so I'll have a proper fuck. She may not be as tight since the birth but she knows how to service a man."

As he spoke he stepped over to Mary's dresser opened the top drawer and pulled out a pair of her panties. He slowly wiped his cock with the panties and then tossed them back into the drawer.

Mary looked at him with tears in her eyes - unable to believe what had just happened.

"Don't cry honey - I'm sure you'll do better next time," he smirked. "Here - buy yourself something nice with this!" he said tossing a $20 note onto her dresser.

"I'm telling Jessica about this," she replied tearfully.

"Great - maybe she'll give you a few pointers!" he answered cruelly. "Just remember whose roof you live under."

Thirty minutes later, Mary sat at her dressing table drying her long blonde hair. She had showered at length but still felt dirty and used. She thought about the circumstances that had reduced her to this position. Three months ago she had a good job as an analyst in a leading Wall Street company. A Wall Street Company so leading that no one had anticipated its collapse - leaving her jobless and unable to make the rent payments on her New Jersey apartment. The offer to live with Jessica, her oldest friend, and Jason, had seemed like a godsend. She could stay with them rent free, all included - even food. Jessica told her that she could "help" with the baby to earn her keep (Jessica had given birth some six months earlier). The arrangement had seemed ideal; she had her own room with bathroom and ate her meals with the family. This arrangement had worked fine for the first 3 weeks. Now Mary had the dilemma of whether to tell Jessica or to stay quiet. She was still jobless and certainly couldn't afford to move out but she surely owed it to her friend to tell her what sort of lowlife she was married to.

Mary kept to her room for the rest of the day and didn't see any more of Jason. Hopefully he was wracked with guilt over what he'd done. Mary resolved to speak to Jessica the next day - she'd be back some time around lunchtime and Jason would be safely at work. In the meantime she'd put a chair up against her bedroom door. Also she now had a pair of dirty panties to wash.

Jessica came home the next day at midday, clutching a load of baby equipment. She called out to Mary to help her. Mary came to the front door to help. She looked at her friend.

Jessica was 25 years old, 5 foot 10 inches, slim (allowing for a little post pregnancy extra pounds) with shoulder length black hair. She exuded a confidence that Mary found quite intimidating. Jessica was beautiful, confident, articulate and driven. By comparison Mary (younger at 23) at only 5 foot 5 with her long blonde hair and timid manner always stayed in Jessica's shadow. Mary was pretty in a girl next door way - her not inconsiderable 40DD bust line attached to her slim frame always gave the look that she was maybe carrying a few extra pounds. Jessica with her long legs and her more proportional 38C bust line oozed sex appeal. Currently her breasts were swollen with milk, expanding her close to Mary's size but on her the bulkier breasts looked provocative and inviting.

Having safely unpacked and placed the sleeping baby into her cot, Jessica and Mary went into the kitchen to have a drink and talk. Jessica clearly knew that her friend had something to tell her and sat waiting for the smaller girl to start. Mary looked at her friend - a girl she'd known since high school, perhaps her only real friend in the world and prepared to destroy her world. Her eyes filled with tears as she blurted out "Jason raped me last night". She then burst into tears. Jessica immediately stood up and took the younger girl into her arms, hugging her close to her.

"There, there honey. Be brave and tell Jessica all about it."

Through floods of tears, Mary recounted the story of last night. Jessica listened with out commenting. As soon as it was clear that Mary had finished, Jessica stood, stepped across to the kitchen worktop and took a tissue from a box on the side. She dabbed the tissue on Mary's cheeks - mopping up her tears. Then she held it to Mary's nose and ordered her to blow. Mary did as she was told and surprisingly felt a little better.

Jessica looked at her friend pityingly. "Mary darling, you really haven't been raped. There isn't a mark on you - you didn't make any sort of struggle. You led there like a good little girl and took your fucking - just like you always have. You're so submissive."

Mary looked at her friend in shock - she couldn't believe her brutality and her eyes filled with tears again.

There, there darling. Don't start that again," Jessica cooed, dabbing at the younger girls cheeks again. "It's my fault really. Since the baby I haven't been able to service Jason as well as usual. I should have guessed he'd be looking elsewhere - it's lucky you were here so we kept it in the family."

Mary couldn't believe her friends callous attitude - some sort of defence mechanism?

"Well I guess I'd better sort out the mess you've gotten yourself into - again," Jessica stated. "First things first - I know you're not on the pill so you'd better take this."

