tagSci-Fi & FantasyReckless Destiny Ch. 01

Reckless Destiny Ch. 01


Femi stormed out of her parents' house. She was nineteen and the daughter of a High Priest. Her parents were, yet again, telling her what she was going to be, and who she was going to marry. She hated when they planned her life for her. She didn't want to be neither a priestess; nor a worshiper; she wanted to be a man's wife, owned, loved, and free to travel. She did not desire to spend three months out of the year in a secluded temple. Egypt was far too vast to be stuck in a temple all her life. She needed to let go. She decided to head to a party away from the protective eyes of her parents.

Femi emerged from the hidden path to an opening near the Nile. There was music and dancing all around her. The energy was electric. Being born the daughter of a worshiper she knew how to dance and made her way to the circle of girls. The men sat on cushions talking and drinking as a group of girls danced in the middle of them. She wasn't familiar with the provocative dance but caught on quick. Her hips swayed seductively in a figure eight, her hair flew back exotically. She liked the rush. Femi felt the men's eyes watching, carefully following her every move.

Khai sat back watching every dancer as they moved in a rhythmic circle. He was disguised as a peasant. His childhood friend had talked him into coming. No one knew he was the pharaoh's son. He relaxed as he drank. He was ready to have some fun. He needed to get rid of the pent up energy. He had been following his father around and learning what it would take to be a great pharaoh. This party was a treat for him.

Khai scanned his surroundings before his eyes fell on a beautiful young lady. Her hair was black as night and her eyes, the color of the Nile. Her ample breasts bounced as she danced. Around her wriest she wore bangles of copper and turquoise. Around her ankles she wore a matching set. Her skirt was held in place about her waist with the symbol of Hathor. His eyes followed her around the circle till she stopped in front of him.

Khai watched as the girls dropped to their knees and crawled forward. This brought her face to face with him. Her breast hung with erotic excellence and her eyes sparkled. She was having fun here. She seductively presented herself like all the other girls. On her knees before him she leaned back showing just how flexible she was. His member throbbed, aching to be inside her. She came back up and turned around giving him the most beautiful view of her back side. All the girls rolled their heads around letting their hair wildly swing free.

Oh how he wanted to run his hands through her cascading curls that teased the top of her arse. She rose and walked forward with all the other girls before turning around. As the music stopped she looked teasingly over her shoulder, one hand resting on her waist. She leaned forward slightly, her arse presented while her other hand rested on her head. She was the woman of his dreams. Fantasies of her beneath him, hands bound above her head rippled through his mind. He sauntered after her as she left the dance floor. He watched as she headed to the house with another of the taunting vixens.

Femi took a couple deep breaths. Her heart was racing from the dancing. She looked over her shoulder casually finding the man she was dancing for. His eyes were green like jade and his hair was black. He wore the clothes of a peasant but something about how he held himself made her think he was of a nobler breed. She turned back and followed the girl into the house. Her mind swirled with thoughts of him taking her from behind, his hands tangled in her hair, and his body sweaty as he groaned passionately into her ear, barely more than a whisper. She forced herself to stop the runaway fantasy and reached for a drink.

Femi leaned against the table as she drank. The girl she was hanging with seemed sweet. The girl tapped Femi's shoulder and pointed to the doorway where her mystery man stood with his eyes fixated on her. She took another drink and smiled at him. She made a decision right then and there. She stood and seductively walked deeper into the house looking over her shoulder, encouraging him to follow her. She wanted to be reckless; she wanted to have fun tonight.

Khai smiled as he followed her. She was a vixen hiding under the guise of the temple. Hathor the goddess of women on her hip gave it away. He sat his drink down and followed her into the hall way. "Hi, you're a long way from home pet." Khai said as his hand teasingly slid along her skirt to the crest.

Femi smiled knowingly as her hand slid up Khai's chest to his neck, running her fingers delicately across his chin. "I can say the same for you. You can try to blend in but you hold yourself like a noble." Femi said as Khai grinded his hips against her. She felt his hard member brush against her core igniting a fire within her.

"You don't know what you're getting into pet. I have unique taste." Khai said with a growl, hungry for more than sweet friction.

