tagLesbian SexRed Satin Sheets Ch. 1

Red Satin Sheets Ch. 1


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I took the toll road towards 66, heading to Trisha's house. I couldn't believe that this day had finally arrived. I had waited and fantasized about it for so long. Although Trisha didn't know it yet, I was going to make this a night she would never forget. To help this all make sense, let me give you a little background.

I met Trisha about a year ago. She was a former colleague of mine at the PR agency we both used to work at. I met her on her first day at the job and was surprised at how she struck me. I mean, I consider myself a heterosexual sistah with a devilish fetish for men - hung men! The feel of a nice big dick fucking the shit out of this fat pussy gets me wet just thinking of it. But, when I met Trisha, I was shocked at the tingling feeling I got from our first handshake. What stood out the most, though, was her gorgeous red hair. She had a head full of it and sparkling green eyes to set it off! She was about 5'3, but her toned frame made you take her seriously. She had a pair of sculpted, yet feminine legs that begged to be caressed, and cute red freckles all over her face. The knit sweater she wore clearly defined her ample bosom, showing off just enough cleavage to make your mouth water for a tiny glimpse of more of her breasts. They were proud and pert, and from what I could tell at that moment, at least a 36 or 38D. Mmph, mmph, mmph! She was one fine white girl, and I had planned to get to know her better.

Me, on the other hand, I'm not what you would call 'cute'. I'm more of what you would call fiiiiiiine! Yes, I'm a beautiful, caramel-colored 'bit-o-honey' that is tough to chew, but sweet to eat. You gotta take your time with me and savor every sweet morsel of this precious gem. My mother is a mulatto (which means she's of dual races) Creole from New Orleans and my father is a Brazilian black man. Some of the foreign men that I have entertained have labeled me "La Femme Noir Blanca", meaning in both a combination of French and Spanish "The White Black Woman". I actually like the foreign version better than the English one because it sounds more exotic. None-the-less, I consider myself a good catch. I'm 5'7 with long, wavy dark brown hair to compliment my bronzed skin. Due to my ethnic heritage, I have an ass that J-Lo would die for and a set of natural 38D tits that would put Pamela Anderson to shame. I have a womanly frame - voluptuous, but not fat. I have worked out most of my adult life, so I have stayed toned and in-shape, much to the delight of men and women alike. I'm confidant enough in my body to know that when I seduce Trisha tonight, she'll be too intoxicated with my touch, my body, my fragrances (natural and man-made), my voice and my maneuvers to say no!


Well, back to the present. So, the reason I'm driving to Trisha's house is because, even though I work for a different company now and we are no longer colleagues, we have still managed to keep in touch. It's been about 4 months since we last saw one another, so she has invited me to come to her house and visit. I eagerly took her up on her offer, hoping that this would finally give me the opportunity to act on my fantasies about Trisha and I. I've got two bottles of Wild Vines White Zinfindel (my favorite) in the back seat to help me 'relax' her while I'm there. I arrive at the address in Alexandria that she has given me and walk up to the door and ring the doorbell.

At first, I hear a thud that sounded like someone tripping down some stairs. Then I hear a "Just a minute!" come from inside her home. I softly laugh to myself, remembering how clumsy Trisha used to be at the office. She was always running into a table, a wall, a desk, or something. I remember thinking how innocent and cute this made her to me. While I was laughing, the door opened and there she stood, looking as sexy as ever.

"Shayla!!!!!" she screamed. "Come in, come in. It has been too long, girl." We embraced in an endearing hug that genuinely relayed our happiness to finally see one another again after so long. I held on to her a little longer than I should have, but I honestly was so glad to see her again. And, she felt so good in my arms; I didn't want to let her go. I was a little shocked that she made no effort to pull away, either, but I shrugged it off. After a long embrace, we finally pulled apart and I held her hands in mine and held her at arms-length to get a good look at her.

"Damn, Trisha! Look at you, honey. You look fabulous. Actually, you look as good as you did the first day I met you. What have you been doing? Working out?" I asked.

