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byFriendly Dragon©

This is a true story, that happened to someone I know. Wherever possible the words are hers, exactly as she told them to me.


It was during college, about my second semester there. There was a girl there, her name was Rhonda. She was the opposite of me in almost every way--she had long black hair and dark eyes, very dark skinned, and short. She was very pretty. We were quite the contrast, quite the pair, her dark and me light--we looked good together.

We became good friends very quickly. She was single, and I would go over to her place and we would study together. It was usually too noisy at mine.

We had been friends for about six months when my kids went to their Dad's and my husband at the time was out of town. She called and asked if I wanted to come over and drink daiquiris and watch movies with her. So I jumped in my car and took off for a girls' night.

Well, I got there and everything was fine. What I have left out here, is that in these six months there was like a sexual tension between us. Looking back it seems obvious now, and even then I think we both knew it, but neither of us acted on it. I guess I'd always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman, but never enough to do anything about it.

So we were in her kitchen--real small, it was an apartment--and I reached across her to grab the glasses for the daiquiris. And when I did I brushed against her, and it was so weird, like electricity. It took me by surprise. She looked at me but I looked away. I remember thinking, 'I should leave.'

Instead I went on about getting the glasses and acted normal. I think. She only had the one couch in her apartment and then a small chair, which was really uncomfortable. So we were both sitting on the couch, had a blanket over us, drinking daiquiris and kind of talking and watching the movie at the same time. I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I did she asked if I had brought any sleepwear. I had on my jeans and shirt, and told her no, that I had left in a hurry and hadn't even thought about it.

So she followed me back towards the bathroom, and when I came out she was in her bedroom and going through her drawers. She called me in there and gave me this shirt to put on to sleep in. I was still in her room when she reached up and she pulled her shirt off, changing. I was standing in front of the mirror of her dresser and could see her. And I tried to look away, I swear I did. But I couldn't. She reached back and undid her bra, and my mouth fell open. She had small breasts, not big at all, but still so sexy.

She turned and saw me looking at her. She smiled at me and I started blushing like crazy. Then she said, "You can change in here too, I don't mind."

I froze, must have been for at least ten seconds. I guess she realized I was a little uncomfortable, so she slipped out of her jogging pants and she had on just her panties. I kept looking at her and she turned her back to me. Her hair was down her back and she looked so sexy, I swear I was pouring. She bent over and picked up her clothes off the floor, said the shirt she wanted to wear was in the laundry room, and she left.

So I stood there. Damn I was hot, flustered. But I pulled off my shirt, then undid my jeans and slid them off. I'd sat down on the bed, away from the door but still looking in the mirror. And as I reached to undo my bra, she came in and met my eyes in the mirror. Then I saw her look down. I didn't want to act like I was a prude, after all she had just undressed in front of me. So I started undoing my bra. But my hands were shaking and I swear I couldn't get the hooks undone. I sat there for a few seconds trying desperately, and I had just started to just slide the straps down my shoulders and take it off that way, when I felt the bed give in behind me.

Her hands reached out, and she touched me and said, "Need some help there, Jen?" I don't know what I said, if I said anything. I just remember her hands on me. And she took and unhooked my bra. I was just staring in the mirror and she looked at me. Then like slow motion or something, she started sliding the straps down my arms, and oh god, I was just dying.

As she slid it off my arms, my hands came up to cover my breasts. But she slid the bra on down, which forced my hands down too. I was shaking so hard. My hands were still down by my side, the bra over them. And then she just leaned in, and she kissed me on my shoulder.

My first reaction was to get up. But then I looked at her in the mirror as she was kissing my shoulder. And all I could see were her eyes. We stared forever, felt like hours, then she slid the bra the rest of the way off my arms and she dropped it on the bed.

I knew then that she was going to make love to me. And I did nothing. I sat there like an idiot, wasn't sure if I wanted it to happen or not. I was petrified but excited at the same time. Her hands were on me again, rubbing up and down my arms. I was still looking at her as she leaned in and started kissing me on the shoulders again, then down my spine. She disappeared from the mirror, licking down my spine now, and I don't think I have ever been more turned on in my life. I felt her hands leave my arms and slide around my stomach, and she just rubbed very lightly at my stomach, moaning softly.

