tagSci-Fi & FantasyRed Riding Hood Grows Up

Red Riding Hood Grows Up


Red Riding Hood wasn't very little anymore. She had grown into a voluptuous woman thanks to years of sneaking treats from Grandmother. She was also very tall with long legs. Long mahogany hair flowed down to the small of her back. She was quick with a smile and it always seemed to radiate up to her chocolate colored eyes. She was well loved by all her neighbor's in the small glade not far from the village. Her mother had passed a few years back and she had gone to live with the beloved grandmother in the tiny cottage that was now her home.

On this day Red was dressed in a tight red dress with matching heels, not very practical for traversing the trails of the forest, but she didn't feel very practical if the truth were known. It fit her nicely and she loved the color and feel of it. She had no inkling of the looks the local men gave her as she passed. She was lost in thought. Her grandmother was going to live with her sister nearer to the village and she had to decide if she would go as well or stay in the small cottage by herself. As she walked, she found herself remembering the wolf and what had happened that day. This lead to thoughts of the woodsman and of his son. The families had become very close and she had spent many an hour in the company of the boy. But he wasn't a boy anymore. He had grown into a strapping man with broad shoulders and hands calloused from hard work. He had dark ebony hair and golden eyes like those of a tiger on the prowl.

Lately Red had started to see a look in his eyes that reminded her of the look she had seen in the wolf's eyes. As if he was starving and she were dinner. But Red was not afraid of him; rather she was fascinated and a little thrilled. Her heart beat faster when she saw him, and her body quivered with an unknown need.

Red came to her favorite spot in the woods and stopped to rest and take in the beauty of the forest around her. Suddenly as if her thoughts had materialized, she heard the deep voice of the woodcutter's son behind her.

"Hey Red, aren't you wandering a little bit far away from home without an escort?"

Red's heart was racing. She wasn't sure if it was from the suddenness of his appearance or the nearness of him. He sat with his back against a tree, eating his lunch. He wore a faded red plaid shirt and dark pants. His sleeves were rolled up to reveal tanned muscular arms with golden hair gleaming in the sunlight. She couldn't speak, only smile shyly.

He patted the ground next to him, "Come, and sit with me while I finish my lunch."

Red sat down next to him and smiled. He smiled back at her and she felt a tingle deep inside of her. She could smell his scent, a strong masculine combination of hard work and manhood, and it made her insides run fluid.

But her shyness fled at his easy words, and as he finished his lunch they talked about the village and their families. She told him about her grandmother and the decision she had to make. Despite this newfound awareness of him, she felt comfortable with him, he was her closest childhood friend after all. Finally he tossed his lunch pail aside and slid closer to her and once again she was aware of a hunger that had nothing to do with food. Her heart started to pound again and her mouth was suddenly dry. Her tongue slid out to wet her lips.

Seeing this he smiled and brought his hand up to cup her face, allowing his thumb to follow the path of her tongue. "So beautiful", he whispered, his voice deeper than it usually was. Then he was lifting her into his lap. She laid her hand against his chest, and to her surprise felt his heartbeat as strong as quick as her own. Then he leaned in to kiss her, first softly, running his tongue around the path that his thumb had already taken. When she gasped, he took advantage of this and slipped his tongue inside, exploring her mouth hungrily. He tasted of the sweet roll he had eaten and the sensation was pure magic.

Of their own accord, her arms slid around his neck, her hands into his hair, pulling him closer, deepening the kiss. A tingle ran down her spine and she felt a wetness grow between her legs, and her clitoris started to throb. She squirmed in his lap.

Suddenly, she felt his hands slip inside the top of her dress, cupping her breast, his thumb rolling over her pink nipples. When she moaned, he slipped the straps of her dress down until her breasts fell free before him. He replaced his hands with his mouth, suckling hungrily, causing her to once again moan in response. While his mouth explored her breasts, his hand slid onto her bare thigh. The roughness of his hands against her smooth skin sent waves of pleasure through her. She involuntarily opened her legs to his probing fingers. When he reached her pussy, he slipped a finger inside.

Against her lips he groaned his pleasure at the wetness he found. Her clitoris throbbed even stronger in response, and she arched against his fingers. He broke the kiss suddenly and looked at her questioningly.

"Red", he growled, "if you want me to stop this you better tell me now."

She looked around, and, for a brief second, the thought of someone coming up the path and discovering them frightened her. But as she looked back into his eyes, she knew that she couldn't stop for the entire world.

In answer, she boldly took his face in her hands and started to kiss him again. Her hands fell down to the buttons on his shirt and she found herself undoing them. Then she slipped one hand inside.

His chest was smooth, hard, not the chiseled bodies of the gym, but from years of hard work. Her fingers made tiny circles on his chest, then found his nipple. Tentatively, she began to play with it, teasing it, eliciting a rumbling moan from deep inside him.

His fingers, in the meantime, were inside her again; his thumb teasing her clitoris; his index finger slipping in and out of her in slow easy strokes. Then he increased the pace, faster and deeper until she felt as if her insides were on fire. Suddenly a spasm well up from deep inside her and exploded all over her.

She cried out against his mouth and he growled in response.

Turning her to face him, he placed her legs until she was straddling him. Against her pussy she could now feel, his hardness, pressing, as if fighting to come forth. She looked innocently into his eyes, questioning her next move, begging him silently to guide her. Lifting her off him, he stood and let his pants fall. There before her was the most beautiful cock she could imagine, thick, hard, strong. He sat down again and brought her to straddle him once more, just slightly above him. Pushing her panties aside, he then eased her down onto his cock, slowly, mindful of her virginity. He stopped and waited when she gasped at the pain, but it was momentary and she took the initiative and lower herself onto him until he was full inside her.

She had never felt such pleasure, and she started to move instinctively, slowly at first, purring at each stroke, then faster as she started to feel the spasms well up inside her again. She could feel her pussy clinching around him, as if to take him deeper inside, and she felt his balls tighten in response. Then she was hurdling into space, her body shook all over and she felt herself release in a gush around him. In a second, she felt him shoot his seed deep inside her, hot, like lava, shooting into her, then seeping down her thighs, sticky, wet but oh so glorious.

They remained like that for long moments, their breathing hard and fast. Then when they had returned to earth, he set her beside him and put his arms around her, kissing her hair, straightening her dress and then his own clothes.

Suddenly she felt shy and hid her face behind her long hair, not daring to look at him, fearing her wantonness. She knew without a doubt that she loved this man, her best friend and now her lover.

"Red, don't hide from me," she heard him whisper. He took his hand and pushed her hair aside, "look at me. I love you Red, I have for a very long time. Don't leave and go to the village. Stay here with me and make a life with me."

She could only smile in response, and he stood and held out his hand. She placed her own inside; he pulled her up and held her against him for a long time. Then, they started towards the cottage, joyously.

The End...for now.

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