Walt Allen had a beer belly and bad breath and long hair waved from out of his ears but his nose was hair-free at the nostrils. Walt's genial manner and fairly constant smile were in his favor and being a multi-millionaire meant, to use Walt's own words, he didn't have to care a fuck what other people thought of him.

Four hundred and forty-two people throughout the country had thought enough of Walt Allen's business acumen to have purchased a $210,000 Walt Garden Shed franchise that included the right to lease their garden shed on a property also provided by the company along with the commitment to buy product from WA Franchise Ltd to stock in their garden shed apart from items obtainable locally at a cheaper price and at least the same quality.

Walt employed twelve people with warehouses to receive 20 ft. shipping containers and break down the supplies as ordered by their approximately forty Walt Garden Shed franchisees they serviced and to deliver them and ship the empty containers back to the franchisor or elsewhere as directed.

The garden shed businesses didn't sell seeds or plants. They sold what gardeners usually had in their garden sheds: gardening tools, sharpening tools, spares for watering systems, five different sizes and grades of garden sieves, a range of gardening gloves, gumboots, overalls, and a range of sprayers and basic sprays plus some other bits and pieces like kneeling pads and oh wheelbarrows and small utility trolleys for pulling around the garden with produce, fertilizer or garden waste..

WA Franchise Ltd also supplied six types of its proprietary Walt Home Garden Sheds that franchisee on-sold those to clients from laptop viewings and they kept 50% of the mark-up price collected for making the sale and providing any required after-sales service. Franchisees agreed with Walt that 'any idiot could erect our simple to fabricate sheds' but sadly, judging by the percentage of call-outs, there are a great number of idiots out there.

The time arrived for Walt to go on tour to interface with some franchisees and to present awards to the company's three top revenue-producing franchisees for the past year. The winners would be featured on the WA Franchise Ltd web site for two months, receive $5000 cash and receive a special franchisor-paid Walt Garden Sheds advertisement in the three divisional winner's nominated local newspaper.

The company ran an on-going marketing program for its franchisees and that included advertising nationally, funded by an annual contribution from franchisees. They could also pay for their own advertisings and spend on sponsorships. The face of the Bob Garden Shed visual advertising promotion was the face of Walt's young wife, a creamy-skinned beautiful redhead Walt had engaged as a marketing consultant nine years ago when he was setting up his franchise business.

Walt had hired Gloria Meadows on the cheap because she was an out-of-work college graduate who'd been fired by her big city boss because Gloria, a farm girl, had been distressed by brutality of city living and the nasty methods applied ruthlessly within corporate business. Gloria answered Walt's ad and worked hard to become a great success. A year later, because Walt reminded her so much of his later mother, she stayed on and became Walt's wife after his second divorce finalized.

These days Gloria operated as CEO of the business. Franchisees called Walt Mr Allen or simply 'WA' but they and their families and garden shed assistants called Gloria by her first name, automatically, as everyone did because she was that kind of person.

Walt was all set to begin the traditional summer tour and call on many franchisees on a goodwill visit in the course of presenting the three awards when he ruptured his Achilles tendon playing 10-pin with his pals and was showing off at the end of his winning streak. He was taken to a medical center and had the foot and lower calf completely immobilized. He was warned to take complete rest to perhaps avoid the need for surgery.

"You'll have to go on tour," Walt said.

"What caused your to act so stupidly and injure yourself like this?" Gloria wailed.

"Good god woman, that's history. Get your mind back to the future."

Gloria gritted, frustrated yet again at Walt's inability to allow her release of emotional tension. She refrained from kicking his good ankle.

"Who'll drive me? You know I don't drove long distance because I fall asleep with the monotony."

"Then take that guy Goodfellow we hired as assistant operations manager."

"But he's only just started here and knows practically nothing about our business."

"But he'll be your driver, not a company spokesman. Just tell him whenever he's asked a question about our business he can answer that he's to smile and say to ask Gloria."

"Why are you saddling me with a misfit you choose to hire?"

"Careful now because in Blake's view you might be the misfit in this outfit."

Walt rumbled a belly-laugh. "God despite my agonizing injury I can come up with an inspired utterance like that."