I was trembling. I had to make a decision, but I didn't know what I wanted. I was scared I would like it, her touch on me was incredible. She sat back up and looked at me in the mirror again, raised her eyebrows very slowly, almost couldn't tell she had done it. As she did this her right hand inched up towards my breast, and she kept looking at me, waiting I think for permission to touch me there. And I swear at that very moment I wanted her to do it so badly, but I didn't know how to tell her.

So I just watched as her hand crept up some more and she lowered her head, kissing the top of my shoulder, then my neck. And then, oh my god, her fingers brushed the bottom of my breast. And it was wonderful, the sensation that shot through me. I sat still, as still as I could, wanting to see what it would feel like for her hands to be on my breasts. As I looked at her in the mirror, I remember looking down at her hand, and she smiled at me. She knew then.

She took her hand and lightly cupped my breast, her eyes never leaving mine, and I think I drenched my panties and her bed right then. Then I felt her thumb circling my nipple and the electricity shot through my body. I moaned out loud and that was all she needed. She rolled my nipple--oh god, only the way a woman can I think--and pulled at it as her other hand inched down to the top of my panties. I was so hot and I wanted it now, so badly. Then she just turned my head towards her and she kissed me very gently on the lips, while her hand slid inside my panties.

I could feel her hand on my mound, kneading me gently. At the same time, she opened my mouth, slid her tongue inside and began French kissing me. So different from a man, not hungrily, very softly yet so sensuous.

I kissed her back. I didn't care any more what I thought was right or wrong. I only knew I wanted this. She slid her hand deeper into my panties and pulled away from my mouth. Then she whispered, "Spread your legs for me."

And I did. I spread them open really wide, I wanted to feel her hands on me. And oh my god, what she did with her hands, I can't explain it. It's like a woman knows where to touch a woman and how.

She slid her hand down past my clit, but she stopped and pinched my clit, moving down and she slid her finger inside me. She pushed way up, up towards my g-spot, and then she began to rub. I was pouring and moaning so loudly, so was she. Her other hand was rolling my nipple and I thought I was dying from the sensation, I just couldn't catch my breath.

And then she laid me back on the bed, and I knew it was going to happen. But I was okay with it, almost totally calm by then. I remember her laying down beside me, her finger still inside me, rubbing at just the right spot. I could feel my clit moving on the outside from her rubbing on the inside. Then she leaned down and licked at my nipple, circled it then sucked my nipple between her lips and, oh god, sucked in and out on it.

She sat up, and got off the bed. Her fingers caught the sides of my panties, and she was kissing up my thighs. Then she slid my panties off. And I started freaking a little, and sat up and stared at her. I got really scared, I'd never had anything like this happen before. So she came back up on the bed--we never spoke, just looked at one another--and she bent down and begin sucking my nipple again. And god she could suck, gentle nibbles then a harder bite, then sucking in and out.

Her hand slid back down between my legs, and she reached under and lifted my right knee up. I pulled up my other one and she pushed gently, spreading my legs wide, and then her hand laid on my mound, kneading gently. It felt wonderful. She leaned in and started kissing me again, while her finger pulled back on the hood of my clit. She touched it, very softly, and then began rubbing with just the right amount of pressure. Not too light, not too hard, kneading my mound at the same time, causing all kinds of sensations to shoot through me.

Then she broke the kiss and I remember thinking, 'Should I be doing something to her?' But I couldn't move. I just lay there as she pushed her finger back inside me, and she started kissing down my stomach, shifting down the bed until she was laying between my legs. Then she spread my legs further, and her tongue reached out, until it touched my clit...

And the doorbell rang. And rang. And rang.

It was her mom. Her mom was hollering through the door, "Rhonda? You there? It's Momma."

She got up in a hurry and we dressed. I went to the living room and she went to the door, and let her mom in. Her mom ended up staying and watching the movie with us. I left after the movie, felt like I had to.

We saw each other all the time after that. We never spoke of it, still haven't to this day. We are still friends, she lives about an hour from me. Sometimes when she calls me I want to ask her to come over. But I know what would happen. And I don't know if I want that. I think about it sometimes, and like now the sensations are there. The desire. I have fantasies about her a lot. But I guess I'm afraid. She is married now, has two little boys. But I can hear in her voice that she still remembers.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I think about it, but mostly I think about her. She told me she loved me in my ear, very quietly. I barely heard her. I can still remember her eyes looking in mine through the mirror. And I remember her tongue on my clit. Just that one touch of the tip of her tongue, and I almost orgasmed. I was so turned on. And I think about the fact that if her mom had not shown up, I would have been made love to for the first time by a woman.

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