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Red Mustang


Winding down from a tense business meeting, I sat in my car eating a fresh sandwich from the farmer's market I had stopped at on the way home. I was experiencing the release and wind-down that comes from completing something difficult. It was an early Fall day and the sun was warm as it passed through the sun roof, the food was delicious, and I found a radio station that was actually playing music instead of advertising. I had just about finished my sandwich, when a red mustang pulled into the lot and parked in front of me. The doors opened to let out two women with a young girl. The young mother was driving and helped her little girl from the back seat. From the passenger side emerged an elegant lady that looked to be in her mid-forties. I assumed it was three generations from the same family although the passenger seemed too young to have a grandchild already. She sent her daughter and granddaughter ahead while she stayed back at the car.

I was admiring her figure, which looked great in her knee-length black skirt and tight red sweater. She stood about 5'-4" with shoulder length black hair and just enough make-up and jewelry on to indicate a careful attention to her appearance. I couldn't believe my luck as she reached back through the open window to retrieve something from her purse. My heart rate increased immediately upon seeing her emerge with a leather cigarette case. I have to explain that I have a smoking fetish. Ever since I was old enough to like girls, I have been attracted to women who smoke. I'm not sure if that was because most of the neighborhood mothers smoked or some sort of oral fixation, but now it seemed hard-wired in me. She proceeded to unfasten the clasps and pulled out a long 120mm cigarette which she eagerly lit with a thin gold lighter from the front of the case. She immediately took three long drags holding the smoke in her mouth before letting it stream out above her head. It must have been a long car ride without her being able to smoke. Although I find myself painfully shy in new situations, I knew that I must speak to her or I would regret it forever.

After watching transfixed for a few more puffs, I summoned my courage and decided to approach her before her companions returned. Her beautiful green eyes made contact with mine upon hearing the car door close. I gave her my best friendly smile and made some inane comment about the nice weather and enjoying the sunlight. She agreed and made an apology for fouling the fresh air with her smoke. I laughed and replied, "It doesn't bother me at all. In fact I was just getting out to tell you that I think you have an elegant style and look very attractive smoking." I believe I actually saw her blush a little as she gave me an appreciative grin. "These days, that's not a very popular opinion as smokers are banished to the outside to enjoy a cigarette." That has been a godsend for smoking fetishists like me as I get treated to groups of smokers huddled outside their office buildings. I let her know that I found it alluring and that "I've always been enchanted by beautiful women who smoke." This time I knew I saw her blush as she flashed a full smile while doing a mock curtsy and declaring in a southern-belle imitation, "Why thank you, sir. I do feel mighty flattered."

For the next few minutes, we made some small talk about the farmer's market and she explained that her daughter had stopped for a Halloween pumpkin. All the while, she continued to take regular pulls from her cigarette and seemed to be playfully putting on a show for me. I was thoroughly enjoying it and desperately trying to think of a way I could extend this conversation. I explained that I was in the area on business about once a month and played my gambit by asking her, "Next time I'm in town, may I take you out for lunch?" She seemed to be enjoying the attention and the effect she was having on me, but demurred on the lunch offer as she didn't really know me. As she was crushing out her cigarette under her black pump, her daughter arrived back at the car. She introduced me and I said hello and bent down to say hello to her granddaughter and complimented her for picking out what must be the best pumpkin in the whole market. She giggled and proceeded to hop into the car. I gave it one last shot by slipping my new acquaintance a business card as I shook her hand goodbye. I let her know that I would really like to get to know her better and that if she was at all interested to give me a call so we could chat more.

I didn't expect to ever see her again and I felt a twinge of heartache as I pulled back out onto the highway. I congratulated myself for a least making an effort and getting a chance to talk to such an attractive woman. I vowed to forget about the encounter and continue on with my life as usual. About two and a half weeks later, I nearly drove off the road when I answered my cell phone and heard a voice say, "Hi Steve, it's Laura." For the next fifteen minutes I was transported back to that farmer's market while traffic whizzed past as I sat on the shoulder of the road. She said that it took her a while to call because her daughter thought I was some sort of stalker and "forbid" her to even think about calling me. Laura didn't throw away my business card and found herself thinking about our encounter at odd times. She appreciated my candor about her smoking and was intrigued enough by my personality to want to learn more. I assured her that my attraction was genuine and that I was not some sex-crazed pervert out to do her harm. We made a "phone date" for the following Friday, where we both would have more time to talk.

From the beginning our conversations flowed easily and were filled with laughter. I learned that she had been divorced for four years. She admitted that one of the main reasons is that her husband had quit smoking and became one of those rabid anti-smoking ex-smokers who feel that everyone should quit now because they did. This treatment highlighted his controlling attitude and she found that he had very little interest or concern for her or her thoughts or desires. Although I was about ten years younger than Laura, I confessed that I too had gone through a divorce where it was surprising to find how little my partner cared for me. The frequency and length of our phone calls increased over the next month. Topics of conversation were varied and began to include the discussion of sexual experience and preferences. We talked in depth about my smoking fetish and she surprised me by asking questions and trying to understand it. Some of our talks got quite steamy and we kidded that this had become a "1-900-fone-sex" line. My December business trip was coming up soon and I was ecstatic when she agreed to meet for lunch.

