tagNonHumanRed Wine Ch. 02

Red Wine Ch. 02



'This was it. This was the taste I've been searching for. No wonder all others have been so bitter and bland. The perfect ecstasy was mere feet from where I stood, and now I have it.'

I continue to drink, "accidently" rubbing her time to time, keeping her in a constant state of arousal, the blood tastes so much better when they are. The song finally fades to another tune. I let up as I feel her slump back onto me.

"Come with me." I manage to lead her weary body to the edge of the crowd before sweeping her up in my arms. I carry her to my room at the end of the hall upstairs and lay her gently down on the bed. Turning my attention to the whore tied to the end of the bed, I grab her up and roughly toss her in a room a few doors down, leaving her to untie herself. I return to my room where I left my sleeping beauty. I walk over to the bed, sitting on the edge, and brush a hair out of her face, feeling her icy skin.

"Shit! Tinkerbelle?" I reach my arm around her shoulders, pulling her up to me. "Tinkerbelle?! Stay with me Tinkerbelle!" Her breath was shallow. "Fuck!" I took too much from her. I bite down on her neck, more urgently this time. I take a few draws, letting just enough of my toxin in her bloodstream to take over. "Come on Tinkerbelle, keep with me."

I bite at my own wrist, letting my blood drip onto her pale lips. "Drink Tinkerbelle," this shouldn't be happening, I should have controlled myself better "please drink." I lay her down, keeping my wrist to her lips, and plug her nose. "Drink, damnit!"

Thank God! I feel her lips move against my wrist, swallowing the blood dribbling into her mouth. "Yes, drink more." I let up on her nose, allowing her to drink freely. I feel her incisors grow a tiny bit, biting at my wrist, before shrinking back to their normal size. She stops after a minute, letting her head drop to the side on the blood stained pillow.

"Finally," I let out a relieved sigh, "rest well Tinkerbelle." I suck at my wrist, beginning to close the wounds. I wrap a strip of cloth from my shirt tight around it. I should have known she would chew when feeding. I leave for a moment, returning quickly with a bottle of wine from the kitchen, I slump down against the wall, watching her sleep. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something different about her. The way she affected me, that has never happened in my many years.

It took close to an hour, but she finally woke.


"Hey Tinkerbelle, how do you feel?" I squint, adjusting to the light, to see him handing me a glass of liquid.

I look at him wearily before I speak. "What... what the hell happened?"

"You got overheated, passed out. Drink, please. It will help."

I take the bottle from his other hand and start to drink. I let up and hand it back; over half-emptied.

He chuckles a little. "How do you feel?"

"I think I'm better now." I feel a slight pain in my neck, but dismiss it as sleeping in an awkward position.

"Do you remember anything?"

"I remember dancing with you. I started getting a little light-headed, and then everything went dark."

I hear his stomach growl, loudly. He looks frantically in a drawer, then closet, before turning back to me. His stomach growls again. I see his eyes fall upon me, licking his lips, eyes glowing with hunger-lust. I start to back up, frightened, when my hand falls upon something damp. Looking down, I realize the pillow is covered in blood. My eyes widen in fear, I feel a scream start to escape my trembling lips.

"No!" He leaps forward is a flash, I must still be dehydrated because he moved too fast for anyone I have ever known. His hand is clamped down on my mouth, flashing his fangs at me. "No, it's... you're safe. Please don't scream. I won't hurt you."

I nod my head in compliance to get him to ease off. "This is some kind of prank, isn't it? Sam put you up to this, didn't she? This is all just a Halloween prank, right?"

"I wish it was as simple as that, my dear." He bears a wide grin at me. I know I'm not crazy this time. I watch as his fangs grow an inch and a half within seconds. My mind wanders back to that pain in my neck. I reach my hand up, feeling the dried blood and... two small puncture marks. I scratch at them, thinking they are fake, but they hurt as I do so. He grabs my hands to stop me from ripping my skin off.

"I'm sorry." He can't help but smile. "You know what I am, don't you? Do you know what I did to you?"