"Oh, but it's my decision isn't it?" Femi asked. When Khai nodded she continued, "Well tonight I aim to be reckless, won't you aid me in that?" She asked in a seductive whisper.

Khai opened the door closest to them as he forcefully pushed Femi into the room. He shut the door shoving her against the wall. His lips captured hers in a needy kiss. Her hands went to his chest grazing it slightly before Khai captured them. He placed Femi's hands over her head with brute force. He used one hand to hold them in place and the other removing her top and skirt.

Femi breathed heavily. His possessiveness he showed only turned her on more. Her legs instinctively wrapped around him. Khai growled feeling her desire. He freed his member and pressed it into her treasure trove. She was so perfectly tight. She bit her lip and realization hit him a bit too late. She was untouched. This only seemed to heighten Khai's desire to claim this vixen as his own. He carried her to the bed and laid her down. He used her shirt to bind her hands behind her back.

The feeling of her hands bound excited Femi. She arched up her breast grazing Khai's chin. Khai instinctively wrapped his lips around her ample breast. A hungry moan escaped her mouth. She was so wet. Khai slid his hand between them letting his thumb circle her sensitive nub. The friction of his thumb sent pulsating jolts of pleasure and electricity through her body, severing her maidenhood with each and every thrust.

"Oh fuck yes. You feel amazing pet." Khai said as he moved deeper into her treasure trove. Khai fought the urge to let go inside her. Khai wasn't finished with this exotic beauty. Tonight he was going to saver every bit of her he could. His lips captured hers as she matched his thrust. He brought her close to orgasmic relief before slowing and stopping.

"Please don't stop." Femi asked with desire.

"Oh I promise pet, I will give you the relief you desire in due time." Khai said turning her over onto her knees. He slid his harden member deep into her wet tunnel. She arched her body as his powerful hands griped her hips with force. Khai drove his hard shaft deep into her sure he would be leaving bruises on her hips. She cried out as he brought her to orgasmic bliss. He freed her hands letting them roam over his exposed body as a reward.

They set facing each other, her legs wrapped around him as they slowly thrust into each other. She curled her body allowing his member to slide deeper to her core. They kissed passionately as their tongues inter twined. "Oh fuck, so deep." Femi said breathlessly. A low chuckle erupted from Khai.

"You are quite a gem pet and you will always belong to me." Khai said with endearment. He watched as a smile stretched across her face. His lips took hers as their bodies moved together. Femi's head fell back as her body withered with another orgasmic eruption. They came together and collapsed next to each other.

"You call me pet but what shall I call you?" Femi asked softly

"Ra." Khai said with a smile and held her close. They soon fell asleep in each other's arms, sheets wrinkled with the smell of sex.

Femi woke as the sun began to rise and cursed softly. She dressed and left quickly so that she could get back before her parents woke. She smiled thinking to herself she would not regret what had transpired that night.

When Khai woke he reached over to find himself alone. He smiled sadly and rolled out of bed. He made his way to the kitchen were his friend set. "I would ask you how you enjoyed the party but considering the sleep over you had I think I know the answer." Khai's friend said with a smile.

"Do you know who the young woman was?" Khai asked in all seriousness. He had not gotten the girls name. He felt the blood on his sheets and kilt testified she belonged to him. He had fallen for this little vixen and he would do all he could to claim her forever.

"You don't know her name? What do you know about her?" Khai's friend asked shaking his head as he bit into an apple. He let Khai stay here occasionally and act like he was a normal man. Khai liked that about his friend.

"She belongs to the cult of Hathor; the crest gave that a way." Khai said chuckling to himself for he knew her body well and couldn't wait to get to know more of it.

"Well my friend that is not the only temple she belongs to. Her name is Femi and she is the daughter of the High Priest of Osiris' Temple. Therefore she is a worshiper like her mother. Now for Hathor she is one of the High Priestess' of the cult you spoke of." Khai's friend said ignoring the chuckle not wanting to intrude on the details of their night together. "What are you going to do?" Khai's friend added after another bite.

