tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRed Rock Canyon Ch. 07

Red Rock Canyon Ch. 07


Red Rock Canyon Ch~7~ The Watching Game

As Shelby and Chad watched Rex closed his eyes and rested his head on the cavern wall behind him. Paige on her knees before him began to tease his manhood to its fullest by running the tip of her tongue around the groove of his head. Then she lapped greedily at its juicy center, which was beginning to run to the floor of the cave. She slid the tip of her tongue into the slit of Rex's hardened tool pushing gently at first then harder and deeper with each and every dip.

"Oh Dear Lord! It's HUGE!" Shelby gasped in a loud whisper as she nearly lost her breath at the sight of Rex's hardening rod—Its 13 inches of veined beauty staring out at her. It had a long slow up sweep to it. And from where Shelby sat it looked to be the perfect tool.

"Wow he really is a horse," Chad noted.

Chad and Shelby watched as Rex coaxed the tank top from Paige's big round breasts. So that he could see them and touched them while she was on her knees before him. Paige appreciated his awe of them, and took his hot cock between them and began to slide it up and down in their hollow. Giving the top of his cock a lick and a tease each time it played peek-a-boo out of the top of her breasts.

"And you were right she has great boobs. And apparently she's quiet talented with them as well as her mouth. They're so pale and milky white. With such light pink areolas and long light colored nipples." Chad said at his first sight of Paige's bountiful goods.

Shelby laughed as she watched Paige teasing Rex. Paige licked down the full length of his shaft and then took his shaved balls into her mouth and licked and sucked playfully at each of them. Before returning to his head to devour his entire length from top to bottom in one mighty sweep.

"I told you she had a mouth with great talents!" Shelby commented to Chad as she felt his hand begin to caress her ass cheek.

He was obviously becoming very aroused by watching their friends. And he soon found out that Shelby was too by the warm wet feel of her lips. They played together in the tent as they watched. Finally they got their first look at Paige's bald little snatch as she laid herself across the nearest rock and invited her new friend Rex in for a survey of the land.

Rex crawled up between her knees, letting his tongue guide his way up the inside of her muscular thighs. His large cock standing straight out from his body as he let his tongue taste Paige's sweet juices. He ran it around in a circle, just barely allowing the tip of it to get inside. Then he grabbed both her hips and jammed his tongue as deep inside as he could.

Paige squealed out with pleasure as Rex tongue fucked her tight wet holes over and over again. Moving from her ass to her pussy and back again with each strike. He shoved his tongue deep into the folds of her puckering little asshole and wiggled around wetting it down before going back to suck all the juices from her pussy once again. Then he brought his thumb up to her asshole and began to push until he felt it pop and was massaging his way inside her darkest, tightest spot.

"Mmm, you are a dirty little boy aren't you?" Paige said in a breath of excitement.

Rex knew he couldn't wait any longer he knew she was so ready—So wet and so wanting. Flipping Paige over with her belly against the rock he took his favorite position. He knelt behind her and teased the slit of her pussy with his broad cock head letting it push against her just below the opening as she began to move her ass back and forth to ask for more.

Then suddenly he clutched her hips and slammed the entire 13 inches of his rock hardness so deep within Paige that she thought he'd ripped her apart. But it felt so good. She had never been so full of luscious juicy cock in her life.

"Oh damn that looks so good!" Shelby commented.

Rex continued to stroke his healthy cock in and out of Paige's wetness. Diving in with all the depth his huge cock would allow and then slowly pulling his way back out over and over again.

"Damn they are so hot together." Chad agreed.

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