"Well, I've started this boot-camp thing for adults. You train as if you are really in boot camp, but without all the belittling to go along with it. I've actually become much more disciplined in my everyday tasks since I started doing it. You should try it with me sometime, that's if you're game enough to get up at 4AM in the morning before you go to work!!!" Trisha laughed after saying this because she knows that I'm not a morning person. When we used to work together, she and my other colleagues knew NOT to mess with me until, at least, after 10AM.

"I doubt that I'll ever be up to that, but thanks for the offer sweetie," I chimed in. "Oh, Trisha, I just am so glad to be here with you again. It feels like old times, doesn't it? And, oh, I don't want to forget these," I said as I remembered I had the two bottles of wine in my bag. I handed them to her and her eyes lit up.

"Shayla, this is my favorite wine. How did you know? Let's hurry and get it on ice. It will compliment dinner nicely. I'm making....well, instead of telling you, I'll let it be a surprise. Make yourself at home while I put these on ice. The living room is right through the door on the right, off the kitchen. I'll join you in a sec and then give you the house tour, okay?" She leaned over and kissed my cheek lightly, sending chills through me. It was an innocent kiss, but something that she'd never done before. I began to wonder...


I wandered into the Asian-themed living room and admired Trisha's taste in Asian culture. I was impressed! I guess I didn't see her as the worldly type. That's what I get for assuming. I made myself comfortable in the soft, plush love seat that was directly in front of a large window facing the sunset. It had chiffon curtains that blew ever so lightly each time the welcomed breeze blew through the open window. The view was gorgeous and it was becoming a gorgeous evening, as the colors of the world were rich beyond compare while the sun continued to set. The wind also breathed upon the oriental bamboo wind chimes that hung from the top pane of the large window. This feeling was so erotic - red walls, plush sofa, wind chimes, sunset and a wind blow. The only thing that would have made this moment perfect was Trisha being there to share it with me.

Unbeknownst to me while I was basking in my solitude, Trisha had snuck up behind me and was enjoying the breeze, as well. She had placed her hands on the back of the sofa on either side of my head, closed her eyes and let the moment continue.

"I didn't want to disturb you as you enjoyed the view and the breeze. I could see you were lost in it. I understand the feeling. I come here to this spot every morning and every evening to find and regain my sanity. It is the one of many places of peace that I have designed in my home," she told me.

"Trisha, I'm so impressed. I was just sitting here telling myself that I would have never thought you to be so worldly, but I was wrong for assuming. This is beautiful. I need you to come and decorate MY home now," I said, breaking the peacefulness of the moment with a loud laugh. She joined me in laughing, knowing that my decor wasn't nearly as exquisite as this.

"Come on, I'll give you the rest of the tour. And show you the other 'peace zones' in the house," coaxed. We spent the next 30 minutes going throughout her home, which was quite large for Alexandria. It also meant that she must have been doing extremely well at the agency to afford a home of this size in Alexandria. But, that was a personal question that I wasn't going to ask. My teeny town home in McLean wasn't bad or cheap, but it was nothing compared to this. After the tour, we ended up in the kitchen and became engulfed in a wondrous aroma that I faintly recognized, but couldn't put my finger on.

"What is that amazing smell, Trisha? What are you cooking? Can I help finish anything for you?" I asked, remembering my manners.

"No, honey, sit down. It should be done in about 15 minutes and then we'll eat. Did you want to wash up before dinner? If so, you can use the master bath in my bedroom upstairs. There's an extra set of towels in the linen closet right next to the bathroom door and a shirt and pants set, also. Go on up and I'll finish down here. By the time you are done, dinner will be ready."

I went upstairs and found the towels and clothes like she said. I couldn't help but sneak over to her king-size bed with red satin sheets, pillows and a satin comforter and lay across it for a brief moment. It was so inviting, and I lingered in the thought of laying Trisha on this sexy bed and making soft, sweet, slow love to her in just a few hours (or less!). The thought of sliding her body up to the pillows so she could rest her head and look down at me while I spread her strong thighs to get at her pussy got my own pussy moist again. I imagined myself spreading her pussy lips open with both of my hands and massaging the fat lips - pulling on them and then letting them snap back in place. Then, sliding my index fingers up and down the sides of her clit, not touching it, but teasing it and making her juices flow onto the sheets, begging to be lapped up by my expert tongue. I think I lingered in those thoughts a little too long because before I knew it, my hand had wandered down into my own pussy and started to play with my clit. I stroked the top of it, applying just the right amount of pleasure - first on one side, then on the other side. This is a trick that men can and will never get right. Only a woman can understand the perfect rhythm required to manually stimulate a clitoris. Never directly on the clit, but on the sides and the top, and only in a varied rhythm - sometimes slow circles, sometimes fast on the top or sides. I don't blame men; how could they possibly know this unless they had a clit themselves, right?

