tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRedwood Nine Ch. 02

Redwood Nine Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Brothers in Arms

Wayne looked at the six men and hesitated in walking up to the door. Lenny stood front and centre, guarding his territory, with a show of his brute strength. Wayne strained to make out the faces of the bodies and began recognizing some.

"What do you want?"

The words were given with disdain for his presence and he felt his reason for being there, becoming unworthy of the hassle that could result.

"You fellas wouldn't happen to know about a pizza delivery guy having some pizzas stolen from his car, would you?"

No one replied at first, not wanting to initiate a conversation. Lenny knew Unser had nothing and shrugged it off.

"No, don't know nothing about any stolen pizzas. We done?"

Wayne looked at them all standing in the doorway, doing their best to intimidate him and he felt they were succeeding in achieving their goal. He was going to just leave it at that, but decided to toss one more question at them and see how it played out.

"Just one thing, actually. Could I speak to Harlan Walters?"

"Harlan Walters? Ain't no Harlan Walters here, man."

Wayne got the response he wanted and hit them with the punchline.

"That's funny, his car is parked around back, just figured he'd be here. Any idea why that is?"

That put everyone on the defensive, especially JT and Piney. Suzy squeezed her way through the men, wrapped in the same bed sheet Lorraine had worn earlier. The guys looked at her, wondering what she was doing.

"I'm Suzy Walters, that's my dad's car. I borrowed it, that's why he not here."

Wayne was totally taken off guard by that, not expecting anyone to come forward. He looked at her and wasn't sure if he should take her on her word. He looked at the men again and then to Suzy.

"Do you have any identification, that says who you are?"

Suzy gave him a sarcastic look, addressing his attention to the fact she was wearing a sheet.

"Yeah, right. Do I look like I have any on me?

"Don't get snide with me, young lady."

Suzy backed off a bit, but kept her composure, while the guys motioned forward, showing they were backing her.

"No, officer, I'm sorry, I don't. I left it at home."

Wayne thought of the background on Harlan and asked her a question.

"So Suzy, what does your father do for a living?"

Without skipping a beat, she replied.

"He works."

The guys all laughed, bolstering her attitude again and she laughed too. JT put his arm around her and finally spoke out.

"She's telling the truth, man. Her name is Suzy Walters and she lives in Lodi. I know it's her dad's car, because he gave me the keys, so we could come here today. Wanna see them? Got them right here in my pocket."

Wayne didn't recognize JT at first, the beard disguising his face, but the voice gave him away.

"That you, Teller?"

"Yeah, it's me Unser."

Wayne wasn't sure how to handle him at first and approached it from a common bond.

"Haven't seen you since you got back from 'Nam."

"Heard you were there too."

Wayne could hear the lessening of tension and a sense of familiarity starting.

"Yeah, Marines. Did my tour, killed who I had to, got a couple of medals, then got my ass out as fast as I could."

"Did two tours myself, so did Piney. You remember him?"

"Yeah, good to see you, Piney, thought it was you standing there."

"Hey, Wayne. So, like being a cop?"

"Yeah, it's okay. They had an opening for new recruits and there wasn't much else around when I got out. Seemed like an okay thing to do. Just carrying a smaller gun now and driving in a comfier vehicle. I like to think I'm doing something good for Charming, keeping it safe and all."

JT sensed Wayne wasn't out to hassle them too much and was just feeling them out. It seemed he was happy to reacquaint himself with them, like they did in school. He was an okay guy, just afraid to get into anything and just sat on the sidelines and watched from a safe distance. He was surprised to know he had enlisted in the Marines, instead of waiting for his notice and that stood well with him.

There was an unwritten code among American men, that they shared a respect for fellow servicemen, despite what branch they served in. Wayne could see an easing in tension between them, an understanding that no one was going to be hassled on either side. Knowing he was batting zero on getting anywhere with the pizzas, he was only interested in getting to know the unknowns in the house. With nothing coming back on the Impala, he was willing to go along with the story Suzy and JT gave him and call it quits. If anything did come up, he knew where to start looking to find the guilty parties.

"Well, everything seems to be in order, you guys have a good evening, sorry for bothering you."

"Yeah, you have a good night too, Wayne."

