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Anya glared down at the polished cherry wood of the table in front of her and downed her third shot of tequila in one go. She sat alone in the far corner of the Irish pub, and no one seemed enthusiastic to join the brooding brunette. That was just fine with her, she could do just as well on her own. Besides, she planned to get absolutely smashed and she didn't need anyone else taking advantage of her while she was drunk.

She was certainly something to look at when she didn't have murder in her dark almond shaped eyes. Her dark brown hair was cut short at her jawline and styled in a pixie A-line cut. It looked bad on some people, but she made it work. Her skin was the color of freshly baked bread, and she sported a rather gorgeous figure.

True she wasn't perfectly curved, she had only b-cups and at 29 she had to work very hard for her flat, rock hard belly. But she was pretty nonetheless. She was dressed conservatively tonight in a tan business-length skirt with a pretty pink blouse.

Anya waved the busty blond waitress over and asked for another round. After taking her empty glasses, she turned and swished off to fulfill the order. Anya jealously admired her hips from behind as the girl bent slightly over the bar. She had a nice curvy shape, almost the ideal hourglass. Her golden curls were braided down her back and nearly reached her knees. With eyes as dark as the night outside and freckles sprinkled across her cheeks, she could likely have any guy she wanted.

The waitress returned with three more shots and set them in front of Anya, who drained the first almost immediately to bury the guilt she felt at stirring over another woman. Her head started to feel fuzzy, and she enjoyed the sensation. It was a welcome relief to the day's misadventures. She'd been denied a promotion, rejected by a crush and lost her favorite pair of earrings all in one day.

The pub was slowly emptying as time went on, but Anya stayed and continued to drink. She slowed down as her body warmed; a telltale sign of her inebriation. Her head turned when the doors of the quaint establishment banged open and a trashy-looking redhead flounced in.

She was dressed in a typical Goth style, her eyes rimmed dark black with eyeliner. The rest of her skin was flawless, a creamy pale color that starkly contrasted with the black dress and ripped leggings she wore. Her wet combat boots squeaked on the shiny wood floor as she fearlessly made her way to Anya's table and plopped down on the opposite side of the booth.

Anya was surprised at the sudden appearance, but she also couldn't help noticing the rather large bust that the girl's corset boldly presented. She had to at least be a D. The girl's eyes were a shocking violet, but when Anya looked closer she could clearly see the thin line of contacts encircling her irises. She wondered what color the girl's eyes really were.

"Hello, my name's Tally!" the girl introduced herself with a sleazy smile, holding out her hand for Anya to shake. Anya took it, feeling the softness of Tally's palms.

"Anya." She replied shyly, pushing her two empty shot glasses to the edge of the table and dimly focusing on the third. She barely registered how much she'd had to drink. But then again, Anya had always held her own when it came to this; she was only slightly drunk.

The girl swiped the last shot and drained it before Anya could even process what was happening. Tally smiled and tossed her head to move a shiny lock of red velvet hair from her face. Anya found herself staring at every inch of this slut, taking in her curves and figure.

Anya had never thought about another woman this way, but she had always been the dominant one in all her relationships. She felt her inhibitions shedding like a second, unnecessary skin as the alcohol pumped through her system. She would explore these new feelings and see where things went.

The two women made small talk and Anya flirted openly, twisting what little of her dark hair she could suggestively around her long thin finger as she stared directly into Tally's eyes. After a few more shots the two ambled to the counter, paid for their drinks, and braced themselves against the cold night outside.

"I am simply smashed; I don't think I can drive..." Anya commented as they headed to the parking lot. She put her arm around the taller girl and leaned heavily on her. Tally's hand grabbed onto Anya for purchase in lugging the drunken brunette around, but three of her fingers unknowingly rested on Anya's left breast. Anya shuddered with desire when Tally's fingers tightened as she stumbled along.

"My place is only a block away; you could crash there if you can't drive." Tally suggested.

"That'd be," Hic. "Great." Anya agreed. They finally came to a nice sized condo with a beautiful garden out front and a winding path that went right through the flowers and up to the front door. Tally unlocked the door and dragged Anya inside, helping her sit down at the couch in a small sitting room just off the entrance. Tally stumbled over her own boots and landed heavily on Anya.

"Oops, sorry." Tally giggled, making no move to get off. Anya meanwhile was experiencing intense want. She ached for something more with this strange girl, something...dirty. She felt herself getting wet as Tally's curvy body pressed against her own. Tally slowly lifted her head and fixed a lazy grin on her face.

Then just like that, they were kissing. Tally's soft lips devoured her own, tongue lapping hungrily inside Anya's mouth, exploring every inch. She felt like she was on fire as the redhead boldly cupped her breast and massaged it through her shirt.

Tally ran her hands over Anya's trembling body, teasing her slowly when she wanted so much more. Finally, they were pushed up under her shirt as she continued to ignite Anya's desires. Anya submitted as Tally began to unbutton her shirt and remove her bra. Leaning down, she took one hard pink nipple in her mouth and savagely flicked it with her tongue until Anya cried out.

Then she turned her torture on the other one. After she was satisfied, Tally licked her way down Anya's flat stomach to the waist line of her skirt. She undid the buttons and pushed the material down and over Anya's hips, the only remaining cover being a frilly pair of soaked panties. Tally hooked her thumbs on the edges and pulled the soft fabric down to reveal a shaven, pink pussy that was practically dripping for her.

Tally licked a slow line from Anya's thigh to her hip to tease her, then retreated to undress herself. After laying bare her gorgeous body, Tally settled over Anya in the familiar '69' position. Tally lowered herself down onto Anya's face.

"Lick it." She commanded. Anya meekly obeyed, tasting lips as clean shaven as she was. She delicately licked the outer folds before going deeper, her tongue probing into Tally's very core. She almost lost concentration when Tally's expert mouth set to work on her, but she was able to focus through the slippery feeling of the other woman's tongue exploring her nether regions.

Anya moaned lightly into Tally's cunt as she felt her clit being sucked on, momentarily forgetting about the hot snatch above her. She could feel herself getting closer to climax in no time, and she tried to imitate Tally's technique in hopes that she would get a similar response. Anya nibbled and sucked on the clit above her, earning a moan and a round of shivers. She continued to do this while moving her hands up to cup Tally's ass.

Anya gave it a squeeze and was pleased to hear Tally moan in pleasure. Anya bravely moved one hand up until her fingers rested lightly between Tally's ass cheeks. A cry filled the room as Anya was unexpectedly brought closer to the edge. The shorter girl braced her feet against the couch and pushed her hips up into Tally's face, which she took as a signal to speed up what she was doing.

Seconds later Anya was moaning in ecstasy, her grip tightening and the tip of her first finger unintentionally probing at Tally's ass hole, to which Tally loudly approved. After she had settled down, Anya bravely rolled the two until she was on top. She pushed until the whole tip of her finger was inside Tally's tight little ass, biting and sucking on her clit as she did so. She knew Tally was almost there. She was certainly more verbal than Anya.

"Oh fuck yeah! Fuck me with your tongue, you little slut. Fuck me hard! Stick your finger in my ass and lick my cunt! Oh yeah....eat me bitch! Oh fuck!!!" Tally pushed herself down hard on Anya, burying her finger in her ass as she came onto her face. The sticky liquid flowed out of Tally's hot little hole, dripping all over Anya's pretty face. Anya licked all she could off, loving the sweet taste of the girl who had collapsed on top of her.

She'd definitely have to do this again. Anya thought as the alcohol finally stole her into sleep.

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