"Like what?"

"This misfit in this outfit."

"Oh Christ," Gloria wailed, using language unbecoming for a lady.

Walt looked at her sympathetically.

"Darling I'm sorry for behaving like an idiot at 10-pin and injuring myself. Your mother did warn you I was too old for you and I'm sorry for placing you under pressure but I can run the business by phone from home."

Gloria sobbed, "Do you promise to change nothing of the sophisticated management systems I have in place?"

"I'm Walt Allen, entrepreneur. I change nothing that might harm this business operation. Walt Allen just concentrates on kicking ass and keeping people toeing the line on service and concentrating on the bottom line."

"Oh Christ," Gloria sobbed. "I don't want to go."

"You're going," Walt said flatly, warning she had to remember he was the real boss. "If I feel sexually primed I'll call one of the women from accounts over to deliver a hand job."

"You've never settle for just a hand job."

He scowled and said, "Keep focused on your business mission darling and leave sexual welfare to Uncle Walt."

* * *

Gloria headed off with Blake Goodfellow at the wheel and she complained, "Why are we driving in this vehicle instead of my husband's big Mercedes."

Blake said, "It was my decision, a business decision. Hard-working franchisees are less likely to notice the affluence of someone in a white AWD Lexus RX than in a large Mercedes and they will notice approvingly that it's a hybrid."

Gloria burst into tears and apologized for being grumpy.

"I know how you feel. No wife likes seeing her husband lying injured."

"Yes, yes, you're so right," Gloria sniffed and blew her nose.

The car stopped.

"Why have we stopped?"

"Come and sit in the front. You are like a disconnect puppet sitting back there alone at a time when you need comfort."

Gloria couldn't believe how quickly she'd got out and into the front seat and was smiling gratefully at the chauffeur although knowing she might look hellish if tears had messed up her makeup."

She looked in to the vanity mirror and suffered a vanity attack. Under her eyes and cheeks looked as if a tornado had passed through.

She groaned as said she looked revolting and Blake said yeah she did but he'd bet she'd look great in the raw.


"Without make-up," he said hurriedly and she said yeah and anything on what she looked like at that moment would be an improvement.

They'd only gone a few hundred yards. He stopped again and went to the trunk and returned with her make-up bag.

"I can't, but thanks," she said, sounded disjointedly. "I can't, not in front of you."

"Of course you can. I greatly admire you and don't like seeing you look like a piece of crap. I'll concentrate on my driving."

"Yes, we don't wish to get behind schedule," she said, sounding like a CEO again.

She finished remaking her face and then briefed Blake and said he should say to anyone with a question he couldn't answer to ask Gloria.

"You mean Gloria and not Mrs Allen."

"Yes because everyone knows me just as Gloria, Mr Allen's wife."


"I suppose it's because I look young and lovely with an outgoing personality."

"Yes and such a contrast to big gruff Walt."

Gloria looked astonished and said yes and she hadn't thought of that.

"People tend to look for opposites."

He smiled and called that an astute comment and she looked at him with new interest.

"Tell me about yourself Blake. I read your CV before approving your appointment but what I mean is tell me about the real Blake Goodfellow."

"My great-grandparents arrived here from Sussex after Sir William Goodfellow was involved in scandalous seductions of several daughters of the gentry, alleged to have been virgin daughters. There was trouble and talk about assassination and his moneyed wife was frightened and they packed up and left England. Great-grandmother reined him in and he made a fortune in buying a couple of undercapitalized coal mines that proved to be very productive. But his son who became my father, managed to largely deplete that family fortune through bad marriages and bad business decisions."

"I received a college education in finance, married brilliantly and raised two children and last year my wife, who was also forty-seven, collapsed and died. At that my life collapsed and I became mentally depressed and was fired from my great job. Fortunately I kept away from gambling, women and booze, the downfall of many people in descent and finally time completed my repair and eight months ago I had my first alcoholic drink and had the company of a woman for a few weeks and gained employment and joined your company two weeks ago. End of story."

Gloria reached across and placed a hand on Blake's arm and said she was sorry for his misfortune.

"Thanks," he said, moving that hand up to scratch an ear and in doing so dislodged Gloria's hand.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I wasn't to know you don't like being touched."