Wayne turned and flipped his hand up quickly in a wave and headed back to his cruiser. The guys watched him get in and radio someone and then pull away slowly. They waited until he was out of sight and then they went back in and locked the door. The girls were still half naked, hiding in the bedroom with a single sheet wrapped around the five of them.

"It's cool, Lorraine. You and the girls can come out again, the cop is gone."

The entire group of girls moved as one with the sheet around them, into the living room. They were giggling now, the worry of just a moment ago vanishing, replaced with the joy of sexual playfulness.

"What the hell are you girls doing?"

"We're having fun, Baby."

Lenny looked at Lorraine quizzically, wondering what fun they were talking about, so were the others.

"What kind of fun?"

"We're just checking out each others boobs. We had them all smooshed together in here and now we're just feeling them. Who wants to have a booby squish between us all?"

Lenny looked at her, then at the others and saw the deviousness on their faces and knew they were serious. He smiled as broadly as his mouth would allow to the guys, seeing them all taking the same interest and moved in first.

"I'll go first on that. Squish away, girls."

Lorraine opened the sheet enough for Lenny to squeeze into the middle of them and then closed it around themselves again, trapping Lenny inside. In seconds, the large breasted women were rubbing against Lenny, pressing them against him. Lenny was laughing like a kid and the guys were cheering them. Before Lenny knew what was happening, his jeans were being undone and numerous hands were pulling his jeans down and groping at him. With so many hands and so little space, he had no way of objecting and shortly, had no want to, as he felt his erection being fondled by several hands. Despite his aversion to feminine wiles, he accepted all the kisses and caresses, all the large breasts grinding into him and especially, all the loving hands that were thrilled at playing with his cock.

Before he knew it, he was feeling so over-stimulated, that his cock began twitching, readying him to ejaculate. With no way to stop the inevitable, he felt his semen rushing up his shaft and quickly smeared over his cock and belly, as hands enjoyed taking him to the top and beyond. He started twitching and bucking, the body wracking spasms taking him to a point, he just drew in a huge breath and let out a long, loud whoop, as he finished cumming. When the girls could tell he was spent, they opened the sheet and tossed him out, beckoning the next guy to come in.

Lenny stood there naked and smiling giddily, not caring in the least about his nudity in front of everyone, his cock still dripping semen from the tip.

"Fuck, that was awesome! What the hell do you call that?"

"We'll call it the Circle Jerk of Ecstasy, won't we girls? Who's next? All these tits are getting cold in here."

The girls started egging the guys on, about being chickens, that they were afraid of a bunch of girls. Wally had no shame or worry and quickly dropped his pants to the floor and dashed to the girls. They opened up for him and let him in. Once again, they started giving him the same treatment and he clearly showed the effects of it on his face. The guys stood in awe, as Lenny pulled his pants back on, still laughing happily, then looked back at Wally, already losing control and succumbing to them.

Once Wally was spent, he too was tossed out of the circle and his pants kicked over to him, the girls leaving the sheet open enough for the guys to see what awaited them inside. His reaction was near the same as Lenny's, smiling in astonishment from the experience. JT was still standing with Suzy at his side and turned to her.

"Don't you want to get in on that?"

Suzy looked up at him and gave him a lascivious look.

"Wouldn't you rather I give you a little jerk of my own?"

JT looked at her, realizing what she was offering and smiled at her, nodding his approval. Suzy moved in front of him and kissed him softly first.

"Hold the sheet for me, unless you want everyone to see what I'm going to do to you?"

Her eyes spoke volumes about what lay in store, so JT took the corners of the sheet from her and kept her covered, as she began kissing her way down his chest, getting on her knees. No one was paying any attention to them, the circle of women holding the other guys in awe, as they imagined what they were about to experience. Suzy began undoing JT's pants and dropping them down his legs. JT looked about, seeing if anyone noticed, then felt Suzy's hands take him and stroke him softly and slowly. A second later, he felt the warm wetness of her lips take him and suck on him. He stood as still as he could, but his face couldn't keep its composure, as Suzy's lips brought him shaking into blissful oral pleasure.

Lenny was looking at Keith swarmed by the women and happened to look around at everyone, spying JT in concentrated euphoria, a rocking motion under the sheet at his crotch.

"What the fuck you got going on over there, JT?"