Anyway, I continued to stroke my clit, occasionally sliding my finger down into my dripping hole to penetrate myself. A big, fat dick would've felt so nice in there right now. Plunging deep into my pussy and hitting my cervix and G-spot. I love that feeling! I love to flex my keggel muscles around a fat dick while it's fucking me which allow me to stroke a man's shaft and make my vagina tighter for him; giving me a bit of control in the whole situation, as well. I especially love to squeeze the head as he teases the entrance to my vagina with it. It's almost as if I suck the head into my pussy even before he tries to push it into me. God I was getting so hot! My stroking became more prominent and before I knew it, I was cumming in my panties all over Trisha's red satin sheets. Thank goodness I still had my panties on, or she would've wondered what happened to her sheets. I was dripping enough cunt juice to drench them, that was for sure. I hadn't come that hard in a long time and I knew it was because I was in Trisha's bed fantasizing about what I would be doing to her shortly. At that same moment, she called out, "Shayla, is everything okay? I didn't hear the shower running yet." Oh, shit! She was coming this way. I hurried off her bed and straightened up her sheets before darting into the bathroom and pretending to yell out the bathroom door.

"Uh, yeah Trisha, everything's alright. I just had to, uh, well, you know, 'take care of business' beforehand. Sorry, I wasn't expecting to do that at your house. I know it's so gross!", I said, so embarrassed that I had to use 'shitting' as an excuse. But, compared to 'masturbating on your satin sheets', it was much more legitimate.

"Honey, that's okay. We're both human. I've turned dinner off and it's ready. Actually, if you don't mind, Shayla, that shower is big enough for two people. Can I jump in there with you real quick and then we can both shower and be fresh for dinner. That's only if you feel comfortable. If not, I'll just wait until after dinner."

Wait? Was she crazy? Couldn't she read my mind? Of course I wasn't going to wait. My plan to seduce Trisha was becoming easier by the moment, and it was mostly due to her own actions.

"No, Trisha, I don't mind at all. Come on in. I was just getting my clothes off."

She came into the bathroom, half-expecting it to smell, but was pleasantly surprised to find it didn't smell at all. She joked, "Wow, your shit really DOES smell like roses!!!" We both laughed at her pun. She started to undress as if being nude in front of me was the most natural thing in the world. For me to be the seducer, I felt as if I was being out-done by the 'seducee'. I watched as she jiggled her hips as she pulled her tight jeans down those luscious legs. She slipped them off and then stood up and crossed her arms to lift the hem of her shirt. I couldn't believe I was finally about to see those gorgeous tits I've dreamed about so many times in the last year. I could tell she had a bra on, but it didn't matter. I was enjoying this little strip scene. I guess I was enjoying it a little too much because I didn't even hear Trish when she asked me, "Shayla, haven't you ever seen a woman naked before?" I snapped out of my trance.

"What, what'd you say? I'm sorry. I must have lost my train of thought." If I was going to be in control of this whole seduction plan, I had better get my shit back together, and fast!

"I'll say so! You're staring at me as if I'm some foreign creature, or something. If I didn't know better, I'd think my little strip tease was exciting you," she teased, not knowing that she had really called me out. She continued to pull her shirt up and off, while I continued to undress and regain my composure. I still stole small glances at her while she took off her bra and panties, but I didn't see much. I figured I would see all I wanted once we got in the shower.


