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Red vs Wolfe


Sasha let out a sigh as she closed the door to her family's home for the last time. She was leaving it behind, putting her past behind her. Sure she was afraid but with time and with her dear friends she would get past the horrific accident that had led to her parents death. Her hand rested on the knob and she smiled, a tear falling down her cheek. She handed the keys to the waiting real estate agent and smiled.

"Miss Redgrave I will take care of everything and forward all the copies of the paperwork after the buyer signs it," said the short a stocky woman.

"Thank you," was all she said as she walked into the waiting cab.

All of her things had been boxed up and shipped across the country. She was about to fly form California to New York and begin life over. She let out a sigh and signaled to the driver to take off. Looking out the window she watched her past drift away and her unknown future pull her forward.


"Ehrik, we have to discuss this," Cassie said.

"I told you I will handle it Cassandra," the tall jet blacked haired man said.

"They have to respect me too. At least till you take a mate I'm alpha female," she said with a whine.

She was right Ehrik knew. There were still certain pack members that refused to follow her lead or listen to her. He would make it know that they would from this moment on at the meeting that evening. He owed that much to her. Cassie was also right about him finding a mate. He'd pretty much given up till the elders informed him she was close. Now he looked around every corner, waiting for the scent of her.

"I will make it known at the meeting Cassie," her said and motioned for her to leave.

She left and closed the door with a load thud. She was pissed he knew that but he had other things on his mind. The club was going to going strong tonight and he had to again make preparations so that were and human would be getting along. He began making calls, setting up the security. The club had closed a few nights ago after there had been an attack. Ehrik had stopped the club from closing and rumors beginning but he needed to keep it calm now.

"Viktor, make sure everything is set for tonight. I've made calls and they will arrive soon. I don't want anything to happen again. I'm going up to my room to rest and ready myself," he said.

"Yes boss," Vik spoke into the phone.


Sasha got to NYC and was greeted by her two best friends. They hugged they even cried. The tears though didn't last long as the girls went back into their usual banter. Martine, Marti, was her very outspoken friend. Guys always seemed to step up to her first. Could have been her hair or her figure but once she began talking they seemed kind of scared. It would take a strong man for her. Jeannie was a tad more quiet then them. Soft spoken but with a heart of gold. Guys were drawn to her eyes; they were a hazel of sorts that she envied. Both her friends were so similar to her and yet so different.

She on the other hand had flame red hair, sometimes in curls and other times as straight as could be. Her eyes were the color of emeralds she'd always been told. She never argued that fact. She wasn't too over the top but a sweet combination of both. Together the three of them got into trouble. All the good kind but the city just needed to watch out.

"So how was the flight Sasha?" asked Jeannie.

"Good, they played some funny movie. Made the time go buy," she said.

"I'm glad your here Red," Marti said.

Red was the nickname given to her in school and now it stuck. Whether it was from her hair or last name she didn't know. She liked it though. It was unique and solely hers.

"Me to Marti, me too. So I know you girls always have something planned. What's on tonight?"

"Well there's this club we have been going to, The Werehouse. There are some very hot men and great music. We wanted to take you but had to make sure you were cool with it," she said.

"Oh no, I could use a night out," Sasha said.

"Good then lets get to the house and you unpacked," said Jeannie.


Viktor Kassel was Ehrik's second. He knew the workings of the club better then anyone. He had security set up where they needed to be. He moved back up to the rooms the pack held. He let out a sigh when he saw a few mates walking together. He wanted that but had yet to find the one that would make him complete. So like his Alpha he waited. He went to his room and began to get ready for another night.

Ehrik lay in his bed thinking about the future of the pack. They had never had such a problem like they were dealing with. A group of Were decided to turn on humans. He hadn't been able to stop them or even talk to them before they took off. He had been lucky the two attacked hadn't died. They were injured and he'd managed to wipe their minds clean.

Letting out a sigh he stood and went to the shower. Soon the club would be opening again and he wanted to be down there. His senses were on high alert tonight. He walked into the shower letting the hot water fall over him, releasing the built up tension he felt. Ehrik closed his eyes and let his head rest on the tile. He had a strong feeling that things were just about to get interesting.


The girls unpacked what little Red had brought and decided on a light dinner. They ran to get it while letting her shower and relax. She stripped off her clothes and moved into the warm water. Her red hair straightened under it. She let out a long sigh and lost herself to the water falling over her form. She wasn't one of those supper small women, yet she wasn't big either. She had curves, soft supple ones that men had seemed to like. That was once she'd let them that close. She was still, technically a virgin.

Sasha turned off the water and began drying herself off when her mind got a flash. There was a man, a handsomely dressed man. He had black hair, but eyes so crystal blue they pierced through her. She only saw him for a flash before there was danger, someone pulling her away. Then it was gone.

No one knew she had these little visions. She had tried to tell her parents but they never believed her. She had tried to stop them from leaving that night and going to a party knowing that there was something bad going to happen. It left her with a guilt she'd slowly been getting past.

"We are back with food," cried Jeannie.

"Be right out," said Sasha. She put on her robe and left her hair in a towel as she was hungry. "The food smells delicious."

"Wait till you taste it," Marti answered.

Dinner was delicious seafood pasta. Sasha had never tasted anything like it. While they ate they talked about things that happened. How life was on the west coast. No one really mention her folk's accident over a year ago. That was fine with her. She needed a break from that.

"So this club, what should I wear?" she said finishing her dinner.

"Oh I'm sure we will find you something," Marti said taking the dishes into the kitchen.

"You know how she is Red," Jeanie smiled.

Marti was always the life of the party so she expected nothing less. She laughed when she walked by, grabbed her hand and pulled her into her room. Marti and Sasha were about the same size so they always shared things.

"Here we go. I knew I would have something perfect for you," she said handing her a dress.

Sasha held it up to her body, noting the neckline and how it would hug her every curve. It was soft and flimsy and would caress her skin as she moved. She looked up and smiled. "It's perfect."

She left the room and went to dress. She put on a red satin thong and garter set along with a matching bra. Her black stockings were next and she ran her hands over her skin. She waited on the dress as she put on a little make up and straightened her hair. Then it fit her snuggly like a glove. She admired herself in the mirror when her friends joined her.

They looked amazing. Jeanie dressed in a short mini skirt and button up blouse. Marti wore a black strapless dress. They were a very attractive threesome. The walked tot the door and left, driving straight to the club.


Viktor and Ehrik were making their rounds as plenty of Were and humans had begun filling the dance floor. Things so far seemed to be going well. No fights, no unwanted acts. There was just a smooth calm evening of fun. While walking near the bar both Vik and Ehrik caught on to a scent.

It was strong and filled them both with a sense of possession. A deep wanting to claim the person that belongs to them began to take hold. They looked at each other, both knowing. Their heads searching, scanning the crowds for their other half's.

"There," was all Vik said as he pointed.

"Yes," Ehrik said as they made their way over to the three young women.


"Ummm, look at what is stalking this way," Jeanie said.

"Who are they?" asked Sasha.

"Don't know but I want to find out. Mister tall dark and brooding looks hot," said Marti.

The one walking in the front had caught Sasha's eye. He seemed to be staring into her. He also looked familiar. Wait. He was the man from her vision. What was going on?

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