We agreed to meet at 2:00pm for a late lunch and, partially to appease her daughter, at a popular chain restaurant near one of the mall complexes. She looked ravishing in a white holiday sweater with a corduroy red skirt and high-heeled black boots. She was already seated in the smoking section when I joined her. I kissed her on the cheek, enjoying a nice whiff of perfume, before taking my seat opposite her. It didn't feel awkward at all but rather like meeting an old friend you hadn't seen in awhile. Of course, the sexual tension was palpable and kept us on edge as we talked. The ashtray was empty, but her cigarette case sat on the table. She looked directly at me and winked as she asked if I minded that she smoked. I stammered out some lame response as she drew out a cigarette and handed me the lighter. My hand was shaking as she steadied the flame to light the tip. I sat mesmerized as she drew in the smoke and let it cloud between us as she exhaled—all the while never losing eye contact. My erection pressed hard against the fly of my trousers as she expertly teased me with her smoking technique. Luckily our meals came before I exploded right there in my seat. As we ate and talked, it seemed natural for our hands to find each other and feel the heat of the attraction.

After the meal, we enjoyed another drink while she continued to perform her magic with the smoke and her style. Her foot found its way out of her boot and up my leg until I could feel her toes gripping at my erection. I knew that I would have a stain from a puddle of pre-cum on my pants if I didn't stop her. I managed to shift her foot to the side and massaged her sole through the stockings that she wore. That seemed to even the playing field a little as she relaxed back into the booth and let out a little moan. As she lit one last cigarette before our final bill came, my fingers worked their way along her heel to her ankles and calves. She seemed to relish the attention and we spent a few moments in silence with her gently puffing on her cigarette and me doing my best to attend to any part of her leg I could reach. On the way out, she ducked into the ladies room for a few moments. When she emerged, she whispered into my ear that she would follow me to my hotel room, before I even had the chance to offer! As we split to go to our cars, she again pulled me close and slipped something into my hand. "By the way, this is the effect your little massage was having on me." As I realized that it was a moist pair of red lace panties that she must have removed in the ladies room, my knees went weak, but I managed to get us both to the hotel. We nearly ran through the lobby on our way to the elevator. As the doors closed, I pressed her against the back of the cab while kissing her as deeply as I could. The taste of the alcohol and smoke on her tongue filled my senses and it seemed only a second had passed before we had risen the seven levels to my floor. The cough of another guest brought us out of our reverie and we just laughed as we tore past him on our way to my room.

I sat Laura down on the bed opposite the chair. I pulled her booted foot up into my lap and did my best to remain in control of my fingers as I eased the zipper down and slid the boot down her calves. After removing the other boot, I stood up to help her out of her sweater. Her ample bosom looked delectable in a red push-up bra that matched the panties that she had shared with me at the restaurant. Next, she said it was her turn, as her manicured fingers found their way to my belt and then my zipper. She moaned her approval as my pants slid to the floor and she could clearly see the outline of my cock straining against the fabric. She unbuttoned my shirt and stood to pull it from my shoulders. Her mouth sought out mine as my fingers found their way to the clasp holding her bra on. I lowered my head and kissed each breast as it was exposed, licking my way around her areolas and gentle sucking on her nipples. My hands made their way to her hips and the skirt she wore soon lay at her ankles as I pushed her back upon the mattress. I knelt in front of her and kissed my way down her chest to her abdomen and then down to her inner thighs. I inhaled deeply taking in her musky aroma before running my tongue across her lips to take my first taste. She had her bush carefully trimmed to a nice triangle and it made it easy to probe her folds as I licked to find her clitoris. I continued to kiss, lick, and massage her for the next few minutes as her breathing became deeper and she began to arch her hips and push against me. I sucked on her clit as she shuddered in orgasm and used my hands to spread that feeling across her thighs and torso.

After she regained her composure a bit, Laura sat up and directed me back to the chair opposite the bed. She hooked her fingernails underneath the waistband of my briefs and slid them over my hard-on. She licked some pre-cum from the tip of my cock and let a thread dangle between us as she looked into my eyes and smiled. She proceeded to swirl her tongue around scooping up all of the wetness. What she did next will remain engrained in my memories and will forever flood my fantasy bank. While holding onto my dick with one hand she reached into her purse and withdrew her cigarette case. She continued to watch me as she placed a cigarette in her lips and flicked her lighter. My cock throbbed hotly in her hand and she knew that she had me under her spell. I watched enthralled as she took a drag on her cigarette and engulfed me. Wispy tendrils of smoke escaped from the corners of her mouth as her hot moist breath exhaled around the shaft. This was to be my first "smoky blowjob" and led to an intense orgasm that shot up from my cock head in hot arcs to splash across my chest.

After our initial orgasms, we took some time to acquaint each other with our bodies and after a while, she smoked another cigarette to get me erect again. This time we shared the pleasure, as I slid inside her and began a slow deliberate thrusting rhythm. Our lovemaking would last the rest of the afternoon until we finally fell asleep in exhaustion. When we awoke, we realized that it was getting late and that we were both famished. We decided to end our day together the way it had begun--by returning to the restaurant where we had met for some much needed nourishment.

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