He gave it thirty seconds and said he didn't mind being touched but she was Walt's wife.

"And I'm the company CEO. You took a risk telling me that you more or less had a mental breakdown."

"Yeah well I know that ailment is past history and I also was told I can trust you as a person."

"Oooh, what other things do you know about me?"

"You wouldn't like to hear."

"Test me."

"Okay everyone at the company that I know thinks you're a real honey and I know they're not wrong. You are more than pretty: your personality practically sings to people and you have a tight body..."

"Oooh... I...."

"Enough said Mrs Allen."

Gloria just smiled.

They arrived at their first stop and have five more garden shed businesses to inspect before arriving at their hotel.

Blake was amazed at the brilliance of the operations. Each shed was located on a leased piece of vacant land on the outskirts of each commercial district and located well back to provide ample parking area in front of the shed.

The sheds were all the same, measuring 28 ft. by 40 ft., giving a display area of 28ft. by 26 ft. plus a 12ft wide storage space at the rear that was also 40 ft. wide and included a wash basin and toilet.

All of the sheds they visited had clients lined up waiting to be served.

"I understood the concept of our operation from the outset, having studied your website," Blake said. "But there's nothing like seeing it in operation. It's brilliant."

"That's the brilliance of Walt's mind," Gloria said. "He also patiently operated the trial shed for two months to refine the model and no other changes have been made since then and that keeps our original franchisees happy."

As they went up the elevator Blake said hesitatingly, "Are we booked into the same room?"

"Yes but have no fear. Walt snores and tosses and turns and so we sleep in separate bedrooms or in a two bedroom suite when we travel."



"I might chance to see you er with next to nothing on."

"Oh lucky you," Gloria said in a tone that seemed to indicate that topic had been thrashed.

"Um I would just like to say I appreciate your confidence in me."

"Well if your behavior lets you down and you end up rutting me, only you and I will ever know that Blake Goodfellow lost control and became Blake Very Bad Fellow."

"Jesus Gloria, you can't mean that?"

"Just think of it this way Blake. Gloria Allen has been a good girl for far too long."

"We're at our floor and the doors have opened," Blake croaked.

Gloria left serenely and her man followed with her makeup bag under one arm and towing the two bags on wheels.

"Which bedroom should I choose Blake? They are near enough to being identical."

He said the one on her left because it was a little farther away from the road noise.

"Oh you considerate darling, thanks.

Gloria suggested they called room service for a couple of steak dinners and a bottle or blended red wine for delivery in an hour's time. She then ran a bath.

The meal was delivered and Blake called Gloria.

"Is it okay if I come out in just nightwear?"

Thinking of flannel, PJs Blake called yes and then thought damn, she probably slept in a sexy bikini thing.

Not quite, just a skimpy black thingy.

"Oh god," he croaked and she positively beamed in delight that she'd been noticed.

"I hadn't planned to allow you to see so much of my body at first take but without a plan I guess anything can happen."

Blake thought yeah, especially if you want it to happen.

"Would you like a Martini?"

She smiled. "Yes, lovely. You should find a lemon in the fridge or perhaps a small bag of garnishes."

As he strained the mix into pseudo cocktail glasses, Blake thought great thighs, near-to-flat belly, smallish tits and she was showing some signs of coming on to him. Oh had he died and gone to heaven or what?

He stopped just in time from over-filling the second glass.

"Tell me Blake, at your age do you still get sexually excited?

He sighed, thinking there was no chance of this hot babe easing back and went, "Arf, arf" and she giggled.

"Tell me about yourself Gloria."

"I'm healthy, work out a bit and cycle a great deal, my wealthy parents care less about me than my older sister and younger brother, I'm thirty-two with an MBA in office admin and a BA in marketing and I knew by marrying Walt I'd have a comfortable although unspectacular life. I made it a condition of accepting him in marriage that he gives me a five year contract as CEO of his company, so I'm also smart because conditions of severance include big payments, enforceable by law."

"That sounds smart to me. Walt is sixty-two so I guess he's still active enough for you?"

"I think you mean active enough in bed and the answer is yes, adequately so, but really how many of us actually get sex of the quality and frequency that we desire?"