I rip my hands from his, running to the door. He is in front of me before I can reach it.

"The door is locked, there is no use using up your strength to try to open it." He tries to touch me again, but I back away, too quickly for me own feet. I trip over myself, falling into the corner of a dresser; he catches me before I hit the floor though. "Please, you must rest." He sets me down on the bed, tossing the blood stained pillow into the trash.

I can feel the warm trickle of blood run down the gash in my forehead; I can also feel his body stiffen next to mine. He has that same hungered look in his eyes as before. He manages to tear them away, walking into the bathroom, before returning with a first-aid kit.

"We have to talk Tinkerbelle," I flinch as he dabs an alcohol pad on my head, "I will not feed from you again tonight, I promise."

"Feed? Again?" I feel a faint wash over me before being brought back by the sting of alcohol on my forehead.

"Those wounds on your neck; they are from me. You didn't pass out on the dance floor from being overheated. I drank from you then. I brought you here to rest, but I found I had gone too far. It seemed I needed to give you some back." At that, he unwraps his wrist and offers it to me. "It looks as if you could use some more."

"What? More? Me?" I feel confusion wash over me as I trace my neck, careful not to scratch at the scabbing pin pricks.

"Because I fed from you too long, I almost killed you. I had to bite you again, infecting you with some of my toxin, to turn you just enough to bring you back. Now please, drink. You will feel better, trust me."

"Wait... turn? As is turn to a vampire?"

"Yes." He said it so matter-of-factly that it scared me.

"No!" I try to run to the door, but he has me back on the bed, under him, within the second. I lay there, slightly stunned.

"Please wait here, I'll be right back." He's gone and off of me before I can blink.

"This can't be happening."


I really hate locking her in that room, but it is for her own good right now. I walk calmly to the kitchen, surveying the house, making sure everything is moving smoothly. It's only a quarter past 1. I expect the party will die off between three and four with how packed it is at the moment. I make my way back to my room with a tray of food and a couple of silver bags. Unlocking the door, I move slowly in, as to not scare her any more than I already have.

"Tinkerbelle?" I lock the door behind me. "Tinkerbelle, I brought food." I hear the water in the shower running. I set the tray down before moving cautiously to the door, careful as to not disturb her if she was cleaning up.

"Shit!" I snatch her out from under the water and rip her sopping clothes off, wrapping her quickly in a large towel, before setting her back down on the bed. "This is all my fault, I am truly sorry." The image of her sitting in the shower stall curled up and sobbing with the coldest of water washing over her made me hate myself for what I did.

I take a small towel and proceed to pull her dark brown hair down, drying it off, along with her face and neck, when she looks at me with her beautiful, yet tear filled, hazel eyes: "Why me? Why did you pick me?"

I couldn't explain blood ties, she would never understand, so I made it simple for her. "I knew only the taste of your blood could match the intoxicating beauty of your face." I could see her blush through her flushed cheeks as I dabbed her forehead gently with the towel. "Also, you liked the taste of blood."

"I... blood... what?"

"The drink that you had with me, the wine, had a bit of blood infused with it. Just about every drink you had with me tonight had blood in it."

I saw in her eyes she was trying to sort everything through. "Am... am I one of you now?"

"No." It pained me a bit to see a sigh of relief escape her lips. "You do, though, have the toxin in you now. You may acquire a few of our traits."

"What kind of traits?"

"Well, you may heal faster, move more quickly, see or hear better, or become stronger. You may even live a bit longer or burn a tad bit more in sunlight."

"All of those?"

"Probably only a few of those, it was only a bit of toxin. Which ones though, even I could not tell you."

"So, you almost killed me."

I stagger a moment at her question, ashamed of myself. "Yes. I am very sorry for that."

"But, you also saved me."

"In a sense, yes."


I was a bit taken aback by her question. "I... it is not in me to kill. Also, you..."

"What? What about me?"

"You are so beautiful, and the taste of you was so wonderful that it would be a shame to waste all of that in one feeding." For some reason, I could feel her ease a bit at that answer, it being entirely truthful.

