Recovery of a Hero Ch. 05


So she pushed Dar into the house, and I followed with Erica beside me. Even though I was tired, I felt wonderful. I had real friends and they really cared about me and my sisters were taking care of me too. With them and George, I felt like I was floating on air. Knowing that people cared was great medicine, I decided. Now I understood why Dar was so excited to come home with us.

When we went into Dar's room, I was shocked at what had been done. There was one corner with floor to ceiling walls as big as my old room upstairs. It even had a door. I looked at Dar and asked, "Why did you spend so much on this?"

He said, "I wanted you to be comfortable so I made sure you had a nice room. All your stuff from upstairs is in there too. Your friends here and Erica moved it all down and set everything up for you yesterday. We even put your stereo in there for you."

"Stereo? I don't have a stereo. The big one in the basement is good enough."

"Oops," said Dar. "Well I guess you'll just have to use the one in there now. And be careful with the T.V. remote."

"Stereo, T.V. and remote. Now where did all that come from?" I asked.

Erica said, "Well, when we were looking for a new bed, I snuck out and got the stereo. George and Janice got the T.V. for you. We figured that if Dar could get you a computer, we needed to get you something special too."

"Well, I guess that the T.V. will have to move out here. That way we can watch it together."

Erica said, "You won't need to. George got a big one for Dar too. When Dar argued, he said that if he could get stuff for us, then we could get him something nice because we wanted to."

"Ok, so where's Dar's T.V. at?" I asked.

"It's on the wall right there," said Sherry. She pointed at a large picture like thing with fish moving around in it. It looked like one of those animated pictures for a desk except for the size.

"Wow," I said. That's huge."

"46 inch wide screen plasma T.V. with a hook up to Dar's computer and on it's cable." said Erica.

I just said "Wow."

Dar said, "Now you know why your friends want to play games. We can all watch on that screen or watch movies and such. Tomorrow my arm chair and a couch get delivered. Then we'll have enough room for you and your friends to sit and watch and I'll have my chair to sit in too."

"With all the room in here, we needed some furniture anyway. So go to bed now and tomorrow we'll have lots of fun now that your back home."

With that, my friends helped me get ready for bed and Janny came in and helped Erica with Dar. He may have been getting better, but he was still weak and couldn't move around that well yet. At least he was walking a little bit now.

I went to bed happy that I had such good friends. I hadn't known that I meant that much to them or Dar. I'd known that George and my sisters loved me, but I didn't know that anybody else cared that much. It was almost worth the concussion to find out. With that thought, I went to sleep with a big smile.

This ends chapter 5 of my story. Chapter 6 will continue Sally's story.

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