She handed Mary a small white pill she'd taken out of her purse.

"What is this?" Mary asked.

"Just take it - here's some water. Wash it down in one."

Mary obediently did as she was told.

"The morning after pill - a godsend to silly girls like you! Now I guess I'd better have a look at you and make sure there's no damage. Come upstairs."

Mary followed her friend upstairs into her bedroom. Jessica stopped on the way to take a towel out of the cupboard. She opened the towel and placed it onto Mary's bed.

"Okay - take your panties off and jump up."

Mary pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. She sat on the towel on the bed.

Jessica first picked up Mary's discarded panties and examined them.

"No blood - that's good. You should try being more careful how you wipe that little ass of yours though," she informed Mary.

"Lie down on your back and spread yourself," Jessica instructed.

Mary did as she was told. Her friend pushed her skirt up, eased her legs further apart and moved in closer to examine Mary's pussy.

"Now let's have a look done here," she said bending to examine her friend's most private places. "My, you're hairy down here. Next time I go to the beauty parlor you're coming with me to sort that out."

Jessica eased her friend's pussy lips apart and gently pushed a finger into the younger girl. "I just need to get inside," she said gently parting her friend's pussy lips and forcing a finger inside her. Mary let out a little sigh as she felt her friends probing finger. She flushed scarlet at her friend's intrusions.

"Everything looks okay down here - apart from being a bit smelly. Brace yourself I'm going to put another finger in."

The insertion of a second finger, with considerably less gentleness, produced a deeper sigh from Mary. Noticing this, Jessica moved her fingers around inside her friend. This produced a little pant and also Jessica could now feel some wetness inside her friend. She let her thumb flick Mary's clit resulting in a deep gasp.

"Okay darling - I think I know what you need," Jessica said pulling herself up onto the bed next to her friend.

She slipped in a third finger and flicked the clit harder.

"No - don't do that," Mary said.

"Shush - make you feel better," said Jessica pulling her fingers out and thrusting them quickly back in. Mary gasped and made an effort to sit up but Jessica easily held her down with her left hand wile starting a thrusting action with her right hand. As she pushed her fingers in, her thumb gave Mary's clit a hard flick. Jessica began to build up a rhythm - thrusting and flicking. By now Mary was panting out load, each sound louder than the last. Jessica increased the tempo, thrusting harder and harder producing a squelching noise as she pushed in ad out of the wetter and wetter pussy. Finally she sensed her friend was on the verge of coming and thrust hard inside one last time while simultaneously pushing her thumb hard into the clit. Mary came very, very hard, crying out, tears running down her face. At her moment of orgasm she wet herself - the stench of her urine adding to her embarrassment as she came and urinated over her friends hand simultaneously.

"Well I didn't expect that - but I think you probably needed it," Jessica said, wiping her hand on Mary's already sodden skirt. Stay here - I'll get something to clean you up with.

Jessica disappeared into the bathroom and came back a couple of minutes later with a small bowl of soapy water, a sponge and a clean towel.

"Take off your skirt and give it to me."

Mary did as she was told - Jessica took the skirt and tossed it into the laundry basket.

"Mrs Jenkins can sort that out."

Mary colored at the though of Jessica's middle aged cleaner washing her piss stained skirt.

"I'll just give you a little wash down here - make you all fresh and clean"

Jessica took the sponge, dipped it into the soapy water and set to washing her friend's private parts. When finished she picked up the towel and rubbed her friends fanny and ass dry - turning her round to get at her ass more easily. As a final gesture she produced a large tube of cream from the pocket of her dress and started to rub it into Mary's ass.

"Just some nappy rash cream - don't want you getting a sore booty do we?"

When she finished, she patted Mary's ass and let her get up from the bed.

Jason returned home from work a few hours later. As was their normal routine, Jessica fed and bathed the baby, put her to bed and then the three adults ate their evening meal together. The atmosphere was quiet and strained. At the end of the meal, Jessica led Jason into the lounge, while Mary loaded the dishwasher. "Just give us a few moments please, Mary," she asked her friend.

Mary finished her chores and then sat at the breakfast bar reading a magazine. A few minutes later Jessica put her head round the door "Come into the lounge Mary, we want to talk to you," she said.

Mary entered the lounge to find Jason stood in the middle of the room with Jessica next to him. With his short dark hair, and tall handsome features she was struck once again by what a great couple they made. He was also almost as clever as his wife.