Trisha turned on all three showerheads - one on each of the three walls of the shower - and let them warm up. I hoped she liked it as hot as I did because warm showers didn't do anything for my skin. I also knew that the steam of a hot shower would add to the whole erotic ness of the seduction that was to come. She jumped and hollered over the door,

"Hurry up, honey. The water's great, and dinner will be cold if we don't hurry. Besides, my back needs a good washing, if you don't mind. I never can reach it myself. I'm so thankful you're here to wash it for me. I'll do you, too."

I slid my panties off and unsnapped my bra to let my 38D's fall out. They bounced as they sprang free, and the nipples hardened as the cool air kissed them. I was sure that this sight would excite Trisha once I got into the shower, so I pinched them a little more to make them harder and sexier. Then, I opened the shower door and stepped in to my fantasy.

Trisha had already started to lather the soap onto her body. She seemed to be enjoying the feel of her own hands caressing her skin and she had her back to me when I got in. When she heard me close the shower door, she turned around and stopped dead in her tracks. Her mouth gasped open a bit, and she stared directly at my tits. I could tell she was struggling with her normal manners not to stare, but she just couldn't take her eyes of my titties, and she couldn't say a word. I just stood there and let her take the sight of these massive mammories in, which made my nipples stiffen even more. When she saw them get harder, she looked up at me and chuckled a, sort of, embarrassed laugh. She fought to find the right words to apologize for staring at my tits like that. I smiled and thought in my mind "I've got her now!"

"Shayla, oh my God. I am sooo sorry for staring at your...your...breasts like that. I mean, I've seen women's breasts in the locker room at the boot camp, and all, but yours are just...AMAZING!!! I've never seen anything more perfect and more beautiful on a woman than that. Even now, I'm having a hard time not staring at them. Please, please, please forgive me Shayla. I'm really embarrassed right now," she kept blabbing on. I could tell she truly was embarrassed, but I was enjoying the moment by staring at her mammoth tits, too, which were just a inviting.

"Trisha, I don't know why you are going on and on about my tits when yours are just as sexy. I mean, look at the way your nipples stick straight out and how fat and thick they are. And your areola is so large on your breast. I bet guys love to get their hands on those tits. I know I would!" I had said it. I had placed the thought into her head, and now I was just going to watch and go with the flow. After I said that, she looked back in my eyes and spoke.

"Shayla, we, uh, we had better hurry and wash before dinner gets too cold. I don't want it to spoil."

Damn! She chickened out. I wasn't going to let her, not this time.

"Trisha, sweetie, why don't we enjoy this moment. It is obvious that we both find one another extremely attractive and we are such close friends. I can't speak for you, but I need the closeness and love of a close friend right now. Please, Trisha. I need you tonight...right now. Let's just enjoy the peacefulness of this very moment. We can stop if it becomes too much for you, but honestly, I don't think either of us will want to stop what is about to happen, do you?" I asked this, not so sure about what I had just implied, but hoping that I sounded convincing enough to get the desired response.

"I, I, I don't know, Shayla, I...." I cut her off by leaning in softly and slowly with a tender kiss. At first, she didn't respond, but as I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in closer to me, she melted into me and begin returning the kiss. This moment was by far more than I could have possibly anticipated. It was beyond my wildest imagination. Kissing this exotic woman's tender lips set off a fiery passion within me that I didn't even know was there. This was unlike any kiss between a man and me. Although kissing a man was lustful and naughty and kinky and tender and loving all at the same time, this kiss was full of passion, and softness, and want and need and patience, yet urgency. It was full of so much of every emotion you could possibly feel for such a close friend. I could tell from her kiss that she needed me as much as I wanted her.

As she continued to return my kiss, our tongues begin to explore one another. There was no hurry to what was about to happen. I fully intended on keeping this at a slow, sensual pace. We were going to make love, not fuck (at least not in this episode!) for our first night together. Our tongues played with one another, and as she stuck her's into my mouth; I sucked on it and sucked it into my mouth further. She was a little surprised by this move and her eyes flew open a little, but then they slowly shut again as she reveled in the feeling of having her mouth explored and loved by me. She even got brave enough to return the gesture. Trisha was a quick learner, I had to give her that! She sucked my long tongue into her mouth as if she was sucking a Jolly-Rancher stick, or something. I closed my eyes and allowed her to take me to these new heights I'd never reached before with a kiss.

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