JT opened his eyes in surprise, realizing he had been found out and looked at Lenny. He smirked at him in embarrassment, but Suzy continued her manipulations regardless, letting him know he was going to be finished off, whether he wanted to be, or not. JT tossed his head back, the feelings overwhelming him and he didn't realize he had dropped the sheet enough for Suzy to appear doing her business on him.

"Alright Suzy! Go for it, Baby."

That was enough for the other guys to turn their attention towards him and saw what was going on. They too joined in at cheering Suzy on and a moment later, the girls stopped their fun and watched a spectacle of pure sex. Keith was disappointed, but seeing what had their attention, he became equally engrossed in the action. JT couldn't hold it back any longer and groaned loudly, as Suzy brought him to his epitome of pleasure. He dropped the sheet and held her head to him, as he thrust his seed into her mouth. Suzy stayed with him until he was sated and spent, pulling her mouth away and then licked off the remains. When she finally finished, she let go of JT's flaccid member and put her hands in her lap and looked up at him smiling.

At first the guys cheered and then the girls joined in, watching JT stand in embarrassment, trying to smile, as he pulled Suzy up to cover himself. Keith was still in need of being finished off, JT's distraction halting his impending orgasm.

"Ladies, now that JT has enjoyed a wonderful, climactic finish, could we get back to mine?"

His soft, lilting accent had them swoon and fawn over him again and shortly, he was happily re-engaged in the Circle Jerk of Ecstasy. The pretence of the sheet was dispensed with and the girls worked in earnest at pleasing the big Irishman. Keith roared into his orgasm, not caring who, or what was causing it, as he held onto the girls and let them take his weight.

With little left in the need for modesty, panties were soon being shed and twelve bodies came together, the room becoming a writhing mass of sexual flesh. As JT and Suzy found a spot to lay together, he looked at her with something deeper than lust. She could see he was happy with her and was curious to know why.

"I didn't say thank you earlier, for what you did with Unser. That was really cool of you to do that. I think he would have had us, if you didn't say what you did. You really saved our asses and I just want to say thanks."

"Hey, anything I can for my guy."

"Really want to be my girl, don't you?"

Suzy smiled happily, nodding, letting him know she was serious. JT saw her enthusiasm and felt the anxiousness of her body against his.

"Let's see how it goes then, shall we?"

"Yeah, let's."

No more words were spoken, as their mouths found a better way to speak what they were feeling between them. All around them, couples were forming into one, their bodies coupling in all manners of sexual gratification. With no room for everyone to sleep together, Wally's plan he mentioned earlier, came into play and they headed off to the Starlight Motel. JT waited down the road a bit, while Wally pulled in front of his unit and parked. He opened his door and let Ann-Marie, Keith and Mary in, then looked around for signs of anyone and ran to the street to wave JT in. JT drove up and let Suzy, Piney and Gloria out and then drove around the back and parked the car. Unlike Harlan Walters, JT took the keys and locked the doors.

He made his way back to Wally's room and went in, seeing how crowded it was with all of them in there at once. Wally's contraband was indeed everywhere, anywhere that space wasn't important to him to use otherwise. He was busy moving everything off the extra bed, so Keith and Mary could use it, then he was going to check out the room next door and see if it was ready to use. He reached into his back pocket and took out a lock picking set and showed everyone, winking and saying he'd be back in a minute. Everyone sat on the beds waiting and it was no more than a minute and he was back.

"Right on, fucking beds are made and everything. Remember, don't turn on the lights and Harold won't know you're in there. He'll be halfway through a bottle of bourbon soon and pass out. So, for now, we can hang out in here, until we want to go to sleep, or whatever."

Everyone caught the whatever and eyes looked at one another, remembering what they had just done, signs of acknowledgement coming out. Suzy's giggles got them going and in moments, they were all laughing, the pot making everything laughable to them.

"Anyone want a nightcap?"

Wally reached in his night stand and took out a baggie.

"What's that, the Jamaican, or the Panama stuff?"


They all looked at the baggie of golden brown buds and leaf, seeing how different it looked from the other two. He passed it around for everyone to smell and look at, then took a bud out and broke it up on the night stand.

"How did you get shit from Hawaii, Wally?"

Wally looked at them all, as he kept breaking up the bud.

"You guys were in 'Nam and smoked the shit over there, right?"