"Jason has something to say to you," Jessica told her.

"Mary, I'm sorry if I was rough with you last night," he said seemingly contritely.

"Good. Now Mary, are you going to apologize for the silly way you reacted last night?" Jessica asked.

On an intellectual level Mary couldn't believe what she was hearing. Jason had apologised merely for being rough with her and now she was meant to apologise for having complained about being raped! However a lifetime of deference to Jessica, her friend, sister and mother rolled into one made her take the easy way out. "I'm sorry for the way I acted," she said quietly.

"Good girl" Jessica said. "Now come here." She indicated a position directly in front of Jason. Mary walked forward and stood where indicated. "On your knees please" - again Mary complied. Jason stepped forward immediately in front of Mary. In one swift move, Jessica unzipped his trousers, pulled his erect cock out and grabbing Mary by her hair pulled her head forward so that she took Jason's tool into her mouth. "Now suck hard" she ordered. Jason took Mary's head and started to thrust in and out of her mouth.

The taste and smell of Jason's cock made Mary want to hurl but she was held too tight to do anything but submit to the assault.

"Don't deep throat her - she's not used to it and I don't want her choking," Jessica ordered.

In a remarkably short amount of time - only about a dozen thrusts - Jason announced that he was about to come. Between Jason and Jessica they held Marys head and he pumped his semen into her mouth. Jason pulled his cock out of the girl, Jessica closed her mouth.

"Now swallow" she ordered. Mary did as ordered - it was either that or choke anyway.

"Apology accepted!" Jason said with a big grin. He patted Mary on the head and pulled his cock back into his pants. He zipped up and stepped away.

"Go to your room now Mary. I'll come to see you in a bit," Jessica ordered.

A numb and humiliated Mary ran from the room.

Jason looked at his wife in awe. "Your power over that girl is amazing. Yesterday I raped her and today she gives me a blow job to apologise for what I did!"

"Actually Jason, yesterday wasn't rape because I'd given you permission to do her".

"I think a court of law might have a different interpretation but I'm not complaining," he replied. "Although she's a very average fuck."

"All three of her previous sexual partners would agree with you there. I should know - I've arranged every sexual encounter she's

had," Jessica stated.

"Wow - you could really do that?"

"Of course I can - her first boy fucked her as a favor to me. Actually he wasn't strictly the first - I took her cherry with a dildo on her eighteenth birthday. I slipped a little something into her drink before I did it. She thinks that she did it with a banana in a drunken stupor!"

"I'm betting you encourage that mistake"

"Encouraged and in fact staged. I've still got the bloodstained sheets. I make her sleep in them every now and then."

"Jessica my darling - I think I'd like to fuck you stupid," Jason said.

"I'm a very clever woman, that's going to take a lot of work" she replied.

"I'm up for the challenge," he responded.

"Just give me 5 minutes to sort out Mary and I'm al yours - see you in the bedroom". She gave him a long lingering kiss and ran her fingers over his now recovered equipment. She left the room.

Mary lay on the bed - still sobbing from her ill use by her friends. Jessica entered the room and sat on the side of the bed. She pulled a tissue from her pocket and expertly mopped her friend's tears up. She stated to gently stroke her friends face while utterly soothing noises as one would a distressed child.

"Don't cry little one - it's all over now. Jason isn't going to touch you again. I'll make sure of that"

Jessica pulled Mary to her and patted her gently still uttering soothing noises. "Ii tell you what - I'll look after you from now on - would you like that?"

"Yes please Jessica," Mary sobbed.

"Good - that's settled then. Now let's get you into bed and off to sleep."

With a mothers practised ease, Jessica slipped off Mary's dress over her head. Next she stood her up, spun her round and undid the clasp on her bra. She pulled the big white bra off with ease. Next she reached around the girl to quickly rub her large nipples. As a final flourish she pulled down her panties. She looked the girl up and down. "A few extra pounds on you but you're still quite a pretty girl. Come on - get your nightie on and into bed before you catch a cold."

Mary did as she was instructed. Jessica reached over and stroked the girls face. "Go to sleep little one - Jessica will look after you" Mary's eyes closed and she started to drift off to sleep.

Jessica looked down one last time at the girl.

"I'm going to have some real fucking enjoyment out of you girl," she thought. "Oh well - tomorrow's job. I have a cock to go and sit on" She smiled to herself and walked out of the room.

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