"I've never heard anyone confess they do."

She giggled.

And then, "Can we make this a memorable tour for our frequency and quality of fucking?"

Blake took a big slug of Martini and said, "My mom always told me to give a lady what she wants."

"Ah yes, it's funny that," Gloria sighed. "Moms are keen for their sons to wallow in sex but encourage their daughters to be virtuous until they marry."

"Yeah well some people are lop-sided in their thinking, probably all of us to some degree," he said pompously.

"Are you interested in licking my pussy before dinner arrives?"

"No," he smiled.

"Now why did I guess that would be your answer?" she said and happily held out her empty glass for a refill.

After dinner Blake placed the dining trolley in the corridor outside their suites for collection, closed the door and switched on the do not disturb light outside the door. He was now ready for anything, er within an hour or so.

They'd decided to watch TV and as he sat back in his lounge chair Gloria called could she come over and sit on his knee. He held out his arms and she moved on to him quickly.

"I think we should give it an hour to allow our meal to settle," she said sensibly, settling back against him.

Blake agreed with that but Gloria appeared to be in two minds because she said huskily, "You may play with me if you wish."

"Okay," Blake said, in two minds himself. She lifted her butt and he pulled up her flimsy nightdress and when that was passed her hips she pulled out from him a bit and held up her arms, a clear invitation to remove that garment.

Gloria lay back against him completely nude and Blake took a handful of tit and squeezed gently and right on cue Gloria groaned softly and looked up at him, lips parted. He bent down and they had their first kiss and their tongues touched to confirm it was an adulterous kiss.

Blake moved slowly to lengthen the gap between having a steak dinner and engaging in lively sex and partly succeeded. Eventually, both aware of the squelching noise of Blake's fingering, Gloria said, "I'm leaking badly and we are both heated up. We should start banging right now."

He unzipped and Gloria stood as he put on the condom she produced out of nowhere. She sat back and pushed his fat dick into her swollen and very primed pussy and they both groaned as it slid in. He reached around to grab and squeeze both boobies and Gloria began to bounce on him at an accelerating rate. Finally Gloria's guttural cries excited Blake as she began to climax and he pumped into his finish seconds after she'd sagged and looking very satisfied.

They rested and then Blake pushed her away and undressed. He then lifted her into her arms carried Gloria to her bed and said, "Now your gorgeous slut, you'll need a proper fuck."

"Oh god, how can I be so lucky," Gloria trilled excitedly.


Gloria and Blake returned home twenty-two days later, feeling tired and fucked-out and both telling each other they'd lost weight.

When Gloria told Walt she felt exhausted and said they'd both lost weight, he said well they'd taken on a full-on schedule with only two rest days and they probably hadn't eaten wisely and had downed too much coffee.

"Did you two have sex?"

She lied, "Yeah one Saturday night we both got drunk and I pressed him for it. You'll recall on the phone I'd told you I'd become rather sexually frustrated, missing out on you pounding me. Well we scarcely got started when Blake ejaculated and that was it. I invited him to resume but obviously he was too embarrassed. We remained on good terms but somehow it was not quite the same from then on."

"That Blake Goodfellow has a conscience and would be aware I had trusted him to go away three weeks with my wife. He's a good guy."

"Yes and I can report he went down well with the people we met. He'd be the right guy to replace Ian as operations manager Walt; I'm, absolutely sure about that. I noticed on tour how he absorbed things and from half-way through he'd found it less necessary to refer people to me who were asking technical or other difficult to answer questions."

"I'm glad you are thinking that way. He should have picked up great knowledge of our business, our infrastructure and made face to face contact with many of the people who matter to us, our franchisees."

"Walt please take me to bed; I'm hanging out for it," Gloria lied. She'd been banged that morning before she and Blake went down for breakfast at their hotel and that big bang had left her practically legless.

* * *

Blake went around with a real estate broker looking for an appealing house to buy and at the final house, noting his increased interest, Mrs Payne asked casually, "What would induce you to buy this house Blake?"

"Very little actually; I rather like it."

They were standing in the kitchen of the vacated home with only the drapes and carpets left behind.

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