"So...what is your real name?" I could tell she saw my look of confusion. I had almost killed her and changed her anatomy for life, and she wanted to know my name? "Like I said, I'm not into one night stands. You did penetrate me after all." She laughed a little. I smiled, happy to know she was taking this in good humor. "So? What is your name?"

I stood, bowing a bit, "My name is Andrew, my darling Tinkerbelle. You may call me Andy if you wish."

I sit back down by her, she smiling at me.

"I know you know my name Andy. Why do you keep calling me Tinkerbelle?"

"I think it is cute." I don't know what it is. The pull I am feeling for her sounds like a textbook blood-tie, but she is not a vampire. I shouldn't have these feelings for her.


I can see the anguish in his face. "What's wrong?"

He looks slightly startled to come back to the conversation. "Oh, nothing. I guess I am just hungry."

I move away slightly, still uneasy about this whole blood drinking thing. He chuckles a little. "I mean real food." He gets up and retrieves a tray of food.

Apparently I was hungrier than I thought. I grab up a sandwich and stuff my face, giggling when I see him staring at me. I swallow before speaking. "I'm sorry; I don't usually show this side of me."

He picks up a sandwich as well, taking a large bite out of it. "It's alright. I don't mind." He gives me a wink.

I still can't rationalize why I feel so comfortable with him. If I was any other normal person, I'd be running right now, terrified of being killed by this man, but I am not. I feel... safe. I take another bite, laughing a little as I feel mustard fall down my chin onto the towel wrapped around me. He looks at me with a smile and gently wipes it away, brushing his thumb along my lower lip.

I seem to lose myself in that moment, feeling his rough skin on mine. I can tell he feels the same pull. He leans in and kisses me softly on my lips.

My whole body loses control. I can feel myself relaxing, giving in to him. He puts the unfinished sandwiches on the tray on the table without breaking the kiss. In one fell swoop he has me in the middle of the bed, him lying next to me, nearly on top of me. I feel so small next to him. He takes his jacket off, throwing it off to the side. I can see his muscles straining under his shirt, something else straining against his jeans.

He pulls me close to him, his hand on my lower back, the other tangled in my damp hair. I feel a wave of heat rush over my body, coming to rest in my lower stomach. In my mind this was all wrong, I just met him tonight. But my body screamed this was right, perfect in fact. I lost all inhibitions as he trailed his kisses down to my neck, drowning in the pleasure of it all.

He rolled me back onto my back, resting his heavy body on mine. I could feel the heat coming off his body, close to rivaling that which was emanating in my stomach. He started to grind his bound shaft on my towel covered leg. Even through all those layers, I knew he was unbearably large, and only would become larger when he unclothed it. I let out a slight groan as I felt his fangs nip at my neck teasingly.

I was about to say the mood called for some music, but it seemed he felt the same way as he reached over to a small remote on his nightstand. With the click of a button, the room filled with the same hypnotic, bass filled melody as earlier. I kicked my head back, arching my back up, when I felt him start to pull at the towel. He sat back on his heels, taking his own shirt off first, before ripping the towel from my body. There we sat, him devouring my body with his eyes as I took in his powerful torso. My eyes drifted down to his pants. Like some unseen bond, he knew what I wanted. He backed up off the bed, dragging me by my ankles to the edge so I could watch him strip his body completely. He had his boots off in a moment, those are never fun to watch come off. Next came his jeans. He unbuckled and unzipped, letting them drop dead to the floor. He stepped forward out of them, coming within a foot of my reach. The boxers did nothing to hide his erection. As I assumed earlier, I watched as it grew to its full length and girth being released from the barrier of his jeans. I sat, entranced, as he removed his boxers revealing to me his full, bare body.

It was a sight to see. His dark blond, almost brown hair falling around his thin face. The toned muscles of his torso bound to the strong lean muscles of his arms. His legs shared the same lean muscles, flowing up to his large, fully erect shaft. What really caught me off guard though were his eyes. Earlier they were their fierce blue but, now, they were black, glowing with a feral red undertone.