"Oh yeah, fucking awesome shit, man. We'd load up a pipe of it and stuff the stem down the loading port of the Ithaca and one guy would blow on the pipe and pass the end of the barrel around to the other guys. One hit and you'd be fucked up. It was great."

"Yeah, I heard about guys doing that. Shotgunning right?"

"Yeah, it's like three tokes at once."

"Cool, have to try that. So get this, these guys I know, are ex-Army like you guys and they figured on shipping this shit back here. It was too fucked up to get it from there, but buddy gets transferred to Hawaii and next thing you know, he's got seeds from one guy in 'Nam, shipping them by transport to him and this shit loves growing there. They have a buddy here who picks it up at the base with his shipment and he's able to get it on the street here. Gets a couple pounds at a time and I was lucky to snag a bag for myself. You guys thought the Panama Red was killer, wait until you smoke this shit."

Wally's pitch for it had them all in awe of the joint he held to his mouth and lit. The smoke was sweeter and spicier, as noses picked up the aroma. One by one they took a few puffs and passed it on. By the time it went around once, there was little left, but in its wake, was a cacophony of coughing from them all. In moments, eyes were closing and weak smiles came across faces, as the herb took its effect.

"Oh, wow, man, that shit is out there, you know what I mean?"

Wally smiled to himself, seeing all the happy faces around him. He looked at JT, nodding in agreement. Ten minutes later, bodies were finding their way to horizontal positions and the couples called it a night. JT, Piney, Suzy and Gloria all snuck from one room to the other, quietly sneaking in and closing the door. JT peeked out the curtains towards the office and Harold hadn't seen them. The room was identically set up as the other one, so they felt around, until their eyes adjusted to the dark.

Beds were picked and soon, clothes were stripped off and bodies slid under the covers, giggles and whispers fading to kisses and moans. None of them were energetic to actually have sex, the intimacy fading to cuddling and sleep.

Both couples were sleeping soundly in the morning, when Wally came in quickly and shouted for them to get up quick. The four of them sat up, looking at him for a reason to leave the cozy warmth they were in.

"Cops! They're in the office right now talking with Harold. Might be about the Chevy."

That was enough to get them scrambling for their clothes. They hastily put what was needed on and carried the rest back to Wally's room.

"We gotta get out of here, man, like all of us. They might even be after all this shit I have."

The eight of them looked at the contraband, knew they had illicit drugs, a stolen car with their fingerprints and they laughed. It seemed the least likely thing to do, but they did and Wally kept a vigil at the window, looking at the office to see what was going on. With little else to do, they snuck out to Wally's car and piled in one by one. Despite the need for discretion, the car had no intention with going along with their plan and broke the calm air with the rumble of a leaky muffler. They looked to see if the cops noticed, but they were able to leave the lot without incident and drive back to Lenny's. Turning off 88 and onto Euclid, an ambulance passed them with its lights flashing, but no siren. Wally pulled over and they watched to see where the ambulance went to. When it turned left before the right bend, they knew it went into the motel. They sat there for a bit, wondering what had happened, that called for an ambulance and the cops to be called, but felt it was best to leave, while they were out of the picture and no one needed to know about them. Wally said he'd know later, when he went back to his room and asked around.

Once they were back at Lenny's, they pounded on the door and woke Otto up. He opened the door for them, wiping his eyes and squinting from the daylight.

"What's up, man? Why are you guys here so early?"

"Cops showed up at the motel. Not sure why, but we felt it was best to get our asses out of their."

Cindy was still sleeping, naked and sprawled on the pull-out bed, as they came into the living room. Otto gave her ass a smack and told her to wake up.

"Hey, fuck off, that hurt."

Cindy rolled over, rubbing the red hand print on her cheek, trying to brush her dishevelled hair out of her face. It was though everyone wanted to wait until she was fully exposed, before they let her know they were there. She looked at Otto and then saw the eight faces looking at her, smiling. She screamed and ducked under the sheet to cover herself.

"Like after last night, you're worried about them seeing you naked?"

Otto grabbed the sheet and stripped it off of her, baring her again, with no chance of covering up. Gloria took pity on her and picked up her clothes, handing them to her one piece at a time, then stood in front of her to block most of the view. Cindy pulled her T shirt on and tucked the bottom into her cut off jean shorts. She ran her fingers through her hair, doing her best to make sense of the way it was supposed to sit, then Gloria stopped her and did it for her.

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