tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRedhead Pressed Against a Window

Redhead Pressed Against a Window


“The Friend Zone.” You gotta hate it. You know that point after meeting someone nice where you realize they have put you in the Zone and you’re now off-limits for both loving and fucking. Fear the Zone.

I thought I was in the Zone with Eric, a guy who lived in the room next to mine. We had flirted a little, teased each other a little, and made excuses to touch each other. But one night he was drunk and cried on my shoulder about his last relationship… and after that, I was his good ol’ buddy. Great. Swell.

So I fought to get my message through. I wasn’t looking for a solid relationship, and neither was he. But frankly, we both wanted to have some fun in our university years… why not with each other? I tickled him, touched him, and flirted with him. He missed all of it. Completely clueless.

Finally, it was nearing the end of the year. I was drinking in his room when I decided that the time had come – Carpe Diem and all of that shit. I pulled off my top. Undid my bra and took it off, too. I waited for him to take me into his arms. He looked at my breasts, drunkenly.

“What... what are you doing?” he said, shocked.

“I thought we could…” I paused; unable to voice the words I felt were so obvious.

“But…you…” he shook his head, confused, trying to empty six shots of vodka from it.

“Let’s fuck.” Well, that’s what I SHOULD have said. Instead, I pulled on my top, and stormed out. I couldn’t believe one man could be so thick. Or maybe I just wasn’t attractive to him. He probably liked wispy blondes, not earthy redheads.

The days passed and we didn’t speak. I couldn’t really blame him for not liking me… well, actually I could. But I tried not to. He often looked at me, trying to corner me and talk. I still avoided him.

Three days before the end of school, I decided that he’d missed out and I’d have some fun on my own. The windows in our residence began at ankle-height and went way above my head. Not only that, but there was another residence building facing us. The exhibitionist in me had screamed that these had been built this way for one reason. Besides, it was three in the morning, and I was sure few people were watching. But who knew? Maybe some were. That was the excitement.

The urge overtook me, and I immediately stood in the window with the lights on. I’d be visible as hell to anyone watching. I put on some music that had a good beat. Not too fast, though. I wanted to take my time. I swayed slightly, opening my top. I had chosen well for performance purposes – I was wearing my new black lingerie. I cupped my full breasts, still enveloped in lace. Anyone watching could see tantalizing glimpses of pastel-pink nipples through the thin material. I removed the top, twirled it over my head and threw it behind me. I laughed – I had always had stripper fantasies. I reached down to my ankle-length skirt and lifted it up before putting it back down with teasing smile. I did that once more before swiftly pulling it down, stepping out of it, revealing my thigh-high lacy stockings. I had bought them ages ago and never gotten a chance to use them but hell, if you’re going to do sex, you might as well do it right. I turned around, leaning over a minute, showing off my g-string to the world outside. I playfully touched my bra, reaching for the clasp, and then reaching back. Finally I undid it, keeping my hands over my breasts. I let the bra fall, but continued to hide my chest, teasing licking around my mouth. I had given myself deep red lips for the occasion, imagining the invisible someone had excellent vision, or had been smart enough to bring binoculars. I massaged my breasts, feeling my nipples harden but being careful not to reveal them to the unknown viewer. My skin felt very soft and it was a sensual contrast between the silk and rough lace.

All in one move, I let my arms fall, showing my ample breasts. There are many areas of my body I criticize daily, but they aren’t one of them. They were round and smooth, sporting pale pink nipples. I wondered if I should have reddened them, since my skin is extremely light as well. Oh well, too late now. I tossed my long hair, letting the tousled red waves fall onto my shoulders and down my back. I moved my hips again, teasingly letting my hand drift downward. I was incredibly wet, imagining the people watching and being turned on by me. I moved my hand into my panties, letting my hand brush my soft mound that had been shaved for the occasion, all but a little red downy tuft. I moved my hand up again, sticking my finger into my mouth and tasting myself. I pressed my breasts against the glass a little, feeling my nipples go sharp at the feel of the cold smoothness, imagining the view the mysterious watcher had. I reached down again, curving my hands past my breasts.