It seemed like he was stalking me, the way he moved towards me. He dropped to his knees and moved between my thighs. He began to nuzzle my womanhood through my damp panties as his hands moved up my sides to my back. Shifting his head up a little, he bit onto the top of my panties. He undid my bra as well. With skill and ease, as if he had done a hundred times, he removed the rest of my clothing from my body.

He sat back on his heels admiring what his work revealed. My rosy pink buds taught from the cool air hitting my dewy skin. My womanhood disguised only by a small triangular patch. I felt like a piece of meat as he looked over me, almost congratulating himself on such a fine choice. I should have been disgusted by this, but it only made that fire in me burn deeper, making my sex drip with the heat coming out of me.

He acted as if he had been punched, apparently feeling the wave of heat that erupted from my core. I watched as his fangs grew to nearly two inches before he launched himself upon me, ravishing my body with everything he had. His lips sucked gently on my neck, nipping at me, but never breaking the skin while he attacked my breasts with one hand, his other being tangled in my hair. As he continued his treatment of my upper body, I felt his legs part mine, coming to rest perfectly between my slender limbs. The length of his sex was unbearable as he rubbed it slowly along my heated core; I almost came before he finished one stroke.

I lay there in ecstasy as he ravished my body, never penetrating me in any way. This went on for a few minutes; his continuing stroking finally sending me over the edge. I came hard, screaming for him.

"Fangs! Oh fangs! Take me!" He lifted me off the bed, wrapping my legs around him. He was mere inches from entering me. I could feel his elongated fangs dragging lightly across my neck. He tensed up for a minute, leaving me begging for him. "Mmm, give it to me Fangs!" He let out a deep menacing roar before throwing me back on the bed.

I lay there, confused and dumbfounded, as he stalked off into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. I swear I heard the frame crack with the force he shut it.

I didn't know what to do. Do I sit here and wait for him? Should I leave? I laid there catching my breath while listing to his angered rant for what seemed 20 minutes before I decided it best for me to leave. I pull on my damp panties and bra before looking through his drawers; finding a pair of gym shorts and a tank to make my way home in. I left the ripped costume on the floor.

I rifle through his jeans on the floor, finding the key to the door. I make my way out as quietly as possible, and quickly out the front door. I convince myself it was better that we stopped. We barely knew each other and he was a... I can't even get myself to think it. I turn my car on, looking at the clock. Almost 3. I should be headed home anyway. I put the car in gear and drive away the mansion with an unbearable knot in my stomach.


"Ahhh! This is so fucked up!" I pace the bathroom. "I can't do it! The fucking laws and... I can't possibly have ties with her, she's not a vampire! This can't be happening. Even if she is my one... I can't make her mine..." I sit on the edge of the tub, head in my hands trying to sort all of it out.

"It's textbook though. I never knew it'd be this strong though..." it finally clicked in my mind. "She's mine. She's the one I've been searching for. My mate. I'll just plea my case to the council. With my brother on my side, they'll have to accept my proposal."

I sit there, contemplating my argument, when I feel a cool breeze hit my feet. Sitting up startled, I realize I left her alone on the bed. I rush out of the bathroom, finding my drawers opened and the door unlocked. "Shit!" I must not have heard her leave from over the music. I grab my clothes, dressing in a heartbeat, and rush out the door. Catching sight of a clock, it's a quarter after three. I want to find her so bad, make sure she is okay. I search around the party for Sam, spotting her, quite drunk, in one of the dark rooms.

"Have you seen Tinkerbelle?"

"Who?" She slurs that work out three seconds.


"Oh! I think she went home, said she was tired. Party pooper!" she turns to the pirate guy sitting next to her and proceeded to make out with him.

'Shit... if only I could pick up on her scent.' I rush back up to my room, grabbing her costume. My knees practically buckle as I take in the smell of it. Clean, with a hint of pomegranate.

"Oh..." a deadly possessive growl rumbles in my throat as I feel my cock harden. "My dear love, I will see to it that we are together." I will myself back to normal as I make my trek out of my house, destined on finding her.

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