Red-Faced In The Library


Then he pulled back. Their lips parted. Oh why did he have to stop? Would he take her back to his room? Oh please let him take her back to his room! Never in her life had she needed to be fucked so badly. On her back, on her knees, in her ass. Oh God, she'd let him take her any way he wanted.

He reached down and retrieved his dick from his pants, pulling it out in the open. She looked down and gasped at his audacity. Sure they were hidden... but for how long? He then grabbed her hand and brought it to his hardness. She knew it was wrong. She knew she shouldn't be doing this. She should just leave, run away and be safe, but she found herself wrapping her tiny hands around his cock and begin to stroke him once more.

He smiled that smile, leaned in and kissed her again. The kiss was brief and she still had her eyes closed when she felt his hands move from her head to her shoulders and start to gently push her down. Her eyes shot open and she looked around. "We... we can't," she gasped.

"Shhhh," was all he said and continued to push, this time with a little more force. Her resistance buckled and she sank to her knees. He grabbed the base of his cock and stepped forward, presenting himself for her. She looked up at him, scared and confused, but still dripping with lust. He ran the head of his dick across her parted lips, trailing pre-cum on her and reached out with his left hand and grabbed her by the back of the head. He pushed into her mouth and she greedily accepted him. He began to push in and out, slowly at first, feeding her a little more with each thrust.

She couldn't believe she was allowing this to happen. She must be looking like such a fucking slut! It was stingingly humiliating, but utterly intoxicating. Her cheeks flushed once more, but her pussy began to drip down her inner thighs. She was delirious.

He began to speed up, pushing more and more of himself inside of her hot, willing mouth. She swirled her tongue around his head and her lips clamped down on his shaft, dragging along his length as he moved in and out.

Suddenly, he pulled out and quietly began to slap his cock against her face. It was mortifying, yet she loved it. Slap, slap against her cheeks. Slap, slap against her forehead. Then he placed his cock fully on her face and ran it all over, smearing his pre-cum and her saliva everywhere. She groaned in lust as he rubbed his dick all over her face.

He readjusted, pulled his balls out of his pants and pushed her face forward so that she could lick them. She needed no more invitation and she hungrily lapped at his shaved sack.

As she tongued his balls, he rested his hot, heavy meat across her face. Jesus, she felt like such a whore. What would her friends think of her if they found her like this? What would she say if someone caught her on her knees in the library licking a stranger's ball sack while his cock laid across her face? Humiliation vibrated through her all the way to her dribbling snatch.

He pulled back, grabbed his dick again and pushed deep into her mouth. He grabbed her by the head with both of his hands... then... with one quick jolt... he began to fuck her face, hard and fast. Her pupils dilated. Her muscles trembled. All she could process was the cock drilling in and out of her mouth. Punctuated moans and gags emanated from her throat. Her pussy rhythmically clenched of its own accord. She was consumed by degradation.

She could hear his breathing become sharper as he released little grunts of pleasure. She could tell he was getting close. She wanted his cum in her mouth, down her throat, filling her up.

She felt a fresh orgasm building between her legs. Her hand slipped down her body.

"No," he growled, "put your hands behind your back."

Her body complied, but it didn't stop her pussy from getting closer to the boil. Jesus Christ, was she going to cum whilst he fucked her mouth? Whilst he used her? Her thigh muscles pulsed. Hot pleasure grew between her legs. Her hands gripped each other tightly behind her back.

She could feel his cock getting even bigger and harder with each stroke. She knew he was on the edge. Louder moans left her lips. He inhaled deeply. "Give it to me!" Her mind pleaded as her body started to judder.

Then he pulled out.

And he came; spurting his load all over her face and her tits; exhaling in satisfaction.

The debasement hit her like a train, hammering her nerves and igniting her climax. An explosion of humiliating pleasure ripped through her. Her body bucked. Her muscles convulsed. The hot spunk coating her features sent her higher. She was his. She was his little slut. His little cocksucker. He'd used her. He'd sprayed her. He owned her.

She collapsed to the floor, trembling, shaking and covered in cum, unable to control her body, unable to stop the waves of rapture.

As she quivered on the floor, she could see him looking down at her. He stuffed his cock back into his pants. "I knew you'd be a dirty girl," he laughed, "see you around."

With that, he simply walked away leaving her alone, on the ground, slimy, broken, and degraded. She breathed heavily, almost incapable of movement as she came down from her high.

For how long she remained on the floor, she didn't know. But eventually her ears detected a sound. She could hear whispering voices, and they were coming closer. Female voices. She staggered to her feet. What the fuck was she going to do? She was covered in fucking cum! Her hand rose to her face and wiped a glob onto her fingers, then she put it in her mouth and gulped it down. God! There was so much of it. Frantically, she reached up again and swiped another glob into her mouth...

The girls walked around the shelves just next to her, a blonde and a brunette. They looked around, and their eyes scanned her up and down.

"Are you ok?" said the blonde, as they came closer, inspecting her shivering, disheveled body.

She felt her face heat up. Her heart started to beat faster.

"Err... what's that on your face?" said the brunette.

"I think... it looks like cum!" whispered the blonde.

Her face was about to set on fire.

"Hold on..." said the brunette, getting right up in her face, "Oh my God! It is cum! Did you just let some guy cum on you? Are you... are you... eating some guy's cum?"

The two girls looked at each other, their mouths open. Then the blonde started to laugh, "What the fuck!"

Tears streaked down the poor cum-covered girl's face, "Sorry," she said meekly. Then she ran to her desk and frantically grabbed her books. She could still hear the girls giggling behind the shelves.

"Oh my God! What a fucking skank!" giggled the brunette.

"I know! I know!" the blonde chirped back.

"Do you recognize her?" said brunette.

"I think she's in my English class..." replied the blonde.

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by Anonymous

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by GauchoMan11/23/17

Very Nicely Written

That was very nicely written Katie ... worked at. many levels.
Risque2 sex... Loss of control and much much more .

My favourite part -
She heard a small, mortifying moan leave her lips and she quicklymore...

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