“You like that?” I murmured.

“Well, I don’t have the best angle,” said an amused voice behind me. I whipped around, covering my breasts quickly. There stood Eric, who suddenly looked a lot less amused.

“I heard your music and thought you were awake and we could talk,” he said, only half-thinking about what he was saying. “I guess I was right, but now I don’t want to talk,” he stared at part of my nipple peeking through my arm. I covered it quickly, revealing more of the other breast.

“Eric, I…” I stammered, the feeling of control leaving me.

“Turn around,” he said, huskily, “Let’s give the people their show.”

I did what he said, not even thinking there was another choice. He didn’t approach the window for a minute, and I strained my eyes into the reflection in the glass, trying to see him.

I felt his lips touch the small of my back and trail upwards along my spine, giving me delicious shivers. He pressed me against the cold glass, biting my shoulder lightly and kissing my neck. He leaned me back more so that he could run his hand over my nipples, only half hard because of the cold. I felt his tongue on my breast as I stared out at one of the stars. My eyes wandered back to the residence across the way and I started in surprised when I realized I could see the shadow of someone watching us.

“You like that?” Eric whispered, echoing my words of earlier as he felt me move.

“Yes,” I breathed, not revealing anything. He tugged at a nipple with his teeth and I felt his hands move down to the sides of my g-string. He pulled them down slowly, kissing and tonguing all the skin it revealed as it fell.

“Stay here,” he said, pressing me from behind into the window as I felt his hardness, “I’ll be right back.” I stayed pressed against the glass, my sizable chest squashed flat against the freezing glass. I suddenly was aware of how wet I was – hotter than I had been in months, maybe ever. I looked over at my watcher, who I could see a little more clearly. Like Eric, he had brown hair and a medium build. Unlike Eric, he was naked and I could see the silhouette of his hand manipulating his cock as he watched me. I couldn’t see his face, though I did know some people in the building. I felt a draft behind me as Eric reentered the room.

I heard buttons being unbuttoned and zippers being unzippered, and although I longed to turn around, I stayed where I was. I also heard the crinkle as he put on protection, but then I couldn’t hear or see anything for a few minutes.

I unexpectedly felt a tongue on my thigh, kissing upwards to my moist and ready pussy. I moved backwards, pressing myself into him and leaning on the window for support. I saw his hands move up to cup my breasts as he pulled me slightly outward so that he could fuck me more easily.

“Do it,” I whispered fiercely, “Fuck me.” Those words I had meant to say so long ago.

He slid his cock into my wet pussy and it felt so tight and hot that I almost had an orgasm right then and there. He tried to be tender, but I didn’t let him, bucking myself against him like an animal.

Flesh was slapping against flesh as his hard cock plunged in and out of me. I was rocked forwards and backwards and I could see our watcher was stroking himself with great fury. His penis has harder and even bigger than Eric’s and I imagined I was sucking on it as Eric fucked me, imagining myself as the consummate slut. After all, if you’re going to go dirty, you might as well go all the way.

I reached down and fingered my swollen clit as Eric fucked me. He didn’t seem to notice or care, concentrating on his own pleasure. I pinched my nipple with my other hand, feeling the sensations combined to send me over the brink of orgasm. I gasped and moaned, and Eric redoubled his effort. I took a breath and then started to rub myself furiously, eager to cum again. I felt Eric stiffen inside me as I saw our watcher stand up, saluting me.

Both of them came, one in me and one in front of me. I came as well, breathing rapidly. I turned around slowly, kissing Eric and seeing him naked for the first time. There was an awkward moment ready to emerge here, and neither of us was willing to have our pleasure spoiled by it. As Eric slipped on his jeans, he glanced out the window.

“You know, we might have had someone watching us do that,” he said, thoughtfully.

“Who’d be awake at three a.m.?” I said, kissing him on the cheek before sending him away and leaving all three of us stickier and happier than the hour before.

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