Khai who was in the middle of drinking spit his drink out only to hear his friends laugh. "Seriously, man there was nothing Priestly about that vixen." Khai said unable to believe what he had just heard. The worshiper part made sense but Priestess, no way. Then again he didn't know much about Hathor's cult.


Femi slipped into her room and hid her clothes before slipping into the pool. No longer untouched a fire was ignited in her. She was sore but couldn't wait to do it again. She reached over and picked up a grape from the bowl. She leaned her head back and traced her tongue over the grape before eating it. She caught herself thinking about what it would be like to run her tongue over his bare chest. She let her hand slid down her neck and over her breast, teasing her nipple before allowing it to slip further down her silken body. She mouthed "Ra" as her hand slipped between her thighs.

She let her fingers delicately penetrate her swollen folds. Her eyes were closed as she remembered the way his thumb circled the sensitive numb within her treasure trove. As her finger grazed the gem she moaned softly and whispered the name she wanted to cry out. "Oh Ra." Femi arched her back as the fire coiled through her core. She worked her sensitive numb loving the way it sent electric jolts through her body.

The water of the pool lapped against her body the way his body thrust against her. Instinctively she worked her fingers faster and deeper. Femi bit her bottom lip fighting back her need to cry out as she brought herself to orgasmic bliss. She shank further into the pool catching her breath. She smiled to herself and sighed. The idea of him would linger in her mind forever.

Femi reached over and picked up a linen rag and the soap. She rubbed them together and ran the rag down her leg. She bathed as she hummed to herself. The door to the pool house opened as her servant walked in. "Miss what shall we wear today the dress or skirt ensemble?" The servant asked holding up both outfits.

Femi looked down at her hips and the bruises left she smiled to herself. "I think the dress would be better." Femi said reaching for a towel to hide the marks as she rose out of the water. "I can dress myself today. Thank you so much." Femi added before walking over to the servant. The servant bowed leaving the dress on the chair. When the servant was gone Femi dried off and put the dress on.

Femi made her way outside to the garden. She walked to the rose bush and smelled one allowing its husky scent to fill her mind. She smiled imaging Ra holding a rose and tracing her every curve. She opened her eyes and looked toward the gate. She froze and gasped, "Ra." He was coming through the gate and her father was greeting him. How had he found her? She hadn't even told him her name last night. Excitement ran through her mind before fear struck her. Femi's parents didn't know where she had gone after she left yesterday.

"Daughter you look well. You have a visitor; Khai said he ran into you yesterday in the marketplace. He said he calmed you down after you left, but wanted to check on you." Femi's father said with a smile. He looked proud that his daughter had acquired the attention of such a nice young man. Femi noticed he wasn't hiding his noble standings this time either.

She bowed and smiled. "That is very kind of you Sire. I am honored to have your concern." Femi said her hair falling down over her shoulder at her deepened bow. She felt his eyes on her body exciting her. She wanted to be bound underneath him again, their bodies sweating with the smell of sex.

"Please rise, I was hoping with your father's permission I could steel you away for a walk and maybe lunch." Khai said with a smile. Watching her rise, he missed the view of her hair cascading over her perfect breast. Khai fought back the urge to kiss her passionately. Khai wanted her in every way. Femi was addicting.

Femi watched as her father agreed and Khai presented his arm. She waited till they were out of her parents view before speaking. "Khai, Pharaoh's son too. Wow, I knew you were noble but I didn't expect that." Femi smiled thinking to herself she had really stepped into it now. Femi guessed that Khai hadn't told her father about the sex or he wouldn't have been so prideful and edger to send them off alone.

"I like Ra better pet. I hated not being able to wake up next to you this morning." Khai said leading her down a path toward his friends home for a bit of privacy. He wanted to kiss her, to be with her without the disapproving glares of others. "You look absolutely beautiful today. Please don't worry either, your father doesn't know about last night." Khai said stopping and turning toward Femi.

"I like Ra myself. I think you for not telling him. I wasn't sure if I was going to see you again. The idea of waking up next to you was a fantasy of mine I must confess." Femi said looking deep into Khai's eyes. She bit her lip as his hand wrapped around her waist where her bruises were. "Mmm you left quite the mark on me, Ra." Femi added her hands wrapping around Khai's neck.

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